The Darkest League Is an collaboration works of Manga, Comic, Anime and western animation as and it's also an bizarre mega crossover that is rated PG-14 due to it's bloody violence and Cursing


The story begins with the death of Bo-BoBo's firend and famliy (Beauty, Gaser, Jelly Jigger and etc) who been killed by a unknown killer, Bo-Bo-Bo had became depressed about this and retires from fighting. However a few of his firend's survived and they must all team up to find out who killed them and have some bizarre adventures. And they would not show any mercy to those who are a threat to them

Team Members

  • John Constantine
  • Blockhead
  • Johnny C.
  • Mephiles The Dark
  • Metal Sonic
  • Swamp Thing
  • Hirohiko Araki
  • Suzu
  • Dengakuman
  • Yononaka Namero
  • General Lee Fishcake
  • Red (Twitch Plays Pokemon)


The Only Beginning Part 1 - The Day were Bo's firend's and famliy were killed by an unknown killer, John Constantine decided to try to find out who is the killer with the help of Sawmp Thing. However they met with weird people as one of them is a yellow guy and an robot hedgehog. The four had a fight but it been stoped by one of the few Bo-BoBo's fiends that survived. and they talked and show two cards that may be the killer. "Johnny C. and Mephiles The Dark."

The Only Beginning Part 2 - It's start's with An Boy with a red cap was trap into the floor inside a house. Then Johnny and start's to point out the problems about Red and the world. He was about to kill red now but then Nny saw a guy in the shadows in his house. He was shocked that someone break into his house, Then he start to curse at him for it and try's to attack him with his knlfe's but then the guy grab's it and a wave of energy hit's Nny as he feel's like he was paralyzed, But he was resisting and he was about to stab the guy till there was a rock at hit him knocking him out. It was the Boy that knocked him out as a pokemon that was named "King Moon" Beated him. Then After that the boy and the guy looked outside and saw John and the gang after all of them explain about each other they talked to Johnny if he killed Bo-BoBo's friend's, But he said that he was not the one as he said looking piss off and he saw someone killed one of them. So then all of them but johnny decided to team up to find out where and who is the killer. As they make Johnny join them as well as he won't cruse more trouble.

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