Season 1

  1.  The Story Beginning - On the night of the football game at school, Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly Darcy discover an meteorite that grants them supernatual powers. They enjoy it at first but they encounter a mysterious enemy named Kage the Lizard King. They clash for the first time until Kage got away. The triplets discover that their new enemies are unstoppable.
  2. Lucy Mason and the Bathroom Ghost - Two weeks after the Darcys defeated Kage for the first time, a rookie policewoman named Lucy Mason has to go to the toilet in the park when she meets Lilly for the first time. They both realise that the bathroom is haunted by the Bathroom Ghost.
  3. Warlock Trouble - Lilly is kidnapped by a evil warlock who tries to steal her powers to using them in his dark magic, so she must escape before it's too late. 
  4. Inzanity Rise - The Triplets encounters their new nemesis known as General Inzanity for the first time.
  5. The Alliance - The Triplets decided to team up with Lucy Mason to take out their enemies in the ongoing war. Lucy reveals that she develops an issue when she questioning her sexuality.
  6. Kage's Hyena Army - Kage hires a bunch of hyenas to help him to catch the Triplets.
  7. Lorcan's Dream - Lorcan has a dream of traveling alone without his siblings.
  8. The Battle - Cillian challenge his siblings into a battle.

Season 2


Season 3

  3. Rise of New Evil - Mari Kurihara appeared as an exchange student, didn't even notice by the school. She was granted supernatural powers by him and cause Lilly to join her group called the Disciplinary Soldiers, the elite members who punished the students who never follows the rules. Cillian and Lorcan tries to free Lilly but Mari decided to send Lorcan into a parallel world where he will trapped for enternity.

Film; Lorcan Darcy: Destiny

  1.  Dawn of Power - 
  2.  Escape from Another Dimension -

Season 4

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