The Finger King is an American action novel series serving as a prequel to Collin the Speedy Boy, being published by Scholastic (under license from Warner Bros. Entertainment) since December 17th, 2014.


Set decades before the events of Collin the Speedy Boy, a brave warrior/king heads to protect the TBD.


  1. The Finger King



  • Prohias McFinger - a Finger/Dove hybrid who leads the Finger warriors and the main protagonist. He soon became canonically Flappy's distant ancestor.


  • Markus the Opossum - a opossum who aids Prohias. He is canonically Tommy's ancestor. Unlike Tommy, he isn't comedic.
  • Murkher - a Velociraptor who is Prohias' royal steed. He is canonically Gurkha's ancestor. Unlike Gurkha, he isn't evil.
  • [Carlos's ancestor]
  • [brontosaurus, original]


  • The God's Mouth - a powerful being that was created by the creator of the world's mouth being out to take back what is his.
  • Lord Shard - a tyrannasaurus rex who wants to rule over TBD, and is canonically Sharp's ancestor.


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