The Dead of Imaginationland Rise! What would the Heroes Alliance, the All Star Cross, the AutoResistance, the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and the Galaxy Star Super Miracle Night cast do?


(In a graveyard...)

  • Vrak and other villains: (Casting their spell over Brian Griffin's grave) "Vivificus Zombae!"

(A zombified Brian Griffin rises from his grave)

  • Wrath-Amon: "Rissse from your grave!"
  • Rita Repulsa: "I command you to rise from your grave and destroy those hero punks!!"
  • Dylan Gould: "So, what would you do?"
  • Brian Griffin: "Command the dead... Destroy the heroes..."
  • All Villains except the Dead: (laughing)
  • Maleficent: "Let's go, Ripslinger."
  • Ripslinger: "Right..."
  • Master Xandred: "No-one should stop the dead from rising!"
  • Bizarro: "Them not know what hit 'em! Ha ha!"
  • Zombies (including Brian Griffin): (singing Michael Jackson's Thriller)

(Meanwhile, at the Day of the Dead Festival near the co-HQ of the Heroes Alliance, All Star Cross, and the AutoResistance...)

  • Optimus Prime: "Cementor, is it good?"
  • Cementor: "Yeah. Megatron won't celebrate this in Mexico!"
  • Bulletrace: "For Primus' sake, Cementor, what has gone wrong with these people?"
  • Rocket Raccoon: "Oh no! Brian Griffin has come back from the dead as a zombie!"
  • Star-Lord: "What?!"
  • Shyro and Spyro: "He's after us!"
  • Alvin: "Watch out!"
  • Percy Jackson: "Be careful...!"
  • Optimus Prime: "Oh no!| What in Imaginationland? Brian, stop!"
  • Brian Griffin: "Let me go...! Optimus, is that... You?"
  • Optimus Prime: "To the Glasgow District! Quickly!"
  • Brian Griffin: "So, that is where World War Z was filmed in!"
  • Undead Pirate: "Co-ordinates, cap'n?"
  • Brian Griffin: "Scotland...?"

(Meanwhile, in Glasgow...)

  • Gosei: "This place is where Brian Griffin's next location will be..."
  • Optimus Prime: "There he is! Get him!"
  • Cementor: "After him!"
  • Dusty Crophopper: "Get him!!"
  • Brian Griffin: "Uh-oh! There they come! Undead of Glasgow, Rise!!"
  • Ironhide: "Gotcha! You look like the dog that died in a recent episode of Family Guy, are you?"
  • Optimus Prime: "Destroy him!"
  • Prince Vekar: "Not so fast, heroes!!"
  • Cranex: "I know him! Prince Vekar, my enemy!"
  • Robo Knight: "What are you doing here, Prince Vekar?"
  • Prince Vekar: "To take Brian Griffin away! Bye!" (Teleports with Brian Griffin by his side)
  • Optimus Prime and Xandir the Spellcaster: "Who's Prince Vekar?"

(The End)