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The Disney Experience is an American animated comedy crossover adventure film directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. It stars Dee Bradley Baker, Raven-Symoné, Seth Green,


(Giving it a new synopsis


Years ago, Kathie's mother was taking Kathie to the beach where her necklace is being held by her father at the beach. Her mother sings to Kathie as she walks to the house as Kathie's father saw his wife and daughter. He gave her the necklace which has a glow and magic.


  • Seth Green as Joey - Kooky's best friend who has
    • Green also voices as Luis
  • Mackenzie Foy as Jazz Harris - She is one of Kooky's friends who loves to hang out with her family and friends.
  •  ??? as Ermengarde - an old yet helpful woman who techs ???
  • TBD as Samantha (Kathie's foster mother) - She only appears at the beginning where Kathie was nearly captured by Princess Ivy. She is the foster mother of Kathie.
  • Paul Rudd as Kevin (Kathie's father) - He only appears at the beginning where he and Victoria have to give Kathie to Samantha to protect her.
  • Lauren Miller as Victoria (Kathie's mother) - She only appears at the beginning where she and Kevin have to give Kathie to Samantha to protect her.
  • Catherine Disher as Dr. Pam Robert - She is the owner of Gem Shop


Several characters from films and shows appear with their original/current voice actors/actresses. The DuckTales characters also appear with the exception of some characters due to copyright.

Silent Cameo

  • Thomas Baker - He only appears at the beginning where Kathie was nearly captured by Princess Ivy. He is shown to be Kathie's
    • His name was revealed in the book.
    • He later appeared in the series "Kooky and Friends".


(At a bar, Ronnie is holding a glass of water with where Melanie is shown to be upset.)

  • Ronnie: Look, ma'am, I can explain.
  • Princess Melanie: You idiot!
  • Ronnie: But-
  • Princess Melanie: I sent you to end her, not save her! Can't you get that straight?!
  • Ronnie: I understand that you're upset but if I could get one more chance-
  • Princess Melanie: Another chance?! What do you think, necklaces grows on trees?! She has a rare necklace! You are out of chances!
  • Ronnie: Melanie, please.
  • Princess Melanie: Forget it! I'm going there (the party) and I'll take care (as in ending Kathie) of that little brat (screams) myself!

(Due to Princess Melanie's screaming, each glass breaks. Ronnie gets down to avoid the broken glasses as Jazz hears Melanie screaming as she fell down on the ground.)

  • Jazz: Oh no!


The Disney Experience/Trailer transcripts

The Disney Experience/Transcript


  • (TBD) made a Kooky plush with sound effects.
  • IHOP made blue pancakes with marshmallows and chocolate to promote the movie and book.
  • "The Disney Experience" book was released in TBD along with the movie with the same name and "The Disney Origin Experiences".
  • FYE promotes the movie with plushies, a DVD, comics, keychains,
  • The movie had a special called (TBD), shorts, toys, and games.


  • This movie features many characters from TV shows, movies, and video games.
  • This movie is similar to Ralph Breaks the Internet, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, Coco, Zootopia, My Little Pony: The Movie, Shrek (1,2), Enchanted and Toy Story (1,2,3).
  • "Friends" (sung by Anne-Marie) is heard in the club.
    • It is heard again but this time, it's sung by Laura Bailey and Anne-Marie.
  • The film will combine multiple mediums of animation.
    • This film will also explore the blending of 2D and 3D animation.
    • The original characters will be in traditional animation while the various characters from Disney and Pixar will use both 2D and 3D animation.
    • 2D will be used for the flashbacks and 3D will be used for the rest of the animation.
    • This film will be
    • It will
  • The movie will use songs from Disney movies such as
  • Joey sounds like
  • Kelly sounds like Raven from "That's So Raven" while Ermengarde sounds like
    • Ermengarde and Raven both are
  • When


  • The Disney and Pixar characters will make cameos in various places.
  • The Amazing World of Supermarket cast makes a cameo including Jazz Harris and Lou Williams.
  • The "DuckTales" characters appear when Kathie glitches into the room.
  • Wreck-It Ralph characters make a cameo at the club.
  • The characters later appear at the party.
  • There are some characters from classic movies
  • A box of cookies from Alice in Wonderland can be seen in the bakery.
  • The

Similarities to Disney/Non-Disney movies

  • The scene where Kooky's heart necklace glitches and transforms her into a human and also teleports her to the DuckTales room is similar to the scene where Vanellope glitches into the Disney princesses line-up room.
  • During the scene where the police go after Kathie, it's similar to the scene where Lightning McQueen is being chased by Sheriff.
  • During the scene where Kooky is
  • During the scene where Princess Ivy nearly captured Kathie (when she was a baby), it's similar to the scene where Ursula's sister, Morgana, threatens to have Melody fed to her pet tiger shark, Undertow.
  • During the scene where Melanie is trying to destroy the crystal, it's similar to Princess Ivy is trying to destroy the amulet of avalor with a rock.
  • The scene where Ronnie was betrayed by Melanie is similar to the scene where
  • The scene where Kooky is looking for a new necklace is similar to the scene where Mario is looking for Princess Peach.
  • The scene where Melanie yells at Ronnie is similar to the scene where Queen Narissa yells at Nathaniel for failing to give Giselle the poison apple.
  • The world where Disney characters live will be a combination of both Oh My Disney from Ralph Breaks the Internet and Zootopia from the film of the same name.
  • The scene where Melanie/Emma yells angrily at Kooky for telling the truth about her true colors which is similar to Ernesto shows his true colors at the stage.
  • The scene where Kathie, Jazz, Kelly, and Joey are going to the potion factory is similar to the scene where Shrek, Donkey, and Puss heading to the potion factory.
  • The scene where Kooky takes off her necklace after she turns into a dog is similar to the scene where Coraline
  • The scene where Kathie and her friends go hang gliding through the Disney world is similar to the scene where Buzz Lightyear flies through the terrain of Zurg's planet.
  • The scene where Kelly and Joey turned into mermaid and merman is similar to Ariel turned into a mermaid.
  • The scene where the soldiers were turned into a black and white butteries
  • The scene where Joey was hit by a hammer
  • The scene where the gang meets Ermengarde, a mysterious witch, it's similar to the scene in "The Princess and the Frog".
  • The scene where Jazz cries about missing her friends and Joey comforts her, it's similar to the scene where Riley cries about missing her old home Minnesota and her parents comfort her.
  • The scene where Kooky and Ermengarde got trapped by Princess Melanie and Ronnie and then escaped but Ermengarde sacrificed herself by disappearing into dust is similar to the scene where


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Sequels and Spin-off

The Disney Experience was given sequels and a spin-off.

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