Fluppy Dogs

The Fluppy Dogs

Presented by Walt Disney Animation Television. The Fluppy Dogs finally have a revival!

Coming soon in 2019 or 2020's!


Join two children named Jamie and Claire as they have adventures with the Fluppy Dogs! Composed of Stanley, Tippi, Ozzie, Fanci, Bink, Dink and more. You will also meet Claire's family, and hear the truth about Jamie's father. The first season has 13 episodes, and each episode takes 30 minutes long. and most episodes focus on the Fluppies' adventures in other worlds, the Fluppies in a day in Claire or Jamie's life, or The Fluppies' adventures learning about Our world.


Season 1

  1. Fluppies From Another World (Part 1) - The six fluppies encounter danger and excitement traveling worlds. Then they arrive to our world, where they are captured by straycatchers...
  2. The Adopted Fluppies (Part 2) - Mrs. Bingham adopts Stanley and Tippi. One for her son Jamie, and one to give to Jamie’s friend Claire.
  3. Escape from the Shelter (Part 3) - Stanley and Tippi sneak out to help the other Fluppies break out of the shelter.
  4. No Laugh About a Bath - Stanley endures to concept of having a bath all dogs have to take.
  5. Up a Branch - Bink and Dink try to get a fellow fluppy and a cat afraid of heights down a tree.
  6. Tundra and Done - The Fluppies explore the freezing cold of a Tundra world.
  7. Clothes make the Fluppy - Tippi and Fanci anonymously help a clothes designer make a new clothes fashion.



  • TBA to replace the voice of Jamie Bingham. Not only Carl Steven grew up, but he died in 2011.
  • This time Fanci will be in the series.
  • J.J. Wagstaff, Mr. Hamish and the humungous alien creatures will not return.
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