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Created by

Diana Uhlman

Developed by

Diana Uhlman

Directed by

Diana Uhlman (original)
Julie McNally-Cahill and Tim Cahill (revival)

Opening theme

My Life by Michelle Branch


James L. Venable
Andy Paley

Country of

United States



No. of seasons


No. of episodes

156 (295 11-minute segments, 15 22-minute specials) (List of episodes)



Diana Uhlman

Running time

11 minutes
22 minutes (specials)
30 minutes (approx.)


Walt Disney Television Animation
Walt Disney Television
Disney Channel Originals


Disney–ABC Domestic Television



Disney Channel

Original release

November 17th, 2001 - March 17th, 2007 (original)
TBD 2021 - present (revival)

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The Face Paint World Life, also known as Disney's The Face Paint World Life, is an American animated series created by Diana Uhlman. It is being produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, Walt Disney Television and Disney Channel Originals and aired on Disney Channel from November 17th 2001 til March 17th, 2007, with an upcoming revival movie, titled The Face Paint World Life: The Face Paint Tribes coming to Disney+ on March 5th, 2021 and upcoming revival seasons coming on Summer 2021 on Disney Channel.

The series received universal acclaim from critics, praising the series for its animation, casting, writing and its creativity. The series' success has spawned a Hasbro toyline, four video games (2003 and 2005, and the 2021 remaster to the 2003 console game), merchandise, a comic book series, and two Disney Channel Original Movies.


A teenage human boy lives in a Face Paint World, having adventures with his teenage Face Paint girl best friend in the city of Summerheart City.



  • Collin Brady (voiced by Jason Marsden) - a kind-hearted, but stubborn teenage boy who lives in the Face Paint World, being the only human. He is the only human in the series. As of Lucky City, he is Ocean's boyfriend.
    • Matthew (voiced by Quinton Flynn) - a curious, but intelligent cat who is Collin's pet. He often uses tumblers to drink stuff. According to Diana Uhlman, he is a Turkish Angora.
  • Madison "Maddie" Crowell (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a cheerful and sweet Face Paint teen girl who is Collin's close friend. Maddie is hinted to be bi-sexual.


  • Gerrett Ferret (voiced by Charlie Adler) - a childish and jokey ferret. It is revealed in Jokes on You! that his full name is Gerrett Fruitberry Ferrettson
  • Alexis Doll (voiced by Tara Strong) - a cutesy, but kinda dumb Face Paint who is Madison's BFF. She often comes up with non-sensical things like "intelligent imbecile" or "internet made of lunches", but she does often does intelligent stuff.
    • Luna (voiced by Hynden Walch) - a Brussels Griffon who is Alexis's pet, and whom Matthew has a crush on.
  • Ocean Starshine (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - A Face Paint girl who TBD, having a big crush on Collin, and is shown to be sensitive. As of Lucky City, she became Collin's girlfriend. It is revealed that her favorite animal is sea turtle.
  • Pearl Starshine (also voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a Face Paint who is Ocean's younger sister.
  • Carlos (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - a triceratops who is chill, getting somehow lost in Summerheart City.
  • Kaitlyn Beach (also voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - a Face Paint who is a very good friend to Collin and his friends, while also liking pickles (especially pickle pot pie) and comic books.
  • Trentston "Trent" Crowell (voiced by Joe Alaskey) - a Face Paint man who is Maddie's grandpa, living in his cabin.
  • Jumbo (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - a wooly mammoth who was created in an attempt to bring back extinct animals, usually as a explorer of Summerheart City.
  • Professor Cloud (voiced by Jeff Bergman) - a Face Paint who invents stuff at times, while also being good at making potions. It is revealed that his full name is Sebastian Joseph Cloud.
  • Impolotl (vocal effects by TBD) - A fusion of an imp and an axolotl who once escaped Professor Cloud's laboratory and had Collin, Matthew and Maddie chase after it.
  • Jaidyn Quills (voiced by TBD) - a inspiring and gifted Face Paint girl who TBD.
  • Jemmings, consisting of:
    • Jack (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - a Jemming who is the leader.
    • Jobey (also voiced by Joe Alaskey) - a Jemming who is the strongest.
    • Jane (voiced by Russi Taylor) - a Jemming who is the only female member, and is Jack's wife.
  • Fizz (also voiced by Jeff Bennett) - a friendly monster who Collin befriended, hiding from Drackus.
  • Kyle (voiced by TBD) - A weird ghost who has been wandering around Summerheart City at night and ends up in Collin's apartment, befriending him, as he is soon revealed to be Fizz's best friend he hasn't seen in a long time.
  • Aubrielle Canwell (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint who TBD
  • Fred Barker (voiced by Dan Green) - a kind host of The Cost is Correct who learned someone had put a hypno-chip in the camera before their latest episodes arrive, and aided Maddie and her friends to get it out.
  • Crash the Sloth (also voiced by Quinton Flynn) - a phoenix-costume wearing sloth who is the mascot of The Phoenix Angel.
  • Heaven Crowell (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who is Maddie's sister, being TBD.
  • Quincy Fishfin (voiced by Rene Mujica) - an anthropomorphic Face Paint fish who aided Matthew, Luna and Gerrett.
  • Todd (also voiced by Jeff Bergman) - a teddy bear who assisted Maddie while she was exploring dreams.
  • Skye Doll (also voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - a Face Paint girl who is Alexis's younger sister, being a year behind Alexis. She is dumb like Alexis, but not as dumb as her.
  • [youngest sister of Alexis Doll, debut in the seventh season]
  • [male Face Paint, debut in the seventh season]
  • Crystal Paintders (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) - a rare Face Paint girl who Collin befriended and saved from a billionaire that wanted her.
  • Hoots (voiced by TBD) - a owl who got somehow lost in Maddie's house.
  • Ronald "Ron" Paintsons (voiced by Greg Cipes) - a stubborn and kind-hearted Face Paint who is the newspaper kid.
  • Hickory Yodelcanvas (voiced by [yodeler voice]) - a yodeler Face Paint who somehow got lost in Summerheart City.
  • Haley the Hideoustoy (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
  • [character voiced by Mako (Aku's voice actor before his death)]
  • Magnolia Raini (voiced by Kate Higgins) - a fashionista Face Paint who makes clothing and working at the TBD, having a long-time reputation as "the best Face Paint fashion designer", while also caring for her friends.
  • Galaxy Butterfly (also voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - a sporty and friendly Face Paint girl who is one of the gang's close friends.
  • Gaia Butterfly (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who is Galaxy's sister.
  • Lake Butterfly (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who is Galaxy's other sister.
  • Dawn Adair (also voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - a Face Paint girl who got her bow stolen thanks to Spark.
  • Nova Dawkins (also voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a Face Paint girl who TBD.
  • Ashley Painton (voiced by Kath Soucie) - An artistic Face Paint girl who loves to draw and paint various things.
  • Michaelanglo "Mike" Paintgers (voiced by TBD) - A teenage Face Paint boy who is rather shy, yet smart, as Kaitlyn Beach has a crush on him.
  • Carlston "Carl" Paintson (voiced by TBD) - a male Face Paint who often hangs out at the outdoor food tables in Summerheart City, with Maddie having a crush on him, but Carl has little to no interest in her.
  • Josh Artlie (also voiced by Kath Soucie) - A curious little Face Paint boy who Collin was once paid to babysit as he wanted to explore the city, although some parts of it are rather too dangerous for children like him to be around.
  • Cooky (voiced by TBD) - a hyperactive Face Paint clown who Gerrett hired to join him while pranking people.
  • Jason, Andy and Tom (voiced by Bob Bergen, also by Quinton Flynn and also by Charlie Adler, respectively) - a trio of jaguar, anaconda and toucan who are the protagonists of Maddie and Ocean's favorite show, The Jungle and Arctic Gang, being roommates/best friends to Samuel and Abigail.
  • Samuel and Abigail (voiced by Dante Basco and Kath Soucie, respectively) - a duo of arctic wolf and arctic seal who is also from The Jungle and Arctic Gang, being roommates/best friends to Jason, Andy and Tom.
  • Petra, Penelope, and Phoebe (voiced by TBD, TBD and Sherri Stoner, respectively) - three dog children.
  • Synla (also voiced by Tara Strong) - a baby seal which Alexis took care of.
  • Kaitlyn (voiced by TBD) - a cat who assisted Matthew and Luna on escaping.
  • Jorge the Pig (also voiced by Jeff Bergman) - a self-aware puppet pig who was found by Collin.
  • Lapis and Lazuli Sweetlove (voiced by Laura Bailey and Melissa Disney, respectively) - twin Face Paint girls who refuse to leave each other, as well as loving and supporting each other.
  • Synla's Parents (voiced by Bob Bergen and Tress MacNeille) - parents of Synla.
  • Snorts (vocal effects by Frank Welker) - a pig who just likes to do nothing but eat and roll around in mud.
  • Blake Cooper (voiced by Townsend Coleman) - a Face Paint infomercial man who TBD.
  • Bruce Smith (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - a Canadian Face Paint man who is a pilot, usually flying all around the world.
  • Ren the Red Dragon (also voiced by Dante Basco) - a red dragon who hid since he was casted to live forever in the forests.
  • Melody (voiced by TBD) - a sea turtle who is Gerrett's pet turtle, eventually getting her own home in the park.
  • The Gummy Queen (voiced by Diana Uhlman) - a gummy bear, serving as the queen of the Gummy kingdom.
  • Maya Brady (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
  • Christina TBD (voiced by TBD) - a weird, but friendly Face Paint girl which Ocean tried to be friends with.
  • Adair TBD (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
  • Chaney Cloud (voiced by TBD) - a beautiful and kind-hearted girl who is Professor Cloud's niece, visiting him.
  • The Gummy Friends of Maddie, consisting of,
    • Gummick (voiced by Tom Kenny) - an eccentric gummy bear who leads the Gummy Friends.
  • Lillyan Nichols (also voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A Face Paint girl who is Maddie and Alexis's childhood BFF.
  • Maroon Man (vocal effects also by Dee Bradley Baker) - a classic character who TBD. He is basically like a cartoon Mr. Game and Watch.
  • Hermit (also voiced by Jeff Bennett) - a friendly hermit crab who lives in a rusty cave.
  • Mitch E. Monkey (also voiced by Tom Kenny) - A cheerful monkey who works as a cashier at a fast food restaurant.
  • Bowser (voiced by Tony Todd) - a friendly Velociraptor who TBD.
  • Brynlee Kent (voiced by Lacey Chabert) - a Paint-Armed Face Paint girl who is very sweet, but is pretty feisty.
  • Keziah Pennington (also voiced by Lacey Chabert) - a Face Paint who is Brynlee's best friend/(confirmed) love interest.
  • [friendly assistant to the Lucky City mayor]
  • The Animal Kids, consisting of:
    • [goldfish, leader]
    • [peacock]
    • [cheetah]
    • [pig]
    • [dog]
  • Jameson Le Cute (voiced by TBD) - a wise, elderly Face Paint man who is the CEO of Le Cute.

In the movies

  • Kaeyla Brady (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) - a human/Face Paint hybrid who is Collin and Ocean's daughter, from the future.
    • Meriebelle "Meri" Brady (voiced by TBD) - a human/Face Paint hybrid who is Kaeyla's sister.
  • Collin Brady (future) (also voiced by Jason Marsden) - the Collin from the future who is happily married to Ocean.
  • Ocean Brady (nee Starshine) (also voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - the Ocean from the future who is Collin's wife.
  • Gerrett (future) (also voiced by Charlie Adler) - the Gerrett from the future who is no longer a party animal and jokey, now being a kind-hearted protector of his park.
  • Madison "Maddie" Crowell (future) (also voiced by Grey DeLisle) - the future Maddie who is still happy-go-lucky and now closer to both Collin and Ocean, as well as being the best aunt. She has a daughter, implying she was married to someone.
  • Alexis Doll (future) (also voiced by Tara Strong) - the future version of Alexis who is still very ditzy and stupid, but now smart enough to raise her own family.
  • Ash Doll (also voiced by Dante Basco) - a Face Paint who is Alexis's son from the future. Unlike his mother, he is smarter.
  • Mikal-Ann Crowell (voiced by TBD) - a happy-go-lucky Face Paint girl who is Maddie's daughter from the future.
  • Spark the Dragon (future) (also voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - the future Spark who gave up his bullying ways, now becoming a beloved baker, and happily married to a wife and raised two kids.
  • [Matthew and Luna's son]
  • Casey (voiced by TBD) - a ferret who is the future Gerrett's nephew, basically being considered as "Gerrett 2.0", being pranky.


  • Spark the Dragon (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - a young dragon who loves to pick on people for no reason, on both on his show and in real life.
  • Harold Clutchson (voiced by Josh Keaton) - a con artist Face Paint who scams people.
  • The Carrotkins Family, consisting of:
    • Hank Carrotkins (voiced by Billy West) - a bunny who is the father of the Carrotkins family.
    • Evelynn "Eve" Carrotkins (also voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a bunny who is the mother of the Carrotkins family.
    • O'Quin Carrotkins (also voiced by Jeff Bergman) - a stubborn bunny who is the son of Hank and Eve.
    • Maiken Carrotkins (also voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - a cheerful bunny who is the daughter of Hank and Eve.
    • Diggs Carrotkins (also voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a baby bunny of the Carrotkins family.
  • Drackus "Drac" (also voiced by Joe Alaskey) - a big vulture who wanted to grab Fizz.
  • Catherine (also voiced by Tara Strong) - a teenage cat from the mentioned planet Yarnsearth.
  • Jake the Ugly Duckling (voiced by TBD) - a jealous ugly duckling who wants to become pretty.
  • Ryan Dinguson (voiced by Greg Burson) - a Face Paint male who is Fred's assistant, having a secret disliking on him. He is the one who placed the chip on the camera.
  • The Scratcher (also voiced by Jason Marsden) - a parrot who steals stuff while also damaging their homes afterwards.
  • Abigail Paintson (voiced by Christy Carlson Romano) - a Face Paint girl who was Ocean's childhood rival, and rather upset that she is dating Collin, revealing she had a crush on him.
  • Cassandra Paintders (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who wants to replace Ocean as Collin's girlfriend.
  • [a teenage Face Paint boy who pretended to be nice, but is actually Spark's friend]
  • The Mice Pack (also voiced by Townsend Coleman, Rob Paulsen, also by Jess Harnell and also by Sherri Stoner) - A pack of food stealing mice siblings who resided in Collin's apartment. It consists of three brothers and one sister.
  • Roberto Zemuckius (also voiced by Quinton Flynn) - a greedy film-writer who created Summerheart City Life Mania, insulting Collin and his friends, even Spark.
    • Nathaniel "Nathan" Painxels (also voiced by Dante Basco) - a Face Paint who served as Collin's actor.
    • Blythe Dawkins (also voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - a Face Paint who served as Maddie's actress, and later become Nathan's girlfriend.
    • Elisha Preston (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who served as Ocean's actress.
    • Charlie (also voiced by Jeff Bennett) - a white cat who served as Matthew's actor. He is Elisha's pet.
    • Blayne (also voiced by Rob Paulsen) - a dragon who served as Spark's actor.
  • Dr. Squidbad (also voiced by Jeff Bergman) - a squid professor who tends to kidnap the Face Paint Fish (later Fish Face Paints).
  • Dora the Spider (voiced by Jo Marie Payton) - a giant black spider who is sassy and gives out puzzles and riddles.
  • Mr. Skunk (also voiced by Townsend Coleman) - a mean skunk who sprayed on Collin for fun.
  • Mario Smith (also voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - a billionaire Face Paint who wanted Crystal for money.
  • Mattison "Mattie" Gargis (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who TBD. Starting off as a harsh person, she ends up redeeming herself in the same episode.
  • Cailin Munday (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who supports by Mattie's side. Similar to Mattie, she redeems in the same episode she and Mattie appeared in.
  • Caleb Straffson (also voiced by Jeff Bennett) - a Face Paint athlete who was the champion of the annual marathon, revealed to be a cheater.
  • [the creature that snored out Summerheart City in one episode]
  • Rad (voiced by TBD) - A cool famboo who likes to rap and do amazing tricks, although he dislikes pranksters such as Gerrett.
  • Flake's Snapperclaw Pack, consisting of:
    • Flake (voiced by Keith David) - a Snapperclaw who is the leader of the pack.
    • Knighty (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
    • Shaggy (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
    • Charles (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
  • The Needle Ants, consisting of:
    • Hank (also voiced by Jeff Bergman) - a stubborn needle ant who is the leader of his pack.
    • Carl (voiced by TBD) - a needle ant who is Hank's brother.
  • [kidnapper of the Gummy Queen]
  • Duke Coyoton (voiced by [reserved for Green]) - an irritating and annoying coyote who keeps claiming that Ocean sent him to attack Collin, despite her not knowing him and claiming that she would never do such thing.
  • The Summerheart City Sasquatch (voiced by TBD) - a sasquatch who goes out at night to steal stuff.
  • The Lobster Pack, consisting of:
    • Pinches (also voiced by Tom Kenny) - a lobster who is the leader.
    • Shiny (voiced by Diana Uhlman) -a female lobster who is Pinches' girlfriend.
    • [Pinches' dumb brother]
    • [Pinches' friend]
  • Bug Gangsters, consisting of:
    • Bugzy (also voiced by Jeff Bergman) - a tickbug who is the leader of his pack
    • Red-Eyes (also voiced by Tom Kenny) - a cicada with red eyes, being the keen-eye and the smartest of the pack.
    • [stupid member]
    • Horno (voiced by TBD) - a tough Asian Giant Hornet who is the strongest of the bunch.
    • Ticka (voiced by TBD) - a tickbug who is Bugzy's sister, also being the only female of the group.
  • Eduardo (voiced by TBD) - a big mean grizzly bear who loves to beat people up.
  • Fun-Gal Parasite (also voiced by Tom Kenny) - a pink-ish caterpillar-like parasite who turns girls into fun-loving gals when he touches them.
  • The Owl King - a silent 30-feet owl who seemed to be the deadly one, but turned out he wanted to reunite with his son Hootus. He reforms after Maddie reunites Hootus with The Owl King.
  • The One (voiced by TBD) - a silent black/white octopus who is Maroon Man's nemesis.
  • Gabriella (also voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a sassy and rude goat who Spark befriended.
  • T.O.M.A.T.O. (also voiced by Jeff Bennett) - a robot created by Professor Cloud, supposed to plant and make tomatoes, that went haywire and ends up throwing tomatoes all over Summerheart City instead.
  • Stark (also voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - A failed clone of Spark that was intended to be the nicer version of him, but has turned out to be even worse than him, to the point where he wants to destroy Summerheart City and kill everyone in there.
  • Emperor Gerrett (voiced by [Adler again or make it more evil?]) - the more evil version of Gerrett who invaded Summerheart City. It is then revealed that an accident of Cloud's made him evil.
  • The Skeleton Jazz Group, consisting of:
    • [reserved for Green]
  • [evil fashionista]
  • [greedy mayor of Lucky City]
  • Mr. Chameleon (voiced by TBD) - an insane chameleon who claims he eats ferrett, despite obviously being smaller than Gerrett.
  • Yo and Yu (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz and also by Lacey Chabert, respectively) - Two crazy monkey twins who like to cause chaos, yet while Collin, Matthew, Maddie and Ocean dislike them, Gerrett actually enjoys their presence and cheers them on.
  • Tweets (voiced by TBD) - a little bird who flies around and tells a random person's secrets to others.
  • Dunkley Panther and Spearice Wolverine (also voiced by Joe Alaskey and by Billy West, respectively) - a serious jungle panther and a ditzy wolverine who serves as the main antagonist of The Jungle and Arctic Gang, always trying to kidnap the main characters, but keep failing miserably.
  • The Saurus (vocal effects by Jim Cummings) - a blue dinosaur who has been causing chaos and annoying Ocean.
  • Chaotic Ocean (also voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - an alternate version of Ocean who wants to huliminate Collin while wrecking havoc in Summerheart City.

In the movies

  • Harold Clutchson (future) (also voiced by Josh Keaton) - the Harold of the future, no longer a con artist, now a criminal of Summerheart City who tries to make sure Collin from the present stays.
  • [Harold's girlfriend]


Planning stages for the series first started in 1995, when Disney was offered to do a Face Paint series. During the planning stages, joining Disney in 1999, Diana Uhlman expressed interest in creating the show with an idea: a human boy living in a world of the Face Paints with her showing the pilot she made last year. Impressed with the pilot, Disney greenlit the show, therefore, the series is born, but with a early title, named The Adventures of The Boy and The Face Paint. However, during production, Uhlman comes up with a new and creative title for the series: The Face Paint World Life, and they agreed to stick to that name... The Face Paint World Life is officially born. (reserved for Green)


Animation for the series were outsourced to Rough Draft Studios Korea in Seoul, Korea.


The score for the series is being composed by James L. Venable and Andy Paley. Michelle Branch worked on the theme song for the series, titled My Life.


See List of The Face Paint World Life episodes.


The series has three (later four in 2021) crossovers with Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, American Dragon: Jake Long and The Outback Snake. In 2021, Disney collaborated with Cartoon Network to create The New Sanfranyorkyo World Life, a crossover between The Face Paint World Life and Tadashi Tofuu: Discoveries From New Sanfranyorkyo.


See The Boy and The Face Paint.

Disney Channel Original Movies

See The Face Paint World Life: The Future Adventure! and The Face Paint World Life: Summerheart Gala.

The series received two Disney Channel Original Movies, making it the third Disney Channel animated series to receive them, after Kim Possible and The Proud Family, soon to be followed by Phineas and Ferb. The first one is directed by Uhlman while the second is directed by TBD, with Uhlman producing, writing and executive producing the movie due to her working on Kodiak.

Revival movie

See The Face Paint World Life: The Face Paint Tribes.

On 2018, Uhlman announced that TFPWL would be coming back as a movie, originally planned as a theatrical release, but was then changed to a Disney+ movie. Kenny Ortega, the director of the High School Musical trilogy and Hocus Pocus, is confirmed to be directing the movie with Uhlman returning to produce and executive produce the movie. It is confirmed that it will include Collin's sister, officially making Collin no longer the only human living in the Face Paint World.

Cancelled theatrical movie

In 2005, Disney had plans to release a theatrical The Face Paint World Life movie, to be titled The Face Paint World Life: Summerheart Gala, and was to have a 2007 release. Due to conflicts and difficulties, and due to Uhlman working on the first season of Kodiak: The Dog Timestopper, plans were ultimately cancelled. Its' planned concept would go on to be revamped as a DCOM, released in 2008.


On June 29th, 2020, Diana Uhlman (despite working on the upcoming Onward show) expressed interest in reviving the series for two more seasons to finish the story if TFPWL: The Face Paint Tribes prove to be a success. However, on July 10th, 2020, it is confirmed that the The Face Paint World Life revival seasons' announcement is more likely to happen before TFPT premieres, according to Uhlman, with herself more likely going to return to be involved in. Then, on July 20th, 2020, it is officially confirmed that new episodes of The Face Paint World Life will return in Summer 2021 on Disney Channel. Diana will return as a producer, executive producer and writer, but due to her busy with the Onward cartoon, she will not return to direct the revival. Instead, Julie McNally Cahill and her husband Tim Cahill will both be in charge of the revival. During a Q&A in the Comic Con, Diana stated that she and the new directors hope that they could add more male Face Paints to the revival seasons.


Critical response

The Face Paint World Life received widespread critical acclaim from critics, praising the series for its animation, art style, writing, characters, casting and creativity. Currently, on Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds a "100%" Rotten Tomatoes score, with the critical consensus reading "The Face Paint World Life is a very fun ride with memorable characters, fun stories, breathtaking art style and other good things that will make you scream in excitement as if in a roller coaster.". On MetaCritic, the score currently has a "91 of 100", indicating "universal acclaim".

It has become one of the most beloved Disney Channel shows, alongside with The Proud Family, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Kim Possible, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Myth of the Monkey King, The Outback Snake (despite getting mixed reviews at first), TBD. Many people even consider this to be the grand-daddy of the soon-to-be-popular Face Paint cartoons.

In addition, many fans consider I Think a Face Paint Has a Crush on Me and Jokes On You! as the best episodes in the entire series.


  • It received an nomination at the 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2007 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Animated Program, with the series winning the 2003 and 2005 awards.
  • It also received an nomination at the Annie Award for both Best General Audience Animated Television Production (for 2003 and 2005) and Best TV Production for Children (for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006) with them winning [one of the awards]

Lesbian creator controversy

Lesbian couple


The series had reruns on both the Disney's One Saturday Mornings and ABC Kids blocks on ABC, Disney's One Too on UPN, Toon Disney, Disney XD and (only briefly) Disney Junior. The series was available to stream on Netflix from November 11th, 2011 til Feburary 26th, 2020, before the streaming rights for the showed moved to Disney+ since April 15th, 2020.

In the United Kingdom, it aired on the United Kingdom version of Disney Channel starting from 2002 til 2008, later returning since 2018. The series aired on Germany on the Germany Disney Channel from 2002 til 2009. In Canada, it aired on The Family Channel a month after its U.S. premiere, and left in 2008, but returned to Canada, this time to the Canadian version of Disney Channel since 2019. In Russia, it aired on the Russian Jetix, only in 2002, but due to low ratings there, it was removed only after the first season. The remainder episodes of the Russian dub were produced, but never aired and was never in public until the The Complete Adventures home media release in 2020. (Reserved for Green).

In Korea, since Disney Channel didn't arrive there until 2011, it aired on Tooniverse and the Southeast Asian Disney Channel from 2003 til 2008. On Australia and New Zealand, it aired on the Australian version of Disney Channel from 2002 til 2007. In Japan, it aired on the Japanese version of Disney Channel from 2003 til 2008.

International names

  • Spanish: La Pintura de la Cara Mundial de la Vida
  • Japanese: フェイスペイントワールドライフ
  • Korean: 페이스 페인트 월드 라이프
  • Chinese: 面漆世界生活
  • French: La Vie du Monde de Peinture de Visage
  • Dutch: Het gezichtsverf wereldleven
  • Polish: Życie w świecie malowania twarzy
  • Russian: Лицо краска мир жизни
  • Portuguese: A Vida Mundial da Pintura Facial

Video games

See The Face Paint World Life: Where's Matthew and Luna?The Face Paint World Life: A Treasure Adventure (and The Face Paint World Life: A Treasure Adventure - Repainted, , The Face Paint World Life: Summerheart City Adventures and The Face Paint World Life x Rabbids: Summerheart City Heroes. [do a LEGO TFPWL video game too?]

In 2003, Disney Interactive released a PC point and click video game based off the television series and a console game for the Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 2 a month afterwards. In 2005, an another game based on the series was released, this time for the Game Boy Advance. A remaster to A Treasure Adventure is announced, slated for its March TBDth, 2021 release date. It is also confirmed that Ubisoft is doing a TFPWL x Rabbids crossover game.

Collin, Maddie, Ocean and Alexis would also appear in the Disney Infinity 3.0 game. It is announced that TFPWL would receive a Minecraft mash-up pack (see Minecraft - The Face Paint World Life Mash-Up). Collin, Ocean, Maddie, Spark, Matthew, Gerrett and Alexis both appeared as emojis in the Disney Emoji Blitz mobile game, officially making them the first Disney Channel Original series to make an appearance in that game. In November 2020, it is offically confirmed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will have a crossover event with The Face Paint World Life, having five skins based off those characters, plus customizations for your Fall Guys characters. The TFPWL characters also appeared in the Disney Channel All-Stars: The Magical Journey game.

Cancelled adult-oriented reboot

In 2010, TBD and TBD announced that an adult-oriented reboot to the series would come to ABC by 2013. However, due to extremely negative feedback from critics and big fans of TFPWL (mainly due to the concept and the horrible character designs for the reboot), the reboot plans were eventually pulled permanently. In the aftermath of the cancellation, making fun of the reboot designs has become a meme.

Comic adaptation and comic spin-off

See The Face Paint World Life (comic book series) and The Face Paint World Life: Next-Gen.


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LEGO theme

See LEGO The Face Paint World Life.

TV Trailers and Promos

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It went on to become one of the most popular Disney Channel animated series of all time, appearing in some Disney Channel crossover games and media.

Collin, Maddie and Matthew would appear on some Disney Channel-themed shirts. Ocean would also appear in some TFPWL-themed shirts, especially shirts of herself.

While not parodied on Family Guy, South Park and Drawn Together, the series did get parodied in Robot Chicken, Surreal for Real, MAD and other media.


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Major and Minor Characters

Background Characters


  • This is the fourth animated Disney Channel Original Series, after Howie and Deena, Me and My Guardian Angel and The Proud Family.
  • Due to the fact that WDTA didn't have a on-screen logo until 2003, the first two seasons used the Walt Disney Television logo.
    • Starting with the third season, they start to use WDTA's own logo.
  • It is the fifth Disney Channel show that had reruns on Disney Junior, along with 101 Dalmatians: The Series, The Little Mermaid, Timon and Pumbaa and Lilo and Stitch: The Series. However, it only aired there for three weeks.
  • This is the only series Diana Uhlman worked on to not have any involvement from her own company, Rhythmic Uhlman Productions. Mainly due to the fact it wasn't founded at the time.
  • Despite being a Disney Channel Original Series, the series was actually planned to premeire on ABC on an earlier 2001 date (April 13th, 2001).
  • After rumors of being it made more for all audiences, Uhlman confirmed that the series is meant to be for "female audiences" during her interview in 2017.
  • The series premiered after a rerun episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
  • Despite being poisonous to animals in real-life, it seems the animals can eat chocolate without even dying. It's mainly due to cartoon logic.
  • With two DCOM movies, The Face Paint World Life is one of the few Disney Channel Original animated series to get Disney Channel Original Movies, along with Kim Possible, Phineas & Ferb and The Proud Family.
  • By some extent, this shares some similarities with The Proud Family, because:
    • Both aired on Disney Channel.
    • Both premiered in 2001.
    • Both involve teenagers (Penny Proud and Collin Brady)
    • Both shows are mainly aimed for female audiences, but has male audiences watching it too.
    • Both are set to have revivals.
    • Both gained Disney Channel Original Movies.
    • [reserved for Green]
  • This is the first Disney Channel show to be created by a gay/lesbian person.
  • This is the second Disney Television Animation series to be created by a female, after 1997's Pepper Ann, soon to be followed by 2012's Doc McStuffins and 2015's Star vs. The Forces of Evil.
  • The series' second season premiered on the same day as the series premiere of an another DC show, Me and Sparky.
  • This is the first (and so far the only) Disney Channel original to appear in the Disney Emoji Blitz mobile game.
  • Despite the fact the series ended in 2007, the series continued airing on Disney Channel until it was removed completely after March 20th, 2009.
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