The Comedic Family is an American animated comedy slapstick slice of life television series created by Alivia Champ.


A family, who does hilarious things, lives in a silly-looking house.




  1. The Buh-ginning - The family begin their comedic days.
  2. Bring Back Michelle! - Michelle, a girl who stole The Family's Most Important Amazing Awesome Wonderful Lovely Beautiful Shell, hides the shell where the family can't find it. The family has to find it before it gets dark!
  3. Orange You Glad? - Boy gets a case of "The Orange Juicy Eyes".
  4. The Painbow - A half-rainbow, half-human comes into towns, Girl gets obsessed.
  5. The Hoose of Moose - Parody of The House of Mouse.
  6. The Deer Dears - A duo of female deer named Silvia and Milvia approach the Comedic Family.
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