The Codemasters is a 1998 Canadian Action/Comedy/Family film. The movie was screenplayed by Marck Rishard from the summary role of executive producers and writers. The film is the main role of pre-teens who start working for the WNSOI (World`s National Spy Of Internationals) and help save thw world from another opposite National Goverment, WNHOI (World's National Hurting Of Internationals) who destroy or plan to destroy anything in their way. With the advance technology and a helpful group, the eight goes on coded missions. 


One girl, Janie, who works for the ageny, eventually doesn't do missions, for the fact of her saftey, was ordered to go to her school by her adopted father to spy on everything for the fact that a message has came to ruin their agency. But she doesn't thinks she has the stuff to do this alone, for the fact that it gets harder besides her school. Her dad decides to get seven of her friends to work with them, but Janie kept a secret from her father that she has no friends at all, so she gets the most kids that belong to the title; The Smarts, The Cool, The Planner, The Distarcter, The Cutes, The Athlete and The Techer; she is The Hacker. Making friends on her way she meets a guy named Maron, a wondeful planner of anything and a mexican blooded guy, who goes on a mission with her, after a convinving reward he wanted. Janie and Maron soon meet another guy who is new to the school after being an immigrant from Japan named Ken, she and Maron lets him in on the trick because he is smart. All three soon meet an african lady who is good with technology, named Nekena, who lost the Trivia Tech of 1998, after a bet made which was that if she losese she joins the team. The four go to the lab and experince the technology and the mission, but all goes well for the next day.