The Dynamic Girls is an animated television series on Cartoon Network. It will air in 2021.


In Denver, Colorado, there are four teenagers dealing with social skills, life issues and puberty: Filipino-American smart girl Lori, sassy black chick Dee Dee, responsible Hispanic-American girl Rhon and Chinese-American comic relief Lucy.



  • Lori Powers (voiced by Shelby Rabara) is a mixed race, half-Caucasian and half-Filipino teenager who is always smart. At 14 years of age, she likes coffee, takes interest in science and math, and was responsible of stuff. She has three siblings. She is the school reporter for Denver High.
  • Deidra "Dee Dee" McFox (voiced by Dana Davis) is an African-American 15-year-old girl who is a freshman. She is very bossy and says that Rhon is a girls name, not a "boys name". She is the only one no one ever listened to and she knows everything.
  • Rhonda "Rhon" Juarez (voiced by Olivia Trujillo) is a responsible Hispanic-American 14-year-old girl. She is responsible of things, is sweet and kind, and finds Lucinda annoying. She had a sister named Nona who is younger than her. She can be a little ditzy sometimes.
  • Lucinda "Lucy" (or "Cindy") Zhou (voiced by Lauren Tom) is a comedic Chinese-American 15-year-old girl. She is a comic relief who cracks bad jokes, can get cynical when angry, and has a tough side.


  • Raven Salt (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is an angsty, sullen goth girl with teen angst. She wears braces and is sometimes happy. She likes vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and all of that spooky stuff.
  • Adrian Lindholm (voiced by Grant Palmer) is a Swedish-American 14-year-old boy who is of Swedish decent and British decent. His talents is to play violin. He is a geek and wears glasses like Lori. He seems to have a crush on Lori.
  • Kordell Nichols (voiced by Khary Payton) is an African-American 15-year-old boy who likes to play video games. He had a crush on Lucy. He is friends with Kaiko and Todd but doesn't like Edgar because he doesn't want "Believe" by Cher to be played.
  • Tobias Wilkinson (voiced by Scott Menville) is a geeky boy who is likes responsibilities. He seems to have a crush on Rhon and mistook Rhon for a "boys name".
  • Chris Newman (voiced by Jacob Hopkins) is a bossy boy who is a fan of romantic comedies and has a crush on Dee Dee.
  • Joseph Starlet (voiced by Haley Joel Osment) is a 12 year old who 
  • Jasmine Harris (voiced by Jackie Buscarino) is the popular girl in school. She only wears pink and is somehow selfish with a nice streak. She shares similarities to Alison DiLaurentis, Cleo De Nile and Raven Queen. She is a ballerina and is the leader of the Ribbons. She pretends to be nice to The Dynamic Girls.
  • Regina and Rena Lucious (voiced by Pamela Adlon and Linda Cardellini) AKA "The SheDevil Twins" are the honorary members of the Ribbons. Regina is the second-in-command while Rena is a ditzy girl with braces.
  • Frederick Cohen (voiced by Alan Tudyk) is the school principal at Cohen High.



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It was inspired by As Told by Ginger, Ed, Edd n Eddy and Hey Arnold because it had the main characters as friends living in an ordinary life. While the creator of the show describes The Dynamic Girls as a mix of Ed, Edd n Eddy, Lucky Star, Hey Arnold and As Told by Ginger with a touch of Azumanga Daioh, it was revealed that all three The Dynamic Girls, Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh take place in a school as well as As Told by Ginger and Hey Arnold.



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