"The Clyde McBride Show" is a 2019 animated-Comedy-Slice-of-Life series created by Chris Savino during his return in Nickelodeon.


Clyde and his Parents is moving to another town to Wreia Town, Michigan..




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Main Characters

  • Clyde McBride • A 11-Year Old Boy who is formerly known for being "The Man With The Plan's Assistant" Now, he's hanging out with his friend Andrew Thompson. Which he calls "The New Lincoln" Sometimes, Clyde doesn't get his own episodes. He is voiced by
  • Andrew Thompson • A 11-Year-Old-Boy who is best friends with Clyde. They usually talk at "The Bowling Area" Where Him, Clyde and the others talk about what happened today for them. His nickname is "The Son Of A Plan" for being the second best friend for Clyde.
  • Ren McDenson • A 11-Year-Old Boy who is another best friend of Clyde. His life used to be the worst for Ren until Clyde showed up. He even talked about how "Clyde saved his Life" in the Q&A video from Nickelodeon. He's another member that talks to Clyde, Andrew and the others in "The Bowling Area" Where they talk about their experiences with today. He's intelligent to his classmates. Even he's said that "He's the next kid to be more smarter." He is voiced by
  • Larua Shreon • A 11/12 -Year-Old who secretly has a crush on Clyde. In the episode "It's Valen-Time's Day!" Where she actually kisses Clyde during their presentation. Clyde started to have a crush on her too and ditched "Lori" for her. They planned on getting married when they are 22. Their relationship started to make them get lower grades. They stopped talking to each other for over 14 episodes to improve their grades to make their dreams come true. She is voiced by Kate Micucci.

Minor/Supporting Characters

  • Rusty • A 11-Year-Old Boy who is actually from "The Loud House" He moved away and lived in the same town as Clyde. But unfortunately, Rusty is at a different school from Clyde.
  • Lincoln Loud • Even though he doesn't appear in the show. He makes a cameo appearance in a episode called "Clyde's Cycle" In a flashback Lincoln and Clyde was jumping on a trampoline and then Lincoln was falling into a tree. Lincoln was mentioned by Clyde a lot. Until Season 4.
  • Lynn Jr. Loud • She only had a major role in a episode called "Sporty Clyde" Where Lynn teaches Clyde how to be the best in Football. And told him that being in sixth grade requires a lot of hard work. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco (who reprise her role as Lynn).
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