The Curse of the Platinum Python is a 2012 traditional 2D animated sequel to the 2001 film, The Curse of the Dark Sheet. The original cast has all returned to revise their voices and some new cast members have been added into the mix. This was also the last Robert graphic novel film adaptation Chris Savino took part in directing until he left to create Nickelodeon’s The Loud House.



We see an explosion far out into the mountains. Out of that explosion, we see many different people being launched out of there. One of those being Crock.

”Yep, that’s me, Crock. Covered in ash and mud. It was started out as a journey to get an artifact known as the Platinum Python, and break it’s curse. But now we’re all doomed. DO-O-O-O-O-O-OMED!!! It wasn’t always like this. I was a brave man at works, working with Camemen to save the Golden City, but now look at me. I’m like a frighten child out in a lightning storm. Oh, how I wish I could just turn back the clocks. Go back to a time where everything was fine. It’s all because of that artifact. It’s existents paralyzed me for life. We could’ve gotten rid of it and protected our home. How did it start? Well, it all started 2 days ago at the Golden Village.”

Setting (Flashback)

We cut to a little baby girl crying. This girl, named Tabitha, happened to belong to Camemen and Kylie. By now, you probably already heard the story. Camemen and his friends and father confronted Luna and Luciano, who were destroying the delicate order of The Golden City, and they eventually saved the city at the cost of it. Prompting, the citizens moved to a small village where they and the villagers would work together. A lot has happened during the time. Camemen and Kylie were eventually married, making Kylie an empress. They even wound up having their first child, Tabitha. Of course, this timeline is at around 5 months after birth. We’ll have to move further. Lets go to...7 years after birth, few weeks after her birthday of course

We see Camemen getting ready for his day. Outside, Crock was passing the time making bbq, Commone sets up picnic tables, while some citizens and villagers bring out some decor. Camemen looks out through the window to see everyone happy and ready. He calls out for Kylie seeing if she’s ready. She calls out she taking her quick shower. Camemen then sees Tabitha brushing her hair like a big girl. Camemen gives her credit for that saying she acts like she’s growing up real fast. She took that as a compliment and gives her dad a hug. Kylie gets out of the shower and gets ready to prepare for the rest of the picnic. Crock brings out the bbqs and sets them off the table. As people start taking different sorts of bbq set off on the table and heading back to the table to eat. Camemen, Kylie, Tabitha, Luke, and Commone eventually come up to get their bbq and chow down. You can tell everything goes out peaceful and dandy here in what is now The Golden Village.

Eventually we go to the land of the pythons, where we see Luna looking out into the sky in depression and sadness. She is still mourning at the lost of her father, Luciano, who died after Camemen threw him into a laser beam, to buy The Golden City time to stop the laser. You can tell she‘s still be salty about the fate of her chances of getting respect and admiration from anyone. But, there was one python who had the courage to comfort Luna, which is saying a lot because this python is kind of a coward. His name was Link, a python who got Luna’s heart after he gave Luna a spot of happiness. Seeing her now look of into the distance, he comes up and asks if she’s ok. She claims she’s fine, just, misses her father. Link tells Luna “Hey, he’d be proud to see you, even if you’re still like this, no offense.”. Luna found that as an insult but she pulled through because she’s still sorrow. She claims it’s all Camemen‘s fault. If only there was a way for him to pay. Link claims there is nothing she can do. The Dark Sheet is destroyed and there aren’t any artifacts anybody is capable of getting. Luna thanks him for the chat and heads down to get something to calm her a bit more.

At the Golden Village, Camemen has been doing a bit of emperor stuff. Now lately, he’s been having a hard time doing his job and getting time to taking care of her daughter. He had to let Kylie take care of Tabitha. But when she tells him she going somewhere, he has to take care of her. So he just let’s him sit next to him on his throne and use the time like ”Take your daughter to work“ day. Tabitha doesn’t mind it, but she wishes she could do something else. Camemen tells her he can’t leave his post without reference. Tabitha asks him to why not find a loop hole. He thinks it over, looking for an idea. He suggest a baby camera, where she can take to FaceTime him at all time. She just need to make sure she’s in the camera’s vicinity. He pulls it out and gives it to her. But he warns her to be very careful with herself and that thing. If one of those is broken, then the other will be the same. In this case if the camera’s destroyed, you’ll have to head back quickly so you aren’t trampled or broken. Tabitha says she’ll be sure everything is fine, she turns on the camera, and she heads to the playground.

As Tabitha was playing in the playground, she bumped into Claire, who was out playing her chalk. Tabitha never met Claire, and she decides to walk up and greet her. Claire likes how she introduced herself to her and Claire introduces herself. Tabitha and Claire talk about their likes and dislikes. But as they were talking the camera’s speaker went off, where Camemen was wondering why she wasn’t visible to the camera. He calls out for Tabitha and when she overheard the camera, she turned it over to see a monitor. Claire was like, wait, that sounds familiar. When Tabitha turned over the camera over to Camemen’s sights, he noticed Claire. He asked her if that was her. Claire responded it’s me. He said I haven’t seen you in a long time, where were you? She said she and her family were on a 7 year vacation. Camemen then says she’s noticed by new daughter, Tabitha. Claire says she introduced herself to her and she did the same. Good to hear he said. He turns over to Tabitha asking if she’s alright. She answered yes, but she was asked again. When she responded again, she realized it wasn’t Camemen. She looked behind the camera and saw Kylie. Oh dear. Tabitha quickly turned of the camera and speaker and asked what she was doing here. Kylie responded she was finished with her errands and was about to head back until she saw her here. You could tell she wasn’t pleased to see her out here without her father. Tabitha has to go back and she says good bye to Claire.

Back at the palace, Camemen realized the machine wasn’t working. He thought she or someone else turned it off on him. He puts it down and decides to head out and get Tabitha. That is, until Kylie showed up at the entranced. Camemen was startled when he saw Kylie disappointed at him. He asked what was eating. She says she noticed he let their daughter go out on her own. He says he had a camera to keep an eye on Tabitha. Kylie looks at Camemen implying he was an idiot. Then she responds it doesn’t make a difference, he’d could protect her if he wasn’t there in person. Camemen explains he couldn’t do that either. He has a job and he can’t just leave his post without references. He likes to see Kylie do his job for an hour. Kylie asked why couldn’t Tabitha stay with you. She comes into the conversation saying she wanted to do something other than sit doing nothing. Kylie says it’s not all nothing. Camemen says that is true. Tabitha told the she wanted to go out somewhere, which is why he gave her the camera in the first place. Kylie turns over to Camemen and asked where did he even get that camera from. They were later interrupted by Camemen’s best friend, Luke, who claimed it was his machine. Camemen forgot to thank him for that and he gave him the thanks just now. Kylie turns over to Luke in an impressed expression. Camemen turns over to Kylie to tell her making machinery is he new specialty. Remember the baby walkie talkie, that was him. Remember Tabitha’s “Simon Says”-like electronic, that was him too. Kylie turns over to Camemen thinking it’s more Luke who is respectful to Tabitha. She interrupts her to say Camemen was the one who asked Luke to make them if possible. Camemen decides to just end the conversation saying he’ll take Tabitha over to the hills to talk over for a moment. He leaves the palace with Tabitha and heads out.

At the hills, Camemen and Tabitha look over the village. He apologizes to her about what happened out there. She understands it was an accident. After all, It was her who suggested him to find a loop hole. Camemen says she doesn’t have to go hard on herself. He looks over towards the sunset. He turns over to Tabitha and asks her, ”You know why I wanted you to be born”. She suggest it’s because she came out of her mother. Camemen turns towards her disturbed. He then laughs his butt off and sarcastically says yes and no. That’s not the whole story. He says he wanted someone to comfort him about his future. Tabitha is confused by this. She asks what he means and he says when she’s grown up and Camemen retires from being emperor, she’ll be taking over as empress. But she’ll give him a reason to stay like he did with his father. This village needs an emperor and she’ll make a fine emperor. Tabitha asks what’s the backstory between him, her mom, and her grandfather. Camemen explains that he, Kylie, Crock, and all of his other friends as well as the citizens of the village saved what used to be the Golden City. After making amendments, The Golden City joined forces with this village and formed the Golden Village. We eventually talked over about what we would do for the future. Kylie suggest having someone to take over for Emperor. Crock told him that it’s something they could use. Camemen says there would be more to having an offspring than just that. Kylie suggest she knows that. Camemen then says that it’s time he began fatherhood like his father did with him. Which is kind of ironic since Kylie told him she was already pregnant. Camemen turned over to Kylie, saying why she didn’t say anything until that point. She explains she wasn’t sure if you’d be pleased or not to hear that. Camemen gives her that. And here we are 5 years later. Tabitha is intrigued with his story saying she was glad he made that decision. She gives him a hug and he gives her one back. They head back to the palace as the sun has set. It’s time for a long siesta. Guess, Good Night.

We go out to a mountain known as Mount Morgana. We hear a vibration and hissing noise in there. As we go in, we go through dangerous obstacles to a cliffside where we see a pedestal. On it was an artifact called the Platinum Python, a diamond in the shape and form of a snake with glowing ruby eyes. It’s almost had a strange curse. A red bloody mist starts flowing out of it’s eyes and tiny baby-sized snakes starts forming from the mist as it goes down to the bottom of the mountain. They, for some awkward, go down to and walk on the lava at the bottom of the inside of the mountain. It’s as if they were immortal with the Platinum Python. Some of the snakes managed to exit the mountain and were looking for trespassers. Seeing a women wearing a long robe with a hood down there, the snakes assumed she was heading for the mountains and some of them slithered down towards her at a high speed and scare her off. She runs for the hills and escape the snakes. It’s nothing but chaos. She need to find reinforcements.

At the morning time, The Golden Village was being disturbed by the escaping explorer. As she runs for the hill, she tries to ask everyone if there is any sort of consultant in this village. They tells her if she’s looking for someone to consult and get help from, she’ll have to talk to the emperor. She thanks them for the advise and runs towards the palace. She bangs on the door hard, hoping to wake someone up, only to find out the door was unlocked. She runs in and accidentally bumps into Crock who was trying to find out what all the ruckus was. When she fell over, her hood went down, revealing her face. Crock gets up and tells her to watch where she’s going, he can be a real stickle if you cross him. She apologizes for that, she didn’t see him. When she gets up and reveals her face, it kind of reminded Crock of someone. Crock is speechless. “Claudia, is”. It turns out that women was actually Claudia, Crock‘s wife who everyone thought died in a horse stampede. Claudia explains it’s didn’t kill her, but he knew everyone else thought she was dead when she heard everyone. Before they buried the coffin, she woke up and realized what was going on. To prevent the town from looking like idiots, she’d have to leave the Golden City, never to return as her true identity. Crock gives Claudia a hug and apologizes for all of that. Crock says maybe she should see what’s been happening throughout the time she was out.

Crock tells Claudia all about how he, Camemen, and their friends saved the people of the Golden City. He told her the citizens as everyone else moved here in this village where the citizens and villagers agreed to work together as allies. Claudia is impressed and proud of them. Crock and Camemen have done so much. Crock says he only did this for the safety and future of the city and his family and friends. Heck, he told her that their both grandparents now. Claudia put at lightly...incredibly speechless to hear those words. Suddenly, they heard Tabitha trying to find the restroom to tinkle. "Oh, there she is." Crock said. He calls out for Tabitha and she comes over. She looks at Claudia asking who she is. Crock tells her that that's Claudia, his wife and her grandmother. He then introduces Tabitha to Claudia, saying this is Camemen's daughter, Tabitha. Claudia then greets Tabitha and says it's a pleasure and an honor to meet her. Tabitha tells her the same thing. Camemen and Kylie eventually woke up after noticing Tabitha hasn't came back to bed. They get up to find her and they see her with Crock and Claudia. Camemen and Kylie run up towards them and she picks up Tabitha. Camemen questions why he was chatting with her at this time of night. Claudia tells Camemen "Your father was just introducing me to your daughter. And I'm pleased to see you achieve at this, son.". Camemen turns right towards Claudia when she said "son". Camemen is eventually startled and paralyzed so hard, he gotten a vision of his past with the incident he saw Claudia get trampled by all those horses. His face is all concerned and startled and he's not even moving a single muscle. Eventually he stumbled backwards and faints.

After a few minutes, Camemen eventually regains consciousness, later to see Claudia looking above him. Camemen opens his eye widely as he saw her. Camemen is like, “Am I dead? Was saving The Golden City all a dream?”. Crock comes forward and tells him he’s still alive and that wasn’t a dream. Camemen so realized his mother was still alive. Camemen gets up and jumps towards Claudia in tears while saying “Mommy, oh my god, it’s so relieving to see you!”. He really missed her so much. Camemen asked Claudia how she was still alive all those years. Claudia explains the horses didn’t kill her, they just knocked her out hard. Camemen says that can’t be, we had her funeral and she was in the coffin. She explains she sneaked out of the coffin and when she found out everyone thought she died, she left the city and never returned until tonight. Camemen says he’s sorry for letting all of that happen. At least she’s safe. Claudia is sorry she had to abandon him and his friends and family. Camemen says it’s ok. Claudia explains to Camemen that his father told her about what he and his friends did, and she’s proud of him for all of it. Camemen says he’s just doing what it takes to protect the people he cares about. He then asks her what she’s been doing ever since and why she even came back in the first place. Claudia explains that she’s been on a life time expedition, exploring many different landmarks, up until she came across Mount Morgana. As she approached the mountains, she was attacked by small snakes. Crock stopped her when she said “small snakes”. He ran towards the bookshelf where he would look up his Ancient Artifact book and looks up something based off of the evidence. Mount Morgana, small snakes. He finds and researches the “Platinum Python”. It is a cursed artifact that possesses a monster called the Dark Mamba, a giant man-eating sinister snake bent on defending or destroying who ever it’s wielder commands it to target. It can be used for the good of the world and protect everyone, but it can also be used for evil and cause a complete and total annihilation. Everyone is chilled to the bones. Camemen suggest we should use it to protect it from evil ones like Luna. Crock was like he forgot about her. They should go now before she finds out. Kylie says not everyone can go. Someone has to watch over Tabitha. She tries to talk her way into going saying she can handle it. Camemen tells Tabitha ”I don’t wanna have to crush your spirit, but this expedition is fraught with danger.”. He says she’s too young and vulnerable, she could get hurt. Tabitha moans in depression and says ”Fine, I’ll stay here.”. Camemen gives her a pat on the head and says Gorden, Pete, and Jenna will watch her. Camemen, Crock, Claudia, Kylie, Luke, Commone, and later Claire and Roy head on out for Mount Morgana. Of course, Tabitha would always listen to her parents at anytime, anywhere. But now, oh no, she not able to do that. Once they’re out and not paying attention, Tabitha follows them quietly without anyone noticing.

A python was spying on Camemen and his group as they were heading for Mount Morgana and overhears their conversation about the Platinum Python and it‘s secrets and origins. The python slithers quickly towards the land of the pythons to give the word to Luna about what’s happening. Luna is busy with her new duties as leader of the pythons after the loss of Luciano. The python tries to get to Luna by all means necessary. When it gets in, Luna questions why it was her without any sort of reference. It explains it found something that she needs to know about. She grants it the right to explain and she calls the guards just in case she finds out it’s a waste of time. When she’s told about the Platinum Python, she’s intrigued and wants to know more. She hears it’s wielder is able to command the monster possessing the artifact. She wants it to teach Camemen and his family and people a lesson about underestimating the pythons. Link points out that none of us know where it is. Luna says she’s heard of the legends of the Platinum Python. They say it’s found in Mount Morgana, which is north of this area. And their closer to it than Camemen and his Golden Village, so they’ll have an advantage. They’ve still got the helicopter and they can take it to there. But there’s one problem, it hasn’t been used for more 5 years. It had to be refilled and repaired. Well that‘s great.

Back with Camemen and the rest of the group, they bump into a field of poisonous rafflesia beneath them. The only way across was a long bridge with no stand and platforms made of stone. Sure, it seems more stable than wood, but the stone platforms were pretty heavy. It could most likely pull the bridge down farther than with wood. And the ropes were pretty delicate. They each had to go one at a time to prevent them all from falling down. As Camemen goes first, he lets the fear of falling down get in his way. At that point, Kylie felt worried that Camemen would lose consciousness from the tension and fall off. Kylie runs up and tries to help and save Camemen by walking him towards the end. Camemen is like what the heck is thinking. Kylie claims she‘s lot letting him go alone, they do it together. Camemen feels pleased to see she’d do even this for him. He gives her a big thank you for the thought. Camemen and Kylie walk slowly towards the end of the bridge. Camemen starts to get a bit nervous and nearly falls over, but Kylie says she’s here for him. ”Just like as a preteen”, Crock is like. “At least he can learn from it, right?” Claudia asked. Crock says he can learn from stuff like that...eventually. Camemen and Kylie make it to the other end and Camemen is very grateful and thankful for the help, giving her a kiss as a token of thanks. Crock then goes next and tries to look upward without looking downward. Eyes forward, chin up, tooshie clinched. Claudia then goes next, then Luke, Commone, and finally, Claire. After they all make it to the other side, Claudia then look towards the stars to find directions. She says all stars tell a tale, where they've been and where they're heading. They need to head Northwest towards the stormy lands. After they go further, Tabitha tries to get pass the bridge herself. She tries to run to get to the otherside as quick as possible. But at the half way mark, she get her foot stuck between the platforms. She tries to wiggle it out, but she stops realizing she might break the bridge. She tries to take off her shoe and hope she doesn't have to step in anything that's prickly. As she makes it to the otherside, she looks towards the stars as she remembers Claudia saying. She then heads Northwest luckily.

After plowing through bushes, trees, rocks, and rivers, Camemen and the rest eventually make it to the terrains of Mount Morgana. Claudia and Crock see the cluster of small snakes surrounding the entrance to the mountain. They can’t get across with them in the way. Commone suddenly finds a solution as one of his skills was snake charming. No snake, even a possessed one, can’t resist the power of a snake charmer, well, except the pythons like Luna of course. Claudia asks Commone if he’s sure, cause she never saw him perform sum of that properly. He says it was just because it was first time tries and he’s been practicing since the Golden Village was formed. Commone pulls out his diamond pungi and prepares to play it. All of the snakes are suddenly hypnotized and perform random actions to each other. Everyone starts to pass through the snakes as they mess around. At the entrance, Commone stops playing the pungi and the snakes didn’t suspect a thing. They made it passed the snakes.

Luna, Link, and some pythons come out of the smogy storms in the helicopter and land onto the terrain. The snakes spot the pythons and try to approach it. When they see the pythons, they suddenly back away as they are inferior to the pythons. Luna pounces out of the helicopter and onto the ground and it scares the snakes away. Link then comes down to Luna with the map. He says it’s inside the mountain underground. Luna says the easiest way down there is by drilling down there. The pythons asks how they’re gonna do that. Link says he has done a few tweaks to the helicopter when he had the spare time. He pulls out some keys with a remote and transformed the helicopter into a drill tank. Luna is Impressed and mesmerizing by this. I can tell she’s thankful and grateful. She runs over to Link and gives him a big kiss. With them distracted, Tabitha escapes the forest and sees them heading into the drill tank. Knowing what they might be doing, she runs up and stowaways in the tank without them noticing. Luna and Link then pilot the drill and begins to tunnel it through the ground. Startled and baffled by what they’re doing, the snakes build up rage and follow after them. Uh-oh...thats not good

As Camemen and the group enter the cave, it’s pitch black in there. Camemen pulls out a torch and everyone realizes there standing on no platforms. They all falls down and end up sliding underground. They go though different turns, loops, twist, up until they landed in a small oasis. Camemen gets up and sees an open path towards the pedestal where the Platinum Python is. However it’s guarded by a few snakes. They form up to make a bigger snake so they aren’t tempted to take them down. Camemen suddenly realizes at the bottom is lava. So they can’t fall off the edge. As everyone else lands in the oasis, they see what’s on the other side. Camemen says don’t make any sudden moves. Everyone huddles up to think of something. Claudia tells them that the snakes are very strong, even when small. Crock suggest maybe shoving them off the lava. Kylie says how exactly are they going to do that. Camemen then says he’ll throw them off and then they’ll be able to get it. They’re agreed and they go now. The snakes head towards them and Camemen and Crock tackles them. The snakes try to save each other by stopping them. Seeing this, Kylie and Claudia run up and try to tackle them. They all eventually end up fighting them off, until Camemen got a grip on them, tied their tails together. At that moment, he pick up the snakes and gave them a toss, splashing into the lava. Now is their chance, but before they could head over, the drill tank goes through the top and falls into the lava. Luna and Link pounce out of the tank and grabs a hold of Camemen, Crock, and Kylie. Luna then sees Claudia and loses grip, breaking Camemen free. “You!”, Luna exclaimed. “You’re alive?! How?!”. Claudia then tackles Luna and Link, telling Camemen to grab the python quick. But as he was about to head for it, Tabitha peeked out and saw the tank was sinking into the lava. She yelled and cried for help and it grab everyones attention. Camemen stopped and was traumatized to see his daughter in danger. He runs over to Tabitha and jumps down to the tank and grabs Tabitha. He then jumped up and latched onto the edge. As he climbs up, Link grasps Camemen’s hand before he could get up. Tabitha accidentally loses her grip and falls off, but Camemen grabs her hand. Link then precedes to dangle them over the edge, but when Kylie sees this, she runs up and pulls his neck. Pulling Camemen and Tabitha up to the ground, Link stumbles backward as Kylie chokes him over. He then passes out and she lets go. She runs towards Tabitha who is crying for her mommy and daddy. Camemen and Kylie give Tabitha a hug saying it’s all right, everything will be ok, they‘re here for her.

With everyone distracted, Luna uses the opportunity to grab the Platinum Python and shouts the sacred words. “Oh might python! I summon the spirit of The Immortal Amazon!” She exclaims. The artifact oozes its bloody mist all over the ground and relinquish the monstrous python known as Chaos. As Chaos started growing, it left everyone no room. The snakes got back up from the lava and climbed up on Chaos. Luna then jumped on top of him and grabbed Link to safety. Chaos kept growing and growing and growing and growing...and growing, until finally Chaos and everyone else burst from the top of the mountain. Camemen, Kylie, Crock, Luke, , Commone, Claire, Tabitha, and Claudia were all blown far away from each other and Chaos set targets for the Golden Village. 


So yeah, now we’re back at Crock’s point of view. After everyone has been flung, they make their way back to each other and were bamboozled. They quickly ran and followed Chaos, but he’s too fast. As everyone made it to The Golden Village, Chaos was ready to destroy the village. Camemen told everyone to evacuate the villagers, he’ll try to get the python from Luna to stop the monster. Kylie asked what about Tabitha. Camemen passes her to Kylie saying she and Claudia take her to safety. The rest of them with take care of the village. And Break. Kylie and Claudia head out to safer spots, Camemen heads towards Chaos, and the rest go to evacuate the village. Chaos is going in random orders and Camemen loses his ways towards it. Eventually, he manages to get onto Chaos, but that grabs it’s attention. Chaos looks behind it to see Camemen climbing up. Chaos tries to shake him off but he’s hold on very tightly. Luna, confused as to what Chaos is doing, nearly loses grip, but then sees Camemen climbing up. She then comes up with a plan. She holds the Platinum Python into the air and orders Chaos to do the python helicopter, as it would get Camemen off it’s back and destroy the village even faster. Chaos then lays flatly and spins around like a helicopter. Every citizen quickly evacuates the village and they guide them to where Kylie and Claudia went, and just in time. Chaos was obliterated all of the building in a millisecond, all but one, which was the final target. Camemen miraculously manages to get on top of Chaos‘s head and pounces onto Luna and they fall off him. They hit the ground and Luna drops the Platinum Python. They quickly run over to it and tries to grab it, but they eventually ended up fighting. Up until, Chaos saw them and grabbed them. Luna then slithered out of him and onto his head ordering it to fling Camemen into the palace, and it does. Camemen is sent flying into the palace stained glass window. Luna then tells Chaos to go ahead, finish the job. Chaos grabs a big breath and spews out a colossal fireball into the palace and...KA BOOM!!! The palace explodes in a ray of fire. This ensured to Luna that Camemen is dead. However, she thought that and not knowing, rather than him being dead, he was sent flying high into the air, almost out of the stratosphere, but he didn’t leave the stratosphere. As Luna then decides to put Chaos back inside of the Python, it somehow doesn’t work. Chaos says he wants to stay out. Luna says its duties are finished and she doesn’t need its help anymore. But it’s not listening. She orders him to go back, but its offended up to the point of killing her. It grabs her and hypnotizes her into telling it where her home is. She tells it her home is at the Land of the Python on Mount Giratina. She snaps out of it realizing she was a fool. And that’s where Chaos then heads targets for.

After everyone manages to escape the village, they wondered if everything is ok. Suddenly, they see a flash of fire in the sky which was Camemen. He crashed right into the ground unconscious. Everyone was startled and worried that Camemen was down. He woke up from unconsciousness in despair. Crock asked if everything is ok there. Camemen shook his head, “No”. Everyone gasped in shock. “I can’t believe this”, Kylie said, “What are we gonna do now?”. Camemen says, “We have to stop Chaos! It’s our only hope now.”. Everyone was concerned and frightened. “There’s no stopping Chaos, he’s unstoppable”, Commone said. Everyone looks at Camemen wondering if he knows how are they gonna stop it? Camemen realizes the key is The Platinum Python. If they use it’s power against Chaos, they could probably seal it back in. ”But where is it?”, Claudia asked. “We don’t know where it is”. Eventually, they hear Luna and Link struggling out of Chaos. Everyone looks at Chaos as it heads for Mount Giratina. Camemen claims it must be heading for the Land of the Pythons. They all follow Chaos to the volcano.

Chaos managed to reach the Land of the Pythons and every single one of them was mesmerized and praised. But Luna, who manage to break free of Chaos’s tail, warns the citizens to flee the city. He’s under Chaotic Mass Destruction. The pythons turn towards her in shock and slowly turns back towards Chaos in fear. Grinning at them all evilly, Chaos prepares to perform the python helicopter, startling everyone to the point of scrambling everywhere. And as they were about to flee the city, Camemen and the villagers made it to the top of the volcano and it was blocking the pythons way. They‘re telling them to get out of the way, but the villagers aren’t budging. Camemen tells them all they’re trying to stop Chaos. Everyone will have to work together to stop them. Link asks how can any of them take down that monster. Camemen claims they’ll need the Platinum Python. Link says Luna has it, but they don’t know where she is. Crock and Kylie says they’ll help Camemen find her. The rest of everyone can distract Chaos into leaving the area. Link and Claudia says they’ll help them find Luna, too. She looked very glum about what’s happening last everyone saw her.

We cut to Luna in an underground area crying. “What have I done?” she said. “I’ve let power get to me and now it’s costing me everything!”. She’s acting very despondent. Picking up the Platinum Python, she then said, “All you ever done for me!”, and she throws it across the room, knocking over the book shelf. As all the books fall over, she notices one of them being the Ancient Artifact book. She starts to get a plan in her head that maybe she can use it to her advantage. She looks up Platinum Python and looks for a way to stop it. She comes across a way to completely weaken of Chaos once and for all. She just needs to call out the sacred words. She realizes she might be everyone’s last hope. She picks up the artifact and gets ready to do this. She looks towards a painting of Luciano as she says, “Wish me luck. I’ll really need it.”.

As Chaos slows down and proceeds to catch a breath from the technique, the villagers and python all try to insult it to grab its attention. Chaos turns over feeling offended and furious. With them distracted Camemen, Link, Kylie, Crock, and Claudia look around to see if they can find Luna. As Chaos was growing more furious, it eventually was being pushed over the limit. it rapidly swings his tail sending everyone flying far towards the bridge, except for Tabitha. Seeing she dodged it, Chaos looks towards her with a bloody grin, scaring her to a point of fainting but she didn’t want to faint. It then grabbed her and it stared at her closely. Camemen and Kylie see this and are startled. “TABITHA!” they scream in fear. Chaos heard them and looked behind him. then proceeded to grab them and he slithers to the bridge. With wasn’t a good idea as the amount of pressure that was being put on the bridge was off the charts. Millions of snakes then crowd the area and scaring the villagers and pythons. The villagers and pythons manage to escape the area and off of the volcano. Chaos then dangles Camemen and everyone else over the edge of the bridge where the inside of the volcano was open to. Luna then quickly slithers in and calls over to Chaos. She then holds up the Platinum Python and chants “Mighty Chaos, you may be as powerful as the man upstairs. But I declare to you have finish and relinquished your affairs”. The Platinum Python suddenly starts to grin and it’s eye began to glow. Chaos turns towards it and notices its true powers. Chaos eventually loses all of its powers and turns unconscious. Camemen and everyone else breaks free and lands on the ground. Luna slithers to the other side of the bridge and out of the area, telling the others to get to the other side before the bridge collapses. The Platinum Python then oozes bloody red mist and it goes for the snakes. The mist then forces it all into the snakes mouths, filling them up to the point of blowing up. With all of the snakes gone, the red eye of the Platinum Python begins to fade it’s red color away. Everyone manages to get out off the area and off the bridge. As Chaos regains consciousness, he realizes he was too late. The bridge collapses sending it plummeting down into the lava of the volcano. The pressure put onto the bridge eventually made the area collapse down too. Camemen tells everyone to get off of the volcano before it explodes.

After a few minutes, they successfully managed to escape the volcano just in time. Everyone looks over Mount Giratina as it explodes in a colossal array of volcanic rocks and magma. Everyone relieved and ecstatic to know they made it out in one piece. Camemen is proud of everyone for stepping in and helping out cause if it wasn’t for them, none of this would’ve been possible. Everyone celebrates their success against Chaos. Kylie, Crock, Claudia, and Tabitha give him a hug in relief and happiness. Camemen feels grateful for everyone. “Thank you everyone“ he said. “I couldn’t have done this without you”. He then notices Luna looking at the remaining of Mount Giratina in remorse and depression. The Platinum Python’s red eye begins to fade completely to black, redeeming it powerless without Chaos. Luna notices it as she looks at it and she decides to throw it away. Camemen then picks it’s up and walks over to Luna. He asked if she’s ok. She looked toward him saying she’s fine. They start to remain silent for a few seconds. Camemen then decide to come out and tells her, “I’m sorry...for everything I’ve done to you and your loved ones”. “No” she said, “That all might have been on me”. He turns towards her saying, “No, this is clearly my fault. None of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t fired you or kill your father.” “That may have been why I was all furious, but the truth is...I was just...jealous.” ”Jealous?” He asked. “I mean look at you!”, she exclaimed. “You have loving and caring parents, citizens who look up to you, best friends, a wife, a daughter. All I had was my father and later, Link.” Camemen feels Luna’s pain and thinks maybe there’s more to her than anyone else knows. He then decide to tell her, “Well, you got me and my friends and family”. Luna turns towards him and his friends and family. She feels something inside her. Camemen reminds her about what she did saying, “You helped saved us all from Chaos. Without you, we all would’ve lost and eventually perished.” Luna starts to feel proud of herself and everyone else. Camemen then tells her, “Congratulation. You are without a doubt one of the bravest any of us have ever saw, Co-empress”. Luna is ecstatic on the inside. She started to cry in joy and glee and gives Camemen a hug. Link, Crock, Claudia, Kylie, and Tabitha join in too. Everyone cheers for them all. Link then realizes and says, “Wait! Chaos already destroyed both our home towns. What are we gonna do now?”. Camemen says, “We’ll all just have to rebuild our empire together”. This began a great and glorious future in with Humans and Pythons come together to form the biggest sanctuary in the history of time.


After months and months, both empires completed building their new home town called The Golden Sanctuary where humans and pythons can live in harmony without any persecution. And ruled by 2 emperors and empresses, Camemen, Kylie, Luna, and Link. Everything was back to the way it was in the beginning and nothing could possibly go wrong.


Note: Only the new characters will have a description


The film was originally set to be released in August 2009, but due to the poor reception of it’s original plot, the original film was cancelled.

The final version of the film was released on August 20, 2012 in RealD 3D and IMAX 3D.

Home Media Release

The film was release on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Copy on December 9th 2012.

The film was re-release in a double pack alongside the first film in 2016 to celebrate the franchise’s 15th anniversary. The pack also included a code to download the original graphic novel for both installments on your mobile device


The film was very well-received by audiences and critics alike. The film grossed over $412,000,000 making it the 2nd highest grossing Nickelodeon Movie. The film received a 87% on rotten tomatoes and a score of 90 on metacritic

The film won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature of 2012, making it the second Nickelodeon Movie to achieve that. The first being 2011’s Rango. The film was also nominated for an Annie Award for Best Animated Feature and Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Animated Movie, but sadly, the film lost both those Awards to Disney’s Wreck it Ralph


In an interview with Robert Nadal, he was asked if he had any thoughts on a third installment. Robert had this to say

”I really wanna make another installment to this franchise. I really want to! Unfortunately, that might not be possible for a while. I am currently out of ideas for this series and with how The Curse of the Platinum Python ended, it would probably be a lot harder to think of an idea. If there’s ever an idea that could pop into my head, I’ll make sure to give you the word. Until then, you might have to face the fact that there is a very real possibility that this might be the end of Camemen’s story.”



  • This was the first theatrical film based off of Robert’s graphic novels to be released after Nickelodeon’s rebranding.
  • The movie was originally meant to be a prequel starring Crock and it began production in 2006, prior to the production of Arlene 3 and it was set to be released in 2009
    • However, the original concept received extreme negative reviews, and to prevent the series from plummeting down, the original concepts was scrapped and the film was postponed to find a new idea.
  • This was the last film based off of Robert‘s graphic novels that Chris Savino took part in before he left the staff in 2012 to create Nickelodeon The Loud House
    • The reason for it‘s exclusion was because the short would eventually be released on it’s own DVD a year later
  • According to Robert, Link was named after the same protagonist from The Legend of Zelda
  • This film was dedicated to both Brittany Murphy, the original voices of both Arlene and Claudia who passed away in 2009, and Andy Griffith, the original voice of Commone who passed away in 2012 before the film was released.
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