Gayle is a fictional teenage female human, being a supporting character on The Dinosaur Princess, often assuming the role of comic relief.

She is voiced by Kath Soucie in the video games and animated media and by Rowan Blanchard in the film series.


Early life


Gayle in earlier games.

Gayle's parents have thrown her off a cliff as a baby due to her stupidity. As a result, she was raised by smilodons. When she turned three, she came into touch with a village where she was found by a TBD.

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In the game series

In the first TDP game, (reserved for Coolot and/or Donaldo)

Skills and powers

  • Agility
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Baking


  • It was believed by both The Dinosaur Princess and The Cryptids fans that Alien's personality was inspired by that of Gayle's.
  • Some fans often consider her to be cuter than Kitrina, making her a fan favorite.
  • Her ditzy personality became less noticeable as she grew up at the point of becoming notably more mature from [still Corruption or the transition already starts in the TV series] onwards.
    • Despite that, she's still prone to commit stupid stuff such as TBD.
  • Despite her ditziness, she has a strong sense of responsibility and she is rather street-smart as well.
  • A TDP fan made a theory that Gayle may have either autism, ADHD or maybe even both.
  • In [TDP, TDP 2, Shark Prince, Titansaurus, Ancient Gem, Corruption, Extinction Wars, or Exile?], it was revealed that the reason why she wears leaf-made clothes is because she wants to be just like Kitrina.
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