The David & Ricard and Merry Musical Show is an American children's animated television series created by Rebecca Himot and Tramm Wigzell. produced by Coca-Cola Pictures Television. The series premiered on September 21, 2025, on Cartoon Network, and later premiered on October 5, 2025, on Boomerang. It was known for introducing such famous cartoon characters as Bukey Squirrels, Donfy Woodpecker, Poofy Fox, Elmer Hound, Twerry Mouse, Tomester the Cat, Petemite Hedgehog, John Bear, Marvin the Owl, Pepé Raccoon, Speedy and Slowpoke Bird, Homanian Toad, Rat Runner, Wile E. Leopard and many others.


Both series made use of the various Coca-Cola. cartoon characters. By 2025, the theme music for David & Ricard was "Hey Mama" by The Black Eyed Peas, and the theme music for Merry Musical was an adaptation of "Y.M.C.A." by Village People.


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Season Episodes Originally Aired
Season Premiere Season Finale
Cartoon Network (episodes 1–22)
Boomerang SVOD (episodes 23–52)
52 September 21, 2025 (2025-09-21) February 8, 2028 (2028-02-08)
Boomerang 52 February 8, 2028 (2028-02-08) January 31, 2029 (2029-01-31)
Boomerang SVOD


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