(We begin with a fade in to a theater curtain, where Burble steps out of.)

Burble: (Acknowledging the audience) Hello, everyone, my name is Burble but I assume you already know that and I will be your narrator for this special, so without further ado, let's begin.

(The curtain then opens to the North Pole.)

Burble: (VO) Our story begins in a little snowy area, which you might know as the North Pole. In the "Danger Rangers" world that is.

(Santa then comes into the picture carrying a sack that he then puts on his sleigh that the elves were polishing while the song, "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" by Mariah Carey plays in the background.)

Mariah Carey off-screen: You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout, I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is comin' to town, Santa Claus is comin' to town, Santa Claus is comin' to town!

Santa: How does the sleigh look, Jingle?

Jingle: It's almost looking good for your trip, sir.

Santa: (Laughs) Very good, it won't be long before Christmas day, so that means we have to hurry.

Jingle: You got it, sir.

(It then cuts to the opening credits in a snowy area with only one light shining on it as the song, "If Only" by Fiction Plane plays in the background.)

Fiction Plane off-screen: The old man's been stealin', She's holdin' a grievance for hundred-odd years, We all keep believin', That history repeats itself year after year, How I fear that the future is worse, We have to give in to a hundred-year curse, Sweat in the sun like we're diggin' a grave, Dig deep enough and our fortune is saved--, "If only, if only, " the woodpecker sighs, "The bark on the trees was as soft as the skies", As the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely, He cries to the moo-oo-oon, "If only, if only", Chasin' the skirt of a beautiful wife, You make mistakes and it's my back that breaks, And forever my past steals my life, To submission I'm beat, but there's hope beneath these feet, Blisters and blood and the sun makes you blind, Don't let it eat ya, it can't help but be kind, 'Cause you know what's important with your back to the wall, You can break metal chains when your friends don't let you fall, "If only, if only, " the woodpecker sighs, "The bark on the trees was as soft as the skies, ", As the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely, He cries to the moo-oo-oon, "If only, if only", I'm a sword but I find myself blunt, That is no use when i'm fighting my history, fighting my history, I have no blade, I'm more like a feather, That is no use when I'm fighting my history, fighting my history, I have no blade, I'm more like a feather, But I can't fly away without fighting myself, "If only, if only, " the woodpecker sighs, "The bark on the trees was as soft as the skies, ", As the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely, He cries to the moo-oo-oon, "If only, if only", "If only, if only, " the woodpecker sighs, "The bark on the trees was as soft as the skies", As the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely, He cries to the moo-oo-oon, "If only, if only".

(Then, the title screen comes in: "The Danger Rangers Save Christmas.")

(We then cut to Mount Rushmore, where the Danger Rangers are getting the place decorated for Christmas.)

Burble: (VO) Now, not very far away, we were getting our headquarters ready for Christmas when we've received Christmas invitations from our friend, Leroy, through SAVO's devices.

Kitty: (Notices) Hey, guys, Leroy just sent us some invitations to come to his Christmas party!

Sully: (Impressed) That's great news, Kitty!

SAVO: Not only did he invite you, but he also invited the Junior Danger Rangers.

Burt: That's awesome, SAVO!

Kitty: I bet Leroy's whole family is gonna be there.

SAVO: Yes, they will be, Kitty and there will also be someone else.

Burble: Really?

SAVO: Yes, he is one of Leroy's friends and his name is Charles M Richardson.

Sully: I see.

SAVO: And his nickname is Charlie because that's what everyone calls him.

Squeeky: (Impressed) Cool, never met anyone in the real world with a nickname before.

SAVO: (To Squeeky) Well, now you have, Ranger Rodent. (To all the Rangers) Here's a map, from Leroy's home to his Christmas home.

(He then shows the map.)

Kitty: Looks like we'll have to get there in the nick of time, if we need to get to Leroy's Christmas home.

Sully: You got that right, Kitty. Leroy's Christmas party, here we come!

SAVO: I'll let the Junior Danger Rangers know to meet you at the TV store in the real world.

Kitty: Thanks, SAVO, now let's go!

(The Rangers then go off to get themselves ready for the Christmas party. We then cut to the real world, in Leroy's home room as the Christmas version of the "Danger Rangers" theme plays in the background.)

Danger Rangers: (singing off-screen) Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

(Leroy's TV begins to static and reveals Sully and he looks around the room.)

Sully: (Singing off-screen) There's trouble on the horizon. There's danger around every bend.

(Sully then comes out of the TV, converting into his CGI three-dimensional animated form. He is then followed by Kitty, who coverts into her CGI three-dimensional animated form.)

Kitty: (Singing off-screen) With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend?

(Burble comes halfway out of the TV, only to get stuck. Sully and Kitty pull him out, revealing his full CGI three-dimensional animated form.)

Burble: (Singing off-screen) A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike.

(Squeeky, Burt, Gabriela and Fallbot come out of the TV, converting to their CGI three-dimensional animated forms.)

Squeeky: (Singing off-screen) It's up to you. What do you do? Who you gonna be like?

Danger Rangers: (Singing off-screen) Like the Danger Rangers.

(They walk out the door.)

SAVO: (Off-screen) Danger Alert! Danger Alert!

(Cut to the TV store.)

Danger Rangers: (Singing off-screen) Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

(The Rangers stop at the TV store and the Junior Danger Rangers come out of various TVs in the store, converting to their CGI three-dimensional animated forms. They then go to the car rental place and buy a bus so that they can fit everyone in it.)

Burt: (Singing off-screen) It's nothing more to being cool...

Gabriela: (Singing off-screen) ...than being safe 'cause...

Danger Rangers: (Singing off-screen) ...safety rules! Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers!

Danger Rangers and Junior Danger Rangers: Safety rules!

Kitty: (Notices) Oh, I almost forgot, Sully, as our leader, did you remember to bring the communicator so that we can call Junior Danger Warrior, if something goes wrong?

Sully: (Shows the communicator) Already did, Kitty.

Kitty: (Smiles) Good to hear.

(Cut to Leroy's Christmas home.)

Burble: (VO) This is Leroy's Christmas house and everyone in the place was getting everything ready for the season. 

Angela: (Smiles) Good work on the decorations, sugar cube. 

Leroy: (Putting up the decorations) Thanks, Mom, it's the best I can do.

(Angela then notices Joyce decorating another side of Leroy's room.)

Joyce: What do you think, Mommy? Leroy's room has gotten more and more Christmassy!

Angela: Yes, it has and it looks very beautiful, sweetheart.

Leroy: I just hope Charlie can get here soon.

Joyce: He'll be here, Leroy, don't you worry.

(Then, the doorbell rung.)

Leroy: I'll get it!

(Leroy went to the door, answered it and behind the door was his friend, Charlie.)

Charlie: Hi, Leroy. Merry Christmas. Sorry I'm a bit late, but I just had to find the right outfit.

Leroy: That's alright, Charlie.

Charlie: Thanks.

(Charlie then sees Joyce, Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Val, Chris and Tessa putting up the decorations for the Christmas party.)

Charlie: Joyce, Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Val, Chris and Tessa! Hi!

Joyce, Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Val, Chris and Tessa: Hey, Charlie!

(Charlie then went inside and Leroy closed the door.)

Charlie: So, when does this party get started?

Leroy: When the Danger Rangers get here.

Charlie: (Confused) The Danger who?

Leroy: Oh, right, you haven't noticed. Well, you see...

(Leroy inaudibly explained the whole story, leaving Charlie shocked at the news.)

Burble: (VO) Being the shocked kid that he is, Charlie couldn't believe what he heard.

Charlie: Really? I heard of them but I thought they were just TV characters.

Leroy: Well, Charlie, whatever you see on TV actually exists in another dimension.

Charlie: I see.

(Then, the doorbell rings again.)

Leroy: That must be them!

Charlie: I'm right behind you.

(Leroy and Charlie answer the door and behind it was the Danger Rangers and Junior Danger Rangers.)

Leroy: Hi, guys!

Danger Rangers and Junior Danger Rangers: Hi, Leroy! Merry Christmas!

Kitty: Thanks for inviting us to this party.

Leroy: My pleasure, kitty cat.

Charlie: Oh... my... gosh! (Faints)

Leroy: (Notices) Charlie, are you alright?

Charlie: (Wakes up) I guess you were right about the whole dimension talk, Leroy.

Leroy: (To Charlie) Indeed, I am. (To the Rangers) Guys, this is Charlie.

The Rangers: Hey, Charlie!

(Charlie doesn't know what to say, so he just waves his hand hello in a bashful mood.)

Burble: (VO) Yeah, Charlie was kind of a weird guy when we first met him but overtime, we started to get used to him and became really good friends with him.

Charlie: Oh goodness, I've never seen kids characters in live action since I saw "Bubble Guppies Live!"

Kitty: Well, now you have, kid.

Leroy: Well anyways, come on in, guys.

(The Danger Rangers and Junior Danger Rangers then went inside and Leroy closed the door again.)

Burble: (VO) And you know something? I reminded Charlie of someone.

Charlie: I like Danger Ranger Burble, he reminds me of my uncle, Kevin Michael Richardson.

Leroy: Your uncle is Kevin Michael Richardson?

Charlie: It is true, Leroy, it is true

Leroy: (Impressed) Cool.

Sully: Oh, and also, Leroy, I brought the communicator so that we can contact Junior Danger Warrior in case anything really, really bad happens.

Leroy: Great, I'm sure he'll be a great help.

Sully: Hope so.

(Leroy's Uncle Nick then comes in carrying a pile of plates.)

Nick: Hey, Leroy, Charlie, oh, and you Official and Junior Danger Rangers. Well, since you guys are here can you help out with the food? It's almost time for the feast.

Sully: (To Nick) Sure we can, Nick. (To the Rangers) Right, guys?

(The rest of the Rangers agree and went to help Nick. Sully gets fish sticks, Kitty gets spaghetti and meatballs, Burble gets macaroni and cheese, Squeeky gets a big wheel of cheese, Burt gets pizza and Gabriela gets red velvet Gabriela-shaped cookies.)

Gabriela: (Excited) Si, my cookies are shaped like me!

Leroy: Yeah, I made those in honour of your bravery, Gabriela.

Gabriela: Gracias, Leroy!

Kitty: (Notices) Hey, guys, check out Tessa and Joyce over there in the living room.

(The Rangers then see Tessa and Joyce dancing to Justine Clarke's "I Like To Sing," that is playing on the living room TV.)

Kitty: (Impressed) I guess they're really good dancers.

Sully: (Impressed) I think so too, Kitty.

(Alro, Bradley and Beth walk up.)

Bradley: Long time no see, Leroy.

Beth: It's so nice to see you again.

Alro: And truth be told, I have never had Christmas with your family before.

Leroy: Yeah, well you'll get used to it Alro.

(Then, Derek walks up.)

Derek: How are ya, little monkey?

Leroy: (Laughs) Oh, Derek, stop calling me that, you know I'm not a monkey anymore but anyways, I'm doing fine.

Kitty: (Laughs) It's okay, Leroy, since I'm Derek's favorite Danger Ranger, he thought it would be okay for him to call you by your nickname, "little monkey," like I did when you first came along.

Leroy: I see, kitty cat.

Drew: (Rings the dinner bell) Chow time, everyone, chow time!

(Everyone got together at the dinner table as the feast began.)

Kitty: This food is really delicous, Nick.

Nick: I had a feeling you would say that, Ranger Kitty.

(Leroy then gives a book to Squeeky.)

Leroy: Here's a gift for you, (imitating SAVO) Ranger Rodent.

(This left Squeeky smiling as he then looks at the book.)

Squeeky: (Reading) "Cheese and Culture: A History of Cheese and Its Place in Western Civilization." (Not reading) Thanks, Leroy, this is so cool.

(After the feast.)

Angela: Okay, Joyce, go get ready for a bath.

Joyce: Okay, mommy.

(Joyce then goes to the washroom as Burble relaxes in a chair.)

Burble: That was the greatest feast I ever had.

Sully: Definitely was, Burble.

Kitty: (Notices) Oh, that reminds me, I got a gift for you, Leroy.

Leroy: (Surprised) Really?

(Kitty nodded and handed Leroy a necklace.)

Leroy: It's a necklace that says "DR" on it.

Sully: Yep, and it's very styling.

Leroy: (Impressed) Oh, it really is, thank you, kitty cat.

Kitty: (Smiles) My pleasure, little monkey.

Leroy: And I got something for you, Sully.

(He gave Sully a DVD, which he and the rest of the Rangers are on the cover.)

Sully: Hey, we got our own DVD.

Leroy: Yeah, you are pretty famous in media.

Sully: (Smiles) Thanks, Leroy.

Leroy: (Smiles) My pleasure.

(Burble watches this with a grin on his face)

Burble: (VO) I admit that it seemed that this would be the best Christmas season ever and that's what we thought.

(Cut to a warehouse, in Boston, in the "Danger Rangers" world.)

Burble: (VO) But alas, I assure you, a couple of old foes of ours were determined to turn the season sour.

(Cut to inside the warehouse, where Danger Rangers villains, Quentin V. Manderbill and Henri Ennui were spying on the citizens of the "Danger Rangers" world.)

Burble: (VO) That crazy duck, Quentin V. Manderbill, who rigged playground equipment just to power his machine, the "Manderbill Prize-o-rama," and that jerkish French poodle, Henri Ennui, who used to work with Kitty at Global Pol. And guess who was accompanying them?

(Cut to Rusty Ringtail, Snarf and Chilli Dog, who were helping the two other villains spy on the citizens.)

Burble: (VO) That rascally raccoon, Rusty Ringtail, who used to be with me on the same street but we went separate ways, I learned to obey common sense while he was written up for careless riding. As well as that little rat, Snarf and that wild wolf, Chilli Dog, both who were riding a skateboard and bike respectively without safety gear with Rusty, against Snarf's will. And believe me, they didn't really mean it when they said Rusty heard that last of them, they were angry with him and Rusty admitted it.

Quentin: Boys, do quotes of Scrooge, one of me and Henri's favorite Christmas characters of all time, "Bah, humbug?"

Henri: Oui, look at all zose foolish people frolicking around in ze snow, shopping, singing, holiday cheer, blah!

Chilli: Gee, that doesn't sound that bad, sirs.

(Snarf nods his head in agreement with Chilli. Rusty glares at Chilli and Snarf.)

Rusty: Snarf! Chilli! Weren't you listening to Mr. Manderbill--I mean, Quentin and Henri, you two buffoons?!

Chilli: (Startled) Uh, no, sir! I mean yes, sir! I mean aye, sir!

Snarf: (Startled) Yeah, surely, we were.

Quentin: Ever since, Henri and I were children, and before I won the Nobel prize at the age of 10, we have despised this time of year.

Henri: While ze other children were getting silly toys and goodies, we were busy perfecting our fiendish plans.

Quentin: All that hard work gave us fortuitiveness and stick-to-itiveness.

Henri: And made us into ze most lovable but slightly deranged scientists zat we are today.

Snarf: Well, I can totally relate to that.

Rusty: Why, Snarf?

Snarf: Because I'm much of a Hanukkah rat and the only things I get on every Christmas are eight candles, each with a different and pretty good smell, a dreidel and a new pair of slacks!

Rusty: (Realizes) Oh, I see.

Chilli: I can relate to that too. Because you know what holiday wolf I'm much of? I'm much of a Kwanzaa wolf. And what did I get on every Christmas? (Shows Rusty a scarf) Only one small present like this scarf!

Rusty: (Realizes) Well, that's a shame.

Henri: Well anyways, where were we? Oh, oui! And to show you boys that we haven't completely forgotten about all zose years of watching ze other children play in ze snow, Monsieur Quentin and I have decided zat we need to give zem a present of our own.

Henri and Quentin: (In unison) Snow! Lots of snow!

Quentin: So much snow, they'll have to cancel Christmas!

Rusty: Yeah, and while we're at it, we shall pity Jeff Sheen!

Henri: Oui, it could be too late for us to find Jeff since he did revert to ze harmless, mentally handicapped state he was before and join ze good side a few months ago.

Rusty: (Feeling guilty) I know.

Henri: But anyways, we got something zat could help out with our plan.

Rusty: You do? Well, what is it?

Burble: (VO) I bet you're wondering how they're going to do that. Well, I'll tell you how. It was with a machine that was made from the leftover parts of Manderbill's Prize-o-rama and the leftover parts of Henri's really big Rancinator.

(Henri pulls a blanket off the stand, revealing a machine.)

Burble: (VO) It was called the "Ennui-Manderbill Snow Machine."

Henri: It's called ze "Ennui-Manderbill Snow Machine!"

Rusty: (Impressed) Ah, I love it, makes it look like it came from "The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena."

Henri: It depends but anyways, with zis baby, we'll be able to snow all around ze entire world population so everyone will be brought to zeir knees and very soon, we can get ze latest hockey scores! (Laughs evilly with Quentin)

Quentin: But if we underestimate those pesky Danger Rangers' power like we have been doing since a long time ago, they'll probably put us on ice, literally! Maybe just like I put them in force-field rings inside a force-field. That might make me and them even.

Henri: Most definitely.

(Henri then saw on one of the TVs in the TV store that his favorite football team lost.)

Henri: (Shocked) Curses, my favorite team just lost 69 to 68 to Manchester United!

Quentin: Don't worry about it, Henri, besides, we got work to do.

Henri: (To Quentin) You're right. (To Snarf and Chilli) Snarf! Chilli!

(Henri marches right up to Snarf and Chilli.)

Henri: Do you have ze ingredients for ze freeze pellet formula Monsieur Quentin and I asked you two to get?

Chilli: (Holding the ingredients) These things?

Henri: Excatly, with zese ingredients, we'll be able to activate ze machine!

Rusty: That's right, this will be more fun than the time we tried to cancel "Barney!"

Chilli: I guess so, Rusty.

Henri: So now, let's get zis machine to work so zat we can create ze snow!

(Henri activated the machine but found out nothing happened.)

Henri: What!? Why isn't ze machine working!?

(Snarf notices that the cord for the machine is unplugged under his foot as Henri notices this too.)

Snarf: Oh man, he's gonna shout at me in 3, 2, 1.

Henri: Snarf, you idiot, you were supposed to plug ze machine in!

Snarf: (Scared) Eh, sir, sorry, sir!

(He plugs the machine in and the machine got to work, making the snow.)

Snarf: Well, is it working now?

Henri: I guess so. (Notices) But why is zere an episode of "Puzzle Play" playing on its viewscreen?

(On the machine's viewscreen is an episode of "Puzzle Play" playing, making Chilli feel embarassed.)

Quentin and Henri: (Getting angry) CHILLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

Burble: (VO) Yeah, we'll get back to them later, they're getting pretty snaky right now. But as you can see right here, snow was starting to fall everywhere in the "Danger Rangers" world, just as they had planned.

(Meanwhile, in the real world, Kitty was helping Angela out with the decorations in the living room.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, me and my fellow Danger Rangers' good friend and partner, Kitty was helping out our other good friend and Leroy's mother, Angela with the decorations.

Angela: Thanks for the help, Kitty.

Kitty: My pleasure, Angela, I'm surprised that your Christmas home is six stories tall though.

Angela: Yeah, well, you'll get used to it.

(Then, Burt and Talya come into the living room.)

Burt: Check this out, ladies. (He pulls out a little robot that looks like Fallbot) Look, my very first Christmas ornament. I constructed this while still in Kindergarten.

Angela: (Impressed) Pretty interesting.

Kitty: (Impressed) I'll say.

Burt: Talya, would you like to do the honors?

Talya: Certainly, my friend.

(She turns the wind-up key on the ornament and it then does a triple back-flip while wrapping the tree with Christmas garland and then starts break dancing.)

Angela: (Impressed) Now that's what I call an ornament.

Burt: Yep, it's got talent.

Kitty: I like it, Burt, you always know how to make the greatest inventions.

Burt: I know.

(Kitty then notices that everyone else was watching Christmas specials on TV.)

Kitty: Is that tradition or something?

Angela: Just a bit, we usually do this every Christmas.

Kitty: Oh, I see, never noticed that until now. Thanks, Angela.

Angela: My pleasure, Kitty.

(They walk in to join everyone else.)

Garfield on TV: Why is it every Christmas I get drug out of my warm bed just to see some stupid old relatives? And why do we always have to go to that stupid old farm? Why can't they come here where my warm bed is? And why am I whispering?

(Everyone laughs.)

Sully: That fat cat really cracks me up.

(Meanwhile, the elves are putting the finishing touches on Santa's sleigh.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, some of the elves were getting everything ready for tonight.

Jingle: How's it looking on the gear box, Ringaling?

Ringaling: Almost got it ready, Jingle.

Jingle: Good to hear, with this babe, Saint Nick will be able to do his job much quicker.

Burble: (VO) Then suddenly...

(The Storm Alert goes off.)

Jingle: That's the storm alert!

Ringaling: Quick! To the emergency station!

(The elves race to the emergency station, where Santa is waiting for them.)

Ringaling: What's going on, sir!?

Santa: Don't know, Ringaling, but it looks like a huge snowstorm slashing in!

(Cut to the real world.)

Burble: (VO) Lucky for us, we were alerted as well.

(Kitty's SAVO watch then blinks while making a siren noise.)

SAVO: Danger alert! Danger alert!

Kitty: (Answering her SAVO watch) What's happening, SAVO?

SAVO: Terrible news, Kitty, there is a snowstorm slashing into our world! I don't know where it's coming from but ex-construction worker and Junior Danger Ranger-turned-Official Danger Ranger Harry, as it turns out that he just turned 20, has just managed to record the news report about it!

Sully: Could you do a remote interface with the TV then?

SAVO: I'll try to, Sully.

(Then, the news report comes onto the TV via through Kitty's SAVO watch screen.)

Mrs. Eel on TV: This is Mrs. Eel reporting for Action/Story News, we interrupt this program for a special bulletin: The snow continues to fall with no end in sight. Let's cut to Josh Susan, our anteater on the street.

(It then cuts to Josh Susan outside in the snowstorm.)

Mrs. Eel: Josh. Josh? HEY, JOSH!

Josh: (Shivering) Uh, thank you, Mrs. Eel, sorry I couldn't hear you due to a severe case of frozen ear syndrome. I'm standing where the snowstorm is striking really hard. As you can see, it's snowing all around the world! Many are calling this the worst snowstorm of the century! Residents are urged to stay in their homes right now as it could take a while before the sun can melt away any of this storm! And they are making do the best they can!

(Cut to a marketer selling ice.)

Marketer: On sale today, ice! Only 50 cents a bag!

Josh: (Shivering off-screen) Well, that's weird!

(Cut back to Josh as a cold wind then comes across.)

Josh: (Shivering) Back to you, Mrs. Eel, my mike is frozen to my lip!

(Back to Mrs Eel.)

Mrs Eel: Thanks, Josh. Well, you heard that right, everyone, this could be one gigantic snowstorm of the century!

Sully: Oh, this is not looking good.

Leroy: You can say that again, Sully.

Mrs. Eel: Since this is Christmas Eve and there's only one day left before Christmas, the big question is will Santa be able to fly in these conditions?

(Cut to two otter boys at a window, watching the snowstorm turning into a snow hurricane.)

Mrs. Eel: Kids everywhere are waiting and wondering while struggling through this huge snow twister, it's causing more freezieness than any other city or town ever!

Kitty: Let's contact Harry and see if he's okay.

Leroy: Alright then, Kitty.

(Cut to the North Pole, where the elves were panicking.)

Jingle: Ringaling, snow is falling faster than we can shovel it! You better tell Saint Nick!

Ringaling: Hmm, he ain't gonna like this.

(Cut back to the real world.)

Mrs. Eel on TV: Stay tuned to this channel for weather updates.

Sully: Alright, Official and Junior Danger Rangers and Leroy, listen up! We have to get to the North Pole to help Santa, pronto!

All: Safety rules!

Burble: (VO) So we were soon on the job, we agreed to have the communicator of Junior Danger Warrior so we can contact the big guy, just if things go outta hand.

Charlie: I agree, so I want to come too!

Leroy: Well, you were a little surprised over this but I guess you can come anyways.

Charlie: Yes! Thanks, dude.

(Cut to the villians.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, our trouble-making enemies were celebrating their little victory, which wouldn't last for long.

Henri: It's working, I can't believe it's actually working!

Quentin: You're totally right, Henri, it is working! People are miserable, they can't shop, they can't drive, they can't even ski!

Henri: Zose despicable Danger Rangers won't be able to stop us, zey're too busy having zat Christmas party with zat little monkey!

Rusty: (Confused) Who?

Snarf: (Confused) What little monkey?

Quentin: (Annoyed) Leroy, the loser who defeated Jeff in the first place, remember!?

(Rusty just shakes his head with Snarf doing the same.)

Henri: (Scoffs) Whatever, it won't be long before our big snow takeover is completed! (Laughs evilly)

Quentin: Sure won't be! (Laughs evilly)

(Cut back to the living room.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, we were ready to take down our villains and save the special season.

Sully: Open the portal, SAVO! We're going in!

Leroy: The rest of you stay here!

Joyce: Okay, good luck, bro!

Turner: See ya!

Jerry: Hope you'll survive!

Brittany: I have faith in you!

Hannah: Good luck out there!

Chris: Hope you can make it!

Val: Good luck!

Leroy: Okay, guys, the portal's opening, let's go!

(The Official and Junior Danger Rangers, Leroy and Charlie jump into the TV portal and travel to the "Danger Rangers" world as they then travel to their headquaters in Mount Rushmore.)

Sully: Well, here we are.

Burble: (VO) Yes, Leroy does become a monkey upon entering our world. But guess what Charlie became upon doing the same?

(Leroy notices that Charlie has become a polar bear.)

Leroy: Oh, wow, Charlie, you look just like Burble.

Charlie: I do? Hold on a minute. (Looks in the mirror) (Surprised) Wow, I do! And Leroy, you're a monkey!

Leroy: Yeah, well, I was shocked too when I found myself looking like this.

Kitty: That was when he met us.

Leroy: Yep.

(Charlie then notices Junior Danger Warrior in its cargo area out the window.)

Charlie: (Surprised) Whoa, what kind of robot is that?

Kitty: Oh, him? We call him "Junior Danger Warrior" our very own giant robot.

Sully: We first used him to destroy Jeff's new Zorn.

Charlie: (Impressed) Cool!

Burt: (Remembers) Oh, and behold! The newest of the Danger Rangers technology besides him!

(He points to a doubled up version of the hovercraft right next to Junior Danger Warrior.)

Burt: Fallbot and I call it the "Super Hovercraft." It's able to carry us and the Junior Danger Rangers. Pretty cool, eh?

Charlie: It sure is, Burt.

(Cut to inside the Super Hovercraft.)

Burble: (VO) After being taught how to be a real Danger Ranger by Leroy, Charlie was soon ready to save the season with us.

Leroy: You ready, Charlie?

Charlie: I suppose. Plus, when can we use that super cool robot?

Burt: Oh, well, we will use Junior Danger Warrior in a while but right now, we have to fight normal size.

Sully: Of course, and I still have the communicator in case we need him.

Charlie: Okay.

Squeeky: (Remembers) Oh, let's show Leroy, Charlie and the Junior Danger Rangers this super cool video!

(The video was a music video featuring Sully, Kitty, Burble, Squeeky and Burt.)

Danger Rangers on the screen: Now, listen here, Freddie, and you too, Teddy, remember to be steady and remember, always be Danger Ranger ready!

Burble: What do you think?

Mateo: Yeah, that was just dandy.

Derek: Even for me.

Kevin: But isn't time we took off to the North Pole?

Gabriela: (Chuckles) You heard Kevin, we got a holiday to save!

Kitty: You're right, now, let's get this babe ready to fly!

Burt: Fallbot, since you gave me this idea, do you want to be the pilot of this babe?

Fallbot: Why certainly, Burt, but I might need to figure out the controls.

Kitty: Don't worry, Fallbot, I'll help ya.

Fallbot: Thanks, Kitty, I sure could use your help.

Charlie: And I thought Fallbot was clumsy.

(Kitty and Fallbot both control the super hovercraft to fly out of the George Washington statue mouth.)

Charlie: (Amazed) I've been in a roller coaster before but this is totally different than a roller coaster!

Burble: (VO) And so we set off to try and stop the snowstorm before it was too late but don't worry about Junior Danger Warrior, he'll come to our aid soon enough.

(Cut to Santa's weather and navigation control room.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, Santa's elves were going crazy over the chaos.

Jangle: Hawaii is reporting ten feet of snow.

Dingaling: Avalanche in Argentina!

Jingle-All-The-Way: New Jersey, just another typical Jersey winter.

Santa: (comes in) Well, Ringaling, what's the damage?

Ringaling: It ain't good, Santa. By our calculations, we are now under 999 billion mega ton-trons of snow and even if we could get out, the rest of the world is reporting very dangerous travelling conditions. In other words, boss, it don't look good.

Jingle: Yeah, they can't even get out to salt the roads.

Jingle-Bell-Rock: Or pepper them either.

(A joke sound is heard in the background and the other elves look at him annoyed.)

Jingle-Bell-Rock: What?

Santa: (To himself) Oh, I don't know how I can react to this. (To the elves) And what about the children? If this driving snow keeps up the reindeer won't be able to see and I won't be able to deliver their Christmas presents.

(He walks to the window and Mrs. Claus does the same.)

Mrs. Claus: Everything will work out, honey. It always does.

Santa: I hope you're right, dear, I hope you're right. But it would take a miracle to get off the ground in this weather.

Burble: (VO) But a miracle did come.

(Cut to the super hovercraft.)

Burble: (VO) Because we were on our way to help Santa save Christmas and we weren't gonna stop until our mission is accomplished!

Leroy: Are we there yet, Kitty?

Kitty: Almost there, Leroy.

Burble: Where's the heat in this thing?

Burt: It's behind you, you just have to flip the switch next to you.

(Burble did that and the heater behind him turned on.)

Burble: (Sighs) That's better.

(Then, a shooting star comes into the team's view.)

Charlie: (Notices) Watch out for that shooting star!

(The super hovercraft manages to avoid the shooting star.)

Fallbot: Well, I hate to say this, but our arrival may be delayed somewhat.

Sully: What do you mean, Fallbot?

Fallbot: Well, I guess we're at a higher altitude than we really need to be.

Kitty: Well, that still won't stop us getting to the North Pole on time.

Leroy: I hope not 'cause we got a holiday to save.

Charlie: You got that right, Dude.

Fallbot: (To everyone else) According to my calculations, we need to do a slight realignment to the directional gyros. (To SAVO) Care to do the honors, SAVO?

SAVO: Certainly, Fallbot.

Fallbot: Okay, now, hang on!

(SAVO begins a realignment to connect himself to the gyros.)

SAVO: Okay, I think I got your directions to the North Pole.

Leroy: (Smiles) Good work, SAVO.

Charlie: (Excitedly) Woohoo, to the North Pole and beyond!

Burble: (VO) Thanks to SAVO's directions, we set off safely to the North Pole.

(Cut to the villains.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, our enemies were having a usual quiet time.

Henri: Zose people have never seen so much snow and for sure, Santa Hog will never get zrough zis cataclysmic episode of barometric calamity! (Laughs evilly with Quentin and Rusty)

(Just then, Henri and Quentin heard a loud beep.)

Snarf: (On speaker phone) We can hear that, sir.

(Quentin then notices Herni's phone is on the floor.)

Quentin: (Shocked) What the?

Henri: Zat's my phone! What's it doing on ze floor?

(He picks up his phone.)

Quentin: Maybe it must have dropped out of your pockets.

Henri: Possibly, Quentin.

Snarf: (On speaker phone) This is the most greatest plan you and Quentin ever had, Henri.

Henri: Oui, a work of art, if I do say so myself.

Rusty: Sirs, would you cover your ears for a second?

(Quentin and Henri cover their ears as Rusty then takes a deep breath and screams...)


Snarf: (On speaker phone) We're just outside the warehouse.

Quentin: (Looking out the window) Yep, I can definitely see them now.

(They see that Snarf and Chilli are making snow angels.)

Rusty: Well, get back in the warehouse, you idiots! If the police see you out there, it would be big trouble for us as we know it, besides, we got work to do!

Quentin: Yeah, the snow machine needs to be stoked with more ingredients for the freeze pellet formula!

Snarf: (On speaker phone) Okay, okay, we're coming!

Henri: (Laughs) Now, not even zose lousy Danger Rangers with zeir knuckle-headed monkey boy will get us now!

(Snarf and Chilli then come into the warehouse.)

Rusty: What's the excuse for making snow angels?

Chilli: We felt like we needed some fresh air to cool off.

Quentin: That doesn't make up the fact that you went out without permission, you useless, good-for-nothing slaves!

Rusty: (Thinks) Perhaps, they're onto something. This could be a perfect opportunity for all of us to go outside and wander through the streets to witness the handy work!

Quentin: Well, whatever, let's get to the next part of the plan!

Henri: If we do go outside to spy on zose people, we'll have to avoid getting spotted by ze police.

Quentin: Which is why I brought these.

(Quentin then brings out a box of hooded fur parkas.)

Quentin: With these, we'll be able to sneak our way past the police!

Henri: (Putting on a parka) Zis is a great idea, Quentin, zey won't notice it's us!

Quentin: (Putting on a parka) Alright, gentlemen, let's get started!

Burble: (VO) These guys are always up to something when it comes to causing danger.

Rusty: (To Snarf) Snarf, you take Quentin on this sled. (To Chilli) Chilli, take Henri on that one.

(They then get Quentin and Henri on the sleds and head out. Cut to a hotel, where the Curls (minus Lucky) have rented an apartment and are trying to get themselves warm during the snowstorm.)

Burble: (VO) The only place they could stop at was a hotel apartment rented by Junior Danger Ranger Lucky's family, the Curls, who were getting themselves warm.

Rusty: Alright, boys, stop, far enough!

(The villains then stop the sleds nearby a snowman.)

Quentin: Shh, let's look inside.

(They quietly tiptoe to the window and find Lucky's family in the room.)

Rusty: There they are, boys, the family of one of those useless Junior Danger Rangers!

Snarf: Are we going in?

Rusty: No, you idiot!

Snarf: (Startled) Okay, okay, jeez!

Chilli: Speaking of which, where is he?

Henri: He's with ze other stupid Junior Danger Rangers and zose stupid Danger Rangers, remember!?

Chilli: (Realizes) Oh, right, I remember now.

Henri: Anyways, look at zat.

Snarf: Yeah, they're trying to warm themselves up while this snowstorm is going on and while waiting for that Mister Bucket-head Santa.

Quentin: I like that, that just shows all of us how miserable they are!

Henri: Zey'll be doing it for a long, long time since we set zis snowstorm to 1090 hours!

Burble: (VO) And it would have been 1090 hours, if they won but luckily, we were there to stop those storm hours! But right now, let's go inside the apartment to check up with the rest of the Curls and see if they're doing okay.

(Inside the apartment room, the Curls are getting themselves warmed up with some heaters, a fireplace and hot cocoa.)

Mrs. Curl: Is Bitzi alright, honey?

Mr. Curl: Well, she's still warming up a bit but we're almost out of food. I'm gonna have to go downtown.

Mrs. Curl: In a snowstorm like this?

Mr. Curl: I have to, it is the only way to help this family.

(Then, a news report comes on the TV.)

Mrs. Eel on TV: (To the camera) And now, the latest on-the-street report from Josh Susan. (To Josh) Josh? Josh? Josh? JOSH!

Josh on TV: (Shivering) Okay, Mrs. Eel. Josh Susan here. And I've gotta tell ya, it's still snowing! There doesn't seem to be any stopping in sight! Snow, snow and more snow! And still "snow" word from Santa Claus! Hey, where's my car?

Mrs. Curl: I can't lose you in a snowstorm like this.

Mr. Curl: (To Mrs. Curl) But I have to get more food for everyone. (To Bitzi) And don't worry, Bitzi, Santa will find a way.

Bitzi: (Concerned) Me hope so.

Quentin: Soon, the whole world will be miserable! Just like I was when I was a duckling! And like you were when you were a pup, Henri.

Henri: Of course, Quentin, zey will soon lose all of ze Christmas spirit and if all ze Christmas spirit is lost, zen ze season will be cancelled and if it's cancelled, zey will finally know how we were during our young years!

(Mr. Curl checks his shopping list.)

Mr. Curl: Okay, I think I got the things we need on my list.

Snarf: Cheese?

Chilli: Steak?

Both: Or maybe even some oranges, if that's the case?

Rusty: Shhh, they'll hear you!

(He then notices a snowmobile coming towards the hotel.)

Rusty: Uh-oh, someone's coming towards the hotel and since that snowmobile has the letters "DR" on it, the driver must be affiliated with the Danger Rangers.

Mr. Curl: (Notices the snowmobile) Hey, look, there's some people coming to the apartment.

Bitzi: Santa?

Mrs. Curl: Not quite sure.

Rusty: Come on, guys, we've gotta get back to the warehouse!

Snarf: Yeah, I think that's enough fresh air for us.

Chilli: Me too.

(In the apartment, Bitzi sees the villains in their parkas.)

Bitzi: Mom! Dad! Look, Eskimos!

Mr. Curl: (Notices) Hey, you five, what do you think you're doing on our property?

Henri: (Gulps) Uh, we were just having a little walk around. (Laughs embarrassingly)

(They run away.)

Mr. Curl: Yeah, that's right, you better run, no one we don't know ever comes near our property!

(Then, there's a knock on the door.)

Mr. Curl: (Notices) Now, who could that be?

(Mr. Curl opens the door and it's Harry.)

Mr. Curl: Oh, hello, Harry.

Harry: Evening, Mr. Curl, Mrs. Curl, Bitzi, very, very cold night, isn't it?

Mrs. Curl: A very cold night, Harry.

Bitzi: Is Lucky alright?

Harry: Of course he is. I did get a video message from him, which he told me to show to ya.

(He shows Lucky to the rest of the Curls with his SAVO watch.)

Lucky: Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Hi, Sis. I'm just with my fellow Junior Danger Rangers and the Danger Rangers and we have took off to save Christmas from this snowstorm but I may be back later than I was hoping. But I still will be back to meet up with you all again just as soon as my mission is accomplished and as always, Merry Christmas.

Mr. Curl: (Sighs in relief) Well, that's a relief. Anyways, I'm going shopping to get more food but--

Harry: The snowstorm's getting too big? Yeah, I think that will happen too. Well, don't worry, I'll take you there on my snowmobile.

Mr. Curl: Oh, thanks, Harry. I didn't know you had a snowmobile.

Harry: Yeah, well, Burt built it for me. I was just giving it a little test run.

Mr. Curl: I'll back in 60 hours. If anything happens, call me.

(Both Harry and Mr. Curl then go to get the groceries.)

Burble: (VO) And so they went off to get the groceries just as the snowstorm doesn't make them mysteriously disappear.

(Cut to the villains, who were still running until Quentin trips over a damaged mistletoe, colliding into Henri and Rusty and the three tumble down a steep hill.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, the villains were going a little clumsy while trying to escape.

(Snarf and Chilli slide down the steep hill.)

Both: (Yelling) LOOK OUT, BELOW!

Burble: (VO) I guess nothing could be worse for them than falling down that hill is all I'm saying.

(They pass one tree and get attacked by squirrels.)

Burble: (VO) Other than Snarf and Chilli being attacked by squirrels,...

Snarf: (Yelling) KILLER SQUIRRELS!

Chilli: (Yelling) LET GO OF US! OUCH! HEY!

(They pass another tree and get attacked by different kinds of birds.)

Burble: (VO) ...being attacked by birds...

Chilli: (Yelling) OW! BIRDS!

Snarf: (Yelling) OH!

(They pass another tree and get chased by a moose.)

Burble: (VO) ...or being chased by a moose.




(Cut to a sign that says, "NO SWIMMING, NO SKATING, NO NOTHING. THIS MEANS YOU!" Snarf and Chilli come out from behind the pine trees.)



(After running, Snarf and Chilli decide to stop and take a breath.)

Snarf: Phew, that was close.

Chilli: I wonder where Quentin, Henri and Rusty are.

Henri: Look out!

Both: (Looking behind) Huh?

(They see Henri, Quentin and Rusty rolling in a giant snowball.)

Quentin: Gain way!

(They crash into Snarf and Chilli, knocking them flat. Stars rotate around their heads.)

Both: (Dizzy) Oy vey...

(Quentin, Henri and Rusty then crash on the surface of the thin ice.)

Henri: Are you alright, Quentin?

Rusty: Yeah, man, you've done a really nasty tumble back there, which made us tumble down that steep hill back there.

Quentin: Ow, uh, yeah, I think I'm fine.

(Then, the villains look at the thin ice that they're standing on, which starts cracking.)

Quentin: (Suddenly worried) We are on thin ice, are we?

Rusty: (Suddenly worried) I think we are, dude.

Henri: (Suddenly worried) So case in point, run!

(The villains run as fast as they can while also cracking the thin ice below them but they fall in.)

Henri: (Gurgling annoyed) Why did we get zese idiots to help on our plan? Zey're useless!

Quentin: (Gurgling) Does anybody have a rope? Maybe we can use it to fish ourselves out of here!

(Cut to Snarf and Chilli pulling the villains, now frozen in a block of ice, with a rope back to the warehouse.)

Snarf: It did say "No Swimming," sirs.

Quentin: (Frozen) Is everyone alright!?

Rusty: (Frozen) Pretty cold, that's for sure!

Henri: (Frozen) Snarf! Chilli! Get us out of zis winter trap!

Burble: (VO) Well, stinks to be them, possibly.

(Cut to the super hovercraft coming out of a wormhole.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, me and the Danger Ranger team were closer to the North Pole as we are.

(The right wing had bumper stickers from the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.)

Burble: (VO) But despite SAVO's efforts to directing us to the North Pole, we didn't think the sights we were seeing on our mission could get any weirder.

Fallbot: We are back on course, guys.

Kitty: (Sighs in relief) Thank goodness, we're safe, little monkey.

Leroy: Definitely, kitty cat.

Sully: Yeah, for one brief moment, I thought we were going to have to spend Christmas on the Moon.

(He then turns his eyes to his left. On the left wing is a strange being with a crescent moon for a head.)

Sully: Speaking of the Moon, look out the window!

(The other Danger Rangers, the Junior Danger Rangers, Leroy and Charlie see the being.)

Fallbot: It appears that we have picked up a lunar hitchhiker!

(The being makes funny faces and laughs hysterically.)

Charlie: He looks kinda odd to me!

(The being jumps off the wing and does a backstroke into the sky with everyone (minus Fallbot) watching him doing so.)

Burble: (VO) Yeah, case in point, I think we knew who he really was.

Fallbot: Do you suppose that was?

Leroy: The man in the Moon?

Kitty: I guess.

Fallbot: Nah.

(Everyone (including SAVO) laughs.)

Sully: Well, there's no time to wonder now, we got a holiday season to save!

Kitty: You got it, Sully!

Leroy: And I think we should put some music to pass the time.

(Leroy turns on the radio and the song, "Somewhere Down The Barrel" by The Dissociatives plays on the super hovercraft radio.)

The Dissociatives off-screen: Somewhere down the barrel, Lies a bullet that I can't keep, And in these waters I'm wading for a reason, After all, it's in my head, I'm not a slave to a desperate lust, And in these waters I'm waiting for a reason afterall?!

Kitty: (Enjoying the music) This is great music, Leroy.

Leroy: (Nodding and smiling) Yeah, I thought it was a good idea too.

Fallbot: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking, we will be arriving at the North Pole in a short time right about now.

Charlie: Awesome!

(Just then, Fallbot notices something.)

Fallbot: Uh, everyone, we may have a problem.

(A giant electrical storm then starts to surround the super hovercraft.)

Fallbot: It appears that we're heading into an unavoidable electrical storm!

Kitty: Oh no, this is horrible!

Leroy: At this rate, we'll never get to the North Pole on time!

Sully: Well, what we need is someone or something to help us through this storm!

(Fallbot then notices the controls on the super hovercraft are going crazy.)

Fallbot: I'm unable to control the controlling of the super hovercraft! I'm afraid we'll have to make a crash landing!

Kitty: Hmm, "crash landing." I don't like anything with the word, "crash" in it.

Leroy: (To Kitty) I have a better idea. (To SAVO) SAVO, do you have any parachutes that could help us!?

SAVO: I'm afraid we can't use parachutes to lower you gently to the ground due to them might getting whisked into the snowstorm but don't be disappointed, I've got something even better, hang-gliders!

Leroy: Awesome, we should use them!

Kitty: You're right, Leroy, let's do this!

SAVO: Everyone, get to the hang-glider room, you'll be able to get them from there!

Lucky: Alright, everyone, let's get outta here before the super hovercraft falls to the ground!

(Everyone agrees with Lucky, goes to the hang-glider room and flies their hang-gliders out of the hovercraft just as it is about to fall to ground.)

Burt: (Worried) Aw man, I can't believe it, that hovercraft was supposed to be indestructible. I guess we haven't added that feature in at all.

SAVO: (To Burt) Don't worry, Burt, we'll make a new one. (To everyone) Alright, Official and Junior Danger Rangers, Leroy and Charlie, now remember to land safely.

Kitty: Roger that, SAVO, we got it!

Leroy: This is a very awesome way to get somewhere, Sully!

Sully: I think it is, Leroy, we should be heading for a soft landing soon!

(The Danger Ranger team then flies over Daniel Johns and Paul Mac (in animal form), who are busy finishing up Harvesting Day.)

Daniel Johns: (Notices) Did ya see something flying up there, mate?

Paul Mac: (Scoffs) It's probably just some birds, now let's hurry this up so that we can get home because of this blizzard.

Daniel Johns: Eh, okay then.

(The two of them then go back to work on their harvesting as Daniel then sings...)

Daniel Johns: (Singing) Hey boys we speak better than young men, But will be better than than an old man, Honey, you'll see, Hey boys we speak better than young men, But will be better than than an old man, Honey, you'll see.

(Meanwhile, the Ranger team is still flying in their hang-gliders, about to land to the ground.)

Leroy: Hmm, that sounds like Daniel Johns.

Charlie: Daniel Johns is in this world too?

Kitty: We'll have to find that out later, little monkey, we're almost there.

Leroy: Roger that, kitty cat.

Charlie: You got it, Kitty, let's go!

Burble: Almost there, Guys!

Burt: Roger that, Burble!

Charlie: I've never been in a hang-glider before, this is awesome!

Leroy: I had a feeling you would say that, Charlie!

(The team then manages to land their hang-gliders safely on the frozen ground.)

Charlie: Nice landing.

Leroy: Thanks.

Charlie: Where do you think we are, SAVO?

SAVO: I don't know, Charlie, but it sure is cold as a freezing icebox.

Kitty: We better insulate ourselves.

Leroy: (To Kitty) You got it, Kitty. (To everyone) Let's get our winter gear on.

Burt: (Opening a suitcase) It's a good thing I have it in here.

(Everyone takes their winter gear out of the suitcase and puts it on.)

Sully: (Sighs warmly) That feels much better.

Leroy: (Notices Alro wearing an Ebenezer Scrooge-like outfit) What's with the Ebenezer Scrooge outfit, Alro?

Alro: Oh, well, I am a pretty big fan of the original story of "A Christmas Carol," so I decided to make an outfit on my favorite character, Ebenezer Scrooge.

Leroy: Ah, I see.

Burble: (VO) Just when we thought our troubles were over,...

(Everyone sees the super hovercraft still about to crash to the ground.)

Burble: (VO) ...our super hovercraft was falling to the ground.

Burt: Well, there it goes.

(The super hovercraft then hits the ground and explodes upon impact.)

Burt: 57 whole hours of work building the super hovercraft down the drain.

(After looking at the destruction, Charlie sighs sadly.)

Charlie: (Sighs) I want to go home.

Burble: (VO) We may have been off to a rocky start now that the super hovercraft was destroyed but not for long. We had to continue forward. Because did that stop us from saving Christmas? No, it didn't. Because a hero never gives up. And just when Charlie was about to give up, we helped him out so that we can continue our mission, including Leroy.

Leroy: (Puts his hand on Charlie's shoulder) Don't worry, Charlie, I was like this when I first came here but since I now have friends on my side, they are always there to help me.

Burble: Yeah, Charlie, you'll be fine with us.

Charlie: Thank you, Uncle Burble.

(Reacting to being called "Uncle" from Charlie, Burble blushes and grins bashfully.)

Burble: (VO) Oh my gosh, this is my favorite part! Charlie calling me "Uncle!"

Burble: Did you hear what he just called me?

Leroy: I certainly did, Burble.

Kitty: Yeah, I think he just called you "Uncle."

Leroy: Maybe because you are like his real uncle.

Burble: (To Leroy) Guess so, Leroy. (To Charlie) Thank you, Charlie.

Charlie: My pleasure, now let's go save Christmas!

Sully: You got it, besides, all of us are here to help. Right, Squeeky?

Squeeky: (In awe) That's right, Sully.

Charlie: (Confused) Uh, Squeeky, what are you looking at?

Squeeky: (Points in awe) Look up there.

(Everyone sees the northern lights.)

Kitty: Check out those lights, they're so beautiful.

Leroy: They are, Kitty, those northern lights are very pretty.

(SAVO then calculated the northern lights.)

SAVO: Those northern lights mean that the North Pole is nine kilometres away.

Charlie: We should get going, guys.

Leroy: You got that right, dude.

Gabriela: Leroy, could you hold me in your feelers?

Leroy: Why's that, G.B.? As Chief of Operations, couldn't you fly with your wings?

Gabriela: I can but it is such a freezing snowstorm, that my wings can't fly faster.

Leroy: I see, well, you always have me to lend ya a hand. I'll hold ya.

Gabriela: (Smiles) Gracias, Leroy.

(Gabriela then goes into Leroy's feelers, where she feels much warmer.)

Squeeky: Charlie, you can hold me too since your real uncle voiced the big guy in our show.

Charlie: Well, sure, anything for a kid.

Squeeky: Well, technically, I'm not a kid, even though I do kinda have the size like one but thanks anyway.

(Squeeky then goes into Charlie's feelers, where he feels much warmer.)

Kitty: Alright, everyone, let's go save Christmas!

Sully: You heard Kitty, let's go that way, toward the northern lights!

Gabriela: They should lead us to Santa.

Leroy: Well, let's go then.

Kitty: You got it, Leroy, let's go!

Burble: (VO) So our mission continued and nothing could stand in our way now!

(Cut to the Danger Ranger team walking through the snow while cold winds come across.)

Burble: (VO) Well, not permanently.

Burble: (Shudders) This is really a cold, cold blizzard.

Leroy: (Shudders) It probably is, Burble, but we can't stop, we got a season to save!

(Then, a snowball suddenly pops out from the ground in front of the team.)

Kitty: (Notices) What are they?

(Then, four more snowballs pop out from the ground.)

Leroy: They look like snowballs, Kitty, I know them like the back of my hand.

Charlie: But what are they doing here?

Kitty: I don't know but they're popping up everywhere!

Burble: I don't like the looks of this!

Leroy: We better run for it, guys, so we can be somewhere safe!

(The team then runs away from the snowballs as the snowballs suddenly start following them.)

Burble: They're gaining on us!

Kitty: Go faster!

Charlie: Unfortunately, I'm already running at my maximum speed!

(They continue to run from the snowballs as the song, "I Ran (So Far Away)" by A Flock Of Seagulls plays in the background.)

A Flock Of Seagulls off-screen: With auburn hair and tawny eyes, The kind of eyes that hypnotize me through, You hypnotize me through, And I ran, I ran so far away, I just ran, I ran all night and day, I couldn't get away!

(As the team continues to run from the snowballs, they hear an arctic fox sound.)

Leroy: Now what?!

Lucky: Was that you, Derek?!

Derek: No, I think it was (Points) them!

(Cut to some silhouetted arctic foxes with crimson red sclera.)

Kitty: (Freaked out) Oh my gosh, guys, it looks like this won't be an easy mission for us after all!

Leroy: Best hurry, they might get us!

(As the arctic foxes come down after the team, the team then keeps on running.)

Charlie: (Notices) Look, a tree!

(He then points to a tree just a few kilometres in front of the team.)

Charlie: Let's go over there, we should be safe!

Bradley: But how are we going to get up there?

Leroy: Don't worry, I have a plan!

(Leroy then uses his building skills to build a pulley to the top of the tree with rope and some strong sticks.)

Kitty: (Smiles) That's a great idea, Leroy.

Leroy: (To Kitty) Thank you, kitty cat. (To Beth and Bradley) Okay, Beth and Bradley, you're first to go up!

(Leroy then leads Bradley and Beth into the pulley as he, Bradley and Beth climb into it.)

Leroy: Okay, Bradley, Beth, hang on tight.

(The team then goes up three by three to the top of the tree to escape the madness below.)

Charlie: Great, now that all Official and Junior Danger Rangers are here, we could all stay up here in this tree. Hey, how bad could it be?

Leroy: Uh, have you looked down?

(From the tree, the gang sees that the snowballs and arctic foxes that were chasing them are just surrounding the trunk. They all gasp.)

Sully: (Scared) This doesn't look good.

Charlie: (Scared) I think I may have been a little overconfident.

Kitty: (Scared) It's okay, Charlie, nobody's perfect, not even us Danger Rangers.

Sully: (Scared) Yeah, we all make mistakes, even me.

Leroy: (Scared) Now what?

Charlie: (Scared) Looks like we're up a tree without a paddle.

Burt: (Scared) Yeah, and it appears that we're surrounded.

Gabriela: (Scared) What do we do, Sully?

Sully: (Scared) I'm thinking, Gabriela, I'm thinking!

Burble: (VO) We were in much trouble as it is or so it seemed but we weren't in that tree for that long. I'll show you what I mean soon.

(Cut to the North Pole.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, at the North Pole, it seemed that time was running out for us, those elves sure were lucky to retrieve the sleigh and sack and hurry into the shed.

Jingle: Man, I gotta tell ya, that is some cold temperature out there.

Jingle-Bell-Rock: You got that right, Jingle.

Jingle: (Notices) Hey, wait a minute. What's that?

Burble: (VO) Some of the elves in the shed started to notice something across their snowy valley.

Jingle-All-The-Way: I don't know but it looks like they're coming our way.

Jingle-Bell-Rock: There's someone over there? Should we get a closer look at them?

Jingle-All-The-Way: Beats me, J.

Jingle-Bell-Rock: Well, we should go find out who it is and fast. That storm's almost gonna throw us down.

Jingle: Yes, and by my calculations, it could take too many days before the sun can melt away the snow.

(So the elves go use their telescope to see the person up close.)

Jingle-All-The-Way: What do ya think that person could be?

Jangle: Maybe it's the grim reaper from "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey."

Jingle-Bell-Rock: Nah, looks more like Rufus from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Jingle: Well, whoever it is, I think they might be coming to our rescue.

Jingle-Bell-Rock: We better tell Saint Nick about this.

Ringaling: (Off-screen) Guys, where are you? The other elves and I need you at work!

Jangle: Sorry, Ringaling, but I think we have found someone coming to our rescue!

(Ringaling then comes into the shed.)

Ringaling: Really? Uh, that's a lifesaver. But what does he look like?

Jingle: Don't know but we sure could use his help.

Ringaling: Oh, well anyways, you gotta get to the assembly line on time the other elves are looking for you.

Jingle-All-The-Way: Well, okay then, Ringaling.

(Cut to Santa's assembly line, where the elves are waiting for Santa.)

Burble: (VO) Ya see, old Santa and his young elf helpers were about to have a debate on whether or not they should do Christmas this year.

Dingaling: Here comes the boss.

(Santa walks in with Jingle-Bell-Rock.)

Santa: Good evening, elves. I'm sure you're all aware of the weather situation. It's really quite distressing and I must confess it looks rather bleak. I also know that if anyone can get through this...

Elves: We can!

Santa: Oh, ho, ho, ho, I knew you would say that but it's a very huge mission so be very careful.

Jangle: We will, sir.

Santa: And we've never cancelled Christmas yet. Not before actually. (Feeling worried) Although, there's a first time for everything.

Jingle-Bell-Rock: But you can't cancel Christmas, sir!

Santa: I may have to, Jingle-Bell-Rock, with a huge snowstorm like this, it might be impossible to deliver the presents.

Jangle: Unless we had some help, sir.

Jingle-All-The-Way: And I bet we can do that.

Santa: Then, I wish you good luck, elves.

Jingle-All-The-Way: Alright, guys, back to work.

Jingle-Bell-Rock: Roger that, JW.

(The elves then go down to the command center to get back to work.)

Jingle: I'm getting kinda worried about this snowstorm, it might start a thunderous riot.

Jangle: Well, we gotta figure out something to do or Christmas will be ruined.

Jingle: I sure hope whoever it was that we found in the snowy valley can help.

Jangle: Then we should ask them.

Jingle-All-The-Way: Hang on, we have to check if they're good or not first because they might be a snow yeti or a rampaging reindeer or something.

Jingle-Bell-Rock: Whoever it is, we better tell Santa to wait inside near the main entrance.

Jingle-All-The-Way: (To Jingle-Bell-Rock) You're right on the miracle, Jingle-Bell-Rock. (To the other elves) Come on, guys, let's go tell Santa to wait there.

(The elves then go to find Santa to tell him to wait near the main entrance.)

Burble: (VO) So the elves went to find Santa to tell him to wait near the main entrance. That way he could be on the lookout for the person in their snowy valley to help them save Christmas.

(Cut back to the assembly line.)

Burble: (VO) At the assembly line, the rest of the elves were getting the rest of the extra toys for everyone who was good and who was trying to keep warm finished for this year.

Zingle: Are you sure we should be doing this while we still don't think we can get through this snowstorm?

Zipity-Do-Da: Trust me, Zingle, I'm sure the storm will be over soon.

Zingle: Hope you know what you're doing, Zipity-Do-Da.

Zipity-Do-Da: Of course I do. Now hurry up, Zingle, we got work to do.

Zingle: Okay.

(The elves then get back to work. Santa and Mrs. Claus watches them through his office window.)

Mrs. Claus: Now don't get upset, Santa, remember your blood pressure.

Santa: (To Mrs. Claus) My dear, how can I not be upset? The world is covered in so much snow and the storm doesn't appear to be letting up. We can't even get the sleigh back out. (To himself) How can I tell all those kids that Christmas won't be here this year? (Looks at his list) Oh my, they were so good this year too.

(Cut to some elves outside doing some outside snow work.)

Ring-Ring-Ring: Why do I always have to get the shoveling job?

Jingle: Yeah, we better get a raise after this Christmas!

Ring-Ring-Ring: Yeah, and get inside to protect us from the storm that would probably be over. After all, I should be inside watching "The Cartoon Guy Show."

(Cut to some reindeer talking in the barn.)

Comet: I don't know about you, chaps, but I don't see how we'll ever get out of this pickle.

Cupid: Uh, spotted tea, anyone?

Rudolph: No thanks, Cupid, I'm good.

Prancer: Well, we gotta find a way to stop this snowstorm or else.

Dasher: Or else what, Prancer?

Prancer: Or else Christmas would be ruined, Dasher.

(Cut to Santa and Mrs. Claus looking at the elves working outside through his office window.)

Santa: Well, I have to admit it, dear, I don't know what else to do.

Ring-A-Long-Sing-A-Long: (Speaking over the intercom) Santa, urgent news, there is someone in the snowy valley, could you wait near the main entrance for that someone?

Santa: (To-Ring-A-Long-Sing-A-Long) I'll be right there, Ring-A-Long-Sing-A-Long. (To Mrs. Claus) We sure could use some help.

Burble: (VO) But help was on its way. But first, help had to be brought in order for it to be so. And who was it those elves saw in the snowy valley? Well, it was us, of course.

(Cut to the Danger Ranger team still in the tree, surrounded by the arctic foxes and snowballs. Alro adjusts his Ebenezer Scrooge top hat.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, we were still in the tree, trying to think of something about the things that were trying to get us.

Sully: Boy, we sure could use some help.

Charlie: Squeeky, do your thing.

Squeeky: Okay, Charlie.

(Squeeky then takes out a heavy piece of cheese from his pocket and throws it at one of the foxes.)

Arctic fox: (Yakko Warner's voice) Ow! What did you do that for?

(This leaves the team confused.)

Kitty: Did anybody hear one of those foxes talk?

Arctic fox 2: (Dot Warner's voice) Of course he can talk. What did you expect?

(The arctic foxes come out of their silhouettes, revealing themselves to be arctic fox pups and their sclera changes from crimson red to light blue.)

Burble: (VO) It turns out that those foxes were actually fox pups.

Leroy: (Surprised) Oh my gosh, those foxes are only fox pups!

Derek: (Sighs in relief) You know, for a second there, I thought we were about to get attacked. I'm just glad they're pups like me.

Kitty: But what about those strange snowballs?

Sully: (Points) Look! They're changing!

(The snowballs change into beings resembling miniature snow people known as "Snow Friends." They are wearing red, yellow, blue, green and black.)

Burble: (VO) It also turns out those snowballs were actually some things called "Snow Friends." We haven't seen them before but it's good to meet them for a first time.

Arctic fox 3: (Wakko Warner's voice) Hey, Snow Friends, I've never seen any of those guys here before.

Snow Friend wearing red: (To the arctic foxes) Me neither, dude. I'm gonna see if I can communicate with them. (To the Danger Ranger team) Hey, what are you guys running for? And why are you up that tree? We just wanted to introduce ourselves and say "Hi." We're Snow Friends.

Charlie: Snow Friends?

Leroy: I've heard of "snowman."

Kitty: Me too, little monkey.

Snow Friend wearing red: Oh, well, you see, Snow Friends are like half snowman, half human people. Only we have magical powers, wear bright snow protection and are nice to everyone.

Snow Friend wearing green: And we like watching "Molly and Mack," it is a very fun show.

Kitty: I see. Well, I have an answer and a question. First, the answer, we are up this tree 'cause we were scared you were going to attack us, so we escaped.

Arctic fox 2: Uh-oh. Furry confusion.

Arctic fox 3: (To arctic fox 2) Yeah, they thought we were feral. (To the team) And sorry about that, our eyes aren't a little good at being clear and we thought you guys were spies.

Kitty: I see and second, the question. Where did you Snow Friends come from?

Snow Friend wearing red: Oh, well we come from Winter.

Kitty: Winter?

Snow Friend wearing red: Yep.

Kitty: I've never met anyone like him before. I wonder what he looks like.

Snow Friend wearing red: Well, his home is in front of the village where we live.

(The team gets down from the tree.)

Leroy: Say, you arctic foxes don't happen to be living in the same village as the Snow Friends, do you?

Arctic fox 3: No, we live in a village just two miles away from theirs.

Leroy: Really? Oh, that is something.

Snow Friend wearing green: You want to know what's also something?

Charlie: What?

Snow Friend wearing red: You want to know how we deal with intruders?

Charlie: Well, okay then. Since we have met you, we would probably see your intruder-dealing for ourselves.

Leroy: Yeah, 'cause safety rules!

(Charlie nods his head in agreement.)

Snow Friend wearing red: But first, we need a volunteer.

Sully: Oh, okay then, I'll do it.

Snow Friend wearing black: Great, now hold still.

(The Snow Friends throw smaller snowballs at Sully.)

Snow Friend wearing red: Thank you, sir, you've made a perfect volunteer.

Sully: (Smiles) (Dusting the snow off of himself) Well, it was a pleasure, guys. (After dusting the snow off of himself) Anyways, I'm Team Leader Sully but you can just call me Sully, these are my teammates, Kitty, Burble, Squeeky, Burt and Gabriela, the latter who you can call "G.B." for short, this is our robot buddy, Fallbot and this is our artificial intelligence, SAVO. Short for "Safety Alert VectOmeter." Together, we are the Danger Rangers. These kids you see before you are the Junior Danger Rangers, Phillip, Alro, Bradley, Beth, Kevin Masker, Angela, Matt, Talya Mendoza, Derek, Nora, Mateo, Lucky Curl, Ben, Sam, Sarah, Ricky Masker, Harry Hopper, George Whiskers, Annie Barker, KC, Noah, the list goes on. And this is Leroy and this is Charlie. They are human boys from another dimension, who have changed into a monkey and polar bear respectively.

Snow Friend wearing red: Well, nice to meet ya, my name is Alex, this black wearing one is Blake and that blue wearing one is Humpty and that green wearing one is Steve.

Burt: But what about that yellow wearing one?

(The Snow Friend wearing yellow hides behind Alex and giggles bashfully.)

Burt: Uh, can you run that past me again?

Alex: Oh. (Laughs bashfully) This yellow wearing one is Greg, Burt. She's a little on the shy side but she'll thaw out eventually.

(They all laugh.)

Alex: Arctic foxes, your turn to introduce yourselves.

Artic fox 3: (To Alex) Okay, Alex. (To the team) I'm Ricky.

Artic fox 1: I'm Mickey.

Artic fox 2: And I'm Dawn, pleased to meet you, guys.

Leroy: Mickey, Ricky and Dawn! Nice to meet ya! You know, you guys sound very familiar.

Burble: (VO) And Leroy was quite right, they sounded very familiar, if you have noticed.

Ricky: You think so?

Leroy: I do, you sound like the Animaniacs.

Derek: Oh yeah, I remember those guys, they are very funny.

Dawn: I see. Anyways, you wanna meet Winter? Maybe he can get you to where you need to go to.

Leroy: Well, okay, then maybe he could help us get to Santa.

Humpty: Come on, let's go!

(The team then goes to Winter's village with the pups and the Snow Friends.)

Burble: (VO) We didn't know who Winter was but we were going to find out soon.

Blake: Well, here we are, Winter's home, in front of our village.

(Winter's home is a giant icy castle with snowflake patterns on the castle walls.)

Steve: Let's see if he's home. (Knocks on the door) Winter?

(A strange man wearing a white wizard suit and a white wizard hat and holding a long white magic staff opens the door.)

Strange wizard: Hello, my favorite Snow Friends. How are the arctic foxes who favor you as much I do doing?

Humpty: Oh, great, Winter. And we even found some travelers who we found and who the arctic foxes thought were spies.

Strange wizard: Well, pleasure to meet you, young travelers. I'm the Winter Warlock but you can just call me Winter. I'm very sorry about your misunderstanding.

Kitty: Oh, well, that's okay, sir and I have a question. Do you know Santa?

Winter: Well, sure, I do. I know him since the first time I met him.

Sully: Really? When was that?

Winter: Well, it was back when I was a grumpy old warlock who tried to get rid of Saint Nick but when he gave me a choo choo train toy, I always wanted my icy heart melted and my hot attitude cooled down. I soon became cool-attituded and I became fast friends with him.

Sully: I see.

Winter: Yes, well anyways, do you want to see the rest of the village?

Leroy: Awesome!

Winter: Well, then, follow me, young travelers, you're all in for a treat, figuratively and literally!

Steve: After that, let's invite our new friends over for a snow cone!

Kitty: Well, we can't stay long we gotta save Christmas!

Leroy: Yeah, Kitty, we only have about (Check his watch) five hours until Christmas day.

Winter: Well, we'll make this tour quick and then when you have a snow cone, you have all the time to explain the story.

Charlie: Well, you see, it's kind of a long story but okay then. And after that, we'll start from the beginning.

(The gang then explores the village.)

Burble: (VO) We went through Winter's village and there, we saw a lot of Snow Friends.

Steve: We're just in time for the snowboard contest! Look!

(They see the snowboard contest. During the events, Winter's favorite Snow Friends join in with the others. After sliding on the frozen pond, Alex bumps into an ordinary, non-anthropomorphic polar bear, who growls at him for bumping into his leg. Alex smiles. After sniffing, the polar bear does the same. Alex pats the polar bear on the nose and gestures him to join the fun. Alex, Humpty and Steve climb on top of the polar bear's back and the polar bear joins in the fun. The polar bear gives Alex, Humpty and Steve a ride across the village. The polar bear goes past the gang.)

Kitty: Hey, Sully, Burble, how about we join them in this competition!

Sully and Burble: Well, okay then.

(Sully, Kitty and Burble get their snowboarding gear on and join the fun as well.)

Leroy: (Thinks) I wish them the best of luck.

(Alex, Blake, Humpty, Steve, Greg and the other Snow Friends cheer.)

Winter: (Over the intercom) And the winners of the snowboard contest are Danger Rangers Sully, Kitty and Burble!

(Steve gives Sully, Kitty and Burble each a medal. They smile bashfully and then faint. Leroy, Charlie and Fallbot catch the awards and they and Steve look at us with Steve giving us a shrug.)

Burble: (VO) After the challenge, we decided to relax and have a snow cone evening.

(Cut to the team having snow cones with Winter, the pups and the Snow Friends.)

Burble: (VO) Later, while having snow cones with Winter, the pups and their favorite Snow Friends, we explained to them that we are here to help Santa and save Christmas.

Sully: And that's why we're here.

Kitty: Yeah, we came to help Santa so that he can deliver presents to kids all over the world.

Steve: Gee, that's a great idea, Rangers Sully and Kitty!

Humpty: Yeah, right!

Alex: We'll help you and Santa anyway we can, Danger Rangers!

Blake, Humpty, Steve, Greg and the pups: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Alex: Uh, wait, Danger Rangers, there is one small problem.

Gabriela: What's that, Alex?

Alex: The only way to the North Pole from here is through the Frozen Forest of Fear.

(Upon hearing this, the Official and Junior Danger Rangers scream in shock and Leroy and Charlie cover their mouths in disbelief.)

Kitty: The Frozen Forest of Fear?

Humpty: It is the most haunted and scariest forest in all of our country.

Blake: It got its name from scaring us Snow Friends away!

Steve: It's only way you're gonna get to the North Pole from here!

Winter: I could take you there but I'm afraid of what might happen to you there.

Leroy: Well, could you tell us what dangers we'll have to face there?

Winter: (To Leroy) I am happy to but be warned, it might shock you. (To the pups) Mickey, Ricky, Dawn, could blow out the torches?

Talya: I'll use Burt's hovercam to record Winter's speech.

(She then does so and the arctic fox pups blow out the torches as Winter begins his speech.)

Winter: Deep in the forest, you'll find scary faces on the trees, there lives a pack of violent predator snow wolves and dangerous attacking owls and worst of all, a snow monster lives there in a very huge cave.

(Hearing the word, "monster" then gives Bradley a thought.)

Bradley: Hey, my sister and I remember the time when we slew a monster once.

Leroy: Bradley, do we really have to talk about that?

Bradley: If it's something involving the word, "monster."

Kitty: I'll take that an "I guess."

Leroy: Yeah, I think so too.

Bradley: You see, when we first met Leroy, I thought he was really a monkey but as time went on it turns out he is really a boy, a very cool boy. Sooner or later, we became quick friends with him.

Leroy: And they let me stay in their house and even helped out with finding the Danger Rangers and defeating Jeff, who was a lawnmower guy that used to work for my parents.

Beth: And that monster that we slew was an electrical monster called a "Giga-creature."

Bradley: His name was Zorn.

Sully: Those cute, little wolf pups had slain Zorn with their very and very favorite rubber balls.

(He shows the wolf pups' rubber balls that killed Zorn to Winter.)

Winter: (Impressed) Hmmm, interesting.

Charlie: (Confused) Wait, Zorn was an electrical monster called a "Giga-creature?" I thought Zorn was a giant robot you fought with the help of Junior Danger Warrior.

Leroy: (Laughs) Charlie, there is more to Zorn than you heard, my friend.

Sully: Yeah, but we'll explain more of that later.

Leroy: Anyways, we gotta get through that snowy forest so we can get to the North Pole.

Winter: My favorite Snow Friends will lead you to the North Pole.

Sully: (To Winter) Great idea. (To the team) Come on, guys!

(The team then exits Winter's village with his favorite Snow Friends and the pups.)

All: Safety rules!

Burble: (VO) So all of us went off into the Frozen Forest of Fear in order to get to the North Pole.

Winter: (Waving) Good luck! Tell Santa I said hi!

Sully: We will!

Kitty: (Notices) Wait, what is that?

(The team then see a note attached to an arrow on the tree.)

Gabriela: What does it say?

(Burble takes the note off the arrow and begins to read it.)

Burble: (Reading) "You're gonna be sorry!"

(This leaves the team scared.)

Burble: (Reading) "The Frozen Forest of Fear. Half a mile."

(The team then gets more scared as Burble reads the last sentence.)

Burble: (Reading) "Not too late to turn back!"

Leroy: (Scared) Well, it looks like it's time to face our fear and go deeper into the forest!

Burble: You're right, Leroy. (Notices) Wait, there's something else on this note.

(He looks at the small bit of text closely.)

Burble: (Reading) "The Frozen Forest of Fear. Enter at your own risk! But you're crazy if you do!"

Charlie: What does this idiot who made that note know?

Bradley: This idiot doesn't know that all monsters have a weakness.

Beth: Well said, Bro.

Leroy: Well, we're still gonna have to go through this forest. After all, everyone in your world is counting on us to set Christmas right.

Kitty: You're right, Leroy, we gotta keep moving.

Sully: And you're right too, Bradley, all monsters have a weakness.

Leroy: So I'm guessing that all we have to do is find a weakness for this creature.

Burt: Maybe his weakness is watching "Bill & Ted Face the Music."

Charlie: Maybe not, it's gotta be a more dangerous weakness then that.

Kitty: Watching "Reading Rainbow?"

Leroy: No, 'cause I don't think watching movies or TV shows is really his weakness.

Squeeky: Probably his own stupidity.

Leroy: It could be.

Sully: Then, we'll have to find out. Come on, everyone.

Burble: (VO) So we started to continue our journey. It was going to be one big journey for us.

(The team then stops at the entrance of the Frozen Forest of Fear.)

Sully: Well, this is it. Is everybody ready?

Burble: Humpty?

Humpty: Ready!

Kitty: Alex?

Alex: Set!

Sully: Blake?

Blake: You bet!

Kitty: Steve?

Steve: Okay! And so is Greg!

Gabriela: Mickey?

Mickey: All present and accountant for!

Squeeky: Ricky?

Ricky: Ricky here, present and full of excitement!

Burt: Dawn?

Dawn: Dawn here with cuteness and ready to roll out!

Kitty: Leroy?

Leroy: All present and correct, kitty cat!

Sully: Charlie?

Charlie: All ready to rock and roll!

Squeeky: Junior Danger Rangers?

Junior Danger Rangers: Safety rules!

Burt: What about you, Fallbot?

Fallbot: Guess so.

Sully: Alright, everyone, let's rock!

(The team then goes into the Frozen Forest Of Fear.)

Burble: (VO) We then ventured forward into the forest 'cause tonight, we were going to save Christmas because we're a team, we work together, fight together and rescue together! And usually teach folks about safety together too!

Kitty: Alright, everyone, just stay close together and don't get lost.

Leroy: Roger that, Kitty.

Bradley: Oh, and don't forget about the weakness we need to find for that monster.

Leroy: That is right, Bradley, not to mention we need a plan on how we can deal with this monster.

(The gang continues into the forest as they see scary faces on the trees and angry snow wolves and owls just staring at them.)

Charlie: Actually, this isn't that bad. I thought it would be much worse.

(Greg then notices her reflection on a reflecting ice stand and she freaks out.)

Alex: Don't be scared, Greg, it's only your reflection.

(Just then, a strange noise starts to scare the gang.)

Bradley: (Scared) What was that, guys?

Leroy: (Scared) I don't know but it could be from anywhere in this forest.

Mateo: (Scared) Don't move! I'm sorry to say, (Points) I think we've just met the snow monster that Winter was talking about!

(The monster stands right behind the gang with an angry expression and roars at them.)

Burble: (VO) Well, Junior Danger Ranger Mateo was indeed right, we were standing in front of a monster and boy, was he mad.

Humpty: Let's slide!

(The gang runs from the monster with him scratching his head in confusion.)

Monster: Hm?

Burble: (VO) "Where are they going?" thought the snow monster.

(The monster then begins to chase the gang.)

Lucky: Oh no, guys, he's gaining on us!

Bradley: Let's just keep running and hope that his weakness is own stupidity!

(The snow monster chases the team around the Frozen Forest of Fear in an allusion to a famous "Scooby-Doo" chase scene. During the chase, the snow monster does some ice skating tricks.)

Kitty: (Almost out of breath) Boy, he's a really fast runner, is he?

Sully: Just keep running, Kitty, I think he's tiring himself out!

(The team then stops for a moment after losing the snow monster. They and the snow monster bump into each other while backing up and look behind them. The snow monster roars at the team, scaring them. The team continues running.)

Burble: Are we almost there?!

Kitty: I don't know, Burble, but hopefully we will soon!

Leroy: (Notices) Over there, looks like the way out!

Sully: I think it is, Leroy, we should be heading north soon!

Burble: (VO) So we were about to race to the North Pole, far away from that monster.

(The team stops near a steep hill, which is near a ravine.)

Burble: (VO) Only to find out that now we couldn't stomp outta this one any longer.

Squeeky: Dead end.

Steve: Oh no, we're trapped! What do we do now?

Fallbot: Too bad we can't jump that far.

Burble: (VO) But Burt had an idea.

Burt: I think I have something that might help us, guys, it's in my shell compartment.

(Burt takes out a small cube from his shell compartment, puts it down on the ground and it becomes a toboggan.)

Burble: (Impressed) Wow, that is a great machine, Burt.

Burt: Thanks, I made it myself.

Snow Friends: (Impressed) Wow, cool!

Burt: It's a State-Of-The-Art-Fits-Anything-Underwater-And-Can-Fly-Toboggan.

Kitty: Phew, talk about a mouthful.

(The gang then sees the snow monster coming out of the exit.)

Gabriela: Come on, everybody, hop on and hold tight.

Leroy: Copy that, G.B.! Go, go, go!

(The Snow Friends, Arctic Foxes, Junior Danger Rangers, Leroy, Charlie and Fallbot hop on the toboggan and put on their helmets.)

Burt: There isn't a monster we know who can catch the S-O-T-A-F-A-U-A-C-F-Toboggan. (Puts on his helmet with the rest of the Rangers)

Burble: If you say so, now let's get outta here and head straight to the North Pole!

Sully: (To Burble) Copy that, Burble. (To the Official Danger Rangers) Alright, Rangers, let's start by pushing this babe!

Squeeky: G.B. and I will push the back of the legs!

Kitty: (Pushing the toboggan with the others) Here we go!

(The monster stomps where the team was and roars.)

Lucky: (Scared) Oh man, hurry up, guys, he's gaining on us!

(Sully, Kitty, Burble, Squeeky, Burt and Gabriela jump onto the toboggan and the monster jumps on his belly-side to slide.)

Burble: Looks like he can slide after us as well!

Leroy: Don't worry, Burble, as long as we go faster than him we might be able to escape!

Burble: Okay, Leroy!

Burt: Everybody, lean forward!

(The toboggan carrying the team jumps off the ramp-shaped edge and flies over the ravine.)

Kitty: (Overjoyed) Yee-haw!

Leroy: (Overjoyed) This is like riding a roller coaster!

Burt: (Notices three guillemots) Are those penguins?

Burble: Actually, Burt, those are guillemots and I think they wanna watch our ride.

(The toboggan carrying the team lands on the other side of the ravine and the guillemots watch this.)

Guillemots: (Cheering) Woohoo!

(The team riding the toboggan cheers.)

Leroy: Hope you are enjoying the ride, especially you, kitty cat!

Charlie: And you too, Uncle Burble!

Kitty: I sure am, little monkey.

Burble: Thanks, Charlie!

(The guillemots give the gang a "10." Bell rings are heard in the background.)

Burt: (Smiles) Hey, guys, I think they like it!

Fallbot: (Notices) Hang on, I gotta check this out.

(He uses his periscope to look at the monster behind them. Cut to the monster still sliding after them. He jumps off the edge but doesn't reach the other side.)

Monster: Huh?

(The monster tries to fly but fails and waves us goodbye.)

Burble: (VO) "That's all, folks," thought the monster. And guess what happened next?

(The monster falls into the ravine with the guillemots watching this over the edge.)

Monster: (Screaming) AAAAHHHH!!

(The monster falls into the frozen water, making a hole in the exact shape of him.)

Guillemots: Boo.

(They give the monster a "1," "3" and "0" respectively. Car horn honks are heard in the background. The guillemots and their fellow species members do some frozen pond activities on the hole.)

Burble: (VO) And that proved Squeeky's opinion that the monster's weakness is his own stupidity correct.

(Cut to the gang still on the toboggan.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, we were almost there to save Christmas.

Sully: Alright, gang, be sure to be on the lookout for a candy cane pole!

Burble: Well, then, let's hurry, it's getting a little cramped in here!

Charlie: You got it, Uncle Burble.

Burt: You were right, Squeeky, his weakness is his own stupidity.

Squeeky: Yeah, I just thought it was a guess but it looks like it is true.

Burble: Hang on tight, everyone, we're going to the North Pole in 12 seconds flat!

(Leroy then notices a candy cane pole just across the area.)

Leroy: Look, I think I can see the North Pole over there!

Burt: (To Leroy) Good one, Leroy. (To the team) Fasten your seat belts, everyone, this is gonna be a crash landing!

(The tabogga then continues to speed off with the team on it.)

Kitty: Santa's place must be somewhere around here.

Burt: Guys, look!

(The team then see Santa's place just across from them.)

Kitty: There it is! We gotta go over there!

Alex: But where are the brakes?

Burt: They could be around here somewhere!

Squeeky: Look out! Here we come!

(Meanwhile, Santa is still waiting at the main entrance when he then hears something.)

Santa: Huh? What's all that commotion out there?

(He walks out the main entrance, looks around and sees the team on the toboggan as they collide into him and get sent flying into a snow pile. Santa grunts as he lifts the toboggan off of him.)

Burble: (VO) We've finally caught up with Santa and with four hours to spare.

(Sully then sticks his head out of the snow as the others do as well and he then notices Santa.)

Sully: (Points) Look, gang, it's him! It's Santa!

Santa: (Surprised) Why, it's the Danger Rangers, Sully, Kitty, Burble, Squeeky, Burt and Gabriela and their robot buddy, Fallbot and their artificial intelligence, SAVO and the Junior Danger Rangers, Phillip, Alro, Bradley, Beth, Kevin Masker, Angela, Matt, Talya Mendoza, Derek, Nora, Mateo, Lucky Curl, Ben, Sam, Sarah, Ricky Masker, Harry Hopper, George Whiskers, Annie Barker, KC, Noah and a bunch of others and Leroy Jerry Houser-McCoy and Charles M Richardson and Mickey, Ricky and Dawn and Winter's favorite Snow Friends, Blake, Alex, Humpty, Steve and (chuckles) Greg.

(This leaves the team suprised. Greg claps her hands.)

All: Wow!

Steve: He really does know everybody's name!

Leroy: That's one of his greatest things, Steve.

Santa: I'm guessing you came here to save Christmas right?

Sully: That is correct, Saint Nicholas.

Santa: Great, 'cause I can tell we need your help.

(Then, Ring-Ring-Ring comes up to the team.)

Ring-Ring-Ring: Bad news, sir!

Santa: What is it, Ring-Ring-Ring?

Ring-Ring-Ring: That huge snowstorm is becoming more powerful!

Leroy: (Shocked) But how could that happen!?

Sully: (Shocked) I don't know, Leroy, but as we know, we must not let that destroy Christmas!

(Ring-Ring-Ring then notices the team.)

Ring-Ring-Ring: Hey, were you guys that someone some of my fellow elves saw in the snowy valley?

Burble: How so?

Ring-Ring-Ring: Well, you see, while we were working a while ago, we found a strange figure outside in our snowy valley but we didn't know who it was.

Kitty: Was that strange figure in a tree?

Ring-Ring-Ring: Quite possibly but the strange figure was all black and blurry so we didn't know if he was in a tree.

Sully: Could you show us the picture of the strange figure?

Ring-Ring-Ring: Sure, I can because luckily, I took a picture of the strange figure.

(He shows the team the picture he took of the strange figure.)

Ring-Ring-Ring: This what the figure looked like when we first saw him.

Leroy: (To Ring-Ring-Ring) Okay then. (To SAVO) SAVO, can you scan this picture of the strange figure one of Santa's elves took?

SAVO: Sure, Leroy.

(SAVO then scans the picture.)

SAVO: Well, what do you know! According to my scanning, the strange figure was us in that tree.

Kitty: I knew it!

Ring-Ring-Ring: (Realizes) Oh, I see.

Kitty: I guess the tree was too far away for you to see it clearly.

Ring-Ring-Ring: Guess so.

(He then takes out a small radio from his pocket and activates it. Meanwhile, in the factory...)

Ring-Ring-Ring: (Speaking over the intercom) Everyone, I've figured out who that strange figure we saw in the snowy valley was!

Ringing-Until-The-Dawn: Really? Who was it?

Ring-Ring-Ring: (Speaking over the intercom) It was the Danger Rangers!

(The elves then gasp.)

Jingle: No way! That is so cool!

Bells-On-Bop-Town-Ring: They must have came here to save Christmas!

Jingle-Bell-Rock: I think you're right, Bells-On-Bop-Town-Ring!

Jingle: Then, let's go and meet them, everyone!

Ringaling: Not so fast, everyone, we've got work to do! (Calmly) But since they're here, they'll come in and we'll all be able to meet them.

(Meanwhile outside.)

Ringaling: (Speaking over the intercom) Boss, could you have them come inside the factory so we can meet them?

Santa: (To Ringaling) Sure thing, Ringaling. (To the team) Come inside and get warm. By the way, Danger Rangers, those are some beautiful watches you all have there. They would make a wonderful toy.

Sully: Sorry, Santa, but according to Danger Ranger rules, the SAVO watches are a one of a kind.

(He shows Santa the underside of his SAVO watch which reads "Copyright of the Danger Rangers." They all laugh.)

Santa: Well, I can see you've now made your point but still come inside so you can warm yourselves up.

Fallbot: But wouldn't the Snow Friends literally melt?

Snow Friends: Not at all.

Humpty: That should explain the "half human people" part.

(The team then enters into Santa's workshop.)

Burble: (VO) When we went into Santa's workshop, it was the most beautiful thing we have ever seen.

Santa: Welcome to my home!

All: (In awe) Wow!

Gabriela: (In awe) Guau, everything a kid literal and at heart could ever dream of.

Santa: Well, that is my workshop for you, my friends.

(Talya then looks around the place in total awe.)

Talya: (In awe) A state of the art play center!

Kitty: (In awe) I've never seen anything like this before.

Santa: Yep, we've got all the latest games. Our elves test every game personally. A little too much sometimes.

(Santa then shows them to another room.)

Santa: And over there we have our very own sports complex.

(He then points to some elves testing the equipment.)

Santa: As you can see, the younger elves are very conscientious about testing the equipment, especially the skateboards.

I-Like-To-Jingle: This skateboard seems to work good.

Ding-Dong-Bing-Bong: Then that's the skateboard all ready to go, I-Like-To-Jingle.

I-Like-To-Jingle: Good to know.

Fallbot: (Confused) Why do the elves have such weird names?

Santa: Well, it's because their names represent the music of bells, young Fallbot, they have these names to remind people of the most beautiful sound in the world.

Burble: (VO) And he was right, those names of the elves were right interpretations of bell ringing sounds. And the tour continues.

(Santa then shows a conveyor belt carrying 50 toys.)

Santa: And this is our toy assembly line. The biggest and best in the world.

Leroy: (Impressed) Unreal! This is so cool!

Kitty: Pretty impressive, sir.

Santa: Thank you, Ranger Kitty.

(Ringaling then comes up to the team.)

Ringaling: Oh, and one more thing, Danger Rangers, as you can see, we are currently making a batch of extras for every good individual that's trying to keep warm.

Leroy: Well, that's good to hear.

Ringaling: And we also have the idea of making a toy of your giant robot since it does look very amazing.

Burt: (Chuckles) Sorry, Ringaling, but like our SAVO watches, according to Danger Ranger rules, Junior Danger Warrior is a one of a kind fighter.

Ringaling: Oh alright then it was just a suggestion.

Santa: Anyways, of course, once the toys are finished we have to get them to the children.

(Santa then takes the team to a room filled with computers and a huge electronic map of the whole globe.)

Santa: Which brings us to our Weather and Navigation Control Room.

Fallbot: (In awe) Amazing, directions on how to get to the home of every kid in the world!

Charlie: (In awe) Very cool!

Santa: (Chuckles) Yes.

Kitty: (In awe) So, this is where the elves navigate you through the night?

Santa: (To Kitty) Yep, that's true, Kitty. (To everyone) And from here, we can also survey the weather from every part of the world. And I'm sure you're all aware of the weather problems we're facing this Christmas. I've never seen a storm like this in all my days.

(The team then sees the storm on the screen.)

Sully: (Smiles) That's why we're here, Santa, to try to help you figure out how to get out of this mess.

Santa: (Smiles) Then, I'd like to thank you for coming to help us, Danger Rangers. We sure could use some help around here but I don't see how you can. Take a look at the information coming back from our satellite circling the planet.

(Cut to the satellite up in space.)

Santa: (Off-screen) We've launched the Santa Weather Satellite in 2006. It's been very reliable ever since.

(Cut back to inside the workshop.)

Santa: So as you can see, the weather situation looks hopeless.

(Zingle then comes up to the team.)

Zingle: Here's the information you asked for, Santa. The weather is building up but we still can't figure out why or where the snowstorm is originating from. If we knew that, maybe we could do something about it.

Burble: (VO) Just then, SAVO had an idea.

SAVO: Hm, maybe if I could link myself to the satellite, maybe I could scan the earth to find out what's causing this snowstorm.

Sully: (To SAVO) Good idea, SAVO. (To everyone) Who wants to use their SAVO watch and have him do so?

Lucky: (To Sully) I'll do so, Sully. (To Santa) Santa, do you mind if I have SAVO make some modifications to your weather forecasting apparatus?

Santa: I don't mind, go right ahead, my friend, if you think it'll help.

Sully: Don't worry, Santa, SAVO will try and link himself in.

(Just as SAVO is about to link himself, the computer reads "You have mail.")

SAVO: Oh, I wonder who's emailing the team?

Squeeky: (Annoyed) SLAVO!

SAVO: (Embarrassed) Okay, okay, I'll read it later! (With normal expression) But there's still no reason to call me that, it's "SAVO."

(SAVO then plugs himself into the satellite. The computer reads "Loading..." and then "Locating...")

SAVO: Almost got it.

(He then finishes scanning the earth. The computers reads "Scan Completed.")

SAVO: With some basic trigometric equations, Santa, I've reprogrammed your system to locate the source of these disastrous weather conditions. Of course, your computer is much slower than ours but it should function adequately for our purposes.

Santa: Well, I am still working on looking for a faster computer, wise SAVO.

Burble: (VO) So then, SAVO went straight to work scanning the earth.

(Santa then codes the combination into his computer as SAVO begins scanning the earth.)

SAVO: Looks like it's getting closer...

(He keeps scanning.)

SAVO: Closer...

(He keeps scanning.)

SAVO: Closer...

(He keeps scanning.)

SAVO: Still closer...

(He keeps scanning.)

SAVO: Almost there, Santa.

(After scanning, SAVO sees something wildly different.)

Santa: (Surprised) My goodness, it's coming from Massachusetts, in Boston! But where in Boston exactly?

SAVO: I might need a closer look.

Santa: You got it.

(Santa then codes the combination into his computer as SAVO begins zooming in.)

SAVO: Closer...

(SAVO then zooms in.)

Burble: (VO) And then, we noticed what was causing this ruckus.

Kevin: Hey, I've seen that warehouse. But I thought nobody occupies that place anymore.

SAVO: You're right, Kevin. This warehouse was abandoned for nine months until now. And I think I know who's in there. The warehouse's current occupants are a team-up of some of our old foes.

Charlie: Who are they?

SAVO: I'll give three clues. One for each occupant. Occupant number 1 rigged the playground equipment to power his machine and captured Rangers Burt, Burble, Kitty, the little rodent and even Team Leader Sully. Occupant number 2 used to work with Ranger Kitty and starting using a Rancinator for money. And occupant number 3 used to be neighbors with Ranger Burble until he left to his dangerous ways.

(The team then gasps in shock.)

Burble: (VO) It was then that we finally knew who they were.

Leroy: You don't think that's a team-up of...

Sully: Quentin V. Manderbill!

Kitty: Henri Ennui!

Burble: And Rusty Ringtail!

Danger Rangers: We should've known!

Leroy: Those guys again!? Oh no!

Kevin: You're right, Sully, Kitty and Burble. It appears that duck who captured the Rangers...,

Derek: My favorite Danger Ranger's original co-worker...

Lucky: And that raccoon our fellow Junior Danger Rangers, KC and Noah's cousins Kate and Timmy saw, who also happens to be the one Mom, Dad and I saw when we were in New York City, are all up to no good again.

(Burble then turns to Santa.)

Burble: Santa, I think we've solved the problem.

Santa: You do?

Kitty: Yep, it isn't bad weather that's causing the snowstorm, rather, it's our enemies that's causing it!

Santa: (Gasps) Oh no!

Leroy: Oh yes, and we gotta find a way to stop them!

Santa: You're right but we're gonna need a plan.

(Sully then has an idea.)

Sully: I got it! Here's what we need to do.

Burble: (VO) So Sully brought us, Santa and the elves around so that we can listen to his plan to get our villains.

(Cut back to the old warehouse.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, our enemies were having a little victory meeting, unaware that something was about to happen.

(Cut to inside the warehouse, where the villains are having a meeting.)

Quentin: Snarf, Chilli, listen up, in a very short time, Christmas will be over!

Henri: And no one will have gotten any presents from Santa Claus!

Rusty: That's right, and it is a very good plan, if I do say so myself.

Quentin: I bet we would be the next Burgermeister Meisterburger's for sure!

Rusty: (To both) And those loser Danger Rangers won't be able to save it now, not even my ex-neighbor, Burble! (To Henri) Or your ex-co-worker, who that monkey boy calls "kitty cat." You know, Henri, I'm just glad you and Mr. Manderbill--I mean, Quentin at least got me to help on your plan, since you and I have a backstory with at least one Danger Ranger in common.

Henri: Oui, zat is true, Rusty, and now, nothing can stop us from spoiling Christmas!

Quentin: That's right, no one can stop us now!

(Henri then gets an idea.)

Henri: Say, why don't we get some exercise?

Quentin: (Agreeing) Good idea, I do need a good workout after a successful plan.

(Cut to Henri using the treadmill, Quentin lifting weights and Rusty using the punching bag while the song, "They Don't Care About Us" by Michael Jackson plays in the background.)

Michael Jackson off-screen: Skin head, dead head, everybody gone bad, Situation, aggravation, everybody, allegation, In the suit, on the news, everybody, dog food, Bang bang, shot dead, everybody's gone mad, All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us, All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us, Beat me, hate me, you can never break me, Will me, thrill me, you can never kill me, Jew me, sue me, everybody do me, Kick me, kike me, don't you black or white me, All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us, All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us!

Henri: Chilli, can you turn this up a little faster?

(Chilli turns the dial on the treadmill so fast, he accidentally launches Henri off the treadmill, making him collide into Quentin and sending them flying out window.)

Henri: (Annoyed) Not too fast, you numskull!

Chilli: (Embarassed) Oops.

(Henri and Quentin fly into the frozen pond. Rusty, Snarf and Chilli pull the other two villains, now frozen in a block of ice, with a rope back inside.)

Chilli: Maybe you should have told me a specific speed you need, don't you think, Henri?

Rusty: (Annoyed) Just get them outta that block of ice, you idiot!

Quentin: (Frozen) Nevertheless, no one can stop us now!

Burble: (VO) But little did they know that something was coming to stop them.

(Cut back to the North Pole.)

Burble: (VO) Because now that we have our leader, Sully's plan, all that was left for us to do was to get the plan to work. Hey, Maestro, use that guitar to play our song, "Be Prepared."

(The Junior Rangers are helping Santa push the sleigh into the runway as the guitar instrumental version of the Danger Rangers' song, "Be Prepared" plays in the background.)

Santa: (To everyone) We need to get the runway cleared. (To Burt) Ranger Burt, do you have any invention that could help out?

Burt: Certainly, Santa, (Pulls out a plug-in snow blow-dryer) with this babe, I can clear the runway so we can get this sleigh ready for flying. All I need is someone to make it work.

(Zipity-Do-Da then comes up to Burt)

Zipity-Do-Da: I'll do that, Ranger Burt.

(He takes the plug and plugs it into an outlet.)

Zipity-Do-Da: Alright, Ranger Burt, it's all ready to go!

Burt: Roger that!

(Burt then activates the machine that blows an enormous heatwave, getting the snow covering the runway off of it. The elves cheer.)

Santa: Amazing, now we can finally get everything ready.

Burt: Okay, guys, take it from here.

Bingle-Bangle-Bongle-Pow: We certainly will, Ranger Burt, we certainly will.

(The elves place runway cones across the runway and use leaf blowers to blow the remaining snow off.)

Zipity-Do-Da: The reindeer are ready for your orders, sir.

Santa: (To Zipity-Do-Da) Very good, Zipity-Do-Da. (To the Danger Rangers) Good work, young Danger Rangers, we got the sleigh out and the runway clear but that still doesn't solve the problem with my reindeer not being able to see in this blinding snow, not even Rudolph's nose could help out.

Rudolph: That is true, Santa sir, besides, my nose needs a little bit more rest.

Derek: We can take care of that problem, Santa.

Leroy: (Takes out a pair of sunglasses) Behold. The laser-refracting-night-vision-binoculars.

(The Junior Danger Rangers, Leroy, Charlie and Fallbot them go to the reindeer.)

Beth: One pair for Rudolph.

(She gives them to Rudolph.)

Leroy: One pair for Dasher.

(He gives them to Dasher.)

Talya: One pair for Prancer.

(She gives them to Prancer.)

Fallbot: One pair for Vixen.

(He gives them to Vixen.)

Alro: One pair for Comet.

(He gives them to Comet.)

Bradley: One pair for Dancer.

(He gives them to Dancer.)

Charlie: One pair for Blitzen.

(He gives them to Blitzen.)

Kevin: One pair for Donner.

(He gives them to Donner.)

Derek: And one pair for Cupid.

(He gives them to Cupid.)

Leroy: And the special part is they have special guiding video advice from the crocodile hunter himself, Steve Irwin.

Beth: And they look so cute too!

(The windshield wipers work on the sunglasses.)

Comet: Simply smashing!

Cupid: I can see everything now!

Leroy: Yep, and now, for the video.

(Leroy takes out a controller and presses the green button on it, which activates a video on the reindeer's sunglasses which shows Steve Irwin (in animal form as a dingo) standing in front of a snowy valley.)

Steve Irwin: (In the video) G'day, I'm Steve Irwin, you might know me as the crocodile hunter. And today, I'm going to guide you through the basis on how to get this sleigh into the sky.

Rudolph: This better be good.

Steve Irwin: (In the video) Alright, first off, you have to lift your front hooves up and down six times. That way it could put more lightness into your flight.

Burble: (VO) The reindeer followed Steve's instructions via video feed and soon, very soon, they were ready to fly.

Leroy: Pretty cool video, huh?

Comet: (To Leroy) It definitely is. (To Santa) I think we're ready, Santa sir.

Santa: (To Comet) Very good. (To the team) Well, this is it! Looks like the kids might get their presents after all!

(The team cheers.)

Santa: One sack of presents before the snowstorm started and one sack of extras for every good person trying to keep warm.

Zip-And-Zap: You got it, sir.

Lucky: I'll notify Mr. Harry about the snowstorm and that we are going good.

(Cut to Harry and Mr. Curl in the market.)

Burble: (VO) Meanwhile, Harry and Mr. Curl were in the market during this heavy storm.

Mr. Curl: Thanks for getting me to the market, Harry.

Harry: Anytime, Mr. Curl.

(Just then, Harry gets a message on his SAVO watch from Lucky.)

Harry: Oh, that must be your son, Lucky.

(He answers it.)

Lucky: Mr. Harry, we figured out who started this snowstorm! It's a few of the Danger Rangers' enemies, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui and Rusty Ringtail!

Harry: (Shocked) I can't believe it, those guys are still up to their old tricks! First joining forces with Jeff to conquer Leroy's world and now this!

Lucky: Don't worry, Mr. Harry, we already helped Santa with getting ready for Christmas and now we're on our way back to stop those no good crooks.

Mr. Curl: (Smiles) That's my boy.

Harry: Yep, special Junior Danger Ranger he is.

Lucky: (To Harry) Oh, and one more thing, Merry Christmas. (To Mr. Curl) And Merry Christmas, Dad.

(Cut back to the North Pole, where the elves are chanting "Safety rules!")

Kitty: (Laughing) Looks like they won't stop chanting our catchphrase.

Sully: I think so too, Kitty, now that Santa's ready, we need some way to get us to Boston and destroy that snow machine.

Santa: (To Sully) Well, how about you come with me? (To the team) Come on, Snow Friends, Mickey, Ricky, Dawn, everyone, hop in, you're in for the ride of your lives.

(Everyone then agrees as they jump into the sleigh.)

Kitty: Let's go, everyone!

Zip-And-Zap: Control tower to Santa, you're clear for takeoff, Santa, taxi to runway one.

Santa: Okay, good to go.

(The marshalling baton elf, Ring-Ring-And-Start-Again guides the sleigh so it could fly safely.)

Santa: (To the team) Hold on, everyone, this is it! (To the reindeer) Now, Dasher, now, Dancer, now, Prancer and Vixen and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen and you too, Rudolph!

Sully: (Calling and waving) Thanks, everybody, we couldn't have done it without you!

Mrs. Claus and the elves: (Waving) The pleasure is all ours!

(Santa and the gang then zoom off into the sky as the elves and Mrs. Claus cheer in excitement.)

Burble: (VO) We had many top nights but this was the most top, we were on our way to save Christmas!

Charlie: This is the most awesome ride ever!

Leroy: This is like riding an invisible track roller coaster!

Kevin: Hey, I can see my house from here!

(Charlie looks at Kevin's house.)

Charlie: Wow, Kevin, your house is very awesome!

Santa: I don't know how long I can fly the sleigh in this weather.

SAVO: Don't worry, Santa, we should be able to rectify that problem shortly.

Kitty: The warehouse where Henri, Manderbill and Rusty are is right down there, Santa.

Burt: Got your X-ray goggles, Squeeky?

Squeeky: Always.

(He puts on his goggles and looks at the warehouse.)

Squeeky: It looks like Snarf and Chilli are guarding the door.

Sully: Okay, guys, we gotta distract them.

Santa: Take her down, Donner, easy, Cupid, that's it.

(The sleigh then gently lands on the ground.)

Comet: I say that was a jolly good landing, Santa sir.

(The Official and Junior Danger Rangers, Leroy and Charlie jump out of the sleigh.)

Sully: This is good, Santa.

Squeeky: Yeah, we'll take it from here.

Kitty: Ready, little monkey?

Leroy: Ready, kitty cat!

Burble: How about you, Charlie?

Charlie: I'm always ready, Uncle Burble!

Burt: Fallbot?

Fallbot: I'm always ready, Burt.

Gabriela: And Junior Danger Rangers?

Junior Danger Rangers: All present and accounted for!

Santa: Okay, good luck.

Burble: Oh, and Winter said "Hi."

Santa: (To Burble) Ho, ho, ho, thank you, young Ranger Burble. (To his reindeer) Up and away, Blitzen, steady she goes Prancer.

(Santa and his reindeer with the Snow Friends and arctic fox pups then fly off to deliver the gifts with the team watching them.)

Burt: Now, guys, I have a way to distract Chilli and Snarf.

(He sets the instant food mix on snowy ground and uses his water dropper to pour water on the mix, changing it into cheese and steak.)

Leroy: (Nods) (To Burt) Good thinking, Burt, now let's get them closer to those two, maybe it'll distract them while we get inside. (To Squeeky) Squeeky, go and put these foods at the front of the door.

Squeeky: (Taking the food) Roger that, Leroy.

(Squeeky goes to the door, puts the food down in front of the door, knocks on the door then runs away. Snarf opens the window in the door.)

Snarf: Okay, whoever's out there, what's the password? (Notices the cheese and steak on the snowy ground) Hey, Chilli, someone left something for us!

(Chilli comes up to the window and sees the instant cheese and steak mixes.)

Chilli: Look, Snarf, instant steak and cheese mixes!

Snarf: And a water dropper for us to use so we can feast on the cheese and steak!

(Burble casts the instant mixes and the water dropper with a fishing pole to get Snarf and Chilli away from the door.)

Charlie: (Whispers) Good cast, Uncle Burble!

(They quietly sneak past Snarf and Chilli then race into where Quentin, Henri and Rusty.)

Kitty: (Points) There they are!

Sully: Alright, Henri, Manderbill, Rusty, the jig is up!

Quentin: (Looks behind him) What!?

Rusty: (Looks behind him) Huh!?

Henri: (Looks behind him) Pardon!?

Leroy: Yes, you scrooges, Santa made it through, despite your cold endeavors!

Quentin, Henri and Rusty: (Shocked) Danger Rangers!? Junior Danger Rangers!? Leroy!?

Charlie: Yes, it is!

Quentin: But how were you able to find!?

Henri: How did you help Santa keep Christmas alive!?

Rusty: And who is that little polar bear that looks like Burble!?

Charlie: My name is Charlie and that's 'cause I'm the nephew of Uncle Burble's voice actor, you idiot!

Rusty: (Shocked) "Uncle!?"

Burble: That's right!

Sully: If you haven't noticed by now, you wiseguys, we are pretty famous in media.

Henri: If I didn't know better, I'd swear zat explains why zose idiots had zat poster up in ze first place.

Burt: Exactly!

Leroy: And look out the window!

(Out the window, Henri, Quentin and Rusty see Snarf and Chilli eating the cheese and steak mixes.)

Rusty: (Shocked) Oh, why those little idiots! Why do they always fail in our plans!?

Leroy: Somebody better start talking right now!

Charlie: Yeah, why are you creating this snowstorm with that machine?

Burble: And where are your Christmas spirits!?

Quentin: (Laughs evilly) We don't have them, we only have our plans!

Henri: To ruin Christmas, of course, so people would now know how we were during our young years!

Quentin: That was way before I won the Nobel prize at the age of 10.

Henri: It's time you've understood ze torment we went zrough every year zis time!

Quentin: Yeah, all through our childhood until this very day!

Kitty: What are you talking about!?

Henri: Let us explain.

(Cut to Henri and Quentin's flashbacks.)

Burble: (VO) Manderbill and Henri confessed to us that even as kids, they were misunderstood and that no one ever appreciated them. Let's just take Henri's flashback for example.

(In his flashback, Henri looks at the people celebrating Christmas out his bedroom window.)

Henri in flashback: I was never included in any Christmas festivities!

Burble: (VO) "Did the other kids let us play with them in the snow? No!" said Henri. "Did they ever ask us to go to Christmas caroling? No!" said Manderbill. "Did we ever get toys for Christmas? No!" said Henri.

(Henri in his flashback reads a book titled "The ABC's of Mischief Making.")

Henri in flashback: So I was a little mischievous!

Burble: (VO) "Does that mean we couldn't get bicycles, wagons, puppies?" asked Manderbill. And they told us that all they got was coal.

(The flashbacks end.)

Quentin: It was torture to Henri and me and we were angered about it!

Henri: It definitely was!

Rusty: And you may know a lot about me, Burble, but there are things you didn't know about those two imbeciles, Snarf and Chilli, you and the team were able to distract!

Burble: What are you talking about, Rusty?

Rusty: Those two knuckleheads you distracted have totally related to Henri and Mr. Manderbill--I mean, Quentin's past!

Leroy: (Surprised) Really?

Henri: Oui.

Rusty: You see, Danger Rangers, Snarf is much of a Hanukkah rat and what he gets every Christmas are eight candles, each with a different and pretty good smell, a dreidel and a new pair of slacks.

Kitty: (Surprised) You mean he's Jewish?

Henri: Oui.

Quentin: And Chilli is much of a Kwanzaa wolf and every Christmas, he gets only one small present like a scarf.

Charlie: (Surprised) No way!

Henri: Oui, what Snarf and Chilli get may not be as bad as what we got.

Quentin: But the joke was on those fools from our young years when we discovered how to turn coal into...

Kevin: Diamonds, Mr. Manderbill?

Quentin: Please, Mr. Manderbill is--

Sully: We know, your father.

Quentin: And no, cubic zirconium!

Henri: But zat's just anozer story.

Quentin: Now, Henri and I have succeeded in making everyone else as miserable as we've been all these years with our own little band of festive frivolity!

Henri: Oui, zis year is ze year that we force everyone to cancel Christmas so they will finally feel how we felt and if you zink you're gonna stop us, you are much mistaken!

Sully: Well, the last laugh is on you, you scrooges, you're the ones who are much mistaken and above all, the coal-to-cubic zirconium won't be another story for long when we're finished with you!


(Alro stops Leroy.)

Alro: We'll take care of them!

Bradley: Yeah, you guys shut down their machine!

Kitty: (To Bradley) We'll try our best, Bradley. (To the villains) Leroy, Charlie and we are going to put a stop to this holiday hi-jinx right now!

Henri: Oh, really?

Burble: Yes, really! Just watch us!

(The team then exits the warehouse to shut down the snow machine, leaving Fallbot and the Junior Danger Rangers to take care of the villains.)

Rusty: Well, if you wanna shut it down, you're gonna have to keep the nozzle blocked, which you cannot do because the nozzle is too big and you are too small!

Sully: (To Rusty) We'll see about that! (To SAVO) SAVO, scan the nozzle!

(SAVO then scans the nozzle.)

SAVO: I'm afraid that we need someone who is big to block the nozzle.

Charlie: What about Junior Danger Warrior?

Burble: (VO) Yeah, I told you we might needed him sometime.

Kitty: You know, that's a great idea, Charlie.

Leroy: (To Charlie) Yeah, we should do that. (To Sully) Got the communicator, Sully?

Sully: Sure do. (Activates the communicator)

(Cut to the Danger Rangers' headquarters, where Junior Danger Warrior is preparing for launch. Then, when the head of the George Washington statue opens, Junior Danger Warrior blasts off out of headquarters After launching out of headquarters, Junior Danger Warrior then zooms off to the warehouse. Cut to inside the warehouse, where Derek changes into his karate outfit (from the song segment, "Never Mess Around with Fire").)

Derek: Yo, you dirty poodle, prepare to get crushed, I, for one, know for a fact that you used to work with my favorite Danger Ranger!

Henri: (Laughs) Zat was years ago, you can't possibly crush me now!

Derek: Oh yeah!? Bring it on!

(He then charges at Henri as he is preparing to fight.)

Henri: (Avoids Derek's punches) See? I told ya you can't get me!

Derek: (Annoyed) Grrrrrrrrrrr! Then how about we fight with sticks?

(He then pulls out a staff as Henri does the same.)

Henri: Bring it on, you little meatball head!

(Derek then charges at Henri as the two begin to fight with their staffs. Alro, Bradley and Beth square off against Quentin.)

Beth: Face it, Scrooge McDuck, it's all over!

Quentin: Nothing's over until I say it's over!

Alro: We'll see about that!

(Quentin uses his gun to fire force-field rings at the three but Bradley uses a mirror to bounce the force-field rings right back.)

Quentin: (Shocked) Oh, why do I have to get stopped by mirrors!?

Beth: I guess it's just a way of being you!

(Lucky and Kevin give KC and Noah gifts.)

Kevin: I hope these are to your liking, guys.

(KC and Noah open them and they are Nerf guns.)

Burble: (VO) I know Lucky was told not to play with guns but the Nerf guns weren't real guns so these would be okay weapons.

Lucky: Now, use your skateboard and roller skates and the Nerf guns to get Rusty.

(KC and Noah skateboard and roller skate after Rusty with their Nerf guns.)

Kevin: (Impressed) They are doing really well.

Rusty: (Out of breath but still skating) Oh, why do I always have to be like this!?

Lucky: Because you are an unsafe creature, unlike Burble!

(Rusty then gets hit with Nerf balls, which then results him falling to the ground.)

Rusty: Ow, that hurt!

(Cut to outside, where Junior Danger Warrior lands on the snowy ground in front of Leroy, Charlie and the Rangers.)

Leroy: Alright, guys, report to the cockpit!

The Rangers: We're on it!

Charlie: Permission for me to come aboard?

Leroy: (Smiles) Permission granted.

Charlie: (Excited) Yes!

(The team then go into Junior Danger Warrior's head cockpit.)

Charlie: (Impressed) Wow, so this is where you control the robot?

Leroy: (Nods) Yes, it is, Charlie.

Gabriela: That's good because I have never been in here as much.

Sully: Everyone, to your stations.

(The team then gets to their separate stations as Charlie joins Leroy at his station.)

The team: Safety rules!

(Junior Danger Warrior's eyes then go purple as he is then controlled to get ready to block the nozzle.)

Leroy: Okay, Squeeky, we might need the shield in case some of the snow gets onto us.

Squeeky: Right away, Leroy.

(He then controls the robot's right arm to activate the shield in case for any snow attacks.)

Charlie: (Surprised) Wow, how did you do that?

Leroy: Well, you see a lot like "Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters," our giant robot is powered by 50% codes of data, which evolves into anything we need for our mission.

Charlie: (Impressed) Oh, well that is so cool. But does this thing have a detachable hand?

Leroy: (To Charlie) Maybe, but let's find out. (To Kitty) Kitty, try to detach his hand!

Kitty: Roger that!

(She then fires Junior Danger Warrior's hand to block the nozzle of the snow machine.)

Burble: The nozzle has been blocked!

Charlie: A perfect fit and I guess it does have a detachable hand!

Kitty: And now, the storm is over!

Sully: Great work, team!

(The snow machine starts vibrating.)

Leroy: (Confused) Uh, what's going on with the machine?

(The villains then notice Junior Danger Warrior's hand blocking the snow machine's nozzle.)

Herni: (Shocked) Sacre bleu! We forgot about zat giant mechanical bucket of shame!

Rusty: (Shocked) And I was a bit careless too!

Leroy: Alright, Henri, Quentin and Rusty, it's time that you left Christmas alone!

(The villains then notice the machine vibrating.)

Fallbot: We think that snow machine is going to blow!

Beth: We suggest you three vacate the premises immediately!

Kevin: Because if you don't, then ta-ta!

(Fallbot and the Junior Danger Rangers then evacuate the warehouse.)

Quentin: Those Danger Rangers have ruined everything again!

Henri: Oh, curses!

(Fallbot and the Junior Ranger Rangers go into Junior Danger Warrior's head.)

Fallbot: Well, team, here comes the boom!

Sully: You got that right.

Leroy: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

(As the snow starts to fall slowly and after vibrating, the machine then explodes into an avalanche, sending the villains flying.)

Henri, Quentin and Rusty: Not again! AAAAHHHH!!

(They then fall into the frozen pond. Cut to Snarf and Chilli, who are still eating the quick made food until they notice the avalanche behind them.)

Snarf: Oh no, it's "The Day the Earth Stood Still" again!

Chilli: Run!

(They then start running from the avalanche with the instant mixes.)

Burble: This is one huge avalanche, guys!

Charlie: Let's tractor beam Snarf and Chilli and nab them!

Leroy: Roger that but first, we need the hand.

Charlie: (Notices) And look there it is!

(The hand is in the avalanche.)

Kitty: I'll get it.

(Kitty then controls Junior Danger Warrior to get the hand, clean off the snow and reattach it to the arm.)

Kitty: Hand has been reattached.

Leroy: Alright now, let's get them!

Kitty: Got it!

(Kitty then controls the left arm to activate a tractor beam to capture Chilli and Snarf.)

Leroy: You're not going anywhere, you Jewish and African-American punks!

Chilli: Oh no, Snarf, looks like this isn't "The Day the Earth Stood Still" again after all.

Snarf: You're right, Chilli, it's the Danger Rangers out to get us!

Charlie: Who else were you expecting? Special Rescue Exceedraft?

Leroy: Even though that is a good TV show.

Kitty: Even though we DO care about the holidays and keeping people safe, we Danger Rangers DON'T care about what other holiday in December you celebrate!

Sully: On behalf of the Danger Ranger law, you're under arrest for being accomplices to Manderbill and Henri's plan of ruining Christmas!

Chilli and Snarf: (Shocked) Oh no!

Burt: Now, that we've got two of the three accomplices, let's work on getting Manderbill, Henri and the third accomplice, Rusty.

Leroy: You might be right, Burt, but that explosion really sent them far away, they could be hiding anywhere.

Charlie: (Notices) They're in that frozen pond!

(The team then sees the villains, now frozen in a block of ice in the frozen pond and chuckle at their failure.)

Sully: (Chuckles) Oh gosh, it looks like they got what they deserved!

Leroy: (Chuckles) Definitely, Sully.

Charlie: (Chuckles) Yeah, they got frozen solid in a block of ice!

Kitty: (Chuckles) Just like Manderbill put you, Burble, Burt, Squeeky and me in force-field rings inside a force-field!

Squeeky: Let's pull them out and at least tell Manderbill how it feels to have his arms and legs restrained like he did to ours!

Leroy: Roger that, Squeeky, reeling them out now!

(Junior Danger Warrior is then controlled to throw a rope into the frozen pond and reel in Quentin, Henri and Rusty.)

Burt: Well, Manderbill, we hope you've found out that having arms and legs restrained is no fun when it happens to you!

Kitty: (Chuckles) They really do look like a ice statue, don't they, little monkey?

Leroy: (Chuckles) They sure do, kitty cat.

Quentin: (Annoyed) (Frozen) I was certain that this would happen to us if we underestimated their power once again! I was certain of it!

Gabriela: At least, Manderbill, you didn't put us in force field rings this time or me at all!

(The team then laughs as Quentin groans in anger.)

Quentin: (Mimicking) (Frozen) Didn't put us in force rings this time or me at all! (Normal) Yeah, right.

Leroy: Well, guys, we did it, we saved Christmas.

(Cut to a scene, where Harry and Mr. Curl arrive at the exploded warehouse with the police.)

Burble: (VO) Now that Christmas was saved, there was only one thing left to do.

Lucky: Dad, Mr. Harry, what are you doing here?

Harry: We thought we could check to make sure you're okay and arrive with the police.

Mr. Curl: But it looks like you took care of it, young man.

Lucky: (Smiles) Thanks, Dad, but I had some help on the way.

Mr. Curl: I know.

(Some officers then come to the team, who is next to the villain ice cube with Junior Danger Warrior holding Snarf and Chilli.)

Kitty: Officers, Quentin V. Manderbill and my ex-co-worker, Henri Ennui were making this snowstorm with a machine to try to ruin Christmas!

Burble: And this is my ex-neighbor, Rusty Ringtail and his friends, Snarf and Chilli Dog, they are the accomplices to the other two villains' plan!

Officer: I am aware of that, Mr. Burble and Miss Kitty.

Mr. Curl: (Realizes) Wait a minute, they were the same guys who were on our property!

Officer: Have you tried calling the cops about it, sir?

Mr. Curl: I tried to, officer, but they got away before I could call the police on them.

Officer: (To Mr. Curl) I am aware of that too, sir. (To Quentin, Henri and Rusty) Alright, you wisecracks, it's the slammer for the three of ya and you'll be in there to understand what Christmas is really about!

Charlie: Take Snarf and Chilli too, officer!

Officer: Will do.

Quentin: (Frozen) Hear this, Danger Rangers, when we find a way out of jail, we'll get you for this!

Kitty: (Chuckles) Like that will ever happen!

Leroy: (Chuckles) Good one, Kitty.

Kitty: (Smiles) Thanks, Leroy.

(Cut to inside the police van.)

Snarf: We're sorry that we messed up the plan.

Chilli: We shouldn't have eaten the meal set outside.

Quentin: (Frozen) Just shut up, you two.

Henri: (Frozen) Don't worry about it, my friend, we'll find our way to get zose dang Danger Rangers.

Rusty: (Frozen) And even if I do get safety gear, I'll still try and get my revenge on the Danger Rangers, especially my ex-neighbor, Burble.

Mrs. Eel on the radio: Mrs. Eel here. Excitement is happening all over the world. The global snowstorm finally stopped to let the sun shine in. Things are back normal. Kids everywhere are enjoying their presents, thanks to Santa. Merry Christmas, everyone! Back to you, Josh. Josh? HEY, JOSH!

(Henri, Quentin and Rusty grumble angrily, which makes the ice block start to melt.)

Officer: (Annoyed) Hey! If you're starting to melt, you should have done it before we left, you're getting the back seat flooded and wet!

(Cut to the team with Santa, the Snow Friends and arctic fox pups.)

Burble: (VO) After our mission was accomplished, we were congratulated by Santa for our outstanding efforts to save Christmas.

Santa: Thank you so much, Danger Rangers, you have saved Christmas.

Burble: Well, it's the best we can do, sir.

Sully: We are pretty much the greatest heroes our world's ever known.

Santa: As soon as the snowstorm stopped, we were able the rooftops all over the world! And so it was a Merry Christmas after all, my friends! And it's all thanks to you!

Kitty: Anything we can do to help, sir!

Santa: And for all of you, Official and Junior Danger Rangers and Leroy and Charlie, a small token of thanks from all the children of the world.

(He gives the team each a gift.)

Greg: Great job, Danger Rangers! I hope I see you guys again real soon!

Kitty: (Surprised) Wow, Greg, you can talk!

(Santa laughs.)

Santa: She sure can, she's been talking non-stop all the way from the North Pole.

(He then boards his sleigh.)

Ricky: Wait for us, Santa.

Dawn: We wanna thank you for helping us too.

Humpty: So we all pitched in and got you a perfect gift too.

Steve: Winter is on his way with it.

Sully: Well, okay then, guys, we'll be waiting for him to arrive.

Alex: Great, he'll be here any second.

(Winter then arrives by magic carpet.)

Winter: I am not too late for the celebration, am I?

Blake: No, Winter, you came just in time.

Winter: (To Blake) Wow, thanks, Blake, a celebration like this? I wouldn't miss it for anytime. (To the team) Danger Rangers, we would like to thank you for helping us get rid of that snow monster, so I brought this for ya.

(He gives the team a very huge wrapped up gift box.)

Kitty: (Surprised) Whoa, Winter, that is a very huge box.

Winter: Oh, well, that's because it's a very huge gift for you.

Burble: I should open it for you guys since I might be able to do that.

Leroy: Alright then, Burble, go ahead, I can't wait to see what's inside.

Charlie: Me neither, Uncle Burble.

(Burble then opens the box and in it is the Super Hovercraft only with a few fixed features.)

Burt: (Surprised) It's the Super Hovercraft!

Winter: Yep, I found it in the blizzard while practicing some new spells. Old thing needed a few adjustments, so me and my little Snow Friends put some fixing up onto it.

SAVO: Well, sir, the credit should mostly go to Squeeky, he had the opinion that the snow monster's weakness is his own stupidity.

Winter: Hmm, I see, well anyways, Merry Christmas, guys.

Gabriela: You too, Winter.

Santa: Come on, everyone.

(The Snow Friends, the artic fox pups and Winter carrying his carpet then board the sleigh.)

Greg: Bye, Leroy!

Humpty: Bye, Charlie!

Steve: Bye, Junior Danger Rangers!

Alex: Bye, Danger Rangers, Merry Christmas!

(Santa, then flies away on his sleigh with his reindeer, the Snow Friends, arctic fox pups and Winter as he waves goodbye to the team and they wave back.)

Squeeky: Bye, Snow Friends!

All: Merry Christmas!

Santa: Ho ho ho!

Kitty: Well, guys, we did it we saved the world once again, all for one...

Leroy: (Smiles) ...And one for all.

Kitty: (Chuckles) That's right, little monkey.

Sully: Is everyone ready?

(They open the gifts and in them are crystal balls.)

Sully: Wow, look!

Bradley: Remarkable!

(Suddenly a weird thing starts to shapeshift in the crystal balls.)

Kitty: Hey look it looks they're showing us something.

Leroy: I wonder what it is.

(The crystal balls then show glimpses of the team's childhood memories.)

Kitty: (Surprised) Hey, that's us, well, young us that is.

Sully: It looks like they're letting us see our childhoods as a way of congratulating us.

Leroy: (Notices) Hey, check this out.

(They see in the crystal balls glimpses of kids cheering by a tree, a girl getting a kitten, a boy getting a firefighter hat, another boy getting a football, a family cuddled up in a blanket and kids doing a ring around the Christmas trees.)

Charlie: It looks like everyone is getting the Christmas they deserve, thanks to us.

(The crystal balls then fade into sparkles, much to the team's surprise, and the sparkles then go up into the sky, forming a star.)

Burble: (VO) When all was said and done, we've learned the real meaning of Christmas. It's about joy, peace and happiness.

Kitty: We did well, guys, we did well.

Sully: You know what, team? I think this calls for a celebration!

(Everyone cheers.)

Leroy: Oh, that reminds me, guys, we gotta get back to my place to my Christmas home so we can continue our Christmas party. We don't wanna be late for the rest of the Christmas party.

Sully: If we're so, it'll be Henri, Manderbill and Rusty's fault.

Leroy: (To Sully) You got that right, Sully. (To the team) Come on, guys, let's use the super hovercraft to get back to the portal fast.

Burt: You got it, Leroy, and maybe this time, it won't break down.

(The team then goes into the super hovercraft and flies off back to Mount Rushmore, where the portal is waiting for them.)

Burble: (VO) Good thing the portal was still open so we could hurry as fast as we could.

Leroy: Alright, everyone, let's hurry!

(The team then hurries into the portal and return to Charlie and Leroy's world to find that the party is still going.)

Burble: (VO) And luckily for us, we were able to get to the party on time.

Leroy: (Sighs in relief) Well, we did it, guys, we managed to get to the party on time.

Kitty: We sure did, little monkey.

Angela: (Notices the team) Oh, there you guys are, I hope nothing bad's happened to you while you were out saving Christmas.

Leroy: It's all right, Mom nothing bad's happened but Christmas is saved.

Angela: Oh, good.

Kitty: Well anyways, everyone, let's continue this Christmas jamboree!

Angela: Right you are, Kitty!

Marcus: Honey, could you help me out with these candles? I don't know which one goes where!

Angela: (To Marcus) I'll be right there, dear! (To the team) Come on, guys, let's keep this party going.

Sully: At ease, young Angela, at ease.

(The team then goes with Angela to help Marcus.)

Burble: (VO) Well, now that we have saved Christmas, everything started to return to normal. Well, as long as it can be.

(Cut to the Boston Correctional Facility.)

Burble: (VO) But let's see what's happening with Henri, Manderbill, Rusty, Snarf and Chilli.

(Quentin, Henri and Rusty are in separate cells while Snarf and Chilli share one.)

Quentin: Why us?

Henri: We're going to develop an inferiority complex if zis keeps up!

Chilli: Gee, it's actually kinda nice in here.

Snarf: Indeed, my friend, I feel very calm and warm in here.

Rusty: Shut up, you two!

(He then notices something.)

Rusty: Huh? What's this?

(It's a gift.)

Rusty: Looks like somebody left this in my cell.

Henri: Zat's odd, prisoners never get gifts.

Rusty: Well, this prisoner has. Should I open it?

Quentin: It would be rude not to, so sure, open it.

(Rusty opens the box and in it is...)

Rusty: Safety gear with "RR" on it!

Henri: Looks like you got ze wish you deserved, Rusty.

Rusty: But... how?

(Quentin, Henri, Chilli and Snarf notice they got gifts as well.)

Henri: (Opens his gift) I've got a teddy fox!

Quentin: (Opens his gift) It's an actual set designed after those Danger Rangers!

Snarf: (Opens his gift) (Excitedly) I got a Danger Ranger belt buckle!

Chilli: (Opens his gift) (Excitedly) It's a beautiful flower planter!

Quentin: I guess those cops weren't kidding when they said we'd be here to understand what Christmas is really about.

(He, Henri and Rusty then start sobbing as light from the window shines on them.)

Rusty: Well, Danger Rangers, I may have finally learned common sense but I'll challenge you on something more mischievous someday.

(Cut to Santa on his sleigh with his reindeer.)

Santa: Merry Christmas, everyone!

(He then flies off as we then cut back to the red curtain where Burble is standing in front of.)

Burble: (Acknowledging the audience) But what about Charlie? Well, he got us and Leroy with him into a group picture and promised to never forget about this epic adventure. And he even became an official member of the Danger Rangers.

Charlie: (Off-screen) That's right and thank you so much, Uncle Burble!

Burble: (Acknowledging the audience) And that was the story of how we saved Christmas, which now draws this special to a close.

(The audience then applause off-screen as Burble takes a bow.)

Burble: (Acknowledging the audience) Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I am much appreciated of it. But before we start our credits, I need to explain why I was the narrator for this special. Well, it was Team Leader Sully's idea because he noticed you can find polar bears like me at the North Pole.

(His SAVO watch blinks and he answers it to see his team and friends.)

Sully: (On Burble's SAVO watch) That's right, Burble. (Acknowledging the audience) Just remember, everyone, whether you or your friends are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa...

Kitty: (Acknowledging the audience on Burble's SAVO watch) Think safe.

Burt: (Acknowledging the audience on Burble's SAVO watch) Play safe.

Squeeky: (Acknowledging the audience on Burble's SAVO watch) Be safe.

All: (Acknowledging the audience) Because?

The audience: (Off-screen) Safety rules!

Burble: (Acknowledging the audience) That's right, everyone.

All: (Acknowledging the audience) Merry Christmas!

(Burble and the rest of the Danger Rangers then wave goodbye to the cheering audience and Burble enters back into the red curtain as the screen fades to black then the credits to play as a picture of Jeff in a wheelchair appears. He begins to sing "Silent Night.")

Jeff: Well, I can only do this song for the special. So how much worse can it get? (Clears his throat) (Singing) Silent night, holy night, All is calm, all is bright, 'Round yon virgin Mother and Child, Holy infant so tender and mild, Sleep in heavenly peace, Sleep in heavenly peace, Silent night, holy night!, Shepherds quake at the sight!, Glories stream from heaven afar;, Heavenly hosts sing Al-le-lu-ia!, Christ the Savior is born!, Christ the Savior is born!, Christ the Savior is born!, Silent night, holy night, Son of God, oh, love's pure light, Radiant beams from Thy holy face, With the dawn of redeeming grace, Jesus, Lord at Thy birth, Jesus, Lord at Thy birth, Jesus, Lord at Thy birth (Not singing) (To himself) Well, that was easy. (Calling) Tell Leroy I'll be right here!

(A bit of text fades in "Dedicated to Walter Douglas Smith Jr. and Michael D. Moore," it then fades out.)


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