The Flintstones Is A 1967 Film. From the Creators of Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! and The Man Called Flintstone. The Creators later went on to create Charlotte’s Web, which was their last film together. Hanna Barbara went on to create It’s Cindy Bear!, which was a box office success.


Voice Cast

  • Alan Reed as Fred Flintstone
  • Jean Vander Pyl as Wilma Flintstone/Pebbles Flintstone
  • Mel Blanc as Barney Rubble/Dino
  • Gerry Johnson as Betty Rubble
  • John Stephenson as Mr. Slate
  • Don Messick as Bamm Bamm Rubble
  • Paul Frees as
  • Daws Butler as Evil Fred, Modern Fred, and Nightmare Fred
  • George Pelling as
  • J.Pat O' Malley as
  • Julie Bennett as
  • Ben Wright as
  • Betty Lou Gerson as The Waitress


  • Meet The Flintstones - Fred Flintstone
  • There Must Be Something More - Wilma Flintstone
  • We've Got Lots in Common Where it Really Counts - Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble and Mr. Slate
  • Deep In The Dark - Wilma Flintstone


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