The Face Paint Gamer Girl is an animated YouTube series starring SpyroFanandCollinTSB's mascot, Maddie (2018-2020) and Lyrica (2020-present). This page is about Maddie (and later TBD) reviewing games (both in real life and fanon) and talking about gaming stuff (and even adaptations). The channel started since February 2018, with her television series on Netflix on 2019.


  • Madison "Maddie" Rose Prowell - a Face Paint female gamer. She is voiced by her creator herself.
  • Abigail Johnson - a rock-loving Face Paint girl who is Maddie's love interest. She is voiced by Johnson herself while Janice Kawaye voices her in the series.
  • Jayden Pearce - lazy, but helpful Face Paint who is a good friend of Maddie and Abigail. She is voiced by Abigail's younger sister Jayden while Liliana Mumy voices her in the series.
  • Finn Dorsal - a shark gamer who is Maddie's rival. Maddie's older brother Tyler voices him, while Matthew Mercer voices him in the series.
  • Dr. Twilight - a professor owl who builds stuff.
    • R6-89 - a robot made by Dr. Twilight to be his intelligent assistant.
  • Anna Doll - a teenage girl who is Maddie's big fan.
  • Lyrica Letson - a Face Paint girl who is a big gamer. She is Maddie Prowell's replacement.
  • [Abigail's replacement]
  • [Jayden's replacement]
  • [Finn's replacement]
  • [Cody's replacement]
  • [Dr. Twilight's replacement]
  • [R6-89's replacement]
  • [Anna's replacement]


Gameplay (Maddie Plays)


Maddie Prowell

  • Minecraft Livestream (two parter)
  • Daxter Time!: Jax and Daxter Livestream (two parter)
  • [RoBLOX]
  • You're Toast, Gnorc!: Spyro Trilogy Livestream ([6 or 7] parter)
  • [Fun Livestream]
  • This Game Is Making Us Laugh Non Stop!: Gang Beasts Livestream ft. Abigail
  • This Game is Dirty!: Jackbox Games 3 Livestream (ft. Abigail and Jayden)
  • Can't Believe I'm Playing This Abomination: Fortnite Livestream


  • Why I Despise Fortnite - TBD 2019 - Maddie explains why she hates Fortnite.
  • Meet My Girlfriend! - Maddie introduces her fans to Abigail.


  • Maddie vs. Finn - Maddie faces her rival.
  • Jayden Takes Over - Maddie gets sick, so Jayden takes over her role.


See The Adventures of The Face Paint Gamer Girl.

Video game

See The Face Paint Gamer Girl: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E.

Sega expressed interest in doing a video game based off Maddie Prowell and her friends. It was then confirmed with Sega publishing the game (with Maddie's license). However, due to Nickelodeon now owning the rights to the old characters, the series would be delayed to a 2021 release date to replace the old ones with the revamped ones.

When it comes to crossover games, Maddie guest stars in Nickelodeon Kart Racers Rematch, and was planned to star in other games, but due to Nickelodeon now owning the rights to Maddie, she will be replaced by Lyrica.


  • She provides a voice for Maddie herself, and even cosplays as her during live on stage YouTube shows.
    • However, since Nickelodeon now owns the rights to the Maddie Prowell characters, TBD now voices Maddie while the creator will now cosplay as her new character Lyrica.
  • She was beloved by many YouTubers and people alike because TBD.
  • She is inspired by Combo Panda, and like a kid-friendly version of JonTron and PewDiePie.
  • She is one of the VTubers.
  • Her favorite games include Minecraft, Super Mario Odyssey, any of the Spyro games (except EtD and the Skylanders), Jak and Daxter, (w.i.p).
    • Her hated games include Fortnite, Enter the Dragonfly, Sonic Boom, (w.i.p)
    • Maddie does not usually play M-rated games, since it will be family friendly.
  • As of May 25th, 2020, it is confirmed that Nickelodeon now owns the rights to the old Face Paint Gamer Girl  characters after Maddie decided to give her characters to Nick, and it is now confirmed that Maddie will make new characters to replace them.
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