The Daughter of Hercules is an American Animated television series.


The series follows Hercules' daughter as she attempts to explore Greece.



  • Macaria (voiced by Sofia Carson) - Hercules' daughter who begins a quest to prove her might and worth, inheriting her father's strength. She is also called "Mac" (short version of her name).


  • Hercules (or Herc for short) (voiced by Tate Donovan) - the son of Zeus and Hera who is Mac's protective father.
  • Megara (or Meg for short) (voiced by Susan Egan) - Mac's mother who used to reluctantly work for Hades until marrying Hercules.
  • Pegasus - TBD
  • Philoctetes (or Phil for short) (voiced by Jim Cummings) - Hercules's original trainer who now is training Mac since she is his daughter.
  • Zeus (voiced by Corey Burton) - Hercules' father, Mac's grandfather and the fun-loving king of Olympus.


  • Persephone (voiced by TBD) - Hades' wife who was revealed to be the one manipulating him most of the time, planning on releasing the king of the Titans, Chronos back from his banishment.
  • Hades (voiced by James Woods) - the god of Death who aids his wife in her plans to free Chronos from his banishment.
  • Chronos (voiced by TBD) - the Titan of Time and the king of Titans who aims to be freed from Tartarus to cause chaos.


  1. Meet Mac! - TBD


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