The Danger Rangers Search for Sully's Family Treasures is a direct-to-video live-action/animated musical special.


The Danger Rangers (alongside with the Junior Danger Rangers, Leroy, Joyce, their cousins, Charlie and even Harry) will stop at nothing to get the evil orca, Crime Lord Darkness's loot of Sully's Family Treasures before Buck Huckster and Knuckles, reuniting with Sully's long lost brother and sister, Carlos and Alyssa, who had been searching the loot for so long!




The Danger Rangers Search for Sully's Family Treasures original soundtrack.png

  • Dreams Can't Hurt
  • Routines To Do
  • Danger Rangers theme
  • Great Day, Great Day, Great Day
  • The Baby's Coming
  • Time To Start Some Trouble
  • Victorious
  • Holographic
  • An Animal Shaped Bubble
  • Off To The Rescue
  • The Tale Of Dark
  • The Treasures Will Be Ours
  • MacTwisty the Dragon
  • Adventure
  • Brand New World
  • The Childhood Blues of Ranger Sully
  • Safety Rules!
  • Blackfire
  • I See A Fairy Tale
  • We Must Get those Danger Rangers
  • I Am Bat-a-rama
  • The Safety Quiz Game Song
  • Search For The Key
  • Match The Ducks
  • When I Had An Adventure
  • B-U-C and K
  • Raverio
  • The Coolest Show
  • No Bad Times
  • Wheels/Rules of the Road Medley
  • Acadella
  • Let's Get Going
  • I Saw A Kitty
  • All About Darkness
  • A Note From The Dark
  • Old Man Warlock
  • Old Man Robber
  • More Than What I Am
  • We're the Kats of Musical Sound
  • Hunt Of The Treasure
  • Dreams Can't Hurt (Reprise)
  • These are the Villain Facts
  • The Final Key
  • Battle Of The Music
  • Lay All Your Defeat on Me
  • They All Want To Catch Me
  • Make Our Way To The Treasure
  • Thunderstorm
  • Dark Divine
  • Catch Him Quickly Now
  • "MacTwisty the Dragon" (Rock-And-Roll Edition)
  • All A Whisper
  • All About Darkness (Reprise)
  • Together Again
  • MacTwisty the Dragon (full theme)
  • Family Is A Gift


  • FBI Anti-Piracy Warning
  • Roadshow Home Video logo
  • Mighty Kids Media logo
  • Now available on Home Video bumper
  • Danger Rangers VHS promo
  • Power Rangers Time Force VHS promo
  • Digimon Frontier VHS promo
  • Gerry Anderson VHS 2001 promo
  • Cats VHS promo
  • Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat VHS promo
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  • Thomas Explorerson And The Seventh Voyage Of The Golden Gem trailer
  • Danger Rangers The Movie VHS & DVD promo
  • Feature program bumper


The Danger Rangers Search for Sully's Family Treasures/Transcript

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