The Drawings Animated Genderbends
Personal Information
Gender Males (Prince Luke, Octavius, and Tadashi)
Females (Annabelle, Kathleen, Mary, Lana, and Flor)
Species Zorgian (Prince Luke)
Atlantean (Octavius)
Sunfloweroid (Tadashi)
Human (Annabelle, Mary)
Rabbit (Kathleen)
Hot dog bun (Lana)
Floweroid (Flor)
Age 36 (Prince Luke)
40 (Octavius)
22 (Tadashi)
14-22 (Annabelle)
50 (Kathleen)
60 (Mary)
43 (Lana)
44 (Flor)
Eye Color Brown (Annabelle, Prince Luke)
Blue (Kathleen, Mary, Octavius, Lana, Tadashi)
Black (Flor)
Hair Color Brown (Annabelle, Prince Luke, Mary)
Red (Kathleen, Octavius)
Blonde (Lana)
White (Flor)
Green (Tadashi)
Occupation Student (Annabelle Loud)
Actress (Kathleen Bunny)
Prince of Zorg (Prince Luke)
Video game mascot (Mary)
Prince of Atlantis (Octavius)
Adventuress (Lana)
Sailor (Flor)
Prince of Helianthus (Tadashi Kobayashi)
Homeworld Royal Hoods, Minnesota, USA (Annabelle)
San Diego, California, USA (Kathleen)
Zorg (Prince Luke)
Amoonguss Kingdom (Mary)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Lana)
Helianthus (Tadashi)
Residence Miami, Florida, USA
Friends His housemates
Enemies Unnamed villain
Parents See below
Spouse(s) See below
Children See below
Siblings Unknown
Production Information
Voiced by See below

The Drawings Animated Genderbend are a team who are the gender opposites of the housemates.

Physical Appearance 

The Housemates Genderbend look similar to their counterparts, with the main difference being that they have the opposite genders. There are also subtle differences in their uniforms, hairstyles, faces, and personalities.

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