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Objectionable content includes: Stylized action violence and brief blood

Break the mold. Shine the sword. Keep on shining.
~ King Terrence

The Black Sword is a 2019 American fantasy/adventure film by Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, Morgan Creek Productions, and RatPac-Dune Entertainment. It is directed by Zack Snyder, and it is also the first film in the Black Sword Universe.


The kingdom of Adroemeth is under attack. Warlords and their armies have been attacking and invading the kingdom for over 25 years. The former ruler, King Justinian, had perished in an attempt to fend off the intruders, and when he died, he left a shiny black sword on the ground, indicating that he has fallen. But a brave new hero named Prince Alden has found the black sword, and he takes it to a magical wishing well, granting it powerful strength, which he must use to stop the invaders from destroying the kingdom- once and for all.




Chris Evans- Prince Alden

Holly Hunter- Princess Helene

Channing Tatum- Daniel Dark

Daisy Ridley- Dahlia Dark

Patrick Stewart- King Justinian

Emma Watson- Daniel's assistant



Home media

DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4K UHD releases

On August 6, 2019, The Black Sword was released on DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4K UHD, and were including with deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes footage of the film.


On October 14, 2019, The Black Sword was released on Netflix and Hulu.


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Box Office

The film was a box office success, grossing $242 million domestic (with an opening weekend of $86 million) and $467 million in other countries, for a worldwide total of $709 million against a production budget of $245 million.

Critical Response

The film was well-received by critics and audiences. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an 87%, with the consensus of: "The Black Sword kicks off a franchise the way all franchise starters should: epic, original, and action-packed, this is a film that has something for everyone." The film also has an 82% on Metacritic, indicating "generally positive reviews" as well as having the Metacritic Must-See seal. Also, the film has an A on CinemaScore, a 7.7/10 on IMDb, and a 4/5 on Common Sense Media with the Common Sense Seal.


Thanks to the great reviews and healthy box office numbers, the film spawned a cinematic universe called the Black Sword Universe. The film is followed by a 2021 sequel called Legend of the Black Sword.

User Reviews

"A shiny sword-wielding experience. 8/10." --Supersamus 3.0

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Video game

Main article: Black Sword: Clash for Victory

On May 2, 2018, WB Games, Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, Havok and Vanillaware released a tie-in video game called Black Sword: Clash for Victory.

Parents Guide

The film is rated PG-13 for stylized action violence and brief blood.



  • Some scenes with blood.
  • Tons of characters die.
  • Lots of intense action and brutal battles.
  • The entire film centers around a kingdom being destroyed by invaders.



  • Uses of "hell" and "damn".
  • Some insults, like "stupid" and "dumb", are also heard.

Sexual Content


  • Daniel Dark's assistant wears an outfit revealing cleavage. In some scenes she is seen either fanning Daniel Dark or feeding him grapes.
  • Prince Alden and Princess Helene both have a crush on each other, and when Alden first encounters her, he says he's drawn in by her scent.
  • At least 7 kisses throughout the film.

Drugs & Alcohol


  • Several scenes take place in a bar, and many characters are drinking beer and scotch.
  • Also, some scenes involve characters smoking cigars.

Age Recommendation


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