DK64 - Merry Christmas

"Merry Christmas"

is a fun to during great of DK64 Christmas Special by CartoonFan1994. to during best based by Disney's Frozen with Anna and Elsa to having love girls christmas to during villain named...Hans. to during create real christmas monster of the leader...Icy Angel, a second command named Clockster, a third command as Gred, fourth command with Psycho Blue Monster and finally Freezard, a we get taken Christmas presents for the kids began until the crying and then to the destroy them of all. and the rest of other Christmas monsters. cannot save the world of christmas best of the night time - Defeat King K. Rool and Queen Icy Angel as...The Kongs of the Congo Bongo - Merry Christmas Anna and Elsa, For The Students of Misora Elementary, "Merry Christmas!" release in Dec 24. to the best of Christmas December 25th. by gryffonmanic, Coolzdanethe5th, Fox Prince, TheTrueDisneyKing, Princess Rapunzel (Youtube 2012) & Rtgoh3.


Freezeezy Peak (Theme Song in a Opening Credits with Christmas Sound) (from Banjo-Kazooie)

We're Singing Prasiers (from Psalty's Kids Praise 4)

We're Marley and Marley (with K. Rool and Hans)

The Crooked Man (sung by K. Rool and her army of MMPR Christmas Monsters)

Koogie Roogie Man (sung by K. Rool and his army of 25 Christmas Power Rangers Monsters) (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Winter Wrap-Up (Song)

A Circle of Friends (from Hearth's Warming Eve)

The Best Christmas of All (from Mickey's Magical Christmas)

Ending Credits (Crystal Caves during The Christmas Song)

Various Best of Hans's Monsters from the Best Christmas of All, With Icy Angel in Christmas Party Monsters with King K. Rool


Fighting of the 25 Christmas Monsters with Misora Elementary Students minus Todd fighting of villain Hans

1. Juliet fighting Icy Angel

2. Melissa fighting Clockster

3. Autumn fighting Gred

4. Gia fighting Psycho Blue Monster

5. Penny fighting Freezard

6. Stewart fighting Freezer Org

7. Josie fighting Medicon

8. Justin fighting Rabbitcon

9. Belinda fighting Squidrose

10. Keith fighting Croco D'Vile

11. Carey fighting Rumba Monkey

12. Peter fighting Rude Elf

13. Shannon fighting Tombstone Org

14. Haley fighting Cyclops

15. David fighting Goatan

16. Amanda fighting Primator

17. Scooter fighting Pipebrain

18. Nicholas fighting Nimrod

19. Susie fighting Four Head

20. Oliver fighting Beamcaster

21. Simon fighting Centiback

22. Phillip fighting Inciserator

23. Mackenzie fighting See Monster

24. Yamauchi fighting Robo-Cupid

25. Hanson fighting Defoliator

The Best Christmas Monster of All, With K. Rool by CartoonFan1994

Icy Angel as Donkey Kong

Clockster as Tiny Kong

Gred as Chunky Kong

Psycho Blue Monster as Lanky Kong

Freezard as Diddy Kong

Power Rangers's Christmas-Thon for the Best Christmas of All!

1. Blue to the Test

2. When Time Freezes Over

3. Stuck on Christmas

4. Five of A Kind

5. In The Freeze Zone

6. Soul Bird Salvation

7. Short Circuited

8. In Your Dreams

9. Sing Song

10. The Green Candle Part 1

11.The Green Candle Part 2

12. Lions and Blizzards

13. The Wanna-Be Ranger

14. Missing Green

15. White Light Part 1

16. White Light Part 2

17. A Monster of Global Porportions

18. Zedd Waves

19. Fourth Down and Long

20. Changing of the Zords Part 1

21. Changing of the Zords Part 2

22. Changing of the Zords Part 3

23. There's No Business, Like Snow Business Part 1

24. There's No Business, Like Snow Business Part 2

25. There's No Business, Like Snow Business Part 3