The Curse of the Dark Sheet is a 2001 traditional 2D animated movie based off of the graphic novel of the same name. It was the second film to be based off of a graphic novel by Robert, with the first being Arlene.



Somewhere in the jungle far far away. It’s all thunder and lightning. And we see a man mourning alone in the forest. Pretty pathetic, huh? Well, our not gonna believe this but that guy wasn’t always what he is now. Actually, they guy used to be an emperor. That’s right, a rich powerful ball of wisdom and charisma. Oh yeah, that’s him. Meet Camemen, as in, Emperor Camemen. He was the world most generous and nicest guy in the empire and he lost it all after...well. Tell you what, lets go back a ways and it’ll all make more sense.


2 days ago, in the emperor‘s palace, Camemen was considered the greatest of them all. He was kind, generous, and caring to his family and citizens. Although, he doesn’t like the people who causes trouble. When he sees it, he tries to find a way to end the trouble. But he wasn’t one in the emperor‘s palace.

First up, we got Luna, the emperor‘s right-Hand...woman. She often has a little bit of frustration between her and the people who praise to for the emperor’s word. As Camemen walks in to the entrance hall to talk with her, he sees her in an argument with someone. Luna tells the visitor to leave the palace. NEXT! Camemen sneaks up to her to have a word. He’s like “You were doing it again”. Luna jumps in fright, not realizing he was behind her. Cammen doesn’t seemed please for how she was toward the visitor. Luna tries to explains what was happening, but Camemen wasn’t listening.

All of a sudden, Crock, Camemen’s father, comes in with a group of ladies to take Camemen’s hand. Camemen comes up and takes a look. None of them were his kind of lady and rejects all of them. Crock asks why not save them for himself, but they aren’t intrested in him. Asking why, they’re like his not the emperor and he’s crazy. Camemen tells Crock not to listen to him. Crock, ignoring what he said tries to come up to the ladies and kiss one of them. In disgust, they run out of the palace, shaming Crock. You see, Crock was the father of Camemen and he gave him the throne after his mother passed away. All those years of being alone left him sad inside.

Naturally, Crock feels like he has eternal sadness inside of him, leaving him to cry himself out. Camemen tries to calm him down, but nothing seems to work. Luna says he shouldn’t just give up, he should keep trying, but Crock doesn’t seem to think it’ll work. Luna starts to raise her voice giving an attitude to Crock. Camemen comes up and breaks up the conversation and he tells his dad too go to the spa, it always calms others down when their down. After Crock leaves, Camemen has a word with Luna saying he doesn’t appreciate how he talked to his father. Luna says she always has to deal with the citizens constant complainings and is tired of it. Camemen is like if she’s tired of it then she can leave, as in she‘s fired. Luna is very baffled hearing this. Camemen tells her to pack up her things and leave before he sends the guards. She leaves the palace and swears vengeance on Camemen. He’s like yeah right, like she can kill royalty. Camemen hopes that tomorrow will be good, cause tomorrow is his 25th birthday. He doesn’t want to feel like a laughing stock of an emperor.

It’s morning time. Happy Birthday Camemen! He seems in a very happy mood. He calls his family to come out into the view. Crock and Commone see Camemen is on top of the world. Crock says everyone in town is waiting out front for the honor and speech for Camemen’s birthday. They all round up everyone else and head out to the front door. Everyone cheers for Camemen, Crock, and Commone. They are like it’s happy to be on the throne. The crowd chants SPEECH, SPEECH! Camemen feels flattered they wanna hear a speech. So, he gives Crock the speech to talk about how this all came to be. Crock decides to take the microphone and tells them his story:

“It all started on a dark and stormy night. On a flying plane, everything was becoming windy and hard. The plane lost control and everyone had to evacuate. As Crock and Commone jumped out of the plane, they got pulled by the wind. Crock landing on an iceberg, where 3 Polar Bears were grasping on to. As the years went on, the bears disappered and the iceberg was melted to a small chunk of ice. He eventually bumps into a ship and is taken to it where they tried to revive him. Suddenly, he sees Commone sinking far into the ocean. The ship heads for Commone and Crock pulls out the net and saves him. They revive Commone to. Just 5 years later, Crock had it all, friends, a wife(named Claudia), their future child, and his father. Then all of a sudden, Crock notices a noise in the background. He tries to head for the source. Crock overhears people talking over about their new passagers. One man thinks they’re a bit of a nuisance and a bother. Others don’t believe him, but he explains all the stuff they did and they see his point. He thinks they should...throw them overboard. Crock is traumatized, stumbling backwards. Seeing him fall and slam into the ground, Commone and Claudia ran over to Crock. Crock says he sees what gonna happen. He says we need to make a run for it. They jump onto a small passager boat and run off. The group of people who were talking out saw them and ran towards them. They ran into the boat trying to get them, but Crock let the boat fall, leaving these 4 people, Commone, Claudia, and himself out in the water. They decide to set courses for the nearest shore they could find. As time went on they eventually needed to find food, so one guy and Commone took care of the fishing. Just a month after searching for land, Claudia later gave birth to a baby boy, who happens to be Camemen. Crock and Claudia are very proud of themselves as they’re now parents. Crock swears on Camemen that he’ll won’t failed on him. He’ll make him the best of the best. All of a sudden, Commone spotted land and Crock decides they should head for it. The Kingdom of Light, where Crock took over the king‘s throne after the old king died. Throughout the years, Crock, Claudia, and Camemen became icons in the empire. Everyone loved them. Then, when Camemen was 18 years of age, Claudia passed away after an accident with the horses. With Crock feeling incredibly crushed, he passed the throne to Camemen. And the rest...became history.”
Feeling so proud of everything he’s done, Crock decides to skip his speech and get right to the part where he shoots the confetti to everyone. Camemen feels as if Crock is happy for what he did. As Camemen goes up and make’s his speech, we’re cut off to Luna’s location. She’s seemed very upset with her firing. Her father, Luciano, comes up and asks if she’s alright. She says she’s still salty about what happened yesterday. She feels like she’s need to show Camemen he needs to watches his actions. Luciano says that she’s at least good in his eyes. Even without this calling, she’s still good. Luna says she appreciates what he thinks of her. She knows what everyone else in her clan feel about her. But love went to her head. She began to think that she should be the emperor and not Camemen. She tells everyone that we should work together to take down the emperor. But how. The emperor is too powerful. They’ve done so much to prove him as the emperor. But then, Luciano would have to show everyone that Camemen is not worthy of being emperor. Every python gathers around to listen to Luna and Luciano’s plan

As Camemen gave his final word on the speech, everyone was cheering out for them. Camemen decided to close out by coming down and asking for a few questions and he got a lot. One little girl tried to rush through the crowd to ask him a question. She asks, “Can anyone as great as you?”. Camemen seems to like that response. He answers by saying if you try harder, be determined, and have your friends to work together, you can do anything. He later asked who she was. Her name is Claire. It’s as if Camemen saw her as his star pupil. In his family, he said, he has many great relatives name Claire. She seemed happy knowing this.

Suddenly, a mysterious audience member raised it’s hand, having a question for Camemen. Camemen takes it’s response. It asks, “Do you really think anyone can be great?”. Camemen is confused as he already answered that. He takes it as if it thought he wasn’t telling the truth. He claimed if you work and believe hard enough, you can do anything. It reveals itself saying “WAS THAT WHERE I WENT WRONG?! I SIMPLY DIDN’T WORK HARD ENOUGH?!”. It was Luna. Camemen is baffled seeing her here. He asks what she’s doing here. The audience wonder if he knew who she was. Camemen tells them he knew who she was. Luna jumps on stage and looks towards Crock, telling why not he tell them the real story. Crock and Camemen have seen demotion and time unemployed made her bitter. She’s like it just made them even bigger fools. Pete comes up and is like nobody talks to his friends like that. He threatens her by grabbing her by the tail. And then, all of a sudden, Luciano trips Pete. Commone runs up and tries to pull Luciano off of Pete. Camemen is like what are they trying to do. Luciano slinks up to him and says that he‘s a fraud. The audience gasps and chatters about what Luciano is saying. He calls out for his people and the slither down to the empire. Luciano claims that he is a fraud.

Just minutes after, the empire called in a meeting with everyone to explain this prosper. Camemen and his group are under trial with Luna and Luciano claiming he shouldn’t be eligable or worthy of being emperor. Camemen feels as if Crock and Commone are hiding something. The citizens of the Golden City claim that they have done so much to gain their rightful place as emperor of the village. The pythons claim that they’re nothing but rouges. Camemen says he is the man who praised his home. Luna claims that he fired her and left her to being a peasant because of him. Luciano gets in and says that she wanted her to be considered rightful to the emperor and make her father proud. Everyone feels sorry for Luna. They start to believe that she’s right about Camemen. They are about to claim Camemen as guilty. But before he gets claimed, Claire comes up and backs up Camemen. She says he’s done so much and so has his family. Claire tells everyone that he’s the son of the previous emperor and the man who praised his ways with far away voyagers. Luna claims that’s out of the question. Crock is like Luna did question it from the beginning. Everyone starts to see the point. Camemen, Crock, and Commone are worthy of being the emperor. Worrying they would lose, Luna and Luciano call objection, but they didn’t show any evidence yet. They try to give them time to get the evidence. Camemen is about to be praised and saved thanks to Claire and everyone else.

However, right before he was claimed innocent. Luciano and Luna found evidence that they weren’t worthy. The law instates that an emperor or his ancestors must have done and complete a sacred task in order to get in. Everyone is like Camemen hasn’t done anything yet, but Crock and Commone did. Camemen is like their right, Crock told everyone years ago that he and Commome managed to get the sacred treasure, the Dark Sheet, during their voyage with the ship. Luna is like where‘s his proof, where is it. Camemen tells Crock and Commone to go get the Sheet. But...Crock says that their wrong. They didn’t even find the Dark Sheet. Camemen is confused. Luke and Kylie are like they’re telling the truth, they never actually even went for it. Feeling as if there was no way out, they all had to confess. Camemen feels betrayed. He asks them if Crock and Commone have ever done a sacred task, and succeed. Everyone looks at Crock waiting for him to answer. Crock had no evidence to prove himself and basically gave up. He confessed, he has done nothing. Everyone is baffled at them, even Camemen. He’s like how could they have lied to not only the village, but his friends and son! The citizens of the Golden City find them not worthy of the throne after all. The court finds Camemen, Crock, and the rest of their group guilty of all charges. He says that Camemen will have to relinquish his duties as emperor. Camemen is startled and traumatized hearing those words used in a sentence together like that. Stumbling backwards, he falls out the front door sent creaming down the slopes and stairs in the village. Crock and Commone try to grab him, but end up falling with him. With Kylie, Luke, Pete, and Gorden looking down to them, Luna and Luciano grab them and throw them down to them. Everyone starts talk over everyone wondering who will be the emperor of the city. Luciano claims that Luna should be the rightful person for the throne. Everyone looks at Luna, wondering if she would want to do it and why she should. Luna says she’ll do anything for the Golden City. The court grants her the chance to do so. Now Luna is taking over as Emperor of the Golden City.

After a few minutes of freefalling down slopes and stairs in the city, they eventually fell into the city river where they plumet down towards the large rowdy current filled with rocks, trunks, and debris. This is where they eventually ended up near a huge deadly waterfall. They manage to fall down the waterfall and hope that they can survive by doing a method. At contacted with the bottom of the river, they start to lose consciousness from the impact of the fall. Hopefully their ok.

After a few hours, they all woke up and found shore. As everyone tries to get onto shore, they try to pull themselves together cause that fall was pretty devastating. As they look upward, they see a small village above the cliffs. They decide to go up there and ask for help. They decide to split up and find something to help. For Camemen, Kylie, and Luke, they went to find shelter, while Commone and Pete went to find food and refreshments, and Crock and Gordan look for assistance. After a few minutes, Camemen overheard someone. He turns around and sees Claire, the little girl from the celebration and vouched for him. He runs over to her and asks what she called for. Claire was wondering if he was ok and Camemen responds he’s fine. She offers him to come over to her house for shelter, but Camemen thinks there might be too much people to provide shelter for, yet Claire doesn’t mind. Camemen decide to call over Kylie and Luke over here and Claire leads them to her home.

At Claire’s house, Camemen, Kylie, & Luke get to meet Claire’s family. There’s Claire’s parents, Lydia and Zachary, Claire’s older sister, Jenna, and her baby brother, Roy. Camemen is like it’s a pleasure to meet them here. Zachary greets Camemen saying he’s a pleasure to have here. Lydia offers Camemen and his friends and family to stay for a little while if they want. Camemen decide to go right ahead and he asks Luke to round up everybody else. Claire and Jenna decide to give Camemen and Kylie a tour of the house. They show them the kitchen, living room, the master bedroom, the attic, the basement, Claire and Jenna’s room, the guest room, etc, etc, etc. After rounding up everyone, they all come in and prepare for a “dinner party”, I guess.

During the feast, Camemen apologized to Claire and her family for what they witnessed back at the Golden City. Claire was actually the only child who witnessed it and didn’t lose hope while all of the others, including her siblings were crushed. Claire says to Camemen that he can just try to win the throne back. But Camemen doesn’t think he has any options to win it back. Lydia reminds them that they haven’t gotten the Dark Sheet they were talking about. Crock turns to Lydia, thinking she might be on to something. They should go on a voyage to get the Dark Sheet. But Zachary and Commone claim that might not be possible cause no one knows where it is. Luke enters the conversation saying he may have a solution. Back at the ship, Luke been studying hidden artifacts like the Dark Sheet, saying he may have the location by memory. It’s hidden somewhere in Mount Ligragome. In order to get there, they need to go through the Jumping Jungles, down the Slimy Slides, and just over the Valley of Fate. Camemen is gonna need some help in order to get past there. Crock and Commone obviously decide to go with him because getting that artifact was and is their destiny. Luke, Kylie, & Pete decide to go with Camemen, too. Camemen grabs the map of the realm of the island and head out on the adventure. Wish them good luck.

During their voyage, they had an eye on the event. Some sort of snake, like back at the clan where Luna and Luciano were part of. Seeing what’s happening his slithers as fast as he can towards the palace in the Golden City, where it was in near ruins as pythons come together in the cities population. It reports to Luna about what’s happening, but for some reason, she wasn’t listening since she was having a pedicure. She didn’t pay no attention to it up until she thought she heard it said something about Camemen. She put a hold on the pedicure to listen. She found out that Camemen and his family and friends are getting the one thing in order to win back the throne. Luna is afraid they might actually get it. She tries to go to her father, Luciano, to report about it. When he hears the news, he decided that they should do something. Luna has an idea that if they were going to get it, how about she get the Dark Sheet before they do. Luciano likes this idea and is proud of her for coming up with it. But, there just one problem. The only way to get to it is to use the path that their going. But that’ll blow their cover. Luciano thinks the best option is to go to it in the sky, as he remembers he had the blueprints for a flying machine. He decided to build it and he and some other pythons prepared to do it.

Back with Camemen and the group, after hours of finding it and entering, they are about half way out of the Jumping Jungles. At the time, things were going as planned. They did find a few stinkers, but other than that, they were fine. Luke looks at Kylie, seeing she‘s a bit scared. He tries to talk to her saying how she is. She claims she’s doesn’t like this jungle. Luke questions Kylie asking why she came with them in the first place. She says that she has a feeling toward Camemen and she wants to be around to protect him. That’s very kind of her. Luke asks why she doesn’t just tell Camemen how she feels. She’s afraid that Camemen might not have feelings for her since he only considers her as a friend rather that a date. Luke starts to sees what she means. Pete overhears their conversation and gets in the conversation. Pete tells her if she wants to impress Camemen, she needs to show him what she can do. Try to help him out, protect him, save him from danger, do something that would make Camemen see her. Kylie keeps that in mind. Camemen turns around and is like what’s going on. Kylie tells him everything is fine. All goochie.

By the time they were almost out of the woods, figuratively and literally, they were relieved to see the light again. But at the half way point, they’ve noticed a group of sleeping tigers. They try to quietly go through them without waking them up. Camemen accidentally steps on one of their tails and the tiger freaks out. Camemen tries to cover his mouth and pet him to sleep. But, it was already to late, about a quarter of the tigers woke up from the shriek and were about to attack them. Commone came up and tried to cover them saying he’ll take care of them. He pulls out his whip and starts to keep hitting them. Pete tries to help him out too. But as they were fighting, Camemen slips on the edge of the cliff and slips in a path full of slime. Kylie notices this and tries to jump down with him, with everyone else following them, including 3 of the tigers. They go down a free slide down the Slimy Slide. There were massive amounts of paths, ramps, and loop de loops. They eventually find themselves near a free fall ramp where they were all sent flying to their demise, but they escaped injury by landing on top of a mountain that wasn’t too low to the ground. But they still hit the ground a bit hard, leaving them unconscious. They start to black out.

Just after a half-hour of unconscious, everyone wakes up and sees Mount Ligragome just above them. They just need to get across the Valley of Fate. But how. The ledges of each hill is too high, and anyone who fails on landing on the ledge and fall off, they are never seen again. Camemen tries to look for a way up. He sees a pointy rock just onto the ledge of the entrance to the mountain. He pulls out a long piece of rope and tries to lasso it towards the rock. After numbers of tries, Kylie offers to help him, and they both manage to get the rope onto the rock. Camemen is pleased about Kylie’s help and thanks her. She starts to blush and says “You’re Welcome”. Crock ties the other end of the rope onto another pointy rock and prepares to climb up the ropes, with everyone else following with him of course, except for Kylie. She‘s scared and is afraid she isn’t gonna make it. Camemen decides to help her. He climbs on and asks Kylie to hold his hand. She grabs his hand and holds on tight. Camemen tells her not to look down. Reaching the end, Camemen tries to grab onto the ledge, but he starts to lose his grip. He accidentally lets go of the rope and nearly falls to his doom. Kylie quickly grabs his foot and tries to pull him to safety. She tries to carefully grab onto the ledge. After making it onto the ledge, she pulls up Camemen, relieved to see he made it. Camemen seemed very thankful for Kylie. Kylie starts to feel as if Camemen sees she’s very heroic and caring for him. She starts to feel a bit doozy and blushes. As they finally made it to Mount Ligragome, they’re prepared to face the 4 Trials of Tension.

When they reached the entrance, at the end of it, there were Cobra’s hanging onto the opening saying separately, “WHAT’S...THE...PASS...WORD”. They’re stumped, not knowing the password. One cobra suggested a riddle to find out the answer. Camemen accepts the riddle, and the cobra says, “What’sss ssso fragile, it breaksss when you sssay it’sss name?”. Camemen tries to think it over. The Cobras ask to hurry up, but Camemen says he needs some quiet time to think over. But then, hearing his words, he answers it’s Quiet! The Cobras claims he’s right. They passed the first trial and are able to pass. Everyone is impressed, even Crock, as he gives Camemen a pat in the back. Now it’s on to Trial #2

As everyone is at the next location in the mountain, they are introduced to Trials #2 and 3. A lion wakes up and introduces them their next trials. They need to climb up the ropes and pull them off, but one wrong rope and they’ll plummet to their doom. Camemen is like what’s even down there. Crock believes that no one was able to find out what’s down there, but no one has ever been found there ever again. Camemen has to be careful and pull down the right rope. Camemen climbs up the ropes and starts pulling them on his way to the other side, Everyone else follows them, pulling the ropes off of the ceiling too. As they reach the end, they noticed they missed one, but it was out of reach. Camemen comes up with a plan. He tells Kylie to grab his foot, and tells Crock to hold on to her leg, and so on. Camemen leaps onto the rope and grabs on tight. He tells everyone to yank him to safety. Everyone starts to grab their other leg with their other hands and yank everyone to safety. Pulling off the rope, the trigger an open path, which leads to their location of the Dark Sheet. The lions congratulated them for accomplishing both tasks and that their just one trial away for receiving the Dark Sheet.

Back at the Golden City, Luciano and the pythons finish construction on their copter. Luna gives Luciano a hug. She seems pretty happy. One python asks, what do we do when they get the Dark Sheet. Luna and Luciano are like “...”, implying they didn’t have a plan for after they get the Sheet. Luciano heads towards the bookshelf and look up Ancient Artifacts. He reads the Dark Sheet. It says that with the sheet in hand, someone can make an infinite amount of wishes. With the Dark Sheet in Luna’s hands, she can wish for...well...just about anything. Luna and Luciano decide to hop onto the copter and set for Mount Ligragome.

As they finally reach the top level of the inside of the mountain, they see the Dark Sheet. They just need to pass one more trial. They need to solve a puzzle on the open gap of the bridge in order for it to land on the other side. Camemen looked at the pieces, and tried to put them together in the correct order. He tried for hours and hours and hours. After hundreds of tries, he couldn’t get it to fit in the hole. Crock tries to help him out. However, he can only come up with half of it. Commone tries to join in as he makes the other half. They put the halves together, placed it into the gap, and the top end of the bridge fell down to the other side. They’ve done it. They prove themselves worthy of getting the Dark Sheet. They all run up to the other side. Camemen and Crock were the ones most proud of themselves and everyone who helped. They all passes the 4 Trials of Tension and are ready to claim the Dark Sheet. Camemen goes in for a hug with everyone saying he couldn’t have managed to do this without them, any of it. Crock and Commome start to get emotional, Luke and Pete are pleased for helping him out back, and Kylie, well, she’s especially happy to see Camemen happy.

Suddenly, the roof of the mountain breaks open, with a helicopter coming from above. Everyone tries to hold on for dear mercy. Camemen sees Luna and Luciano. Camemen tries to run towards the Dark Sheet before they get it. But Luciano snatches it before Camemen can grab it. Luna and Luciano high five each other as they climb up. Camemen jumps up to tackle Luciano and grab the sheet, but Luna gets a hold of him. Seeing this, Crock and Kylie run towards them and jumps on to tackle Luna. Luciano grabs them off of Luna and tries to get a grip on them. In fury, Luna spins Camemen and throws him off into the chasm. Crock, Kylie, Luke, Commone, and Pete are startled and traumatized. Crock and Kylie are the ones most upset. In rage, Crock bites Luciano’s tail and he and Kylie break free, falling down towards the ground. Luciano loses his grip and nearly falls, but Luna grabs the sheet he dropped with her teeth and saves Luciano by grabbing his tail. That’s a grateful daughter. As Crock and Kylie get up, they look off the cliff in bitter depression and loss. Crock starts to feel ashamed of himself for letting this happen. Luke believe this wasn’t entirely Crock’s fault. He couldn’t have possibly known what was gonna happen. Crock looks at Kylie wondering why she feels sad. Kylie decides to confess her feelings about Camemen. And seeing him gone, she starts to cry. Crock tries to comfort her, saying Camemen would have felt the same. Luke joins in to give her some comfort too. Commone suggest we might as well turn back around and back to the village. They begin their journey back to their last location in despair and depression, knowing the plan failed.

Back to Camemen, we see him still falling down. He eventually lands in some water. The flow of the water pulls him in all sorts of directions, until he saw an open hole out of the mountain. As he gets out, he gets stuck in the hole. He tries to wiggle out, but with him covering the hole, thousands pounds of the water pressures the path and hole. After a mere 10 seconds, the pressure reach maximum and Camemen shot right out of the hole, flying so high in the sky. He lands in an uninhabited forest, with no signs of life. Camemen realized he failed to get the Dark Sheet and now he has no way to regain his throne. He’s failed his life and his family. Feeling very depressed, he just straight up gave up. The plan failed.


So yeah. Basically that everything that has happened that led to this moment. He lost everything he care about in one day. His calling, his family, his friends, his only opportunity to get back his throne, his determination, his fame, his passion, and his home. And he’s been running ever since. All of this cost him everything. Camemen started losing hope and just wanders everywhere to find a new home.

Back to Luna and Luciano, they make it back to the Golden City as it’s already in complete ruins. As they enter the palace, they prepare to place the sheet onto the pedestal. Luciano asks her if Luna has thought up a wish at the time. She said no and she started to think about it. One python suggest a life time supply of food to feed to the empire and themselves. Another suggest dozens of pounds of Fireworks to shoot off in all sorts of directions. A third suggest World Peace. Everyone starts to argue on what to wish for. Luna turns around yelling, “QUIET!”. All of their wishes sound either to vague or could lead to a terrible turn of events. Luna grabs the sheet saying she’s gonna decide the wish. And she says to herself that she wish she knew what to wish for. Suddenly, the Dark Sheet began to glow. It shot a ray of smarts into her head and it gave her a head rush, but she was fine. Lucario runs towards Luna, asking if she’s alright. Luna started to get a good feeling. She found out what to wish for. Uh-Oh...

As Camemen kept wandering everywhere, he eventually found the village. He runs to the village, where Claire, Zach, and Gordan see him. He runs to them in relief to see them again. Claire and Gorden asked what happened. Camemen explains he and the gang almost had the Dark Sheet, but Luna and Luciano stole it right at the last minute. Claire feels sorry for what happened. Camemen has nothing now. Claire offers him to stay here for a while. Camemen decides he can probably stay here for a little while. Maybe he can be ruler here. He’d make a good ruler. 5 hours later, Camemen overhears a group of people and he runs to check them. It’s Crock and the gang. Camemen is stoked to see them here. He runs over and calls out to them. Everyone is ecstatic to see Camemen’s alive. Crock and Kylie run to him for a hug. Camemen is very relieved to see everyone is ok. They wonder how he was still alive. He says it turns out their water off the cliff. Camemen soon tells them that he became ruler of this place. Crock is pleased to see he’s continuing his calling. Their all like guess we don’t need the Dark Sheet. Suddenly, a man in a black suit overheard them, asking, “Did you say...Dark Sheet?”. They claim yes, and everyone from the group and town gathers around as if he knows what it does. The man claims the Sheet is dangerous. Camemen is startled, and asks how is it dangerous. The man says the Sheet is mainly meant to grant the person who holds it infinite wishes. It’s main purpose is to be used for the wishes of good and happiness, but it can also be used for wishes that are catastrophic and evil. Camemen is now worried. With it being in Luna’s hands, there’s no telling what she’ll do to the Golden City. He has to stop her before it’s too late. Crock, Kylie, and Luke will come with him. Commone, Pete, and Gorden say their coming too. Same with Claire and her family. Camemen, however, feels as if it’s best if they say here. But they think it’s best of they came too. In fact, all of the village’s citizens offer their help. Camemen looks at everyone with silence and says if they think they all got what it takes then they can all come. Commone and Claire thanks him, and everyone sets on a voyage to The Golden City

As they reach the Golden City, it is a complete and total chaos! Every citizen was in danger with it’s overrun of Pythons. Camemen was in fury to see all this destruction. Camemen told the villagers to stop the pythons from hurting the citizens. Zach and Lydia said the family will distract Luna and Luciano. Camemen and his friends and father will get the Dark Sheet. As they head to the target locations, Camemen sneaks into the secret passage to the palace. They sneak through the guards and make it to the location of the Sheet. Zach, Lydia, and their kids approached Luna and Luciano to talk about how they became royalty. Luna thinks something’s up, but Luciano decides to tell them how it all began. Just after mere minutes, Camemen found the Dark Sheet and proceeds to grab it. Crock and Kylie warn him that their can be some booby traps. Camemen sees their claim and throws a smoke bomb. The smoke starts to blow out revealing alarm lasers. They needed to find a way to turn them off. Luke, being the smartest of the group, decides to head for the source of the lasers and turn them off. He looks with his keen eye and sees a machine. He enters the secret codes and deactivates the lasers. Everyone is astounded with Luke, especially Camemen.

Camemen lurks towards the pedestal and tries to grab it. But for some reason, Zach grabs Camemen and tries to get a hold of him. Crock and Commone are startled and tries to run up to him, but Lydia grabs them too. Then came Jenna who grabbed Luke, Kylie, and Gorden. Pete tries to get them, but then came Luciano, who grabbed Pete and held on to him very tightly. Camemen is confused and feels betrayed, but Zach says he and his family feels betrayed. Luna latches down and snatches the Dark Sheet from the pedestal. Crock and Commone break free and tries to tackle Luna. Luciano then slithers to Crock and Commone and knocks them out. What Luciano didn’t realizes is that he let go of Pete. Pete runs up and slams Luciano onto the ground. Luna, seeing this, grabs a mallet and knocks Pete unconscious, and then she hits Camemen knocking him unconscious.

When Camemen woke up, he was on the roof of the palace, with Luna giving him the eye. Crock and Commone confronts Luna and Luciano saying this is crazy and irrational, and every possible meaning of the word. How could they have done this?! Luna claims he and Camemen never deserved that rightful spot on that throne. Camemen is furious and bursts that Luna and Luciano are only abusing their powers on the Golden City. He’s like Luna is the one who doesn’t deserve the throne. But Luna snaps and says it was her father that deserved that throne in the first place. Camemen, Kylie, and Luke are confused by this. Crock and Commone starts to gain nervousness and tries to change the subject. But Luciano, cuts him off and reveals that Luciano was the heir to the throne! Camemen, Kylie, and Luke are completely startled and cheated. Luna then says his grandfather was the king of the Golden City and Luciano was next in line. Camemen feels lied to. He comes up asking Crock if it’s true or not. Crock feels the cats out of the bag, so he confesses, it’s true. Camemen feels betrayed. Luciano is pleased to see Crock finally admit it. Camemen turns to Zach and Lydia asking is this why they tried to stop him for reclaiming the Sheet. They say yes, they were, but Claire backed down because she doesn’t believe Luna and Luciano. Camemen look at Claire, feeling pleased she still believes in him. Claire tries to plead to her parents that their innocent. Zach turns to Claire and says she doesn’t know that. Claire reminds them about what’s happening right now. Lydia is like what’s happening right now is that Camemen should be executed. But Claire, still not listening, reminds her parents that back before Crock was emperor...and then they cut her off yelling “SHUT UP, CLAIRE”! She felt very hurt to hear her parents say that to her, and she feels the need to cry. Camemen, overhearing what Claire was about to say, turns to her and asks her to finish her sentence. She says, while still crying, that the Golden City was a very dangerous place to go until Crock took the throne. Luke claims she’s right. According to his research in the history of this place, the old king let power go to his head and use it for his own purposes. Camemen turns to Luna and says that shouldn’t be given the throne if they’re family was abusive. Luna says that her father couldn’t have possibly went down the same path his father went. Camemen is like how should she know, look what she did. Luna is like this is the final straw. She holds out the sheet and wishes for the entire population of the City was cornered. The city starts to slowly fall down with the walls around them rising up preventing them from escaping. And then, Luna wishes for a way to obliterate the entire city. Then a giant laser poofs at the entrance of the palace. Then a random python shows up the Artifact Book saying there’s something about the Dark sheet Luciano didn’t read about. Suddenly, the Dark Sheet began to ooze black smoke as it starts to levitate. It reads if someone making too many wishes within a day, the demon sealed in the Sheet will break free. Luciano turns to Luna asking how many wishes she made. She answers, “about forty...five”. Luciano gives her the stare and nod.

The demon breaks free of the Sheet. Blowing everyone off the roof. Camemen, Kylie, Crock, Luke, Zach, Lydia, and Claire managed to land on the ledge of the ground close to the entrance, while Commone, Pete, Gorden, and Jenna plummet to the city. Luna and Luciano climb over the edge. Luna comes over and pleads to the demon to help her in this time of need. The demon grabs Crock, Kylie, and Luke. Camemen runs towards Luciano and Luna and tries to stop them before it’s too late. But Zach and Lydia rush through them and stops him. Luna then grabs Camemen and squeezes him tight. Luciano thanks Zach and Lydia for the assistance. Zach and Lydia are pledged and thankful for his words. Claire tries to explain to them that this is all a misunderstanding, but they aren’t listening. They turn around and tell her to shut up. Claire feels as if her parents don’t care what she thinks. Luciano tells her their on his side. But then he says he doesn’t need their assistance anymore. They turn towards him, questioning what he said, and then he shoves them off of the ledge and send them to be incinerated with the rest of the citizens. Claire is extremely traumatized and runs to the ledge screaming for her parents. Luciano grabs Claire and holds on to her very tightly. Camemen, feeling startled, chomps Luna’s tail and breaks free. Luna accidentally drops the dark sheet and Camemen grabs it at the last second. Luciano prepares to activate the laser. Camemen tries to run up to him quickly, but Luna latches onto Camemen and fights him off. Luciano ceases the opportunity to activate the laser. He pushes the button and watches the carnage that is about to happen. Camemen knocks out Luna, and Luciano is startled. He slithers to her, dropping Claire, and Camemen grabs his tail and spins him around like a lasso. The laser fires, Camemen aims Luciano, and gave him a toss. Luciano gets caught in the lasers vicinity and gets hit. Luna is traumatized and is scared. She’s like “FATHEEEEEER!!!”. With Luna distracted, Camemen aims the Dark Sheet at the lasers vicinity and throws it. Luciano explodes from the effects of the laser beam. Luciano is dead now. The laser beam continues to go and it hits the Dark Sheet. The demon sees this and feel a sharp pain all over him. He drops Crock, Kylie, and Luke. Camemen runs over and catches them, saving their lives. The palace, feeling the demon’s pain and suffering, starts to collapse. A giant chunk of the entrance then falls down and crushes the laser. The laser beam starts to end and just in time. The Dark sheet blew into bits.

Chunks of the palace starts to collapse. The remaining then build a way for the Golden city to flee. Camemen calls out to the city saying they have to get out of her quickly. They citizens and villagers climb the rubble and fled the city. Luna builds rage from the death of her father. She warns Camemen, she’ll be back for revenge on, not only him and his friends and family, but the entire city’s citizens and the village’s villagers. She calls out to the pythons that it’s time to retreat. Camemen and everyone else tries to catch up with the citizens and villagers and flee to the village. The demon starts to reach complete destructive powers. The demon is reduced to a skeleton of it’s former self and it’s soul starts to build up as if it was about to explode.

Just after minutes of running, the entire population of the Golden City and Village, Camemen, his Friends, his father and grandfather, and Claire’s family make it to the village where everyone was safe. Camemen did a roll call to see if everyone was here, but he doesn’t have fingers, so he just check to see how many people were here compared to what the population says it was. Everyone is ok. Suddenly, a giant explosion is seen far off into the distance. The demon has died with a boom. They did it. Camemen and everyone else saved the Golden City from the destruction of their home. Everyone celebrates their survival and thanks Camemen and everyone else for saving them. But then, the court judge asks Camemen what we need to do now. Camemen says that we need to build our sanctuary her now. Build our new homes. The village offers them to build their homes in this village. Camemen says that that’s a good idea. They combine the Golden City with the Village into the great and glorious sanctuary. Crock and Commone comes up to Camemen saying that their proud of him. He saved his home from Luna and Luciano and got the citizens to safety. Camemen says he couldn’t have done it without them and his friends, any of it. They all go in for a group hug. Camemen says that their the best friends and family he could ever had. Kylie finds that a loving compliment to her. She asks him if he really means that especially to her. And when he says of course, Kylie decides to gather her courage and give him a kiss, on the lips. Camemen, seeing how Kylie feels about him, starts to feel love-struck and tries to continue the kiss. Guess it’s smooth sailing for everyone.


Just over a year later, the village is finished with it’s expansion with it’s new villagers. During the duration of time,Crock and Commone got jobs working with the court, Luke approached the man from a while back to work together, and Camemen and Kylie were wed and are now expecting their first daughter sometime soon. Just a day after the finish with construction, Camemen and his friends and family were called forth by the court. For it was finally the grand opening of the villages new palace. Camemen swore in as the villages new emperor and he promised that with him around, nothing will possibly go wrong. He cut the red ribbon and everyone was in celebration of the return of their emperor and they lived happily ever.......oh, wait. This ain’t a fairy tale. Let’s just say everything was back to the way it was.



Music Included

  1. Somewhere in a Jungle far far away
  2. Emperor Camemen
  3. The People of the Empire
  5. Python Attack
  6. G-U-I-L-T-Y
  7. Meet the Family
  8. Trials of Tension
  9. Falling to Doom
  10. Return of the Emperor
  11. Repairing Santuary


The film premiered in Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas in May 4 2001.

The film later hit theaters worldwide on May 7 2001


Just like Arlene, The Curse of the Dark Sheet has been heavily marketing since it’s reveal. On June 2001, toys, plushes, bed sets, and games hit shelfs across different stores. Burger King made 5 Curse of the Dark Sheet toys in March 2001. In July 2001, Camemen joined in as a walk around character in Universal Studios Florida.

Home Media Release

The film was released on VHS and DVD on September 2nd 2001. A bundle pack featured the DVD, its original graphic novel, and a bonus disc about the upcoming Arlene 2 film. The bundle removed the Arlene 2 bonus disc on October 2001 when the film was postponed after the 9/11 attack

The film was eventually re-released on DVD and for the first time on Blu-ray in May 2011 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the film


The Curse of The Dark Sheet was well received by fans and critics alike. The film has grossed out $200,205,385 worldwide. It received a 75% on rotten tomatoes, however, it has only received a 7 out of 10 on Metacritic. It has become one of the more memorable franchises by Robert alongside Arlene.


In a 2001 interview with Robert, he was asked about the possibility of a Curse of the Dark Sheet 2. Robert answered:

“I haven‘t thought about that. First of all, I’m currently out of idea for a sequel, but I can try my best to come up with something. Secondly, even if there was a sequel, it would not be called “Curse of the Dark Sheet 2”. Why? Well if you watched the movie, you know what happened. The title would have to focus on something other than the Dark Sheet.”
In 2006, it was announced that a sequel was in the works. When it was announced what the plot was gonna be, it disappointed a lot of people when Robert said Camemen will not get any sort of recognition or mention since it’s a prequel. In 2008, it would be announced the sequel will be postponed to find a new idea for the film

In 2009, Robert announced The Curse of the Platinum Python will be released on August 20 2012


The Curse of the Dark Sheet Opening Logos-0

The Curse of the Dark Sheet Opening Logos-0


  • This is the only other Nickelodeon films outside of the Arlene franchise to be based off of one of Robert’s novels
  • The design of Camemen and Crock were not thought up by Robert. It was actually thought up by his relative after he decided to cancel on his version of this story, and later letting Robert take over
  • Brittany Murphy decided to play the minor role of Claudia. You may recall Brittany for her role as the title character in Robert’s other franchise, Arlene
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