The Fluik Show is a new TV series coming in July 2013. It will be on Cartoon Network, Fox, & MTV.


  • The Jerk - A office employee who works in a unknown office. He is mostly known for being hit by flying objects like Cupcakes, Balls of paper, & Staplers.
  • The Judge - The Jerk's Cosuin. Unlike The Jerk, He has a toupee, a mustache, no glasses, and a judge outfit. Like The Jerk, He is also known for being hit by flying objects.
  • The Zombie - The Jerk's Zombie counterpart who dosen't appear in much episodes. He is just like The Jerk & The Judge but is a zombie.
  • The Holiday Jerk - Another counterpart of the jerk but only appears in episodes involving holidays.
  • Norm - A plumber who moslty fixs someones plumbing pipes, fixs computer hardrives, placing presents under the tree, building sand castles, and gardneing his backyard.
  • Betty - Norm's stunt double.
  • Delivery Boy - A streaker who isn't a big fan of Angry Husbands, Gnomes, or zombies. Luckliy in the show, he is wearing clothes.
  • The Angry Husband - A husband of marathon mary who hates Delivery Boy and tries to kill him.
  • Gnome Herd - A annoying, huge, group of gnomes who like to chase Delivery Boy.

More characters coming soon.........

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