The Enigima Show season 5
General information
No. of episodes: 10
Premiere: March 1, 1995
Finale: December 17, 1995
DVD releases
Region 1: December 23, 1998
Region 2: December 25, 1998
Region 4: December 27, 1998
Previous: Season 4
Next: Season 6
List of episodes

Season 5 of The Enigima Show aired on March 1, 1995. The first episode of the season is titled, Technology.

  • Technology (Date:March 1, 1995, T.V Guide Description: After seeing a fortune teller, the lady tells her the last word Enigima will say when he dies is Technology, this makes him scared of using that word.)
  • The Trippy Show (Date:March 31, 1995, T.V Guide Description: The episode focuses only at Trippy's life.)
  • Satan V.S Jesus (Date:June 3, 1995, T.V Guide Description: Hell and Heaven war out.)
  • The Bully Returns (Date:July 10, 1995, T.V Guide Description: The bully returns to bully everyone.)
  • Enigima and the Chocolate Factory (Date:July 19, 1995, T.V Guide Description: Enigima goes to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.)
  • 4eva's Second Soar (Date:August 5, 1995, T.V Guide Description: 4eva takes Enigima on his second soar through the skies.)
  • Who Killed Censor's Dad? (Date: September 1, 1995, T.V Guide Description: Someone secretly mysteriously killed Censor's dad, and Tristen goes undercover catching the suspect.)
  • The Great Sneak Out (Date: October 8, 1995, T.V Guide Description: Enigima sneaks out after he has been grounded to go to the movies with Trinity.)
  • Censor's Big Balloon Adventure (Date: November 27, 1995, T.V Guide Description: After Censor winds up on a floating parade float, he must get every country to get him back.)
  • The Enigima Show Christmas Story (Date: December 17, 1995, T.V Guide Description: Everyone celebrates Christmas. Enigima and 4eva realize that Santa is just a black skinny dude who tries to defeat everyone at night, and Enigima and 4eva try to make him jolly. The three also ride the new sleigh)
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