Summerheart City is a fictional Face Paint city, being the main setting of The Face Paint World Life.

Places/Points of Interests

  • Aquatic Woods Apartment - an apartment where Collin and Matthew reside at.
  • Summerheart City Park - a park where it has a playground, a statue of TBD and picnic tables. It is Matthew and Luna's favorite place to walk at. One of the trees is also a home to Gerrett.
  • Statue of [founder, could be a Bonga or a Face Paint warrior, if you want to add someone, Green].
  • Fresh Barrell Market - a market in Summerheart City, selling food and drinks.
  • Pet House - a pet store in Summerheart City.
  • Le Cute - a boutique owned by the company of the same name that sells mainly skirts and is Maddie's favorite place to shop, but also tends to try out new things.
  • Club Joyee - a club for girls that is loved by many girls, and has a strict rule with no boys.
  • The Phoenix Angel - chicken wings restaurant, famous for their trademarked "[spicy pepper] of DOOM! Wings", which is EXTREMELY HOT and has a challenge dedicated to it.
  • The Taco Palace - restaurant that serves tacos, burritos and other Mexican cuisine. Maddie is extremely scared of that place.
  • [Magnolia's boutique] - a boutique that is run by Magnolia Raini that sells various fashion clothing for males, females and pets. It is implied that it was originally ran by Magnolia's parents.
  • Cinnadelights - a cinnamon bun shop, serving various cinnamon buns, notably the original one. They are considered by many people in Summerheart City as the best place to get cinnamon buns, and is Ocean's favorite place to go to for sweets.
  • Coffee Heaven - a coffee shop serving the best coffees in addition to cappuchinos, frozen drinks (coffees and frappuchinos) and other espresso drinks. It is Ocean's favorite place along with Cinnadelights.
  • [Ice cream place]
  • [Pasta/Italian restaurant]
  • [Chinese restaurant]
  • Cheezey King - a grilled cheese sandwich restaurants, serving various and different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches with fries, also having a Kid's Meal.
  • Dragonfly Bakery - a bakery selling various baked sweets and bread. Spark would go on to be the manager and worker there in the future.
  • Burger Castle - a fast-food restuarant of Summerheart City, serving burgers, fries and others, also having a kid's meal.
  • Waterside Grille - a seafood restuarant located in the side of the river of Summerheart City, serving delicious seafood while also having some entertainment.
  • Summerheart Zoo - a beloved zoo with all of the zoo animals in Summerheart City.
  • [Aquarium]


  • Collin Brady
    • Matthew
  • Maddie Crowell
  • Alexis Doll
    • Luna
  • Skye Doll
  • Gerrett
  • Spark the Dragon
  • Crystal Paintders
  • Ocean Starshine
  • Pearl Starshine
  • Galaxy Butterfly
  • Gaia Butterfly
  • Lake Butterfly
  • Magnolia Raini
  • Lapis and Lazuli Sweetlove


  • Summerheart City is inspired by big cities like New York City, Chicago and Phoenix.
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