The Chameleon Brothers Show is a Japanese/American produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Joe Murray. The show is written/voice acted in the USA, but is animated overseas in Japan by Toei Animation in collaboration with Rough Draft Studios.

It is a spinoff featuring the Chameleon Brothers, Chuck and Leon, from Rocko's Modern Life. The two brothers go on zany misadventures as they deal with their businesses and avoiding getting caught scamming people. They also take care of a 7 year old human girl named Gemina, who fell from the sky off a stork's beak, and onto Chuck's back.

The series is set to air on Nickelodeon on May 10th, 2019


Tom Kenny - Chuck D Chameleon, Heffer Wolfe

Carlos Alazraqui - Leonard T Chameleon, Rocko, Spunky

Kristen Schaal - Gemina Gracie Chameleon

Tara Strong - Gemina Gracie Chameleon (as a baby/toddler)

Doug Lawrence - Filburt Shellbach, additional voices

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