The Diesel Show (디젤 쇼 dijel syo) Aka The Diesel Show: Governor of Technology (디젤 쇼 : 기술 지사 dijel syo : gisul jisa)


The fast-paced life of a elderly man will be permanently altered as a friendly acquaintance enters his life.

The friendly acquaintance claims the elderly man this town will be under attack soon, but weapons will be provided to all who are willing to fight for their freedom. The person leaves without explaining about who attacks or anything else which would be important to know. Unsure about everything, including this friendly acquaintance, the elderly man somewhat reluctantly agrees to the proposal, the situation is all too strange, it's best to get more information as soon as possible.

But what if this friendly acquaintance is just a crazy person. Or what if everything told is completely true. How could an ordinary elderly man find out what's happening without help. Either way, the choice has been made.


Lilac Red Hwang Jung-Woo 

Lilac Blue An Son-Ha

Lilac Yellow Ri Tae-Young

Lilac Green Tu Chi'un

Lilac White  Yi Kwang-Min

Lilac Black Na Eun

Lord Lilac Yop Geon-U



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