(We begin with a fade to a theater curtain, where Sully steps out of.)

Sully: (Acknowledging the audience) Hello, everyone, my name is Sully but I assume you already know that and welcome to the first ever "Danger Rangers" musical special.

(The crowd applauses off-screen as Sully nods his head, smiling.)

Sully: (Acknowledging the audience) Now, I'm pretty sure you all know that I am leader of the greatest team on earth, the Danger Rangers, but here's something you don't know, my family's treasures.

(The crowd goes "oooooooh" off-screen as Sully nods in agreement.)

Sully: (Acknowledging the audience) And that's why I will be your narrator for this special, because tonight, I present to you the story of our search for my family treasures.

(The crowd cheers off-screen as Sully moves out of the way so the curtain can open up to reveal a beach resort on a stormy night.)

Sully: (VO) Our story begins when me and the other Rangers as well as the Junior Danger Rangers and their families were on vacation, where I was having a terrible nightmare about my past.

(Sully then wakes up screaming as Kitty rushes in, panicking.)

Kitty: Sully!? Sully, are you okay!? Did Octodon, Henri, Rusty, Manderbill, Buck and the two rats, Lonnie and Jenkins break in again!?

Sully: (Breathing heavily) Oh no, Kitty, sorry, just a nightmare.

Kitty: Well, what was the nightmare?

Sully: Well, I saw my family again.

Kitty: You mean the people who left you?

Sully: Yes.

Kitty: Aw, you poor thing, well, at least it was just a nightmare, it can't hurt you anymore.

(Kitty then begins the song, "Dreams Can't Hurt".)

Kitty: (Singing) Some dreams can let you feel like you are well, while others keep you locked in a dark part of your life, but there is just one thing that you should know, is that dreams are just dreams and dreams can't hurt.

(She then leads Sully out of bed and dances with him.)

Kitty: (Singing) Like how I had a dream where I danced with a beautiful and gentle person, but as the dream went on I realized it could change just like that, that was when I had to escape so I opened my eyes, there I felt as the way I should be safe in my own life.

(She then sits down with Sully on the floor.)

Kitty: (Singing) So I know it could be strange, Sully, but just listen to me, 'cause the dream that you just had then wouldn't hurt you no more, everything will be okay as long as I'm with you, please believe everything I say it will keep you safe.

(The song then ends as Sully smiles at Kitty and she smiles back.)

Kitty: You see, Sully, I'm always here to support you along with the others too.

Sully: (Smiles) Thanks, Kitty.

Kitty: Come on, Sully, let's go get some hot chocolate, maybe it could help you feel better.

Sully: Okay then, Kitty, after all, I sure could use something to drink.

(Sully and Kitty then go to get hot chocolate as it cuts outside, where two silhouetted bounty hunter sea lions with visible eyes roam around the beach, digging holes, looking for something.)

Sully: (VO) I knew the nightmare I had must have meant something, I didn't know what it meant before but I hoped it was something important.

(They go up a hill, dig it up a bit, and cry out at the sight of the moon as it cuts to the next morning as the team at the resort wakes up.)

Sully: (VO) The very next morning, the rest of team were getting up as Gabriela got up first 'cause she had something for the whole team.

Gabriela: (Yawns) Good morning, everyone.

Lucky: Good morning, Gabriela, I had a very good sleep last night.

Gabriela: Well, that's good to hear, Lucky, well it's time to get to work on our routines.

Burble: (Yawns) Our routines?

Gabriela: Si, Burble, I have been planning up our routines during our trip to the resort.

Burble: (Realizes) Ah, I see.

Gabriela: (To Burble) Si, Burble. (To the team) Alright, everyone, time to get to work.

(She then gets out of bed and begins the song, "Routines To Do" as the opening credits start.)

Gabriela: (Singing) Now, everyone, as you might have known, I've been planning these things for a very short while, but I won't be forcing it on you today I'm not really a drill Sargent, I'll just let you work your way through it, as you begin to adjust after resting for the night.

Squeeky: (Getting out of bed) (Singing) But we'll might need some help on these routines, Gabriela.

Gabriela: (Singing) That is why I'm here to help along the way young, Squeeky, so let's get started.

(The team then go to the living room where Gabriela gives out several copies of routine lists.)

Gabriela: (Singing) Now, here's your lists that will help you out, just follow them exactly and I'll help if you get stuck, first brush your teeth then wash up and get dressed, then meet me in the kitchen for some breakfast on the table.

Lucky: (Singing) Let's just hope nothing wrong has happened last night, I get very afraid when that happens.

Burt: (Singing) Do not worry, Lucky, I'm sure it will all be okay, besides, we the Danger Rangers are always here to help you guys out.

(Everyone then goes to do the routines on their lists as Gabriela goes to cook breakfast.)

Gabriela: (Singing) Gotta get everything ready for our big, big day.

Fallbot: (Singing) Everything has to be super perfect.

Burble: (Singing) Gotta get set things straight for today.

Kevin: (Singing) 'Cause for as we know we gotta work together to keep this world safe.

Gabriela: (Singing) I cannot wait for this day I am super excited, because it's the week we have our break from fighting crime, so we gotta get it straight if we wanna have fun, so this best week ever will last forever!

Gabriela, Fallbot, Burble and Kevin: (Singing) 'Cause we have routines to do for every single day, well not entirely but we shall see, still we have routines to do just to keep it sane, 'cause we are all well organized and a family of safety.

(The song then ends as the team then crowds around the table covered in breakfast.)

Mateo: (Impressed) Wow, G.B., the breakfast meals you made are so delicious.

Gabriela: (Smiles) Gracias, Mateo, I've worked very hard on them and I had a feeling you would like it.

Talya: (Looks around confused) Does anybody know if Sully and Kitty are awake? 'Cause I just noticed they haven't come for breakfast.

(Sully and Kitty then come into the room.)

Kitty: (Yawns) Good morning, everyone.

Sully: Nice to see everyone's feeling refreshed this morning.

Talya: (Notices) Oh, hi, Sully. Hi, Kitty. What were you guys doing?

Kitty: Oh, well, we went to get some hot chocolate but we must have dozed off a bit.

Talya: (Realizes) Oh, I see, well anyways, come on over here, breakfast is on the table.

Sully and Kitty: (Surprised) Alright, breakfast is on.

(Sully and Kitty then join the team as they continue having breakfast.)

Kitty: Gee, I really love having a vacation. I wish Leroy would be here as well.

Gabriela: (Sighs) Yeah, Leroy would love having breakfast with us around the huge table. I wonder what he's doing right now?

Sully: (VO) Want to hear our theme song during the rest of the opening credits while seeing what our friend, Leroy's doing right now?

(The audience cheers off-screen.)

Sully: (VO) (Chuckles) I thought so. Let's see what Leroy is doing. Oh, and also, time to begin our theme song.

(The "Danger Rangers" theme song then plays as we travel to Leroy's house and the rest of the opening credits start to play.)

Danger Rangers: (Singing off-screen) Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

Sully: (Singing off-screen) There's trouble on the horizon. There's danger around every bend.

Kitty: (Singing off-screen) With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend?

Burble: (Singing off-screen) A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike.

Squeeky: (Singing off-screen) It's up to you. What do you do? Who you gonna be like?

Danger Rangers: (Singing off-screen) Like the Danger Rangers.

SAVO: (Off-screen) Danger alert, Danger alert!

Danger Rangers: (Singing off-screen) Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

Burt: (Singing off-screen) It's nothing more to being cool...

Gabriela: (Singing off-screen) ...than being safe 'cause...

Danger Rangers: (Singing off-screen) ...safety rules! Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers!

(Then, the title comes in: "The Danger Rangers Search for Sully's Family Treasures.")

Danger Rangers: (Off-screen) Safety rules!

(It then cuts to Leroy waking up by his alarm clock.)

Leroy: (Hits the snooze button on his clock) (Annoyed) Darn alarm clock. (Sigh) Well, time to get up.

Sully: (VO) Well, it looks like Leroy is getting up after a little snooze has been interrupted, thanks to his lousy alarm clock.

(Leroy then goes to the washroom and looks in the mirror.)

Leroy: (Yawns) (Smiles) (To himself) Good morning, me, beautiful day we're having, eh?

(His phone then rings and he answers it.)

Leroy: Hello?

Charlie: (On his phone) Hi, Leroy, it's me, Charlie.

Leroy: Oh, hi, Charlie, what's popping?

Charlie: (On his phone) Well...

(He then begins the song "Great Day, Great Day, Great Day.")

Charlie: (On his phone) (Singing) I've worked all night, I've worked all day to get the pocket money I need, that is true, but still there never seems to be a single penny left to get, that's just great!, in my dreams, I have a plan, if I got me a family of wealth, but still it was rather fun since today will be oh, so cool!

(He then snaps his fingers to the rhythm.)

Charlie: (On his phone) (Singing) Great day, Great day, Great day, will be so fun, that's right, baby, Great day, Great day, Great day, cannot wait now, to start this day today, oh whoaaaaaaaaa, all the things I could do, while having a great day here, it will be so cool!

Leroy: (Confused) Ooookay.

Charlie: (On his phone) (Singing) It will be so cool!

(The song then ends.)

Charlie: (On his phone) So I have to decided to hang out at your place, Leroy.

Leroy: Oh, well, that's cool to hear Charlie, I cannot wait to see you today.

Charlie: (On his phone) (Chuckles) Me neither, Leroy, me neither.

Leroy: So, I'll be seeing you in about 8 minutes?

Charlie: (On his phone) Consider it done, Leroy, see ya then.

Leroy: Gotcha, Charlie, adios.

(He then hangs up and sighs to himself.)

Leroy: This is going to be a very busy day, if I say so myself.

Sully: (VO) Why's that you're asking? Well, not only because we were beginning our vacation but because my nightmare about my past meant something.

(Cut to a tropical island in the pacific.)

Sully: (VO) Something about some very special treasures that belong to my family and a certain voice in my head telling me to find it, which I never knew about. You see, my past started on the island, where I was born, it was a very special island hidden somewhere in the pacific, called "Wahena," which is Hawaiian for "Seal Island."

Sully's father: Aloha, honey.

Sully's mother: Aloha, sweetie.

Sully's father: How's the baby doing?

Sully's mother: (Rubbing the baby bump on her stomach) Feeling well and healthy, sweetie.

Sully's father: (Smiles) Very good, honey.

Sully's mother: So anyways, how are you getting along with guarding the family treasure?

Sully's father: Going very well, honey, we just have to get the traps sorted out.

Sully's mother: (Smiles) Good to hear, sweetie.

(Sully's mother then feels a sharp pain in her stomach.)

Sully's father: (Notices) Honey, are you alright?

Sully's mother: (Panting heavily) Sweetie, I think it's time!

Sully's father: (Shocked) Oh my gosh, I'm going to be a father!

(He then takes Sully's mother down to their secret spot so that she can give birth to their child.)

Sully's father: Just stay calm and breathe, sweetie!

Sully's mother: (Breathing heavily) I am breathing, honey!

(Then, the whole island hears the news about the birth as they then begin the song, "The Baby's Coming.")

Villager: (Singing) Did you hear the news? A baby's coming!

Villager 2: (Singing) A baby coming? It's not even birth season!

Villager 3: (Singing) Who cares about that, my friend, we gotta get ready!

Villager 4: (Singing) Listen up, everyone, I have a special plan!

(The villagers gather around villager 4.)

Villager 4: (Singing) Okay, everyone here's what we gotta do, while our queen is giving birth, we can create a party, it will surprise here and there and that is a-okay, but we'll make it really quiet so it won't startle the baby!

Villagers: (Singing) Cause the babyyyyy's co-o-ming!

Villager 5: (Singing) Come on, guys, we must get going!

Villager 6: (Singing) The king and queen will be proud of us!

Villager 4: (Singing) And the surprise... I'm not telling you! 'Cause it's a surprise!

(The song then ends as the villagers get the surprise ready.)

Sully: (VO) And you know what? They weren't kidding about the surprise 'cause when my parents came out of the cave, they saw this.

(Cut to Sully's father and mother (who's carrying newborn Sully) coming out of the cave to see...)

Villagers: Surprise! Congratulations, your majesties!

Sully's mother: (Surprised) Wow, this is really surprising, everyone.

Villager 3: So, is it a boy or girl?

Sully's father: Well, everyone, please behold, our newborn son and the newborn prince of Wahena, young Sullivan the Sea Lion of the House of Shaun!

(Everyone then cheers at the sighting of newborn Sully.)

Sully: (VO) Yep, you got that right, I was the the newborn son of my father, Shaun and my mother, Pamela, I had a little time adjusting to my new life but boy, what a life I had, I got anything I wanted and everyone worshiped me as if I was some sort of god.

(It then cuts to the royal sea lion family with two newborn children.)

Sully: (VO) Later, my twin siblings, Carlos and Alyssa, were born, I was only four years old and even though they had much more attention than I had, I still loved them non-stop.

(Cut to the treasure inside a cave on the island.)

Sully: (VO) But our most precious things of all were our treasures, they showed us that we were the royal family of Wahena and most of our oldest treasures were passed down from family generation to family generation while some of our newer treasures were invented by my Grandpa Josina Rechestski the Sea Lion.

(Cut to Grandpa Josina Rechestski the Sea Lion giving his grandchildren something special.)

Sully: (VO) One day, he gave Carlos, Alyssa and me the newest and most special treasure we had ever seen...

(It was three pieces of a whistle.)

Sully: (VO) Grandpa explained that it was very important to our family. It was a magnificent work of art! My siblings and I promised Grandpa Josina Rechestski the Sea Lion that we would treasure those things forever.

(Sully and his siblings then hug their Grandpa. Cut to the island.)

Sully: (VO) Yep, life was perfect on the island of Wahena. Until... one dark day, an evil orca came to the island.

(The orca with a dark purple cape, a giant dark orange claw hand and a black spandex with battle attire covering it floating on a boat with 100 minions is watching the island.)

Orca: (Scoffs) Those filthy peasants, they don't even realize that this is the day when I finally get my hands on their most precious treasures and soon, I will be more stronger than those sea lion morons!

(The minions cheer as the orca turns to them.)

Orca: Gentlemen, the time has come for today is the day we begin the sea lion vs. orca revolution!

(The minions cheer as the orca begins the song, "Time To Start Some Trouble.")

Orca: (Singing) We've fought the sea lions more than once, and come out on top!

Minions: (Singing) Oh, oh!

Orca: (Singing) There's other villains, but none can do what I do!

Minions: (Singing) Na, na-na-na-na, oh!

Orca: (Singing) Together, we are super bad, come and bow to us!

Minions: (Singing) Oh, oh!

Orca: (Singing) This will be our year to steal the treasure!

Orca and minions: (Singing) 'Cause it's time to start some trouble, and now that time has finally arrived, 'cause we believe in the vengeance of evil, and you know, at the end of the day, it is we who survive!

(Instrumental break.)

Minions: (Singing) Hey!

Orca: (Singing) I'm not the guy I was before!

Minions: (Singing) Before!

Orca: (Singing) Yeah, I'm different now!

Minions: (Singing) Oh, oh, hey, hey!

Orca: (Singing) I overcame the obstacles I faced!

Minions: (Singing) Overcame the obstacles he faced, hey!

Orca: (Singing) We're evil untied!

Minions: (Singing) Unite!

Orca: (Singing) And we'll never fall!

Minions: (Singing) Oh, oh, hey, hey!

Orca: (Singing) So get ready to see us with crown of darkness!

Orca and minions: (Singing) 'Cause it's time to start some trouble, and now that time has finally arrived, 'cause we believe in the vengeance of evil, and you know, at the end of the day, it is we who survive, at the end of the day, it is we who survive!

Minions: (Singing) Na, na, na-na-na-na, evil men united together, Na, na, na-na-na-na, evil men united forever!

Orca: (Singing) 'Cause it's time to start some trouble, and now that time has finally arrived, 'cause we believe in the vengeance of evil!

Orca and minions: (Singing) And you know, at the end of the day, it is we who survive, at the end of the day, it is we who survive!

(The song then ends as the Orca holds his sword out at Wahena.)

Orca: And now, gentlemen, row me there so I can confiscate those treasures!

(The minions then row the boat to the island as one of the Wahena villagers notice it.)

Villager 3: (Shocked) Oh no, it's him again!

Villager 4: (Confused) Who?

Villager 3: (Shocked) The orca who tried to steal our treasures before!

Villager 4: (Shocked) Oh no, we gotta tell the king and queen about this!

Villager 3: You got it!

(They then rush to the throne, where the king and queen are.)

Villager 4: Your majesties, the evil Crime Lord Darkness has returned for our treasures! We have to do something about this!

Sully: (VO) That's right, someone very, very evil, his name was Crime Lord Darkness but that's just his nickname, his real name was Alfred Shenghigh Cyril Demonioc Durkniz. He was nicknamed "Darkness" because he liked anything that has dark colors. Anyways, his goal was to steal my family's national treasures in order to show just how more powerful he was while shoving it into our faces.

Shaun: Man the gates, Darkness must not enter this island!

Villager 4: Yes, your majesty!

(He then rushes to man the gates.)

Pamela: (Afraid) Oh, honey, I don't know about this. What if Darkness manages to get the treasures?

Shaun: (Comforting) Don't worry, sweetheart, we would never have Darkness take anything that belongs to us.

(Cut to outside, where Darkness is walking up to the front gates and then bangs on it.)

Darkness: Open up, this is the king of the dark lanes speaking!

Villager 4: You are not allowed on this island, now begone!

Darkness: (To the villager) Fine, then you leave me with no choice! (To one minion) My blaster.

(He gives Darkness his blaster as he aims it at the gate and shoots down a giant hole on the gate.)

Darkness: (Scoffs) Too easy.

(He then grabs a villager by the neck and points his sword at him.)

Darkness: Now don't make me ask twice, where are the treasures!?

(The villager is too scared to answer.)

Darkness: It's either you tell me now or you'll visit the dark lanes and I have a special place there for you!

(The villager is still too scared to answer.)

Darkness: Take him down to the dark lanes, I have seen enough of stuttering than I have in "Baby's Day Out!"

Minion 1: Yes, sir.

(He then takes the villager and takes him down to the boat but the villager breaks free.)

Villager 7: Alright, I'll talk!

Darkness: Alright then, kid, let's make it easier for you, where are the treasures? Tell me where they are and you can go free but if you don't, it's down to the dark lanes with you!

Villager 7: (Sadly) They're in that cave right next to the castle! And I'm out of here!

(He then uses an escape raft and rows away.)

Darkness: Well, gentlemen, now that we got the directions, let's find that cave! Forward march!

(The villains then march to the cave as Sully and his siblings watch in fear.)

Sully: Oh no, how did they know where our treasures are!?

Guard: One of our villagers must have told them, your young majesty! But I assure you, it wasn't his fault, Darkness has threatened him!

(The villains then find the cave, where the treasures are in.)

Darkness: You two go into there and collect all of the treasures you can find!

Both minions: Yes, sir!

(They then go into the cave to find the treasures.)

Sully: (VO) Well, the guards weren't kidding, everyone on Wahena was always threatened by Darkness 'cause they think he is some sort of demon from a failed science experiment, kinda like Leroy's old friend, Jeff Sheen the Lawnmower Guy. He took everyone's treasure, even the ones Grandpa Josina Rechestski the Sea Lion had made!

(Darkness then sets up an intercom, which then connects throughout the whole of Wahena.)

Darkness: (Testing) Testing, one, two, three, testing! (Speaking into the microphone on his robotic arm) Attention, royal sea lion kids, Prince Sullivan, Prince Carlos and Princess Alyssa, you, your parents, King Shaun and Queen Pamela, your cousins, your aunts and uncles listen up!

(The sea lions jump at his loud voice.)

Darkness: From this day forward, all of your treasures will belong to me and soon, I will be at the much higher rate than you and I will be on top of the world!

Villager 3: Why don't you leave us alone, Darkness!?

Darkness: Not until all of the treasures are mine!

(Shaun then goes up to Sully's guard.)

Shaun: Guard, get all of our family to somewhere safe far away from this island! Someday, I'm gonna go tear down that crime lord! Now get going!

Guard: Yes, sir!

(The guard then goes to get Sully, Carlos and Alyssa from the playroom and gets Pamela from the throne room as they along with Shaun go out of the castle.)

Alyssa: Daddy, where are we going!?

Shaun: We're going to find a new home to keep safe!

Sully: But Dad, we can't leave this island now, Wahena can't run on its own without us!

Shaun: (Sadly) I'm sorry, kids, but our reign is through forever!

(Reacting, Sully then gives Wahena one more look before turning back.)

Sully: (VO) I didn't want to admit it but I was going to miss the old island when we left.

(They then go to the boat.)

Minion 3: (Notices) They're getting away!

Darkness: Let them go, they'll be falling to my command soon anyway!

Minion 8: Can we make you a hideout in wherever they're going and hide their precious treasures there?

Darkness: Of course, but we have to make sure we keep a low profile so we won't get caught. Now get going!

Minions: Yes, sir!

(The once-royal family then escapes the island on the boat. They then come across a huge thunderstorm.)

Sully: (VO) We were on our way to find a new island to live on but little did we know, that trouble was afoot.

Shaun: Alright, everyone, now please, stay extra close, we don't want anyone going overboard.

Alyssa: (Notices) Looks like a thunderstorm is coming in, Daddy.

Shaun: Don't worry, my sweet, I'm sure it won't get us.

(Then, a lightning strike starts rocking the boat.)

Pamela: (Shocked) All hands on deck! All hands on deck this ship is going to smash!

Shaun: Don't worry, honey, I'll try to keep the ship steady!

(Shaun then uses the oars to steer the ship away from the storm.)

Sully: (VO) The storm was very strong but at least none of my family was harmed.

(The family then sees California.)

Sully: (VO) And there it is, the state of California, the location of the city, San Francisco, the location of the beach resort that we and the Junior Rangers were vacationing in today.

Shaun: I think we should go over there. Darkness will never find us.

(Cut to a robotic golden submarine with extending metal tentacles traveling underwater.)

Sully: (VO) Meanwhile, the Crime Lord, Darkness was having a usual victory with his team.

Darkness: (Smiles) A toast to me, Crime Lord Darkness, on our stealing hunt for the once-royal sea lion family's most precious treasures!

(His minions also cheer and raise glasses of wine too.)

Darkness: Cheers, everyone.

(They all drink their wine glasses.)

Darkness: For 10 years, I have been trying to loot their treasures and I never got my hands on it! Until now. (Chuckles evilly)

(The minions nod in agreement as as they begin the song, "Victorious.")

Darkness: (Singing) We're victorious! (Snaps his fingers)

Minions (Singing) We're victorious! (Snaps they're fingers)

Darkness: (Singing) We got the cool back in our lives!

Minions: (Singing) That's right!

Minion 3: (Singing) We got the treasure from those sea lion weirdos!

Darkness: (Singing) We're victorious, their protection stinks!

Minions: (Singing) That's right!

Minion 4: (Singing) Going bang bang bang bang was a piece of cake!

Darkness: (Singing) We are now rich and off on sailing, on the silver ship we stole from Randy Newman, we will be watching "Max Keeble's Big Move," while drinking our wine glasses in hand!

Darkness and his minions: (Singing) Victorious, that's how it goes, yo, people will soon bow before us, victorious, that's how it goes, yo, we are evil, it is all in the name, victorious, that's how it goes, yo, everybody come and hail us as rulers, victorious, that's how it goes, yo, no one can stop us now!

(The song then ends as we then cut to Carlos and Alyssa packing up.)

Sully: (VO) Somehow realizing that Darkness had been tracking us, most of our family found new, wonderful homes in the United States and I sort of lost track of them since then. And Carlos and Alyssa vowed to get our family treasures back, even if they had to travel to the ends of the country!

(Carlos and Alyssa hug Sully.)

Sully: Hope you two will be alright.

Alyssa: Hey, don't worry about us.

Carlos: Yeah, we'll be back unharmed and with the treasures.

Sully: (VO) So my father took them to a mobile home for pairs of twins, where they would learn common sense like I did.

(Being taken in an automobile by Shaun, Carlos and Alyssa wave to Sully good-bye with Sully doing the same back with tears in his eyes.)

Sully: (VO) And that was the last time I ever saw them.

(It then cuts back to the resort in the present, where the team has finished breakfast.)

Sully: (VO) And that was the past I had that nightmare about. I didn't know it yet but that nightmare of all those events meant something that told me to try and find my family treasures.

Lucky: Now that was a great breakfast, G.B.

Gabriela: (Smiles) Gracias, Lucky.

Sully: Well, everyone I think we should do some beach activities and contact our friend, Leroy, I bet he's wide awake.

Burble: You might be right, Sully.

Kitty: Hey, while we're at it, maybe we can also see how Jeff is doing since he is still getting over the whole locked up in virtual reality past that's been haunting him.

Burble: Oh, and how about Charlie?

Sully: (Realizes) Oh yes, we must not forget Charlie.

Gabriela: Right then, I'll call in those three. Hey, maybe we can even let them stay the night so we can watch "Sleepaway Camp" together.

Beth: I don't know, G.B., I get scared pretty easily when watching "Sleepaway Camp."

Alro: Yeah, and besides that, it's for ages 17 and up.

Gabriela: Oh, okay then, Beth and Alro, we can watch something else just to keep you calm.

Beth and Alro: (Smile) Thanks, G.B.

Gabriela: (Smiles) My pleasure, you two.

Sully: (VO) We'll get back to us later but right now, let's check on Leroy and see what he's doing.

(We then cut to Jeff's nursing home, where he in his wheelchair is putting the finishing touches on a invention he had been working on when Leroy and Charlie come in.)

Leroy: Morning, Jeff.

Jeff: (Notices) Oh, good morning, Leroy, Charlie, you look very refreshed today.

Charlie: We sure are.

Leroy: Oh, is that the new invention you were working on?

Jeff: It sure is, Leroy.

Charlie: Wow, it's amazing! What is it?

Jeff: Well, during my time being trapped in virtual reality, while my avatar went crazy, I looked up and studied the ancient forms of code so I took everything that I studied and learned to make my own version of virtual reality, which I call "hologram reality."

Leroy and Charlie: (Impressed) Whoa, cool.

Jeff: I even made a game with hologram reality called "Disco Music Leader," check it out.

(He boots up the game, which creates a digital hologram of his new avatar which he created.)

Leroy: Is that the new avatar you created?

Jeff: Yep, I call him Sheff Jeen the disco master.

(Then while playing the game, he begins the song, "Holographic.")

Jeff: (Singing) Hey, hey, everybody, I got something to say, I used to be so brainwashed, as the night is from day, but then I was rescued by my new friends, now I'm living the way better version of me, yeah!

(Instrumental break.)

Jeff: (Singing) You see back in my past life, I was once abused, by the people around just being called names, but one day, a strange doctor stepped up to me, threw me into VR, now I was stuck like this, I was holographic with an evil mind, till I was rescued by people you should know, yeah they're the Danger Rangers with Leroy that's right, and I did something much different which was holographic.

(The song then ends as Jeff gets a high score on the hologram reality game.)

Jeff: (Excited) Yes!

Leroy: (Impressed) Whoa, Jeff, you're really good at this game.

Jeff: (Smiles) That's because I made it, Leroy, so I know all the tricks.

(Leroy's SAVO watch then blinks and he answers it to see his friends.)

Leroy: Oh, hi, guys.

Sully: Hi, Leroy, we were just wondering how you and Jeff are doing this morning.

Leroy: Oh, we're doing fine and Charlie is too.

Charlie: Yep, Jeff's just showing us the new game he created.

Sully: Really?

Leroy: Yeah, it's called "Disco Music Leader."

Kitty: (Impressed) Cool, I might try it someday.

Leroy: Hey, uh, if you need anything, just let me know.

Sully: You got it Leroy.

(They then hang up.)

Jeff: Oh, that reminds me, Leroy, I have to go down meet your father to help out on his lawnmower, which is causing some craziness.

(He wheels his wheelchair up to Leroy and Charlie.)

Leroy: Just so you know, Jeff, my whole family is vacationing today too.

Jeff: I was not aware of that, young Leroy.

Charlie: Do you want us to help out, sir?

Jeff: Sure, you guys can help 'cause I might need it.

(Jeff, Leroy and Charlie then go off to Leroy's house.)

Sully: (VO) While they're off to do some good like us, let's see what we were up to this vacation.

(Cut back to the "Danger Rangers" world, where Sully (in his orange swimming trunks), Kitty (in her yellow swimsuit), Burble (in his red swimming trunks), Squeeky (in his ruby red swimming trunks), Burt, Gabriela and Fallbot are on the beach with the Junior Rangers (in their respective swimwear).)

Sully: Alright, listen up, everyone, unless you have a SAVO watch on you, do not wander off.

Kitty: Alright then, Sully, you don't have to worry, everything is under control.

Sully: Well then, everyone, let's begin to have some fun.

All: (Cheers)

(Cut to Alro, Bradley, Beth and Derek, who are blowing bubbles.)

Sully: (VO) Yeah, since Kitty is Derek's favorite Danger Ranger, Bradley and Beth are friends with Leroy, and Leroy and Kitty are great comforting friends, Derek is good friends with Alro, Bradley and Beth besides his best friend, Scott, of course.

Bradley: (Impressed) Wow, Derek, you are really good at blowing animal shaped bubbles.

Derek: (Nods in agreement) Thanks, Bradley, I've been practicing for weeks.

Beth: But how did you do that?

Derek: (Smiles) Well, I'll show you.

(He then begins the song, "Creating an Animal Shaped Bubble.")

Derek: (Singing) What I do is I take the wand and dip it into bubble liquid, then I take a few steps back and do 3 spins, then a spin my head around while blinking 17 times, then I blow air into the wand and...

(Out of the bubble wand comes a bubble shaped like a wolf.)

Derek: (Singing) ...That is creating an animal shaped bubble and that's no lie, that's all I know but there might be more, now if you want to try I will be there help, so go ahead let's see what, you can do.

(Beth then does what Derek did and then blows out a bubble shaped like a flower from the bubble wand.)

Derek: (Impressed) (Singing) See, my sweetest friend, you done it entirely, I am much appreciated of your wonder wand, you are the greatest and you listen to what I said, and that's that basic on creating an animal shaped bubble.

(The song then ends as Beth smiles impressed by what she did.)

Bradley: Wow, that is so cool, Beth, let me try.

(He then begins to blow a giant bubble shaped like an alligator. The alligator shaped bubble captures the four and floats away.)

Sully: (VO) Little did they know, even though Alro, Beth and Derek knew that they and Bradley were engulfed in this big bubble but Bradley didn't until it was too late, that they were beginning what my nightmare had meant. I'll show you what I mean when they get closer to the ground.

Beth: Uh, Bradley?

Bradley: Not now, sis. I can assure you, Alro and Derek that this bubble is going to break all records!

Derek: Well, I hope this alligator shaped bubble doesn't break until we get a little closer to the ground.

Alro: Yeah, I think it's carrying us away.

Bradley: (Confused) It is?

Alro: Yep, it is, Bradley, see for yourself.

(Bradley sees for himself and suddenly realizes that they are, in fact, trapped in the bubble, off the ground.)

Bradley: (Shocked) Oh no, what are we going to do!?

Alro: Don't panic, Bradley, I'll just make a call to the Rangers, they'll help us get down.

(He then gets out his SAVO watch to contact the rangers.)

Derek: Well, make it snappy, you know how scared I am of floating!

Alro: I'm going as fast as I can, Derek, don't you worry!

Sully: (On Alro's SAVO watch) Hello?

Alro: Sully, it's an emergency, Bradley accidentally made a bubble too big and now we're floating off the ground in it!

Sully: (On Alro's SAVO watch) Don't worry, Alro, we're on our way!

(Sully then hangs up and turns to his team.)

Sully: (To Squeeky and Gabriela) Squeeky, G.B., you two fly to the bubble and find a way to pop it. (To Burble) Burble, ride your bike, follow the bubble and be ready to catch the Junior Rangers when the bubble pops.

Burble: Got it, Sully, don't you worry 'cause wherever there's trouble, we'll be there. And about that, even when I get my helmet and safety gear, do I have to change into my regular uniform?

Sully: Since we're on this vacation and even when you get your helmet and safety gear, you don't have to.

Burble: (To Sully) Well, okay then. (To Gabriela and Squeeky) Come on, you two, we got some Junior Danger Rangers to save.

(He puts on his safety gear.)

Squeeky and Gabriela: We're coming, Burble, and we'll be coming super fast!

(Squeeky then boards onto Gabriela's back as they begin to lift themselves off from the ground.)

Burble: (Boards his bike) Well, now, let's go, baby!

(They then begin the song, "Off To The Rescue.")

Burble: (Singing) Listen up, everyone, we have an urgent emergency, someone is in trouble and we have to rescue them!

Gabriela: (Singing) We gotta hurry up if we wanna save them, when the going gets rough, just do your best!

Squeeky: (Singing) When the world needs saving you know who to call, 'cause we got more cool than the whole world should!

Burble, Gabriela and Squeeky: (Singing) 'Cause we're off to the rescue, oh yes, we are, the adventure doesn't stop till we succeed!

(The three of them manage to get to the giant bubble.)

Gabriela: (Singing) Now, everyone, listen up, here's the deal, what we'll have to do is follow Sully's directions!

Squeeky: (Singing) Burble, you take low, me and G.B, will take it high, and soon very soon we will catch them from the sky!

Burble: (Singing) Roger that, Squeeky, everything is under control, just have to get the area down in hatchet!

Burble, Gabriela and Squeeky: (Singing) 'Cause we're off to the rescue, oh yes, we are, and when we go forward, we never turn back!

(The song then ends as Squeeky and Gabriela manage to pop the bubble and Burble manages to rescue Alro, Bradley, Beth and Derek.)

Burble: You guys alright?

Derek: Yep, sure are.

Beth: Thank you so much, Burble, G.B. and Squeeky!

Gabriela: (Smiles) Our pleasure, you four, now let's get back to the others right away.

Bradley: You got that right. (Notices something) Wait a minute, (Points) what's that?

(The others turn to see a treasure map, which is flowing in the sea.)

Squeeky: It kinda looks like a map.

Gabriela: Come on, guys, let's take a closer look.

(They then go to take a closer look at the map.)

Burble: Guys, this is no ordinary map, it's a treasure map!

Sully: (VO) Well, it turns out that old Darkness forgot about one important thing, the map to my family's treasures, it was rumored to be so special, that no one but my family or my friends, old or new, could get their hands on it.

Gabriela: We gotta show the others this, they are going to flip out!

(Cut to the bench on the beach, where the team is examining the map.)

Kitty: Hm, well, you three, I guess you are right, this is indeed a real treasure map.

Fallbot: So you found it in the ocean?

Burble: We sure did, Fallbot, but it was a good thing it wasn't soaked paper.

Sully: You know, this map sorta looks familiar to me.

Squeeky: I don't really know, Sully, the top left corner of this map has a small picture of a strange orca named (Reads) "Darkness."

Sully: (VO) It was then that I knew what my nightmare had meant, I had finally figured out that Darkness was still alive and still had my family's treasures!

Sully: I know him, Squeeky, he is a very bad person.

Kitty: What do you mean, Sully?

(Sully then begins the song, "The Tale of Dark.")

Sully: (Singing) Gather round, everyone, to the story I tell, about Darkness and his plot of evilness, you see, when he used to be just a normal guy, he was caught in an experiment, which totally risked his life, it turned him into the villain he is today, looking for a way to steal my family's belongings, we tried everything to keep him away, but he always finds a way in the end, and his name is Dark, his name is Dark, name is Darkness, he likes dark colors, and the treasure we try to keep hidden, and that now brings us to here, haven't told anyone until now.

(The song ends as Sully sighs to himself.)

Kitty: Oh, I see, so, you know this guy?

Sully: Sure do, Kitty, he's Crime Lord Darkness, he wants to steal all the treasure in the world, including my family's treasure.

Kitty: Our team leader knows this guy! Just like I know Henri! (To Burble) And just like you know Rusty! (To Sully) And what do you mean steal treasure?

Sully: Well, Kitty, it's kinda a long story to explain.

(Sully then inaudibly explains to his team that he was once prince of Wahena and Darkness wants the treasures so that he could be be more wealthy than his enemies.)

Sully: (VO) I told the team about my life story and they could not believe their eyes.

Kitty: (Gasp) Oh my gosh, he sounds like the most evilest person I ever heard of.

Sully: He sure is, Kitty.

Gabriela: We gotta stop him. Who knows what he might be doing with that treasure right now.

Kitty: We better notify Leroy about this.

Sully: You got that right, let's get into our clothes and head to headquarters to call up Leroy and begin our mission.

The Rangers and Junior Rangers: Got it!

Sully: But first, SAVO, can you scan this map so we can get a few recorded directions?

SAVO: Certainly, Sully.

(SAVO scans the treasure map.)

SAVO: Directions recorded.

Kitty: Alright then, once we call up Leroy, we will follow the map and find Darkness's missing treasure!

(The background then scrolls to Danger Rangers villain, Buck Huckster (in his red flower shirt), who is holding a bag and his bodyguard, Knuckles (in his blue swim shirt and orange swim pants), who is using a metal detector. They overhear what the team is saying.)

Sully: (VO) Little did we know, that across from us was a certain villain of ours. That sleazy moose, Buck Huckster, accompanied by his knuckle-headed warthog bodyguard, Knuckles, who made the CDs of my favorite band, the Decibulls, which nobody could turn down the music and worst of all, tried to trick me into quitting the Danger Rangers. They overheard about my family treasure.

Buck: Did you hear that, Knuckles?

Knuckles: I sure did, boss.

Buck: A treasure hidden by the orca I used to hang out with when I was little but as we got older, we went in our own directions, I would love to get my hooves on it.

Lucky: If Darkness stole your family treasures, Sully, who knows where he's taken it to!

(Buck and Knuckles realize this and are then surprised.)

Knuckles: Sully's family treasures?

Buck: You know what that means, right, Knuckles?

Knuckles: Uh, no, I don't, boss. What does that mean?

Buck: It means that by getting the treasure first, we will get revenge on those stupid Danger Rangers, including those idiotic Decibulls' Number 1 fan, Ranger Sully, for ruining everything, including my position as those wretched Decibulls' band manager!

(Buck then begins the song, "The Treasures Will Be Ours.")

Buck: (Singing) 1, 2, 3, we are cool treasure hunters, once we get our hands on richness that treasure will be ours, saying 1, 2, 3, it is only you and me, together, we will get the treasure to exact revenge on those Rangers!

Knuckles: (Singing) But, sir, we might lose this plan again, the others they will say just get out of the way, like what if we get caught or have our plan ruined, just like way in the past I don't like the sound of that!

Buck: (Singing) Ha ha ha ha, don't worry about it, we just take the chest and we will be on the league!

Buck and Knuckles: (Singing) Ha ha ha ha, oh yeah, that, take, Leicester City!

Buck: (Singing) 1, 2, 3, we are cool treasure hunters, once we get our hands on richness that treasure will be ours, saying 1, 2, 3, it is only you and me, together, we will get the treasure to exact revenge on those Rangers!!

(The song then ends as Buck and Knuckles huddle in.)

Buck: Okay, listen up, Knuckles, all we have to do is get the map, follow its directions, get to the treasure and it will be all ours, got it?

Knuckles: Got it, boss.

(An image of Darkness appears in the sky and everything on-screen, except for the image disappears.)

Sully: (VO) You want to know why Buck said he used to hang out Darkness with when he was little but as they got older, they went in their own directions? Well, like me, Buck had a backstory with Darkness but unlike me, his backstory was before Darkness's experiment. This was years ago, when Darkness, then known as Alfred Durkniz, wasn't always an enemy of our other enemy.

(The image of Darkness moves out of the way and gets replaced with an image of a younger Darkness with a party hat and scared look on his face, holding a pillow in front of him.)

Sully: (VO) Buck remembers when that orca came to that moose's house to watch a show on his 5th birthday, the show was "MacTwisty the Dragon."

(Cut to a flashback, where Darkness, along with Buck and bunch of other kids at his party, is watching "MacTwisty the Dragon" on TV as the titular character sings his song.)

MacTwisty: (Singing) My name is MacTwisty, I'm a magical dragon, and this is my abundled home and you can come in too, I conder lots of magic, to spark your eyes, it's a lovely way to show the world what a nice dragon I am, we will have lots of fun, just you and me, let's get started right now, everybody, say "Yeah!"

Darkness: (Crying) I don't like MacTwisty!

Buck's mother: (Trying to comfort the young Darkness) Oh, Alfred, honey, it's just a TV show, it won't hurt you. Look, how about I call your mother and have her pick you up?

(Suddenly, a costumed version of MacTwisty arrives in the living room.)

MacTwisty: Hello, everyone! And where is the birthday boy?

Darkness: (Notices) (Screams) (Crying) I don't like him, please, keep it away from me!

Buck's mother: (Trying to comfort the young Darkness) Okay, okay, take it easy, calm down, sh sh sh sh sh. Look, I'll go call your mother to pick you up so you can feel better.

(MacTwisty reveals himself to be Buck's father.)

Buck's father: Alfred, it's me, Mr. Huckster.

Darkness: (Crying) MacTwisty ate Buck's daddy! Aah!

(Cut to an older Darkness staring at Buck with him staring back)

Sully: (VO) Yeah, even after the experiment, Alfred, now known as "Darkness," was still scared of MacTwisty to this very day. And during his High School years, he had been in bad terms with Buck.

Darkness: It's been a while, Buck Huckster.

Buck: Yeah, and you still haven't changed your liking for MacTwisty.

Darkness: I know but I just can't resist the urge to hate him he's so... eck disgusting!

Buck: (Gasp) (Offended) How dare you!?

(Cut to present Darkness staring down at his kingdom on the balcony with a stern look on his face.)

Sully: (VO) After that argument, both Buck and Darkness never contacted with each other again and years later, they never had communicated with each other ever since.

(One of Darkness' minions comes up to him.)

Minion: Sir, your orders are awaiting you in the throne room.

(Darkness then turns around and walks back into his castle.)

Darkness: Soon, very soon, my evil shall rise and rebel against my enemies!

(Cut to present Buck and Knuckles still spying on the team.)

Sully: (VO) And even though they went in their own criminal directions, Buck still didn't like the fact that Darkness was both scared of and hated MacTwisty. It's true what they say, even evil has standards.

Buck: (Chuckles) This is going to be so much fun, Knuckles, first, find the perfect chance and then, get that map!

(Knuckles nods in agreement.)

Sully: Come on, guys, let's head back to the resort.

The Rangers and Junior Rangers: Got it.

(The team then goes back to the resort as it then cuts back to Leroy, Jeff and Charlie, who are still fixing Marcus's lawnmower.)

Sully: (VO) Meanwhile, Leroy, Charlie and Jeff were still working on Leroy's dad, Marcus's broken lawnmower.

Jeff: Spanner, Leroy.

Leroy: Coming right up, Jeff.

(He gives Jeff the spanner.)

Charlie: (Sighs) I'm getting kinda bored, Leroy.

Leroy: What do you mean, Charlie?

Charlie: Well, I mean it's been a while since I've been on an adventure with you and the Danger Rangers, I want to go on another adventure, an adventure of awesome, spectacular, maybe with a little action thrown into it!

Leroy: And with me bringing you, my sister and my cousins altogether?

Charlie: Well, yes, Leroy, of course.

(He then begins the song, "Adventure.")

Charlie: (Singing) I'm tried of just sitting around all day, I want to do something cool, 'cause somewhere out there is another world for me to discover and trust, I want to see the true form inside from all this boredom and etc., there's a voice in my head that's telling me "there must be something more than this boredom"!

(He then runs to a lamp post and spins around it while holding it.)

Charlie: (Singing) I want adventure in the great wide open a special thing that I must find, like a bird in the sky I could real high, to touch the sky!

(The song then ends as Charlie sits back with Jeff and Leroy.)

Leroy: Hey, don't worry about it, Charlie, who knows what will happen.

Charlie: I guess.

(As Leroy and Charlie look at their reflections in a window, Sully, Kitty, Burble, Squeeky and Burt (in their CGI three-dimensional animated forms) appear behind them, surprising them.)

Kitty: Leroy! Charlie!

Leroy: (Turns around) Whoa, guys, what are you doing here?

Kitty: We came by to get you guys 'cause we need your help!

Charlie: What's going on? Is there another terrorist attack? 'Cause if there is I will be able to stop it for you guys!

Sully: Actually, Charlie, this is more than just a terrorist attack, it's something from my childhood!

Charlie and Leroy: (Shocked) CHILDHOOD!?

Sully: Well, that is true, you two.

Leroy: (Thinks) I'll be right there, Sully.

Sully: (Smiles) Thanks, Leroy.

Leroy: But first, if it's that important, we might need my sister and cousins to help out. Hang on, guys, just let me go get them.

(He then goes up to Joyce, Turner, Jerry, Brittany, Tessa, Val, Chris, Marcus, Angela, Drew, Harriet, Nick, Sarah and Gramma.)

Leroy: Guys, Sully says he needs our help and we're not going to turn down a friend. Especially, since he was voiced by Grandpa Jerry Houser in their show. (To Jerry) Not to be confused with you.

Jerry: Okay then, so what's popping?

Leroy: Well, I don't want you to get really shocked but Sully has had something happen in his childhood.

Brittany: (Gasps) What are you talking about, Leroy?

Leroy: Come with me, guys, and I'll show you. I need my sister and all of my cousins to come with me and the rest of you should stay here.

Angela: Okay, just be careful out there, honey.

Leroy: Oh, we will, Mom, don't you worry about a thing.

Angela: Well, okay, baby, we'll be here if you need us.

(The kids then go over to the Danger Rangers.)

Jerry: You called for us, madame?

Kitty: We sure did, Jerry, we sure did.

Sully: Now listen, everyone, you got to come with us to our world 'cause I think we just discovered something.

Joyce: Wow, well, I haven't been in your world as much and I'm sure our cousins haven't been there before.

Kitty: (Smiles) Well, it is now the time that you and the cousins will, little one.

(She boops Joyce's nose playfully as she chuckles in delight.)

Brittany: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go to the next dimension!

Turner: You got it!

Val: All right!

Chris: Yeah!

Tessa: Adventure, here we come!

Jerry: To the portal!

Sully: You got it.

(The whole team then enters the portal into the "Danger Rangers" world.)

Leroy: I'm Leroy the monkey boy!

Joyce: I'm Joyce the monkey girl!

Charlie: Charlie in my polar bear form, ready for action!

Sully: (VO) Yes, Leroy and Joyce do become monkeys but their cousins, unlike them, became my kind.

(Leroy notices that his cousins all have become sea lions.)

Leroy: (Surprised) Wow, Turner, Jerry, Tessa, Val, Chris, Brittany, you all look like Sully!

Brittany: (Surprised) Whoa, this never happened to me before!

Kitty: Well, now it has, young Brittany, you now look like a sea lion in our world.

Charlie: I don't get it. Why do Leroy and Joyce become monkeys while their cousins become sea lions?

Leroy: I don't really know. But I do know that my maternal grandfather was Sully's voice actor.

Sully: Well, anyways, everyone, welcome to the world of the Danger Rangers.

Brittany: (Surprised) Wow, Sully, it's so beautiful!

(She then begins the song, "Brand New World.")

Brittany: (Singing) I never seen a place, as quite like this, everything is turned around this crazy world is upside down, looking different, feeling a little odd, but I don't have much time with them got to learn all that I can.

(Instrumental break.)

Brittany: (Singing) They do use loads of makeup like a human does so too, I don't get this weird look, odd blue skin and big whiskers, everything's confusing when it seems so new but I look a little closer and it starts to feel familiar too.

(Instrumental break.)

Brittany: (Singing) What a brand new world, (what a brand new world), I'm trying to make heads or tails of the brand new world, (brand new world), sorting through the small details of the brand new world, what a brand new world.

(The song then ends as Brittany breathes in the air of the world she is witnessing.)

Brittany: I love it here, guys this is way better than Rocky, this is heaven!

Leroy: To you anyway. (Chuckles)

Brittany: Well, of course, young Leroy, no offense.

(SAVO then clears his throat.)

SAVO: Leroy, Joyce, Turner, Jerry, Tessa, Val, Chris, Brittany, Charlie, I, SAVO, the Safety Alert Vectometer, alert all of you to brace yourselves for something very tragic because this is Team Leader Sully's childhood blues.

(SAVO then begins the song, "The Childhood Blues of Ranger Sully.")

SAVO: (Singing) Team Leader Sully was once a prince from a far away land, where everyone's a sea lion and everything was bright, the land was called Sea Lion Island or Wahena for short and it was always great until a little while later.

(He creates a holographic version of Darkness looking at the team angrily.)

SAVO: (Not singing) Your cue, Young Rodent.

(Squeeky starts playing the blues on his harmonica.)

SAVO: (Singing) 'Cause an odd stranger with a weirdo face came down to the island to steal Sully's treasures, Sully managed to escape but his family was then torn apart when the siblings went to the treasures and never came back.

Joyce: You know, SAVO, this is starting to sound like Shakespeare works.

SAVO: (Singing) And last night, he had a nightmare about the troubles he has faced and the map we found might be the key of all this.

Sully: (Singing) That is quite true, what my nightmare about my past meant, and there's voice in my head, telling me to find the treasure, but I don't know what will come when I find it today.

(As the song continues, we go inside Sully's head.)

Voice: (Singing) Find the treasure, my sweetest little Sullivan, and it will lead you to see your kind again, you will see your destiny, if you find that key, that is locked deep inside the soul of your heart.

(The song then ends as Jerry puts a hand on Sully's shoulder.)

Jerry: (To Sully) Don't worry about it, Sully, we'll help ya out. (To the others) Won't we?

Joyce: Well, yes, of course.

Kitty: You see, Sully, what did I tell you? I'm always here to support you along with the others too.

Sully: I knew you would say that, Kitty, I have never doubted you on anything.

Kitty: (Blushes) You don't have to rub it in.

(Buck and Knuckles are still spying on the team.)

Sully: (VO) But little did we know, Buck and Knuckles were still spying on us, still trying to get their hooves on the treasure map. Buck knew since during the events of our show's episode, "Safe and Sound," that I had to help my favorite band with realizing the error of their music and we got him replaced with someone better than him as band manager.

Buck: Alright, Knuckles, Operation Treasure Hide and Seek is go!

(He cracks his knuckles.)

Knuckles: May I suggest we keep a low profile?

Buck: Sure you can, just remember to keep your mouth shut or just whisper, alright?

Knuckles: Yes, boss.

Buck: Good, Knuckles, now let's go get that map!

Squeeky: We can do this, guys.

Sully: By the power of safety...

All: ...Safety rules!

Sully: (VO) So we were soon on the job, but not before Kitty started with a very awesome solo performance!

(Kitty then begins the song, "Safety Rules!," taking a microphone out of her pocket.)

Kitty: (Singing) I know that safety always rules, I'm not arrogant but there's nobody I'd rather be, I know that safety always rules, 'cause together, we are the safety makers!

(Sully then takes out a guitar from his pocket and begins to play it.)

Sully: (Singing) I'm Team Leader Sully, the sea lion with the most!

Kitty: (Singing) I'm Ranger Kitty, princess of the safety world!

Burble: (Singing) I'm Ranger Burble, the polar bear who shares!

Squeeky: (Singing) I'm Ranger Squeeky, I might be small but I have a big heart!

Burt: (Singing) I'm Ranger Burt, the genius of inventions!

Gabriela: (Singing) I'm Ranger Gabriela, the hummingbird of courage!

Kitty: (Singing) You know that safety always rules, you're not arrogant but there's nobody you'd rather be, you know that safety always rules, 'cause together, we are the safety makers!

Fallbot: (Singing) I'm Robot Buddy Fallbot, invented by Burt and helped out by my friends!

SAVO: (Singing) My name is SAVO, the Safety Alert Vectometer, baby!

Lucky: (Singing) We're the Junior Danger Rangers, kid helpers of the Danger Rangers!

Buck: (Singing) We are examples of "danger makers," but not the type of illegal that others are! (Not singing) (To Knuckles) 'Cause there's nothing illegal about playing loud music!

(Ghost images of Sully, Kitty and Burble appear.)

Kitty: No, but there IS something illegal about putting out a product you know could hurt a kid!

Sully: Because they can't turn down the volume!

Burble: You know what's really illegal? Kidnapping someone and stuffing them in a speaker!

(The ghost images disappear as everyone (minus Buck and Knuckles) continues the song.)

Everyone: (Singing) We know that safety always rules, we're not arrogant but there's nobody we'd rather be, we know that safety always rules, 'cause together, we are the safety makers!

(The song then ends as Sully holds up the map.)

Sully: Alright, everyone, let's go find that treasure!

Sully: (VO) And after that, we headed off for another one of the greatest adventures of our lives!

(The team then goes off to start their journey as we then cut to Darkness pacing around in his throne room.)

Sully: (VO) Meanwhile, however, Darkness was up to his usual tricks.

Darkness: So those darn Danger Rangers want to get the treasures I hid, do they? Well, I'll give them, my stalkers, Ex-Prince Carlos and Ex-Princess Alyssa, and maybe even Ex-Prince Sullivan a treasure they'll never forget!

(He then walks up to his fireplace.)

Darkness: 'Cause today is the day I show that Buck Huckster just how evil I really am!

(He then begins the song, "Blackfire.")

Darkness: (Singing) Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti, Beatae Mariae semper Virgini, Beato Michaeli archangelo, Sanctis apostolis omnibus sanctis, Beata Sullivan, You know I am a muscle man, Of my virtue I am justly proud, Beata Sullivan, You know I'm so much purer than, The common, foolish, weak, licentious crowd, Then tell me, Minions, Why I see him dancing there, Why his smoldering eyes still scorch my soul, I feel him, I see him, The sun caught in his blue fur, Is blazing in me out of all control!

(Fire then starts to flame up around him.)

Darkness: (Singing) Like fire, Darkfire, This fire in my skin, This burning, Desire, Is turning me to sin!

(Then a bunch of headless people show up out of nowhere.)

Darkness: (Singing) I hate that guy!

Headless Ghosts: (Singing) Odite quod guido!

Darkness: (Singing) I will get him!

Headless Ghosts: (Singing) Odite quod guido!

Darkness: (Singing) It is the prince sea lion, who will face my power so grim!

Headless Ghosts: (Singing) Nos omnes scimus!

Darkness: (Singing) I hate that guy!

Headless Ghosts: (Singing) Odite quod guido!

Darkness: (Singing) I swear I do!

Headless Ghosts: (Singing) Odite quod guido!

Darkness: (Singing) They say that he is so much, Stronger than a kangaroo!

(He then starts raising fire into the roof by magic.)

Darkness: (Singing) Protect me, my minions, Don't let this sea lion get to me, Don't let his fire sear my flesh and bone, Destroy Sullivan, And let him taste the powers of me, Or else let him be mine and mine alone!

(Suddenly, a minion then comes into the room.)

Minion: Sir, I heard what you said but there's something up about Buck Huckster, you and he may be going to meet each other again.

Darkness: What!?

Minion: Something's telling me that he's after the map as well.

Darkness: (Thinks) Round up everyone for a meeting, I'll be there in five minutes.

Minion: Yes, sir. (Leaves)

Darkness: I'll get him even if I have to tear down the entire city!

(He then continues the song, looking at his fireplace.)

Darkness: (Singing) Darkfire, Evil fire, Now, Sullivan, it's your hour, Hear me or, Your pyre, Be mine or you will feel my power!

(The whole room then starts to cover in darkness.)

Darkness: (Singing) God, have mercy on him.

Headless Ghosts: (Singing) Ex-Prince Sullivan!

Darkness: (Singing) God, have mercy on me.

Headless Ghosts: (Singing) Ex-Prince Sullivan!

Darkness: (Singing) But he will be mine, Or he will feel my power!

(The song then ends as Darkness slams his claw fist onto the floor.)

Darkness: Consider our feud reunited, "Buck!"

Sully: (VO) We'll get back to him in a bit.

(It then cuts back to the team, who is still on their journey.)

Sully: (VO) But first, let's see how we are getting up to.

Brittany: (Admiring) This place is so amazing, Sully, it's like a world built for the right lady!

Kitty: I had a feeling you would say that, Brittany.

Brittany: But you know what I see?

Leroy: Well, all I see is just the animal city.

Brittany: Not from my point of view, young man.

(She then begins the song "I See A Fairy Tale.")

Brittany: (Singing) Listen up, cause this is all I have to say, This could be the thing to get you on your way, Just imagine what is old, is new again. Maybe then you'll understand.

(Suddenly three cat backup singers (a nurse, a police officer and a firefighter) show up behind Brittany.)

Backup Singers: (Singing) I tell ya.

Brittany: (Singing) Take a look around and tell me that you don't see, just a huge city of animal people!

Brittany and the Backup Singers: (Singing) I see a fairy tale, shining bright!

Brittany: (Singing) I can see the colors coming through, yeah, You'll find the beauty if you look at something right. It's all about your point of view. In life, it's all about your point of view.

Kitty: (Impressed) You know, I never noticed she could do that.

Turner: Well, that's my sister for ya. (Singing) I see a media world, which means whatever we see in media actually exists in another dimension.

Brittany: (Singing) Yeah, that could be true to you but that's not true to me, cause all I see's a fairy tale, that's why I called this miracle a fairy tale.

(Leroy then notices something familiar about the backup singers.)

Leroy: Hm, I think I've seen those cat ladies before.

Kitty: Maybe from one of our songs from our show, Leroy?

Leroy: Guess so, Kitty.

Brittany and the Backup Singers: (Singing) I see a fairy tale, shining bright!

Brittany: (Singing) I can see the colors coming through, yeah, You'll find the beauty if you look at something right. It's all about your point of view. In life, it's all about your point of view, your point of view!

Brittany and the Backup Singers: (Singing) Your point of view!

(The song then ends as Brittany goes into a cute pose and the backup singers disappear.)

Sully: (Impressed) Now that's what I call a girl with a talent.

Leroy: Yep, my cousin is a very great singer.

(The backup singers suddenly appear right next to Leroy.)

Backup Singers: And you've definitely seen us before, little monkey.

(They then zoom out of sight.)

Leroy: (Confused) Well, that was weird.

Brittany: Now then, everyone, it is time that we find out where that map is leading us to and we'll go right to the treasure!

Sully: But first, we need to find the first key.

Burt: (Notices) Hey, look, there's some sort of clue on the map.

Kitty: (Reading) "To find the key of the first you seek, go through the tunnel of light and enter the land of bleak."

Leroy: That means we'll have to find a tunnel, which will take us to somewhere in total night time.

Burble: And I think I know just where to find one.

(He then shows the team a huge tunnel on his SAVO watch.)

Burble: This tunnel takes us down to the nightly carnival and I think we will find our first key there.

Leroy: Well, okay then, Burble, lead the way.

Burble: (To Leroy) Sure thing, Leroy. (To the team) This way, everybody.

(The team then follows Burble to the tunnel as Buck and Knuckles are still spying on them.)

Sully: (VO) We were so distracted by our adventure, that we didn't even realize that Buck and Knuckles were right behind us.

Buck: Okay, Knuckles, here's the plan, we simply sneak up to them and when they are not looking, we'll snatch the map and run away!

Knuckles: And find the treasure?

Buck: Well, yes, of course, Knuckles. To get revenge on those loser Decibulls' Number 1 Fan, Sully, for ruining our plan!

(The two of them then sneakily follow the team as it then cuts to Darkness in the meeting room with his minions.)

Sully: (VO) Meanwhile, Darkness and his vicious minions were about to plan their most evil plan.

Darkness: Right, listen up, you tycoons, sooner or later, my ex-friend, Buck Huckster, will be coming here to take this treasure and we are not going to let him, are we!?

Minions: No!

Darkness: Good to hear that, after this victory is ours, we will be on top of the world just like George Washington!

Minion 8: But, sir, how are we going to begin this plan?

Darkness: I'll show you, young man.

(He then brings out his plan to his minions.)

Darkness: Okay, we are here and Buck is down here now, we-here is also the same place where the treasure so what I'm thinking is that we replace the treasure with a fake one that will be full of chocolate coins that will definitely fool him!

Minion 9: But what about the real treasure?

Darkness: We'll keep it locked up safe in our underground bunker of richness.

Minion 7: And we'll make sure that former prince, Sullivan, doesn't go anywhere near the treasure either, sir!

Darkness: Good, minion, very good.

Sully: (VO) Of course, there was something that old Darkness didn't know. Ex-Prince of Wahena, Sullivan, was now Team Leader Sully of the world famous Danger Rangers!

(It then cuts back to the team, who has now found the tunnel they are looking for.)

Sully: (VO) Speak of the devil, here we come right now. 

Burble: Well, there it is, everyone, our ticket to the first key.

Joyce: (Shivering in fear) Do we really have to go in there? It's so scary.

(Kitty then pulls Joyce into a hug.)

Kitty: (Comforting) Don't worry, Joyce, it's gonna be okay, besides, I'm here to keep you safe.

Joyce: (Smiles) Thanks, Kitty.

Leroy: Alright, everyone, to the nightly carnival!

(The team then enters the tunnel when the lights in it suddenly start to flicker.)


Joyce: (Scared) What was that!?

Kitty: It's probably just a echo I hope.

Leroy: Sounds like it's coming from over there.

(Leroy then points to a weird silhouette standing in the shadows of the tunnel.)

Gabriela: Excuse me, senor, but we don't see this as a fortress, it's just a tunnel.

(He then notices who they are.)

Deep Voice: Oh, it's only you, Danger Rangers.

Kitty: (Confused) Wait a minute, do we know you?

Deep Voice: No, but at least I do know you.

(He then reveals himself to be a vampire bat.)

Sully: Who are you, young bat?

Vampire Bat: Who am I?

(He then begins the song, "I Am Bat-a-rama.")

Vampire Bat: (Singing) In the summer time, I go by many names, like He-man, Dr. Strange, Eleven or Dracula, but one name stands with me for days, and it's a name I always show off to new faces.

Leroy: (Confused) I'm sorry, what?

Vampire Bat: (Singing) It's a plot point right across a dumb old ransom but I like it too much, it's a name I keep for million years so I might be 188 years old, my name is, Bat, A, Rama!

(He the walks up to the team while disco lights appear out of thin air.)

Bat-A-Rama: (Singing) One old, shortened, ordinary name, surely that will be insane, but multiply a billion more, and see how it gets old overtime, my name is, Bat, A, Rama!

(Kitty then starts to ponder.)

Bat-A-Rama: (Singing) Every time they do this name, I don't mind it's good for me, especially when I bite attack, oh yes, the name always bites back, my name is, Bat, A, Rama!

(The song then ends as Bat-A-Rama stops shouting and the disco music disappears.)

Brittany: Nice to meet you, Bat-A-Rama.

Bat-A-Rama: You too, madame, and sorry for yelling.

Gabriela: Do you live here by yourself?

Bat-A-Rama: Well, not exactly, you see, I got some friends at the Nightly Carnival, they help out Mister Uno in the gift shop.

Kitty: Ah, I see.

Bat-A-Rama: So anyways, what brings you to the Nightly Carnival, my friends?

Sully: Well, we're here to find the first key.

Bat-A-Rama: A key, well, I know where a bunch of keys can be found.

Leroy: Really?

Bat-A-Rama: Yep, the key game down at the Nightly Carnival.

Burble: Oh, cool, well, we're just about to go in there.

Bat-A-Rama: (Chuckles) Well, you certainly come to the right tour guide, come with me, I'll show you where the real winning of keys gets tough.

Sully: (VO) And he wasn't kidding when we went into the Nightly Carinval, Boy, were we in for a show.

(The team then follows Bat-A-Rama into the Nightly Carnival as the Fortune Teller notices this.)

Fortune teller: The Danger Rangers have come!

Person: (Confused) That's my future, miss?

Fortune Teller: No, I wasn't talking about your future, sir, I was talking about the Danger Rangers over there!

Person: (Notices) Oh, I see, so why are they here?

Fortune Teller: Well, my friend, I was checking my crystal ball alone before you showed up and to my visions, they've come for the first key that will open up the loot of Crime Lord Darkness.

Person: (Admired) Cool.

Bat-A-Rama: The key game just right next to the Fortune Teller tent, I can introduce you to Madame Know-It-Or-Not.

Charlie: Madame Know-It-Or-Not?

Bat-A-Rama: She's our fortune teller in this carnival.

Charlie: Oh, okay then.

(The team then goes over to Madame Know-It-Or-Not, who is with the person.)

Madame Know It Or Not: Tent's closed sir, right now, I'm going to talk to some familiar faces, then I'll come back to you.

Person: Oh, well, okay then, I'll leave you alone for a while.

Madame Know-It-Or-Not: Now, my friends, what is your task for Madame Know-It-Or-Not?

Bat-A-Rama: Actually, Miss Know-It-Or-Not, they are here to have a look around while also finding a key they need.

Madame Know-It-Or-Not: I know, young bat, I have seen it in my visions.

Sully: Ah, well, that's good to hear, miss.

Madame Know-It-Or-Not: Oh, please, young sea lion, call me "Madame."

Sully: Oh, okay then, Madame.

(Kitty then notices something in one of the tents.)

Kitty: What's that?

Madame Know-It-Or-Not: That my friends is a Safety Quiz Game, a very special game in the carnival.

Kitty: A Safety Quiz Game? Cool, I would like to try it out.

Madame Know-It-Or-Not: Sure you can, just remember, some of the questions on that machine get very hard as the quiz goes on.

Leroy: We'll try our best, Madame.

Burble: Yeah, don't you worry about anything.

Madame Know-It-Or-Not: Hope so, and that old machine's been working since 1985.

Leroy: Hey, I love 1985, we should try it out.

Burble: Okay then, but let's hurry, we got a mission to do anyway.

(The team, along with Bat-A-Rama, goes over to the Safety Quiz Game.)

Bat-A-Rama: Get all the questions right and you win the key. Madame Know-It-Or-Not told my dad, the boss, that you were after the key.

Sully: Well, okay then, might not be the first time.

(He activates the machine and it begins the song, "The Safety Quiz Game Song.")

Safety Quiz Machine: (Singing) Okay, everyone, I'm glad you came to help me out with the little show, let's guess the tip for a safety's thought because it's time to play the Safety Quiz!

Sully: Well, okay then let's do it.

Safety Quiz Machine: (Singing) First lesson for this semester is something that stays with me for eternity. What do you put on before you ride a skateboard? Come on, guess, it's a very easy guess.

Leroy: (Singing) Oh hey, I know this one, I did this all the time, the things you need are a helmet, arm bands and knee bands!

Safety Quiz Machine: (Singing) Ding-ding-ding, correct, my friend, you must know well for the 2nd question what is the easiest way to stay away from strangers?

Kitty: Uh, that's a tough one, guys.

Squeeky: It sure is, Kitty.

Gabriela: (Singing) I think I got it but it might not be much, the easiest way to stay away from strangers is not to give them all your information!

Safety Quiz Machine: (Singing) You got it right again, I'm impressed by your thoughts, now for an even trickier state and the last question, who is the team who saved the world with safety and protected us from the wicked ways of a weirdo named Jeff Sheen?

Burble: (Singing) Hey, that's an easy answer, the answer is us, we are the Danger Rangers and that's no lie, we are the ones who protected the earth from Jeff Sheen and now that his curse is lifted, we still keep the world safe!

Safety Quiz Machine: (Singing) Congratulations, you won the game, great job, now take these tickets for your special prizes!

(The song then ends as the machine spits out some tickets for the team.)

Leroy: (Amazed) Wow, now that was a great game.

Kitty: (Amazed) Yeah, but it was very difficult.

(Bat-A-Rama then returns with his dad.)

Bat-A-Rama: Well, guys, let me introduce you to my dad, Vampire Bat-A-Rama.

Vampire Bat-A-Rama: Nice to meet all of you.

Leroy: Thank you, sir.

Vampire Bat-A-Rama: So, Danger Rangers, I hear you, the Junior Danger Rangers, your friend, Leroy, his sister, Joyce, their cousins and their friend, Charlie are looking for a key right?

Charlie: We sure are, sir.

Vampire Bat-A-Rama: Well, you certainly came to the right place because I have a bunch of keys in the key game tent which ones do you want?

Kitty: Well, you see, sir, we are searching for a key which will open a very special treasure chest which holds very special treasures from Sully's family.

Burt: It's kind of shaped like a sea lion and has a special little golden jewel hanging from a small rope on it.

Vampire Bat-A-Rama: Oh yeah, Madame Know-It-Or-Not told me that, you'll probably find it in the special keys section of the key game tent.

Sully: Cool, thanks, sir.

Vampire Bat-A-Rama: My pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.

(The team then goes into the key game tent where it is covered with hundred and thousands of keys.)

Sully: (VO) And once we went into the key game tent, we were surprised to see that the tent was filled with loads and loads of keys. "How are we supposed to find our key?" we thought but we knew we still wouldn't give up.

Kitty: Oh boy, this will probably take a while.

Burble: Let's start with the floor and work our way up to the celling, maybe then it would be easier.

Leroy: Okay, Burble.

Charlie: You said it, Uncle Burble.

(The team begins searching as they then begin the song, "Search For The Key.")

Leroy: (Singing) This is gonna be a hassle, could be a humongous disaster!

Charlie: (Singing) But we know that will not happen, 'cause we are heroes who never give up!

Kitty: (Singing) Keep on searching and never stop, I for one think we will find what we lost!

Sully: (Singing) Search over here and search over there, don't stop till we've looked everywhere!

Gabriela: (Singing) It's not over here!

Burble: (Singing) It's not over there!

Brittany: (Singing) It's not up here!

Joyce: (Singing) It's not down there!

Leroy: (Singing) It has to be here somewhere, I just know it, maybe we only have one more area, and that is over there!

(The song then ends as Leroy points to a closet right next to a "Round The Twist" poster.)

Kitty: Do you think it's in there, Leroy?

Leroy: (To Kitty) I think so, Kitty, maybe we could be getting warmer to our first clue. (To SAVO) SAVO, activate flashlight.

SAVO: Right away, Leroy.

(SAVO activates the watch's flashlight as Leroy then opens the dark closet and searches in it for the key.)

Leroy: It's gotta be somewhere around here, I just gotta keep looking.

Sully: Got it, Leroy.

(After searching the closet, Leroy then detects something.)

Leroy: Hey, guys, I think I've detected something.

Sully: Good one, Leroy, let's see if it's the key we're looking for.

(Leroy takes it out of the closet and yes, it is the key they're looking for.)

Sully: (VO) Well, believe it or not, we managed to find the first key we've been looking for.

Kitty: Yes, good one, little monkey!

Leroy: Thank you, kitty cat. (Winks at Kitty)

Brittany: (Confused) I don't get it. Why is she calling Leroy a little monkey?

Sully: Oh, well, it's just a nickname Kitty gave him, Brittany.

Leroy: Because I've turned into a monkey, this happened to me since I first came here, thanks to Jeff.

Brittany: Oh, I see, well if you ask me, I think it's a cute nickname.

Kitty: (Blushes) You don't have to rub it in, you know.

(The team then sees another clue on the map.)

Sully: (VO) Now that we got the first key, we now had two more keys to get.

Burble: Okay, guys, let's read the second clue on the map.

Kitty: (Reading) "Good work on finding the key, but there's to come, the second thing to do is to go underwater like a waterproof dome." (Not reading) Wait a minute, that doesn't rhyme.

Leroy: Sure doesn't but that's because it's a poetic license.

Kitty: I see.

Sully: Well, anyways, looks like we need to go underwater 'cause that might be where our next clue is.

Brittany: But how are we gonna do that? We don't have a submarine.

Burt: Allow me, 'cause when I was working on our Super Duper Hovercraft, I added in a feature, which can make the hovercraft travel underwater.

(He gives a whistle and the Super Duper Hovercraft flies in.)

Kitty: (Surprised) Wow, that is so cool, Burt.

Burt: Thank you, Kitty.

Charlie: Wait a minute, if that's the Super Duper Hovercraft, then what happened to the regular Super Hovercraft?

Leroy: Don't you remember, Charlie? It was destroyed in the snowstorm when we were on our way to save Christmas.

Charlie: Oh right, sorry, I forgot.

Leroy: That's alright, dude.

Burt: Alright then, everyone, get on and let's see if this babe won't get destroyed like before.

(The team then goes into the Super Duper Hovercraft.)

Leroy: Thanks for your help!

Vampire Bat-A-Rama: Hey, the pleasure is all ours, young man!

Bat-A-Rama: Hope you guys can do it, I have faith in you!

Leroy: So do we, Bat-A-Rama, but I bet we will make it to the top!

Burt: Hurry up, Leroy, Hovercraft express is almost ready to leave!

Leroy: Coming, Burt!

(Leroy then gets into the Super Duper Hovercraft as it then zooms underwater.)

Burt: SAVO, activate night vision light.

SAVO: Yes, Burt.

(SAVO then turns on the night vision headlights on the Super Duper Hovercraft.)

Kitty: (Surprised) Wow, this is like I'm in the movie, "Zardoz" execpt without that weird crystal ring and that weird dress those Eternals wore.

Burt: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your turtle speaking, we will soon be approaching our destination in just a few minutes. Right now, I have some in flight movies to pass the time.

Burble: You do?

Burt: Sure do. Which one do you want to watch "Zoolander," "Red Dog," "Hotel Transylvania 2" or "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie?"

Joyce: How about "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie?"

Burt: Alright then, I am starting "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" right now.

Leroy: You know, I find it funny how the Gokaigers got the Japanese Turborangers and the Carrangers, the American Turborangers, mixed up.

Charlie: Guess they just have a big collection of Ranger Keys so they could easily mix them up.

Sully: (VO) Well, we then got to our movie watching while sailing to find the next key.

(The team then begins to watch the movie. Meanwhile, Darkness watches the team through his TV screen in anger.)

Sully: (VO) But meanwhile, old Darkness was getting more and more angry at us.

Darkness: So, those little hooligans want to play? Well, I'll give them something to play with! (Smirks evilly)

Sully: (VO) Yeah, let's just say he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

(Cut to Buck and Knuckles going into the Nightly Carnival.)

Sully: (VO) Meanwhile, Buck and Knuckles were at the carnival, where they were trying to find the map we have.

Knuckles: Do you see them, sir?

Buck: Nope, Knuckles, can't see them anywhere. (Then notices something) But I can see something we could use to whack the daylights out of Darkness and his minions if they show up!

(He points to a plastic baseball bat at a "Match the Ducks" tent.)

Knuckles: Good one, sir.

Buck: Go get it for me.

Knuckles: Yes, sir.

(Knuckles then walks up to the guy next to match the ducks tent.)

Knuckles: Excuse me, sir, I would like to win a plastic baseball bat, please.

Barker: Sure thing, you lucky duck, but first, you have to match this line of ducks from smallest on the left to tallest on the right.

Knuckles: Okay then, what do I have to do?

(The barker then begins the song, "Match The Ducks.")

Barker: (Singing) Now listen up, my friend, to match these ducks, you need to go from left to right, as you might have noticed by now, you need to go from small to tall and from left to right!

Knuckles: (Singing) But I don't know how to do this, I never seen those ducks before!

Barker: (Singing) Don't worry about it, just read the rules, and I know you will have a great game!

Buck: Just get on with it, Knuckles, we got to get that baseball bat before Darkness gets here!

Knuckles: (To Buck) I'm trying to, boss, I'm trying to! (To the barker) (Singing) So how long will this game take?

Barker: (Singing) Just a couple of minutes, begin your time, my friend, and all will be fine!

(Knuckles then sorts the ducks as quick as a flash and then waits as the Barker examines them.)

Barker: (Singing) Very good work, kid, you matched all the ducks, now take the baseball bat and be on your happy way!

(The song then ends as Knuckles takes the plastic baseball bat and walks over to Buck.)

Knuckles: Well, I got the baseball bat liked you asked, boss.

Buck: Very good, Knuckles, and I think Darkness will be coming down here in the next (Check his watch) 5 minutes and 22 seconds.

(But to his surprise, Darkness isn't showing up.)

Knuckles: Huh, that's funny, he's not showing up, probably somewhere else or the next 5 minutes and 22 seconds haven't passed.

Buck: Well then, how about we keeping going straight?

Knuckles: Good idea, boss, let's go.

Sully: (VO) Little did they know, that Darkness wasn't here 'cause he had a few plans of his own to keep my family treasures away from us.

(It then cuts to the team, who is still watching the movie.)

Sully: (VO) Meanwhile, we were having usual quiet time while still on our hunt for the 2nd key until something happened that we never expected.

Tommy on TV: Yes, we're your friends!

Kimberly on TV: Friends? ha ha ha ha ha!

(Suddenly, the submarine then gets a hit.)

Burt: (Jumps in shock) Whoa, ladies and gentlemen, this is your turtle speaking, I'm afraid we must have hit something across the outside of the submarine.

Kitty: What was that, Leroy?

Leroy: Beats me, Kitty.

Brittany: I'm going to go outside and see what it was. I am the oldest after all.

Turner: Of the Houser-McCoy kids that is.

Brittany: Of course.

(She changes into her bikini and swims out of the submarine to see what hit the submarine.)

Kitty: (On Brittany's communicator) Found anything, Brittany?

Brittany: Nothing yet, Kitty, considering it's so dark in there, I can't see anything besides the front of the submarine.

Sully: (On Brittany's communicator) Hang on, Brittany, I'll bring you a flashlight so you can see properly.

Brittany: Okay.

(Sully then changes into his swimming gear and swims up to Brittany to give her the flashlight.)

Sully: Here you go, Brittany.

Brittany: Thanks, Sully.

Sully: (Admires Brittany's bikini) Oh, and by the way, that's a nice swimsuit you have on.

Brittany: (Giggles and blushes) Thanks, Sully, bikinis are all the range where I come from.

Sully: I see.

(Brittany turns on the flashlight and searches the area.)

Brittany: It looks like we must have hit something big, Sully.

Sully: What do ya mean?

Brittany: Well, according to the damage on the hovercraft being very humongous, we must have hit something very huge and spikey.

Burt: (On Brittany's communicator) Looks like it would be tough to fix. You think you can see anyone around here who can help us, Brittany?

Brittany: Nope, Burt, I can't see anyone besides Sully.

(Then, something suddenly grabs Brittany's foot as she screams in fear.)

Sully: (Notices) Brittany, are you alright!?

Brittany: (Scared) Sully, something is grabbing my foot! Get it off! Get it off!

Sully: Hang on, Brittany, I got you!

(He then grabs Brittany's flipper and tries pulling the thing off of Brittany's bottom flipper.)

Sully: Boy, this thing really likes to put up a fight, does he?

Brittany: Sure does, I wonder what it is anyway!

The thing: Whoa, whoa, amigos, I didn't mean to startle you!

Brittany: (Confused) Sully, is it just me or did that thing just talk to us?

Sully: (Confused) First time I heard it.

(Then, the thing swims up to reveal himself as an ordinary squid mechanic with a snorkel.)

Mechanic: Please, don't be scared, I just heard you guys needed help so I came up to see if I could help you guys out.

Brittany: So why did you grab my foot?

Mechanic: Oh, well, I had to grab something to reach the surface.

Brittany: (Realizes) Oh, I see.

Sully: And who are you?

Mechanic: Oh, right, I haven't introduced myself, my name is Squid-O Rockson, it's a really good pleasure to meet you two.

Brittany: Oh, well, you too.

Squid-O: So what do you guys need help with?

Sully: Well, it's about our hovercraft, there's some kind of huge hole on it. Could you fix it?

Squid-O: Sure thing, sir.

(He then swims to the front of the hovercraft and examines the hole.)

Squid-O: I can tell how that happened.

Sully: You can?

Squid-O: Sure can, it appears that there has been some kind of error in the thrusters, which could have caused a gear malfunction that could practically poke out holes like this one.

Burt: (On Brittany's communicator) But I thought I built this hovercraft to be unsinkable but it turns out I must have forgot to fix one bug on it.

Squid-O: But do not worry my friend, I'll be able to fix it for you.

Brittany: Really? How?

Squid-O: Watch this.

(He takes a very special tool from out of his pocket and as quick as a flash, he fixes up the hovercraft.)

Sully: (VO) Well, we finally found who grabbed Brittany's foot, he wasn't all that dangerous but he seemed kind of friendly.

Squid-O: Ta-da!

Brittany: (Surprised) Wow, sir, that was a really fast fix-up!

Sully: (Surprised) It sure was, Brittany, I couldn't believe he could do it so fast!

Squid-O: Now then, do you guys want anything before I leave, hmm?

Brittany: Well...

Burt: (On Brittany's communicator) Hey, Brittany, maybe Squid-O can help us on searching for the second key.

Squid-O: (Surprised) Did you say a search?

Sully: Well, yes, Mr. Squid-O, you see, we're following a map, which will guide us to three very important keys that will unlock my family's treasure. Right now, we got one key so we got two more to go before finding the treasure.

Squid-O: Oh, well, I just love going on adventures, the high flying bird traveling, the scorching travels in the desert, why, I could just remember the first time I even went on a adventure!

Brittany: Really? When?

(Squid-O then begins the song, "When I Had An Adventure.")

Squid-O: (Singing) When I had an adventure, I used to have a lot of fun, I took long walks on the beach and only stopped for some nice zucchini, and each day that I spent my adventure, it feels like an eternity, and I plan to always enjoy it.

(He then swims around Brittany and Sully.)

Squid-O: (Singing) It's how I know everything on this earth, it's a supplement and I really love it, call me crazy but I traveled across the world from Japan to China and beyond.

(He then takes a violin from his pocket and begins playing the instrumental break he then puts the violin back in his pocket and begins to sing again.)

Squid-O: (Singing) It's how I know everything on this earth, it's a supplement and I really love it, call me crazy but I traveled across the world from Japan to China and beyond.

(The song then ends as he takes a bow of appreciation and smiles at Sully and Brittany.)

Brittany: Wow, so that long?

Squid-O: Precisely, young lady, in fact, I remember everything!

Brittany: Oh, well, that's cool I guess.

Sully: So, Squid-O, do you want to help us with the map?

Squid-O: I doody-do-do, my friend, let's go ice cream banana sundae!

(The three of them then go back into the hovercraft as Brittany and Sully change back into their regular clothing.)

Brittany: Well, everyone, I think Squid-O will be helping us with the map.

Burble: Well, okay then, sir, you can start by reading the next clue.

Squid-O: Sure can, my friend. (Reading) "Your second key is 44 kilometers away, go to the place where you can find a California bay."

Kitty: So that means that we have to go down to the Sierra foothills of California and good thing too, they're making an episode of "Hawaii Five-0" there so we could ask the film crew for directions on this key.

Burt: Well then, to the Sierra Foothills AVA!

Jerry: Phew, you guys, this is going to be one heck of a ride!

Turner: Sierra Foothills AVA, here we come!

(Then, Squid-O's watch rings.)

Squid-O: Oh, look at that, that was my fix it alert meaning there's something around I need to fix got to go!

(He then leaves the hovercraft as Charlie waves goodbye to him.)

Charlie: Thanks for your help, Squid-O!

Squid-O: You're welcome and good luck!

Sully: (VO) And he was right, tonight, we were going to get very, very good luck on our adventure!

(The hovercraft then zooms off to Sierra Foothills AVA as it then cuts back to Buck and Knuckles who are now near the lagoon.)

Sully: (VO) Meanwhile, Buck and Knuckles weren't having much luck on their hunt as they thought.

Buck: If only we had a boat of some kind.

Sully: (VO) But since nobody has been here for a while, there was no chance whatsoever of finding a boat of some kind.

Knuckles: (Points) Boss, look!

(A speedboat is in sight.)

Sully: (VO) Oh, darn, or so it seemed I should add.

Buck: Knuckles, quick!

(They race to the speedboat. A giraffe comes out of the outhouse and sees Buck and Knuckles with the speedboat.)

Buck: Thank you, sir, now if you'll excuse us, we will be taking the boat for a while!

Knuckles: Boss, do you think that he will give us the boat?

Buck: Of course, he will, Knuckles, besides, maybe he doesn't know that we need it for our wily plan!

Knuckles: Whatever you say, boss.

(It then cuts to Buck and Knuckles riding the speedboat.)

Sully: (VO) Well, believe it or not, those goof-offs were able to get their hooves on the speedboat, now they're off to get our map.

Buck: See? I told you he will give us the boat!

(They stop at the shore of the Sierra Foothills AVA.)

Knuckles: Alright, boss, where do we go next?

Buck: Well, Knuckles, we go east or was it west?

Knuckles: I think it was north.

Buck: No, no, no, no, I think it was south.

(Knuckles then notices the team parking the Super Hovercraft at the beach.)

Knuckles: (Points) There they are, boss.

Buck: (Notices) Good eye, Knuckles, now let's go get that map! But if they hear us, we'll be in big trouble! So let's be quiet!

Knuckles: (Whispers) Yes, boss!

(The two of them then quietly leave the speedboat and sneak up behind a tree.)

Leroy: Well, everyone, here we are.

Kitty: Now, let's go find that second key.

Burble: We can do that by reading what's next.

Kitty: You got it, Burble. (Reading) "For the key that you seek on the greatest peek, find the special bird with a yellow beak."

Leroy: So that means that we have to find a very special duck.

Sully: You got it, Leroy.

Kitty: You know this is starting to feel like "Phantom of the Paradise."

Leroy: Don't worry, Kitty, I'm pretty sure nothing bad will happen to us now.

(Just then, Squeeky catches a whiff of something dangerous.)

Squeeky: (Sniffs) Wait a minute, guys, I think I smell something rotten around here.

Kitty: Where is it coming from, Squeeky?

Squeeky: Well, Kitty, I think it's right behind us!

(The team turns around and see that there's nothing behind them.)

Leroy: We don't see anything.

Charlie: Could you tell us what you smell?

Squeeky: Well, Charlie, the smell's kinda bleak, I can't really describe it.

(Charlie then shrugs.)

Charlie: Oh well, we'll worry about that later.

Leroy: (To Squeeky) But if you smell it again, we'll have SAVO describe it. (To SAVO) SAVO, can you add a smell detector on yourself?

SAVO: I sure can do, Leroy, just hold on for a minute while I download the data.

Leroy: Okay.

(After getting the data downloaded, SAVO then activates the smell sensor.)

SAVO: The data has been downloaded, Leroy, now let's get to sensing the smell.

Leroy: Roger that, SAVO.

(Leroy holds up his SAVO watch and SAVO then scans the smell.)

SAVO: (Sniffs) Looks like there IS someone around here, rangers.

Leroy: There is?

SAVO: Yes, I can give some clues!

Charlie: Alright then, give us the clues and we'll answer them.

Gabriela: Si, my friend, let's start with the first one.

(SAVO then begins the song, "B-U-C and K".)

SAVO: (Singing) Okay, Rangers, let's begin, your first clue, spell this word for me, B, U, C and K.

Charlie: (Singing) B, U, C and K?

Kitty: (Singing) B, U, C and K?

SAVO: (Singing) His name starts with these four syllables.

Leroy: (Realizes) What a minute, I think I know where this is going.

SAVO: (Singing) Now for the next clue you seek, it's something very easier, it's K-N-U-C-K, and ends with K-L-E, and don't forget the letter S, which makes a really long word, you know.

(During an instrumental break, Leroy figures out the clue.)

Leroy: Guys, I think I know who he's talking about.

Kitty: (Nods in agreement) Me too, Leroy.

SAVO: Let me finish. (Singing) Now for this last clue, he tried to trick Team Leader Sully into quitting the team, and it's B, U, C and K, K-N-U-C-K-L-E-S, put them together and what do you get?

The Rangers: Buck and Knuckles!

SAVO: (Singing) That's right, my Ranger friends!

(The song then ends as Leroy takes a deep breath and breathes out.)

Leroy: Well, guys, we better keep an eye on this Darkness while also keeping an eye on that no-good moose freak and on Knuckles too!

Buck: (Notices) (Whispers) What!? How did they know we were coming!?

Knuckles: (Whispers) Beats me, boss, but I think it had something to do with that stupid, stupid watch!

Buck: (Whispers) Okay, look, we're going to have to sneak out as quietly as possible while getting that map. Now come on!

(The both of them then sneak quietly even more camouflaged from the team.)

Sully: Well then, now that we're here in the Sierra Foothills AVA, let's go find the second key!

Charlie: Got it, Prince-now-Ranger Sully, let's go!

(The team then goes off to find the special duck with Buck and Knuckles following them.)

Sully: (VO) Buck and Knuckles and Darkness might have a few plans but we had a few plans of our own, you'll see later.

Leroy: Okay, guys, we need a duck with a yellow beak. That way we will know that it's a special duck.

Charlie: That's going to be tough, Leroy, after all, ducks always have yellow beaks, do they?

Kitty: Don't know but I'm sure that the sooner we find this special duck, the sooner we'll read the next clue and be close to the second key too.

Charlie: Alright then, let's go find this special duck.

All: Safety rules!

(Just as they go, the feet of the same two silhouetted bounty hunter sea lions come into our view.)

Sully: (VO) Huh, what do you know, it's the feet of the same two black figures from earlier.

(Cut to the team.)

Sully: (VO) We didn't know it yet, but it looks like we're going to have some company for our little adventure soon.

Kitty: We should be close to that special duck soon.

Sully: Hope so, I just hope we don't run into anyone dangerous while we're out.

Lucky: No kidding, Sully, especially since one of my friends, Heather lent her doll to you so you could demonstrate what to do in a real stranger emergency.

Sully: (To Lucky) Precisely, Lucky. (To the team) Now let's go, everyone, we got a duck to find.

(The team then goes to find the special duck.)

Kitty: Found anything yet?

Leroy: (Shrugs) Nothing yet, kitty cat.

(Charlie then looks to the side.)

Charlie: Nothing over here either, Miss Kitty.

Gabriela: (Notices) What about that one?

(She points to a very strange duck with a yellow duck and purple feathered skin with polka dots.)

Leroy: Good one, G.B., I think we found what we're looking for.

(Then, as the team approaches the duck, it freaks out.)

The Duck: Dah! Who are you and what do you want!?

Leroy: Whoa, I didn't know that duck could talk!

The Duck: Duck!? My name is not Duck, it's Polka Polka!

Kitty: Polka Polka? Like the Macarena?

Polka Polka: Well, not exactly, miss.

Leroy: And no, I didn't say your name was Duck, I'm just saying your species is a duck.

Polka Polka: Oh, well, thank you very much, kind sir. And sorry about that. That's the 10000th time I've made that mistake, a few of the people already told me that.

Leroy: Oh, well, that's alright, Polka Polka.

Polka Polka: So, uh, anyways, what brings you all the way to the foothills of Sierra?

Sully: Well, you see, Polka Polka, we are looking for a special, key which is one of three keys that could unlock my family's treasures and one of our clues is to find a very special duck, which of course might be you, Miss Polka Polka.

Polka Polka: Oh, well, I am a very important duck, you know, back in 1992, I did an audition for "The Lawnmower Man," they said I wasn't good for Jobe so they gave my role to some blond haired person. But what do they know? I would have nailed the part.

Kitty: (Confused) Uh, okay.

(Squeeky then realizes something.)

Squeeky: Gee-whiz, my fellow Rangers, if I didn't know better, I'd swear Jeff is the real world's "Lawnmower Man."

Sully: (VO) Yeah, that's because Jeff the Lawnmower Guy is a family-friendly parody of Jobe the Lawnmower Man.

Leroy: Well, my mom did see the "Lawnmower Man" movie before and I think you're right, Squeeky, there are many differences between Jobe and Jeff but have very same similarities like they both were stuck in Virtual Reality.

Squeeky: (Smiles) Thanks, Leroy.

Leroy: But I thought it was kinda strange how Jeff didn't have that weird robotic CGI human faced body that Jobe had when he entered VR.

Sully: I thought so too.

Charlie: Wait a minute, what's "The Lawnmower Man?"

Leroy: Oh, that's right, you haven't heard of the movie, Charlie, well, you see, it's a movie my mom first saw back in 1992, about a scientist played by Pierce Brosnan, who meets this guy named Jobe, who is also a lawnmower guy, and like Jeff, is bullied by everyone around him so the scientist gives Jobe some VR treatments, which somehow goes a little haywire, turning Jobe into a mind controllable monster like Jeff was.

Charlie: (Shocked) Oh my gosh!

Leroy: But don't worry, a kid, who is also the scientist's friend, managed to save Jobe at the end of the sequel.

Charlie: (Sighs in relief) Well, that's a relief.

Kitty: But anyways, we figure you might have the key we're looking for.

Polka Polka: (Confused) A key? (Realizes) Oh, wait a minute, yes, yes, I know what you're talking about, yes, I do know where and what that key is.

Kitty: You do?

Polka Polka: Yep.

Sully: So, where is it?

Polka Polka: Well, listen to me good and listen well, the key you seek is somewhere in a very deep tunnel, somewhere north around the tallest trees of this area.

Leroy: The tallest trees, eh?

Kitty: I think she means we have to find a forest with very tall trees, that might be where we find the key in the tunnel.

Charlie: I do think you're right, Kitty.

Leroy: So all we have to do is find that tall tree forest.

Burble: Let's check the map and see how to get there.

(The team checks the map.)

Kitty: (Reading) "The forest you seek isn't very far, walk 57 steps and you'll won't go afar."

Burble: Well, that's easy, come on, let's go.

Sully: (VO) So after saying goodbye to Polka Polka, we then set off to the forest to find our next key.

(Meanwhile, Darkness is sitting on his throne of black and purple, seeing the team on his projector screen.)

Sully: (VO) But meanwhile, Darkness saw what we were going to do to find the key.

Darkness: (Smirking evilly) Don't think that you will be getting to my treasure, you darn idiotic Rangers!

Sully: (VO) Don't think you know everything, Darkness! Sooner or later, your days of evil will be over!

(Meanwhile, the team then searches for the forest Polka Polka told them to find.)

Sully: (VO) Meanwhile, we were off to find the forest taking 57 steps as we journeyed to our destination.

Burt: Okay, guys, I think we're almost to our destination.

Charlie: Got it, Burt.

Kitty: You know, I got to say this is starting to sound like "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."

Sully: Well, yeah, but all we need now is a witch riding a lion to come out of a wardrobe anytime now.

(The team then chuckles together.)

Leroy: (Notices) Guys, look over there!

(He points to a forest with very, very, very, tall apple trees covering the sky.)

Leroy: I think we found what we are looking for.

Sully: Good spotting, Leroy.

Kitty: Come on, guys, let's go!

(The team then goes up to the forest when a rumbling sound then starts up.)

Lucky: (Freaked out) What was that!?

Sully: Uh, it's probably just some atmosphere mistake, Lucky, I think we should be fine.

Lucky: I hope so.

Burt: Anyways, let's read what's next on the map.

Kitty: (Reading) "That wasn't a atmosphere mistake you heard, my friend, it is actually something dangerous that will bring you to the end?"

Sully: So I think what the map's trying to say that that rumbling must have been an earthquake or something, I mean I'm just guessing and also thinking we should get outta here and fast!

(Too late, the rumbling starts to grow so loud that it makes the trees fall.)

Kitty: (Shocked) Oh no!

(Then suddenly, the trees are somehow caught before they could fall this leaves the team confused.)

Burt: (Confused) Did someone just saved our lives?

Kitty: I think so, Burt, but I don't know who it is.

(Then, the trees are brushed out of the way to reveal...)

Sully: (VO) That was the day when we met a new friend.

Raverio: Hello, everyone. 

Kitty: Who are you? 

Raverio: Raverio, call me, Raverio. 

Burble: (Surprised) Wow, Raverio, you came here just in the nick of time to save us.

Raverio: My pleasure

Leroy: We might want to read the next clue on the map. Hopefully, it could show us what all that noise was about.

Kitty: (Reading) "What you read didn't really mean the end is near, it meant you need to defend yourselves because some ground-shaking minions could be here."

Raverio: (Realizes) Oh yes, I know where they are, you'll probably find them and their camp around the corner of this forest.

Kitty: Oh, well, thanks, Raverio, I didn't know you could figure that out so well.

Raverio: Oh, well, it's just my thing, you know, I plan to keep it stable and full of potential.

Kitty: I see.

Burble: And where do we find this corner of the forest, Raverio?

Raverio: Well, sir, you just take a left turn through the trees of wealth over there, then go over the miniature version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, just past there and you'll probably find the camp somewhere around the forest circle where I put a simple flag on top of one of their logs.

Kitty: Oh, sounds a little complicated but we'll try, Raverio.

Raverio: Oh, but be careful around there, that place has a very certain area filled with obstacles to overcome in order to get the camp.

Burble: Don't worry, Raverio, we'll try our best.

Raverio: Okay then, my friends. Oh, and tell Harry Georgia Beaver, the ex-construction worker-now-drummer-slash-director, I said hi.

Leroy: We will, Raverio.

Raverio: Thank you.

Beth: Wow, I didn't know Mr. Harry knew this guy.

Sully: (VO) Well, they've known each other ever since 2005, when Harry went to see the movie, "Chicken Little." He bumped into Raverio and they soon became great friends.

Raverio: Oh, and if you find a copy of the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, keep it in your property, it might come in handy.

Burble: Well okay, Raverio, catch you later.

Raverio: You got it, my friends.

Kitty: Oh, and one more thing why do they call you Raverio?

(Raverio smiles and begins the song "Raverio.")

Raverio: (Singing) Why do they call me is what they always say, and I know that the name has a perfect saying that only I understand, like if Sailor Moon had a dream which could set peace on this earth, that is why.

(Then, some female background singers dressed as trees come out behind Raverio.)

Background Singers: (Singing) Why.

Raverio: (Singing) Is why I have my name as Raverio, why do they call me the name that I stand before myself, like an expanded universe, I've got to know how it goes, when things don't go my way, I don't keep it in, that is why.

Background Singers: (Singing) Why.

Raverio: (Singing) They call the name I know called Raverio.

(The song then ends as Raverio snaps his fingers and the background singers disappear.)

Kitty: Oh, well, okay then.

Raverio: Good luck, my friends, and may everything turn out the way you want it to be.

Burble: Okay then, Raverio.

(The team then goes off following Raverio's directions so they could get to the minions' camp in no time.)

Kitty: Okay, everyone, I think we're almost there.

Sully: Best hurry then, Darkness might be right on our tail.

Leroy: Got it, Sully.

(Meanwhile, Buck and Knuckles are hiding from the team behind a very tall tree.)

Buck: (Whispers) But we're right on your tail right now, Sully.

Knuckles: (Chuckles) (Whispers) Good one, boss.

(He accidentally breaks off a twig.)

Buck: (Whispers) What are you doing, you idiot!?

Kitty: (Notices) Did you hear something, guys?

Sully: Hm, I didn't hear anything.

Kitty: (Shrugs) Oh well, maybe it was just a twig breaking.

Leroy: Come on, guys, we're almost there.

Kitty: You know, I have been thinking of being an actor.

Charlie: Cool. Since when?

Kitty: Well, it was when I saw "The Wiz."

Charlie: Really?

Kitty: I just couldn't understand how African-American people can make their own version of "The Wizard Of Oz" and make it so dark, that 30 years later, nobody talks about "Wizard Of Oz" anymore.

Charlie: Oh, I see.

Kitty: So I thought that if I was picked for the acting job of Dorothy in the next "Wizard Of Oz"-inspired film, I would make absolute sure that it's not as dark as "The Wiz" was.

Charlie: Oh, well, I wish you good luck on that.

Kitty: (Smiles) Thanks, Charlie.

Leroy: Well, at least "The Wiz" was rated for all ages.

Kitty: It sure is, Leroy, but it's so dark.

Leroy: And what you're saying is you wanna make it more lighter?

Kitty: I sure do.

(Then, the scene switches to a black room with a light shining on Kitty in a P.T. Barnum suit as she begins the song, "The Coolest Show.")

Singers off-screen: (Singing) Whoa!

Kitty: (Singing) Boys and girls, this is the moment you've waited for.

Singers off-screen: (Singing) Whoa!

Kitty: (Singing) Been searching in the dark, your light cannot be found.

Singers off-screen: (Singing) Whoa!

Kitty: (Singing) And buried in your heart there's an ache that you can't ignore, Taking your breath, stealing your mind, And all that was real is left behind!

(Suddenly, the dark room lights up, showing Kitty standing in the center of a huge circus in front of a entertained crowd.)

Kitty: (Singing) Don't fight it, it's coming for you, running at ya, It's only this moment, don't care what comes after, Your danger dream, can't you see it getting closer, Don't surrender 'cause you feel the feeling taking over, It's beauty, it's freedom, it's flooding open, It's a preacher in the pulpit and you'll find your honor, There's something breaking at the brick of every wall, it's holding, All that you know, So tell me do you wanna go?

(Then fireworks come in while the circus is still going on.)

Kitty: (Singing) Where it's covered in all the colored lights, Where the runaways are lighting the globe, The safetyness comes true, it's taking over you!

Singers off-screen: (Singing) Oh, this is the coolest show!

Kitty: (Singing) We light it up, we won't come down!

Singers off-screen: (Singing) And nothing can't stop us now!

Kitty: (Singing) The safetyness comes true, it's taking over you!

Singers off-screen: (Singing) Oh, this is the coolest show!

Kitty: (Singing) It's everything you ever want, It's everything you ever need, And it's here right in front of you, This is where you wanna be, It's everything you ever want, It's everything you ever need, And it's here right in front of you, This is where you wanna be!

(The song then ends as it fades back to Kitty (in her original suit) with the team.)

Leroy: (Realizes) Oh, I see well that sounds like a great idea, kitty cat.

Kitty: (Smiles) Thanks, little monkey.

Sully: (Notices a sign) Hey, guys, I think I found what we are looking for.

Sully: (VO) And we sure did, at least we didn't wander into Evillene's sweatshop from "The Wiz" but in fact, it was actually a camp with some very sumo type minions.

(Kitty then walks up to the sign Sully found.)

Kitty: (Reading) "Sumo Minion Camp."

Leroy: I guess Raverio was right about those minions.

Gabriela: Vaminos, everyone, let's see if the key's there.

(They sneak near the camp, where they see a bunch of Sumo Minions practicing their fighting.)

Kitty: Phew, tough crowd around here.

Burt: Yep.

(Then, the team hides behind a tree as the Sumo Minions' leader (A skinny female wearing a grey suit and a black cape) walks in and she and the Sumo Minions begin the song, "No Bad Times.")

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Singing) When I wake up in the morning sun, Which it pleases me to do, Don't nobody bring me no bad times, 'Cause I wake up already negative, And I've wired up my fuse, So don't nobody bring me no bad times!

(The Sumo Minions then stop fighting and start dancing.)

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Singing) If we're going to be best friends, Better bone up on the rules, 'Cause don't nobody bring me no bad times, You can be my best of friends, As opposed to payin' dues, But don't nobody bring me...

Sumo Minions: (Singing) No bad times!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Singing) No bad times!

Sumo Minions: (Singing) No bad times!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Singing) No bad times!

Sumo Minions: (Singing) No bad times!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Singing) Don't you ever bring me no bad times, 'Cause I'll make you an offer, child, That you cannot refuse, So don't nobody bring me no bad times!

Leroy: (Whispers) You know, that song kinda sounds like the villain song from "The Wiz."

Kitty: (Whispers) Guess it is.

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Singing) When you're talking to me, Don't be shoutin' the noise, 'Cause don't nobody bring me no bad times, You can verbalize and vocalize, But just bring me the clues, But don't nobody bring me...

Sumo Minions: (Singing) No bad times!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Singing) Bring some message in your head, Or in something you can't lose, But don't you ever bring me no bad news, If you're gonna bring me something, Bring me, something I can use, But don't you bring me...

Sumo Minions: (Singing) No bad times!

(The song then ends as the Sumo Minions stop dancing and then go back to practicing fighting.)

Sumo Minions' Leader: Alright, listen up, gentlemen, we got to earthquake 50 more forests in the next 7 hours or else the boss is gonna have all of our heads up in the coliseum of shame!

Sumo Minions: Must not be tortured!

Lucky: You don't have to go to the coliseum of shame, ya scary lady!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Gasp) Who said that!? I'll have you pummeled through the ground, whoever you are!

Kitty: Yeah, what she said!

Sully: Who are you anyway!?

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Notices) Intruders, why I order, Big Phill, get them!

Big Phill: Yes, my queen!

(He then stomps up to the team.)

Big Phill: What are you doing here!? Don't you know this is high-top security that I perfectly designed myself!?

Kitty: Ah, I see. So you are inheritors to safety right?

Big Phill: (Confused) Eh?

Kitty: Those who are minions of Crime Lord Darkness, suffer the wrath of safety!

(The Sumo Minion's Leader then realizes who the team is.)

Sumo Minions' Leader: Hey, wait a minute, I know you, you must be those Danger Rangers that the boss was talking about.

Leroy: (Confused) The boss?

Sully: (Suspicious) You mean Crime Lord Darkness?

Sumo Minions' Leader: Isn't it obvious? Get them!

(The Sumo Minions then charge at the team.)

Kitty: Boy, these guys know how to play rough, don't they?

Leroy: You're totally right but we'll take them all down!

Sully: (VO) And just like that, Junior Ranger Talya went straight to two of the minions.

(Talya then cracks her knuckles and walks up to the two Sumo Minions.)

Talya: I'll take care of these two guys for you, guys. (Smiles)

(Then, Talya knocks two Sumo Minions into each other and they then disintegrate into black dust.)

Sully: (VO) Holy Ravioli! Talk about the ultimate Kryptonite Factor! Those minions would disintegrate when two or more touch each other!

Talya: Guys, they disintegrate when they touch each other!

(Lucky then kicks one of the other minions into the other and they disintegrate into black dust as well.)

Lucky: Yeah, kind of like the Skugs from "VR Troopers."

Leroy: Guys, this gave me an idea.

Kitty: What is it, Leroy?

Leroy: Everyone, disintegrate many of these creatures as you can and gather up the black dust, we could save it for later, it might come in handy.

Kitty: Okay then, Leroy.

Sully: Rangers, fall out!

(The team then splits up and start fighting the Sumo Minions.)

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Annoyed) What are you doing, you idiots!? Fight back!!

Sumo Minion 1: We're trying, your majesty!

Kitty: Not today, buddy!

(She then swing kicks the Sumo Minion into his fellow and they then disintegrate into dust.)

Leroy: Quick, guys, I think these guys are going Spartacus on us!

(Quick as a flash, one of the Sumo Minions takes out a sword and shield.)

Burble: I got your back, Leroy!

(Burble then takes the sword from the Sumo Minion and shoves it into its chest, making it disintegrate into dust.)

Leroy: Well what do you know, they can't only be defeated when they touch each other.

Kitty: Yeah, Leroy, they can also be defeated when weapons are thrown into them.

Lucky: You know, this is starting to sound like "Isle of Dogs."

Leroy: Guess so, Lucky, and it looks like there's only one more left.

Remaining Sumo Minion: (Gulps) Oh no.

(The team then attacks the remaining Sumo Minion as the leader watches with great annoyance.)

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Annoyed) Oh, blimey, why do I always get the dumb minions!?

(After defeating the minion, the team then marches up to the leader.)

Sully: Alright, missy, you're next!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Smiles evilly) Sorry, I'd love to stay and chat but I got a flight to catch!

(Suddenly, a helicopter comes out of the trees and then behind the leader, leaving the team shocked and surprised.)

Kitty: (Surprised) Holy ravioli!

Lucky: (Surprised) She must have trained that helicopter guy really well!

(The leader then climbs onto the helicopter's ladder.)

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Laughs evilly) So long, suckers!

Sully: Quick, guys, she's getting away!

Leroy: Coming, Sully!

(The team races off to catch up with the helicopter.)

Leroy: Squeeky, do your thing!

Charlie: Yeah, Squeeky, it might help!

Squeeky: Got it, guys, I'll show this scary lady some power!

(Squeeky then takes a grappling gun from his suit pocket and shoots it onto the helicopter.)

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Shocked) Why am I always getting caught in situations like these!

(She then sees the team climbing the rope to the helicopter.)

Kitty: Alright, Miss Robot Leader, we now have you surrounded!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Takes out a bomb activator from her pocket) Stay back, Danger Rangers, or I will use this, I'm warning you!

Gabriela: (Shocked) Is that a bomb activator?

Leroy: (Shocked) I hope it isn't, G.B.

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Smirks evilly) So, you are willing to die, aren't you?

Sully: No, missy, we are not prepared to die, 'cause we are Danger Rangers, we work together, fight together and rescue together while also teaching some folks and children about safety too, there is nothing you can do to tear us apart!

Leroy: And if there's anyone to be doing the dying, it will be you, you scary lady!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Smirks evilly) Well, we shall see, young man.

Kitty: Guys, whatever you do, do not make her activate the bomb on this helicopter!

Leroy: Got it, Kitty!

(The team then surrounds the leader as Squeeky, acting quickly, quickly takes the bomb activator out of the leader's hand.)

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Offended) Hey, what's the big idea!?

Squeeky: Ha, who's the real inheritor of the bombs now!?

Leroy: Squeeky, whatever you do, don't press the button!

Squeeky: (Nods) Got it, Leroy!

(Kitty then takes some handcuffs from her suit pocket and puts them onto the leader.)

Kitty: Alright, missy, by order of the Danger Rangers, you are under arrest!

Sumo Minions' Leader: (Annoyed) Oh, great, just great!

(Cut to the Rangers watching the Sumo Minions' Leader being taken away by a police car.)

Sully: (VO) Well, we got one of Darkness's minions' leaders but there was another problem on our minds.

Sully: But we still don't understand why these minions disintegrate when they touch each other.

(Leroy then gets an idea and takes out his SAVO watch.)

Leroy: SAVO, can you scan this black dust so we can see what material those minions were made of?

SAVO: Sure thing, Leroy.

(SAVO then scans the black dust on the ground.)

SAVO: Scan completed, it looks like there is some sort of chemical in these minions, which generates their body gems into dust.

Kitty: I see.

Leroy: So what Darkness gave them possibly might have turned their body gems upside down.

Kitty: Might be, but we gotta keep moving now.

Gabriela: So, what does the map say we should do next?

Kitty: Hang on. (Reading) "You're now five miles away to find the key, go 45 feet to the widest-trunked apple tree."

Burble: The widest-trunked apple tree?

Kitty: Hm, I think it means we have to find the apple tree, which has the widest trunk.

Leroy: I think so too, Kitty.

Sully: We gotta hurry though, Darkness might be right behind us.

(Meanwhile, Buck and Knuckles are hiding behind a log glaring at the team.)

Knuckles: (Whispers) Darkness may not be right behind you but my boss, Buck Huckster, and I, his bodyguard, Knuckles, are.

Buck: (Whispers) Now remember, try not to make a sound or it will be nothing but watching "Cubeez" for you tonight!

Knuckles: (Whispers) Yes, sir, just don't make me watch "Cubeez," that really scars a warthog man for life.

(He then shakingly gets scared as he begins to think about the CGI in "Cubeez.")

Buck: (Confused) Right, come on, let's go!

(They both then ninja style their way over to the team.)

Sully: But we're gonna need some transport in order to get to the widest-trunked apple tree.

Kitty: Well, I could call in our Danger Cycles.

Charlie: (Gasps excitedly) You mean you have your own motorcycles!?

Burt: Well, yeah, sure we do, Charlie, they are called Danger Cycles, personally invented by me.

Burble: That's right, our Danger Cycles take us wherever we need to go.

Kitty: I'll call them.

(She then takes out her SAVO watch.)

Kitty: SAVO, send down our Danger Cycles, please.

SAVO: Right away, Kitty, the Danger Cycles are now activated.

(Then suddenly, six Danger Cycles zoom over to the team.)

Charlie: (Admiring) Whoa, cool!

Kitty: Leroy, Joyce, you're with me.

Burble: Charlie, you're with me.

Sully: Brittany, you're with me.

Burt: Turner, Jerry, you two are with me and Fallbot.

Squeeky: Tessa, Val, Chris, you're with me.

Gabriela: And the rest of you will be coming with me.

Lucky: Well, I hope we can all fit.

(Everyone then gets onto their Danger Cycles as they then begin the "Wheels/Rules of the Road" Medley.)

Kitty: (Singing) You're ridin' on skates and you start to swerve. When you're racin' your bike, do you like a dangerous curve?

Sully: (Singing) You like to ride your skateboard in front of automobiles? The golden rule is you gotta be cool when you're riding on wheels.

(The team then buckles their seatbelts.)

Gabriela: (Singing) You're riding on your skateboard Thinkin', "What a great board. I don't need a helmet or pads." Then you hit a bump. Your head has got a lump.

Burble: (Singing) And the pain you're feelin' hurts really bad. You're bikin' down the street And are headed fifty feet On the corner, there's a sign that says, "Stop!"

Joyce: So what do we do?

Kitty: Listen carefully, little one, and you might find out.

Burt: (Singing) 'Cause you're gonna go fast... Gonna go fast and you're gonna go far. Gonna go far, ignore that stop sign... Ignore that stop sign, you get hit by a car.

Squeeky: (Singing) You ignore the intersection, you don't look each direction. And suddenly, you feel your bike drop. And that is when you know you are stuck. 'Cause you turn your head and see a big truck. And you know that you just ran out of luck.

Sully: (Singing) You wanna run that light? Naw, naw. Someone's tire squeals. Mmmmm, what I'm talkin' about is you gotta watch out when you're ridin' on wheels. You're flyin' down the sidewalk on your rollerblades or skates. See that driveway? There's a car that's backin' out. With all that rubber that you burn, did you signal for that turn? And keep your bike inside the bike lane? So what's this all about?

Kitty: (Singing) Obey the rules of the road. You're thinkin, "I can ride my bike any way I like, uh-uh." Wee-hee-hee-hee! You're speedin' down a hill. You fall and take a spill. You feel the bonk, hear the honk.

(The team then race off on their Danger Cycles.)

Gabriela: (Singing) It's about your wheels. About your wheels. It's about you. About you. It's about inline skates and bikes and razors too. Razors, too. It's about skateboards. Yeah, yeah. So when you're ready to roll. You're ready to roll. You gotta have eyes alert, and you gotta always have control. 'Cause you can do it right... You can do it right... Or you can do it wrong.

Burble: (Singing) Ma-dee-ba-dee-dee. You're ridin' on your Razor Shootin' like a laser, Passin' everybody in sight. You're knockin' people on the sidewalk, Thinkin' it's a wide walk, Swervin' to the left and the right. You're laughin', lookin' back And then you hit a crack, And suddenly, you're out of control.

(Buck and Knuckles then run after the team.)

Buck: Quick, Knuckles, they're getting away!

Knuckles: I'm trying, boss!

Sully: (Singing) Remember, fools ignore the rules and they don't last long. They don't last long. You're riding smart. Yeah, yeah. But then you're gonna have fun. Uh-huh. Don't follow the rules, they're gonna be calling for 911. You keep your bike away from traffic. Don't go flying off the curb and always ride on the right side of the street. Before you cross that intersection, look at each direction. Stay inside that crosswalk, keep it safe.

Gabriela: (Singing) You said you didn't care, now you're flyin' through the air, hit the pavement, then you tumble and roll. You were speedin', you were havin' a ball. You didn't think you'd slip and you'd fall... But when your bike crashes into that wall... You'll want the rules of the road.

(The song then ends as the team is still racing to the forest with the widest-trunked apple tree.)

Leroy: Found anything yet?

Sully: Nothing yet, Leroy.

Brittany: Man, if I ever got a job at 20th Century Fox or Roadshow Films, I would definitely beg them to make this a motion picture 'cause this is awesome!

Kitty: (Notices) Wait, guys, look!

(The team then stop as they finally find what they were looking for.)

Sully: (VO) And there it was, right in front of us, we finally found what we were looking for.

Charlie: The widest-trunked apple tree.

Jerry: That must be where the key is.

Brittany: (Gets off Sully's Danger Cycle) Well, I get dibs on climbing the tree first!

Jerry: Drat, just my luck!

Sully: Wait, Brittany, shouldn't you be needing safety gear first?

Brittany: (Realizes) Oh, right, I must have forgotten.

(She then takes some safety equipment from Sully's Danger Cycle's trunk.)

Kitty: You do that while I read the next clue, Brittany. (Reading) "For the next key on which you seek, you must go 100 feet to a boulder of a very odd procedure and cannot be beat."

Brittany: (Putting on the safety gear) Now that is a clue I never heard of before.

Jerry: Me neither.

Kitty: And there's something else written here about requiring a branch at 10 feet.

Leroy: I see, Kitty, so if we're gonna go 100 feet, we need to find a branch that's at least 10 feet.

Lucky: You might be right, Leroy and Kitty.

Brittany: (Starts climbing the tree) Good thing, I'm here, I'll get the branch we need.

Chris: But you know, we might be going to need something to measure the branch to see if it's the right percent.

Val: You might be right, Chris.

Kitty: Val, Chris, use this tape measure.

Chris: (Takes the tape measure) Thanks, Kitty, we might need it sooner or later.

(A few minutes later, Brittany then climbs down the tree, carrying a bunch of branches.)

Brittany: Okay, everyone, here are the branches I found, hope we can find the one we're looking for.

(She then drops the branches on the ground.)

Chris: Alright, Val, let's get to measuring.

Val: You got it, Chris.

(Chris and Val then start measuring the branches.)

Val: Oh, none of them are 10 feet!

Chris: But this one has more feet than 10!

Val: What are we going to do!?

(Just then, Brittany gets an idea.)

Brittany: (Gasps) I have the most greatest idea, if we could snap off a half of this branch, then maybe we can make it 10 feet!

Sully: Brittany, that is a great idea, we should do that.

Brittany: Tessa, do you have something we could use to mark a cutting place?

Tessa: (Holding a red felt pen) Got it.

Brittany: Good, I'm gonna need you to mark a line on this branch, which is more than 10 feet.

Tessa: Got it, big sister, 'cause a problem with a branch is a problem I can handle. (Winks at Brittany)

(Tessa then uses the measuring tape and the red felt pen to mark a certain line on the branch, which will make it at 10 feet.)

Tessa: (Marks the line) Okay, I got the line marked and ready.

Kitty: Good, now we're gonna need something to cut the branch.

Gabriela: Or someone.

Someone off-screen: Maybe I can help with that.

(The team turns around to see a purple woodpecker sitting on a tree log.)

Woodpecker: Hey, G.B., haven't seen you in a while.

Gabriela: (Gasps surprisingly) Jordan, I can't believe you're back, I haven't seen you either since migration!

Kitty: (Confused) Hold on, G.B., you know this bird?

Gabriela: Si, Kitty, this is Recheski Cheski Banana Fanna Fo Reski the Third but everybody calls him Jordan, even me, we met during the great migration of 1976, it was a total blast for both of us.

Kitty: Oh, I see.

Jordan: Anyways, I heard you needed some help with this branch cutting, right?

Leroy: Well, yes, we sure do, Jordan.

Jordan: Well, luckily, I'm available because I am the dude with the pecking that cuts.

Brittany: Oh, good, 'cause we need some help cutting this branch here.

Jordan: Don't you worry, little girl, 'cause I got this. (Winks at Brittany)

Brittany: Well, that is good but as you can see, I'm not little, I'm 16 years old.

Jordan: Hm, I can see that, big girl.

Brittany: (Satisfied) That's better, now about the branch.

Jordan: Do not worry, I'm on it.

(Using his beak, Jordan then cuts off the branch with the red line Tessa marked, leaving the branch at 10 feet.)

Kitty: Good work, Jordan.

Jordan: (Smiles) I told ya I can do it.

Brittany: (Chuckles) You sure can, Jordan.

Gabriela: Gracias, Jordan.

Jordan: You're welcome and good luck.

(Jordan then flies away as Gabriela waves goodbye. Sully then gets out the map.)

Sully: Alright, team, now that we got a branch at about 10 feet, we need to find a way to get to the boulder.

Kitty: You got it, Sully, but we better hurry, who knows might be on our tail.

(Then, Buck and Knuckles pop their heads out from behind a stop sign.)

Buck: (Whispers) We are on your tail still!

Knuckles: (Whispers) Are you sure if we act fast, we won't lose them again?

Buck: (Whispers) Of course, we won't, idiot, now pay attention!

Knuckles: (Whispers) Yes, sir!

(The team works together to move the 10-feet branch to go 100 feet to the boulder.)

Sully: (VO) Well, thanks to the help of G.B.'s friend, Jordan, we were able to get to our next destination.

Kitty: Anyways, let's see what the map says now. (Reading) "Now for your next clue, which is near, is to find a staircase hidden within a tree stump across here. To find such stairs like these, this stump is somewhere in this forest near very huge trees."

Sully: Hmm, a hidden staircase.

Burble: You know that sounds like a very strange thing to find to me.

Leroy: Quite possibly, Burble, but we gotta do what the map says.

Burble: (Nods) You're right, Leroy.

Sully: Alright, rangers, let's go see if we can find some stumps, maybe if we find them, we'll be able to get to staircase.

Kitty: Got it, Sully, I just hope that staircase dosen't have "The Existential Threat" by Sparks 'cause I don't like that song.

Leroy: (Puts a paw on Kitty's shoulder) Don't worry, Kitty, I'm sure it won't.

Kitty: (Smiles) That's why I like you so much, Leroy.

Sully: Come on, Ranger team, let's go!

(The team then goes off to find the stumps, which might have the hidden staircase.)

Jerry: (Looks around) Whoa, Nature Channel never told me about a forest like this.

Sully: Maybe because this thing, you call Nature Channel, has never seen this world before.

Jerry: (Agreeing) Guess so, Sully.

Gabriela: Alright, everyone, if my calculations are correct, we should almost there.

Brittany: You got it, G.B., I cannot wait to see what the staircase looks like.

Leroy: Well, we best hurry, who knows what will happen next.

(Suddenly, the wind starts blowing the map and Buck catches it.)

Buck: Well, that was easy.

Leroy: (Shocked) Buck and Knuckles!?

Buck: (Smirks evilly while coming out of his hiding spot) That is correct, young foolish monkey and as I foretold, we are here to do two things, 1, get revenge on you and 2, take the treasure you're looking for.

Kitty: (Growls) You are not taking Sully's family treasures, buckaroo!

Sully: Yeah, what she said!

Buck: (Fake happiness) Oh, this is for Sully's family? Oh, I'm so sorry, I must have missed it!

Leroy: Enough of your games, Buck, give us back the map now!

Buck: Oh yeah!? Then make me!

Knuckles: (To Leroy) Yeah! (To Sully) And Sully, because you and your fellow Danger Rangers have ruined everything, including Buck's position as band manager of your favorite band, your family treasures shall be his!

Brittany: (Cracks her knuckles) Oh yeah!? Well, we'll see about that!

Kitty: Looks like someone's gonna cause some trouble around here!

Sully: Let's get them!

Gabriela: You got it, Sully!

(The gang then starts chasing Buck and Knuckles as Brittany then begins the song, "Acadella.")

Brittany: (Singing) We're gonna take you down, we're gonna take you down, we're gonna take you down, take you down!

Buck: (Singing) Ha, we're gonna take you out, we're gonna take you out, we're gonna take you out, take you out!

Brittany: (Singing) We're not about to let you win, so get out of our way, think you got us beat, but we're here to stay, united strong, yeah, we'll take you down, You're not so tough, now you're in our town, all of the times we lost before, not about to give up, we're only bringin' it more, we can smell your fear, we can see your sweat, Hope you didn't spend money 'cause you're losin' this bet! You've got nothin' on us, Na, na, na-na-na, na, Let's go, Danger Rangers! You've got nothin' on us, Na, na, na-na-na, na, let's go, Wondercolts!

Buck: (Singing) Talk a little too much for a team that sometimes wins, maybe you should just stop 'fore you even begin, we are Buck and Knuckles and we have a reputation, every little moment is about our rich and fame, put your ear to the ground, listen to that sound, you're a house of cards, and it's about to fall down, about to fall down, hit the ground, you've got nothin' on us, Na, na, na-na-na, na, Let's go, Millionare Boys! You've got nothin' on us, Na, na, na-na-na, na, Let's go, Millionare Boys!

Brittany: (Singing) Pressure's on, now we're gonna beat you, step aside, it's time that we defeat you, Millionare yourself 'cause you're about to go, Down, down, down, down!

Buck: (Singing) Pressure's on, you know we're gonna take you, just give up before we have to break you, Danger-not-a-lot, you're about to go, Down, down, down, down!

Brittany: (Singing) Take it up to the top, 'cause we know we can win!

Buck: (Singing) Maybe you should just stop, 'cause tonight you give in!

Both: (Singing) We believe in ourselves, and we've got what it takes, and we're not gonna stop!

(The song then ends as Brittany and Buck stare down at each other.)

Buck: (Glares) Fine, then let's begin this bet the old fashioned way!

Brittany: (Glares) You're on, Wiseguy!

Buck: (Offended) Hey, as a man, I am deeply offended by that!

Brittany: You're not a man, you're an animal!

Leroy: Uh, Brittany, I think he means adult male moose.

Brittany: Oh, you're right, Leroy, but I still don't trust him!

Buck: Oh, you don't trust me!? Then come on, go ahead, fight me like a man!

(Brittany then clutches her fists.)

Brittany: I... am... a GIRL!!

Leroy: Brittany, he meant fight like an adult.

Brittany: Oh, right, thanks, Leroy. Now where were we? Oh, yeah, that's right.

(She then punches Buck right in the face so hard, that the map flies out of Buck's hoove and is then grabbed by Leroy.)

Leroy: Awesome, we got the map!

Knuckles: (Takes a RC controller out of his pocket) Let's see you can dodge this, monkey boy!

(He uses an RC car and sends it under Leroy's foot.)

Leroy: (Trips on the RC car) Daaaah!

(The map then flies out of Leroy's paw.)

Knuckles: I got it! I got it!

Kitty: (Pushes Knuckles outta the way) Move aside, knucklehead, the map belongs to us!

Buck: (Pushes Kitty outta the way) Not this time, we're taking this treasure for ourselves!

Charlie: (Pushes Buck outta the way) Not if I have anything to say about it!

Kitty: Oh man, this is worse than the time I watched "Spitting Image!"

Charlie: (Gets the map) Don't worry, Kitty, I got the map back!

(Buck suddenly then snatches the map from Leroy.)

Leroy: (Shocked) What the!?

Buck: It's ours! So long, Danger Rangers!

(Buck and Knuckles get away with the map.)

Charlie: Oh no! We've lost the map!

Sully: (VO) But lucky for us, I had a little idea.

Sully: (Chuckles) Not quite, Charlie.

Charlie: (Confused) What do you mean, Sully?

(Sully smiles and presses a button on his SAVO watch, revealing the picture of the map.)

Charlie: (Surprised) You have a snapshot of the map?

Sully: I took that snapshot just before Buck and Knuckles took the map, this way we'll still be able to find our way until we get the real map back.

Kitty: (Snaps her fingers) Good thinking, Sully.

Burt: And to make sure we get the map back soon, I created this.

(He takes a small robot out of his pocket and puts it down on the ground.)

Burt: I call this little babe the "Map Search And Return 900," capable of getting any map back with ease.

Sully: That's good, so until Burt's robot gets the map back, we'll be using this snapshot to be on our way.

SAVO: Of course, Sully!

(He then begins the song, "Let's Get Going".)

SAVO: (Singing) Because tonight, we will get going to retrieve the treasures, we can withstand anything and when we fly, nothing get us down to the ground!

(As the song continues the team begins to dance.)

SAVO: (Singing) As Shakespeare once said, we have to be prepared, be like cool people with a hint of safety throw in, not like some poor people down the street even though they do need help, 'cause separately, we are strong but together, there is nothing we can't do!

(Burt then activates his robot and it then races after Buck and Knuckles to get the map back.)

SAVO: (Singing) We are strong, we are brave and we can do this, it's our special little thing and we'll keep it that way, we are the coolest team on planet earth, we can get behind the wheel to save this earth!

Kitty: Oh yeah, we sure are!

Leroy: Definitely, kitty cat!

SAVO: (Singing) 'Cause we're cool as ice and strong as steel, powerful enough to take our enemies, tonight, we'll save the day as much as we can together!

(The song then ends as Leroy cracks his knuckles.)

Leroy: Alright, everyone, one thing is for sure, we must not let Buck and Knuckles get their hooves on that treasure, so let's hurry and go find it!

Kitty: Right behind ya, Leroy.

(The team then races off as Knuckles spots the snapshot of the map on Sully's SAVO watch.)

Sully: (VO) It was a good thing none of our villains noticed or so I thought.

Knuckles: Drat! They have a snapshot of the map we just took from them!

Buck: That's only a temporary setback, Knuckles, because at least we got the real map!

(Suddenly, however, the Map Search And Return 900 walks right up to Buck and Knuckles.)

Map Search And Return 900: (In a robotic voice) Please, return what is rightfully ours or you will suffer the consequences!

Buck: (Angry) No way, you stupid robot, this map belongs to...

(Before he could finish however, the robot suddenly transforms into a giant rocket launcher robot.)

Buck: (Gulps) Even robots are picking on us!

Knuckles: (Takes out a crowbar) Don't worry, I got this.

(He hits the rocket cannon off the robot.)

Map Search And Return 900: (In a robotic voice) Oh, why you stinkin' nuisances, I'll find another way to get that map, then I'll show ya who's the real tough guy!

Knuckles: You're on!

(He tries to punch the robot but it made his fist hurt.)

Knuckles: (Feeling pain) Ow!

Map Search And Return 900: (In a robotic voice) My body is equipped with 5067 pounds of steel nothing in the world can stop me!

Knuckles: (Gulps) Well, that escalated quickly.

Map Search And Return 900: (In a robotic voice) I have one more trick up my sleeve, I'll be back!

(The robot then leaves as Buck does a sigh of relief.)

Buck: Knuckles, spy on them!

Knuckles: Yes, sir.

Buck: (Looks at the map) We should find a shortcut somewhere.

(Suddenly, a flipper of one of the two sea lion bounty hunters grabs Buck by the shoulder and pulls him out of our view. Buck screams.)

Knuckles: Boss? Where'd he go?

(A mole pops out of the ground.)

Knuckles: (Turns around) Oh, uh, hi?

(More moles come popping out of the ground with angry looks on their faces. Knuckles then gulps as the robot returns.)

Map Search And Return 900: (In a robotic voice) Gentlemen, attack that warthog, he is one of those two crooks who has the map!

Knuckles: Oh man, here we go again.

(He takes out his plastic baseball bat and the moles get worried upon seeing this.)

Knuckles: (Starts whacking the moles) Whackity, whackity, whack, whack, whack!

(A finger of the other of the two sea lion bounty hunters taps Knuckles on the shoulder. Knuckles looks behind him and the flipper gives him a fortune cookie, which Knuckles opens.)

Knuckles: (Reading) "Whack one more mole and it's a federal crime."

(The flipper grabs Knuckles and pulls him out of our view. Knuckles screams.)

(Cut to Buck and one of the two sea lion bounty hunters.)

Sully: (VO) After Buck was taken, he suddenly knew who his grabber was or he thought he knew.

Buck: Alfred? Is that you? What do you want from me? I won't tell you anything! Nothing! I won't talk!

(The sea lion bounty hunter clutches a flipper into a fist but doesn't say anything.)

Buck: (Gulps) You're taking this pretty seriously, are ya? Well, I'll talk.

(Cut to a flashback with recycled clips from the "Danger Rangers" episode, "Safe and Sound.")

Sully: (VO) Buck explained to his grabber, who he thought was Darkness, that he tried to trick me into leaving the team.

(The flashback ends and the sea lion bounty hunter still stares at him but still doesn't say anything.)

Buck: Okay, look, look, look, Darkness, I understand you must be really mad at me after what I done but I'm sorry, alright? Besides, I grew out of the phase.

(The sea lion bounty hunter still doesn't say anything.)

Buck: Heh heh heh. (Gulps) You're going to hurt me, Darkness, I know it...

(Coming out of the silhouette, the bounty hunter sea lion, revealing to be a female deep pink sea lion with a violet hat, a pink jumpsuit with a orange polka dotted zipper and tiger fur coat interrupts Buck.)

Female bounty hunter sea lion: What is your problem?!

Buck: (Shocked) What the?!

Female bounty hunter sea lion: I'm not Crime Lord Darkness! I'm not even an orca, ya moronic moose!

Buck: Oh no? Then who are you?

Female bounty hunter sea lion: I'm Bounty Hunter Allie! One of the two fiercest bounty hunters on this planet!

Buck: Ah, now, that's awkward.

Allie: There's something I want to ask you and you must give me a full answer. Where did you get that map?

Buck: (Gulps) Uh, I found it.

Allie: You better not be using it for yourself or it's up to the root of your teeth for you!

(Buck nervously hands Allie the map. Cut to Knuckles and the other sea lion bounty hunter.)

Sully: (VO) The same thing happened to Knuckles as you can see here.

(The other sea lion bounty hunter reveals to be a male deep pink sea lion with a large brown hat, a green turtleneck underneath a long purple coat with bright red buttons and lighter blue fur on the collar and cuffs, red gloves and crimson pants.)

Knuckles: And who are you anyways? One of those anti-federal crime activists?

Male bounty hunter sea lion: The name's Bounty Hunter Carl. One of the two most fiercest bounty hunters on this planet!

Knuckles: Carl? That sounds a bit familar the way I see you.

Carl: Maybe from a bad dream?

Knuckles: Maybe.

Carl: Hm, awkward but I'll take it as a compliment.

Knuckles: Well, okay then.

Carl: Now where did you get the map?

Knuckles: You gotta ask that moose that, he's my boss.

Carl: You mean the moose who tricked the Ranger you call Sully?

Knuckles: (Surprised) How did you know?

Carl: I heard about him on the news one time so I know who you're talking about.

Knuckles: Oh yeah, the police weren't very happy with him, were they?

Carl: Yes, this Buck moose is very crazy.

Knuckles: But not as crazy as that "Samsara" movie from 2011, that was way weirder.

Carl: Oh yeah, definitely.

Sully: (VO) We'll get back to this later. Right now, let's see what we are doing right now.

(Cut to the team, who is still on the trail with the snapshot of the map on Sully's SAVO watch.)

Brittany: Hey, Leroy, I might be like Lum from "Urusei Yatsura" asking this but do you mind explaining how you and Kitty met through this odd adventure you've had?

Leroy: (Smiles) I sure can, Brittany.

(He then takes a gutair he found on a bench and begins the song "I Saw A Kitty" as scenes from "Danger Rangers: The Movie" play out as flashbacks.)

Leroy: (Singing) When I first came here, not so long ago, it was like nothing I have never seen before, then, I met a girl, not like the ones I knew, but I knew for one moment, I was deeply in love, 'cause I saw Kitty, now I understand, I saw Kitty, and Kitty saw man, I was given protection, from that beautiful cat, but that Jeff wants to hurt me, can you tell me who's wrong? Every time she moves, every time she breathes, I can feel her power, I can feel her love, 'cause I saw Kitty, now I understand, I saw Kitty, and Kitty saw man.

(He then does an instrumental break with his gutair.)

Brittany: Good thing he remenbers all this, Kitty.

Kitty: Sure is, Brittany.

Leroy: (Singing) Time was a-tickin', when Jeff captured me, so we stopped him together, what a sweet victory, all that action, swept me off my feet, and land in the hands of that beautiful cat, 'cause I saw Kitty, now I understand, I saw Kitty, and Kitty saw man, 'cause I saw Kitty, now I understand, I saw Kitty, and Kitty saw man, 'cause I saw Kitty, now I understand, I saw Kitty, and Kitty saw man, 'cause I saw Kitty, now I understand, I saw Kitty, and Kitty saw man, Ooh, I saw a kitty, do you understand, I saw a kitty, and the kitty saw a man.

(The song then ends as Brittany and Kitty both clap and Leroy takes a bow.)

Sully: (Admired) Wow, Leroy, now that was something.

Leroy: Thanks, Sully, I guess it's just my way of being me.

Gabriela: Anyways, after this little adventure, maybe we can watch "Toy Story That Time Forgot" together?

Leroy: Sure, G.B., we can do that but first, we need to get to Sully's family treasures and fast.

Kitty: You got it, Leroy.

Sully: (VO) We'll check on us later. But now, back to Buck Huckster and Knuckles and Carl and Allie.

(Cut to Buck and Knuckles in the forest with Carl and Allie.)

Carl: So where did you find the map exactly?

Buck: Well, we got it from this sea lion, the same one we tried to trick, accompanied by a cat, a polar bear, a mouse, a turtle and hummingbird. They're trying to get that treasure too.

Allie: (Puts a flipper on her chin) I see.

Carl: Anything else?

Knuckles: I remember that a long time ago they wanted to close down the rehearsal of a band called the "Decibulls".

Allie: Really?

Buck: Actually, that was just something HE thought. The sea lion insisted he and his partners wanted us to turn down the volume.

Allie: Hm, that's something I haven't heard of before.

Carl: Well, why couldn't you do as they requested?

Buck: Well, you see, it's a long, long story.

Allie: That's one story we don't want to hear!

Carl: That's right, 'cause we don't have time for that!

Buck: Well, okay then, you two. But will you let us tell you something about Darkness as we help you get there FIRST?

(He then dances around Carl and Allie as he begins the song, "All About Darkness.")

Buck: (Singing) Have you heard the one about Darkness? Afraid of MacTwisty, I know. He thinks he is disgusting and thought that he ate my dad and he says bad thing about the star of the show.

Carl: (Singing) Have you told anyone about it?

Allie: (Singing) Did he say that 'cause he saw "The Banana Splits?"

Buck: (Singing) Well, I did do something to him but to be honest with myself, I don't really like to talk about it, but MacTwisty is sorta like those guys, if he was cast as a dragon instead of four animals, uh, wait, hold on, we're getting off track as you can see, so I shall start again talking all about Darkness.

(He then points to Knuckles, who begins tap dancing while playing a clarinet.)

Buck: (Singing) So ever since that day I remembered, we separated and never seen again, until I found that map that you hold, and I think he might be after me, cause this is all about Darkness, his name is Alfred, nicknamed Darkness, he is really, really, really eeeeeeviiiiiiiiil!

(The song then ends as Knuckles stop the clarinet and holds still.)

Allie: Now that's something I don't see everyday.

Carl: I know.

Buck: So anyways, I figured that if I get my hooves on this treasure, the map is showing, I could rub how I am better into Darkness's face!

Allie: I see that, sir.

(Suddenly, a small paper flies right onto the ground in front of them.)

Buck: Whoa, now I didn't see that coming.

(Allie picks up the plane and opens it.)

Allie: It's a note.

Carl: What does it says?

Allie: (Reading) "Dear animals, I have sent you this message in regards of the whereabouts for where I hid the treasure you seek... I am giving you..."

(Darkness then appears in a transition and begins the song, "A Note from the Dark.")

Darkness: (Singing) One... last... chance... like a burning eagle across the northern sky... I have fury in the spirit you find... my only option for this young quest, you will have to solve the puzzle I set out on you... ordinary isn't always the only way... (Not singing) I will be waiting in my lair for you to take the treasure as I intend this plan to be, I expect everything to be perfectly evil as you arrive, also, I'm still working on my plot to destroy MacTwisty, that dang dragon!

(The song then ends as Allie reads the last line on the note.)

Allie: (Reading) "I will ever be in your honor. Sincerely, Crime Lord D."

Buck: (Shocked) Oh no, that must mean he's coming after me and my childhood idol!

Knuckles: Calm down, boss, calm down.

Carl: Listen, punk, me and Allie have to get outta here to find this Ranger Sully but before we go, you need to make us a promise.

Knuckles: (Confused) What promise?

Carl: You must make sure that no one, not even your family, finds out we're working together, got it?!

Buck: (Freaked out) Dah, eh, yes got it!

Carl: Because me and Allie's relationship shall remain a secret until further notice!

Knuckles: (Freaked out) Until further notice, got it, whatever you say, you two!

Allie: Good.

Carl: But if you try to do anything stupid around here, we will permanently hunt you down, got it?!

Buck: (Freaked out) Ah, eh, de, eee, yes, got it!

Allie: Good, now I suggest you get out of here before someone notices!

Buck: We will, you two!

Carl: Alright, but I'm counting on you.

Allie: Now let's go!

(He then leaves with Allie as both Knuckles and Buck then start to panic.)

Knuckles: (Panicking) Oh man, boss, we're in trouble now, O haven't been more afraid than when Butch Hartman said he is leaving Nickelodeon, he is a "T.U.F.F Puppy" masterpiece maker, for Pete's sake!

Buck: Just calm down, Knuckles, calm down, besides, we still need to get our revenge on the Danger Rangers, who spoiled our plans in the past, remember?

Knuckles: Oh, yes, Boss, I remember.

(Unknown to Buck, the Map Search And Return 900 sneaks into one of his pant legs.)

Map Search And Return 900: (Quietly) I'll make sure the map goes back to its rightful owners.

(It then sneaks into Buck's pocket.)

Carl: (Off-screen) Come on, you fools!

Buck and Knuckles: Yes, sir and ma'am!

(Buck and Knuckles then follow Carl and Allie as the Map Search And Return 900 starts to rock around in Buck's pocket.)

Map Search And Return 900: (Quietly) I better hang on tight.

Sully: (VO) We'll get back to them later. Right now, let's see how we're doing.

(Cut to the team still on their looking for the treasure.)

Sully: We're almost there, guys, just need to turn a few more blocks and we'll be there soon.

Kitty: Well, that's good, because this place is scaring me.

Leroy: Well, it is a forest of judgment.

Kitty: You got that right, little monkey, at least you're safe.

Leroy: Definitely, kitty cat.

Brittany: You think after this, we can hang out at my room and watch "Monster High?"

Kitty: Maybe, Brittany.

Sully: Now, if my calculations are correct, we should be directly on the map's trail.

(Suddenly, a weird old male mandrill wearing a wizard's cloak steps in front of the team.)

Old Mandrill: Hold it right there, you hooligans.

Leroy: (Freaked out) Oh gosh, if the "Dungeons And Dragons" roleplaying game couldn't get any weirder.

Old Mandrill: Where do you think you fools are trying to go?

Kitty: Don't call us hooligans, you magical old timer, we would never do anything that could be hooliganish!

Old Mandrill: Ah, I see we got ourselves a fighter in this pack.

Sully: For your information, sir, we're just trying to pass through.

Old Mandrill: Hm, I can see that but if you wanna do that, you're gonna have to solve a few of my clues.

Brittany: Well, I see but we have some clues of our own to solve with this map we have.

Old Mandrill: Are you sure? 'Cause I don't see a map.

Sully: It's on a snapshot in my SAVO watch.

(He shows the mandrill the snapshot.)

Old Mandrill: Ah, I see well consider this as a bonus riddle section.

Leroy: Bonus riddle section?

Old Mandrill: Oh, by the way, the name's Old Man Warlock.

Kitty: (Confused) Old Man Warlock?

Old Man Warlock: Yeah, well, they call me that because of a few things.

(He snaps his fingers as the forest starts to become a theatre room as he begins the song, "Old Man Warlock.")

Old Man Warlock: (laughing) (Singing) I'm Old Man Warlock, dude, I can vanish from your sight, I can be in different places, with 100 freaky faces, In disguise.

(He then gets up on stage.)

Old Man Warlock: (Singing) Sometimes it's so nifty, when I'm really really shifty, as a warlock.

(The curtains then go up as bright purple lights shine on Old Man Warlock.)

Old Man Warlock: (Singing) It's so easy to deceive you, with my sneaky little tricks, and to make you believe, each character that I pick, hey! When you look for me, I'm gone, in front of your sight, people call me, the Old Man Warlock!

(The song then ends as the team is then teleported back in the forest.)

Old Man Warlock: I am also the master of disguise!

Brittany: (Freaked out) Oh man, he's more wily than Doctor Machine-Borg from "T.O.T.S!"

Sully: Hey, hey, that could be true but maybe he could be harmless.

Brittany: (Breathes) Okay, I hope that's true.

Old Man Warlock: Anyways, let's begin your first bonus riddle. "What is black and white and has 16 wheels oh and also weighs a thousand pounds?"

Brittany: (Confused) Black and white and has 16 wheels and also weighs a thousand pounds?

Kitty: I think I have the answer, 1000000 canaries.

Old Man Warlock: (Impressed) That's correct.

Leroy: (Smiles) Good work, Kitty.

Kitty: (Smiles) Thanks, Leroy.

Burt: Uh, hey, one more question before we continue with the next riddle. Do you live here by yourself?

Old Man Warlock: Well, I had a family here once but after a little incident with my magic, I mistakenly turned them into frogs and sent them out of the forest but at least I got them in a lake and that was easy part but cleaning up after dropping them off, phew, that was the hard part.

Burt: Oh, I see.

Old Man Warlock: Second riddle. "If a man can walk on two, what can walk on all fours?"

Brittany: (Scoffs) Well, that's easy, I see it every time I watch "Sailor Moon," the answer is a cat.

Old Man Warlock: (Impressed) That is also correct.

Brittany: All right, this is better than watching "The Mortuary Collection!"

Kitty: (Confused) The what collection?

Brittany: (Reassures) It's a Shudder original Rocky used to force me to watch.

Kitty: (Realizes) Oh, I see.

Brittany: Yeah, when we were dating, he used to invite me over to a horror movie marathon and the very first film we watch was "The Mortuary Collection," I used to whine a lot and Rocky used to say that I looked cute when I whine.

Old Man Warlock: I see. So where is this Rocky guy anyway? He sounds like a cool guy.

Leroy: He lives in the place where my sister, Joyce, our cousins, Turner, Jerry, Tessa, Val, Chris and Brittany, our friend, Charlie and I live but unfortunately, after a few incidents he and Brittany broke up. Not to mention the facts that happened before which I don't really wanna talk about. Fortunately, my cousin had the last laugh 'cause after that, both Turner and Brittany got revenge by controlling Rocky with a controlling device.

Old Man Warlock: Ah, we got ourselves three fighters, now I'm liking where this is going.

Brittany: (Blushes) I suppose.

Old Man Warlock: (Holds up his magic staff) Well, if you want, I could probably use my magic to make Rocky think twice about rejecting and to also send him to a house of vampires for ya oh maybe i can even throw him in a pit of snakes that will make him think twice.

Charlie: (Surprised) You can do all that!?

Old Man Warlock: Well, yeah, I am a magical type of guy after all.

Charlie: (Surprised) Cool!

Brittany: Well, as much as I love to see that, I think I should stick to getting revenge by mind control.

Old Man Warlock: Oh, alright then. Anyways, third and final riddle. "If Sons of Butchers is a hard rock band what would be the Daughters of Bakers?"

Joyce: Oh, oh, oh, I know, I know, the answer is they are a country band!

Old Man Warlock: (Impressed) Correct! I guess you're good at this game.

Sully: Guess so.

Old Man Warlock: You may leave now. Hope we cross paths soon.

(He snaps his fingers and dissapears into a pile of purple dust, which gets carried by the wind.)

Charlie: (Surprised) Whoa, he is a magical type of guy!

Leroy: Anyways, everyone, let's hurry with our quest, who knows what kind of criminal might be on our tail.

Kitty: You got it, Leroy.

Sully: (VO) That was only the start of more of our troubles, which was more bad than those disaster movies because I was certain that Darkness was planning on something very dangerous.

(Later, the team is still on their way to the tree stump.)

Kitty: (Wipes the sweat from her forehead) Phew, never noticed it would be so hot today.

Leroy: (Gives Kitty a cold towel, smiling) Here, Kitty, maybe this could help.

Kitty: (Puts the towel on her forehead, smiling) Thanks, little monkey.

Burble: How long do we have to go now, Sully?

Sully: Only a few more kilometers to go.

Burt: Good, I didn't think we would make it on time.

Sully: (Smiles) Oh, don't worry, Burt, we will, as I always say.

Brittany: (Notices) Guys, look!

(The team then sees the two very huge trees.)

Kitty: Those must be the two very huge trees the map we had was talking about!

Leroy: Guess so, which means that the stump must be closer to us.

Sully: You got that right, Leroy.

Joyce: Well then, everyone, let's get to work searching for that stump!

Burble: We're on it, Joyce.

(The team then goes to find the stump.)

Sully: (Searching) Found anything yet, Kitty?

Kitty: (Finds something) Nothing, Sully, but this "T.O.T.S.: Tiny Ones Transport Service" DVD.

Sully: (Notices) "T.O.T.S?" That sorta reminds me of someone who watches it. But who?

Leroy: (Searching) Don't worry about it now, Sully, we got a stump to find.

Sully: Okay then, Leroy.

Kitty: (Puts the DVD she found in her pocket) I'll keep this in my pocket just in case, Sully.

Sully: You got it, Kitty.

Gabriela: (Found something) Hey amigos, I think I found what we are looking for!

Charlie: (Notices) You have?

Leroy: (Notices) Well, that's awesome, G.B.!

(The team then sees that Gabriela is pointing to a tree stump, which has fake grass on the top.)

Kitty: (Nods) Yep, this is definitely the stump we're looking for.

Sully: Yep, it sure is, Kitty.

Leroy: Which means that we must be getting close to our next key.

Charlie: But where might it be?

Gabriela: Maybe it's somewhere in this moss.

Burble: (Notices) Wait, guys. Who's that over there?

(The team then turns around to see a strange black figure in front of some trees.)

Sully: I don't know but he might be familiar.

Sully: (VO) It's a good thing I was right 'cause he did look familar.

Beth: (Notices that it's Harry) (To Sully) Of course it is, Sully, it's our old friend, Mr. Harry. (To Harry, smiling and waving) Hi, Mr. Harry!

(Harry smiles and walks up to the team.)

Harry: How's it going, guys?

Burble: Going good, Harry, we are just on a hunt of a bunch of very special treasures, which belong to Sully's family.

Harry: Ah, I see. You need any help?

Lucky: We sure do, Mr. Harry, you see, we're searching for our next key, which is located somewhere in this forest.

Burble: And we're thinking that it might be in this moss on the log.

Harry: Hang on, guys.

(He then examines the fake grass on the log.)

Harry: This isn't moss, it's fake grass.

Lucky: (Shocked) How did you know that?

Harry: 'Cause the feeling of this fake grass is thick.

(Gabriela then feels the grass.)

Gabriela: (Realizes) Si, he's right it does feel thick!

Harry: (Pulls on the grass) And it's removable.

(Harry removes the fake grass, revealing an inscription carved in it.)

Burble: Would you look at that?

Kitty: I've never seen anything like that before, I wonder what it means.

Burble: We'll have to find out, Kitty.

Harry: Hm, Burt, do you still have your inscription scanner? I'm thinking we could use it.

Burt: (Takes a handheld scanner) Sure do, Harry, I bet this babe will work on that carving.

Harry: We can only hope so, Burt.

(Burt gives the scanner to Harry as he starts scanning the carved inscription.)

Kitty: Getting anything yet?

Harry: Not yet, Kitty, it looks kinda gaberled I can't translate it but I'll keep scanning it, we might get a clue from it.

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