The Boxcar Children is an upcoming TV series based on the book series and film.

Coming soon in 2020s.


The series follows the adventures of four orphaned children, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny. They create a home for themselves in an abandoned boxcar in the forest. They eventually meet their grandfather, who is a wealthy and kind man (although the children had believed him to be cruel). The children decide to live with the grandfather, who moves the beloved boxcar to his backyard so the children can use it as a playhouse. The children encounter many adventures and mysteries in their neighborhood or at the locations they visit with their grandfather.



  • (?) as Henry Alden - Leader
  • (?) as Benjamin "Benny" Alden - Member
  • (?) as Violet Alden - Member
  • (?) as Jessie Alden - Member
  • (?) as James Henry Alden - Grandfather
  • (?) as Watch - Dog
  • (?) as Dr. Moore - Doctor
  • (?) as Soo Lee -
  • (?) as Mrs. MacGregor -
  • (?) as Joe
  • (?) as Alice
  • (?) as


Season 1

  1. The Yellow House Mystery - A spooky old house on Surprise Island intrigues Benny.
  2. Mystery Ranch - The Aldens' eccentric Aunt Jane needs help on her ranch, and they overturn a plot against her.
  3. The Schoolhouse Mystery - Benny's curiosity, while staying in a fishing village, leads to capturing a swindler.
  4. The Lighthouse Mystery - Renting a lighthouse is unusual, but even more so is an unfriendly boy's peculiar behavior.
  5. The Caboose Mystery - A trip in a caboose at the end of a freight train leads to an old clown and a search.
  6. The Houseboat Mystery - The Alden family rents a houseboat to drift down the river, and encounters a mystery in the little towns along the river, involving a fast black car.
  7. The Tree House Mystery - From a high perch, Benny discovers a clue to a hidden room with contents that surprise everyone.
  8. The Mystery in the Sand - Living in a seaside mobile home, the Aldens unravel the secret of two secluded women.
  9. The Guide Dog Mystery - The Aldens visit a guide dog school, where they must stop a man from stealing one of the dogs.
  10. Mike's Mystery - Benny and his friend Mike are in trouble when they are curious about a uranium mine.
  11. The Mystery Horse - The kids
  12. The Woodshed Mystery - A double puzzle involves an old friend of Aunt Jane's, romance, and a chase.
  13. Benny Uncovers a Mystery - Benny figures out some puzzling events in a department store.
  14. The Mystery of the Hidden Painting - The kids
  15. Mystery in the Sand - A friendly writer with a metal detector, the mysterious inhabitants of a tower house, and the discovery of a locket in the sand are ingredients for the Aldens' latest mystery.
  16. The Bus Station Mystery - The kids

Season 2

  1. The Old Motel Mystery - Someone is trying to put Aunt Jane's motel out of business, but the Alden children aren't going to let that happen.
  2. The Deserted Library Mystery - At an old library, the Alden children discover a boy who needs their help and a stranger who is after a valuable object they found in the library.
  3. Movie Theater Mystery - The kids
  4. The Space Mystery - The kids
  5. The Bicycle Mystery - The kids
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