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    Dreamworks Bobby hill goes swimming underwater

    DreamWorks bobby hill goes swimming underwater is an upcoming 2019 2D American computer-animated comedy direct-to-video film produced by DreamWorks Animation SKG and distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

It is based on the novel king of the hill by Gertrude Elliott will be directed by Mark Dindal, and written by Thomas Lennon. It stars the voices of Trevor Morgan , Louis C.K., Jack McGraw, Francesca Capaldi, Novie Edwards, Kevin Hart, Caleel Harris, Bonnie Hunt, Jim Belushi, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, and Kyle MacLachlan and it will be released on April 30, 2019 on DVD and Digital HD.

Featuring the new single "diving song" by GloZell feat. Kunal Nayyar.


This will be the story about bobby hill (Trevor Morgan ) go underwater 

Additional Voices


  1. I'm swimming underwater (feat. Kunal Nayyar) - GloZell: Written and Produced by DJ Cassidy
  2. Blowing bubbles  - Nick Jones: Written by Robin Thicke, and R Kelly
  3. Under the sea  (feat. Hanson) - Owl City - Fleur East swimming under the sea 
  4.  Deep deep  (The swimming Song) -Trevor Morgan : Written and Performed by Trevor Morgan 
  5. Swim with the whale  (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean) - Calvin Harris
  6. Swimming  - Crazy Frog
  7. June  - Earth, Wind & Fire: Mixed by Cash Cash

Music & Lyric Video

  • Swim with the fishes (Kunal Nayyar) - GloZell (From The Motion Picture bobby hill goes swimming underwater)

Lyric Video

  • Swim with the dolphins  
  • Swimming rescue - Nick Jones (From The Motion Picture bobby hill goes swimming underwater )

Season 1

  • Rusty's Penguin Problem\Rusty's Sand Castle Hassle
  • Rusty's Rex Rescue\Rusty's Park N' Fly
  • Rusty and the Bit Police\Rusty's Jam in the Dam
  • Rusty Digs In\Rusty's Brave Cave Save
  • Rusty's Ski Trip Blip\Rusty and the Camp Bandit
  • Rusty Dives In\Rusty's Big Top Trouble
  • Rusty Marks the Spot\Rusty's Bitz on the Fritz
  • Rusty's Bit in the Woods\Rusty's Roughy Toughy
  • Rusty Goes Bananas\Rusty's Night Lights
  • Ruby Rocks\Rusty's Balloon Blast
  • Rusty's Nest Friend Forever\Rusty's Flingbot

Season 2

  • Rusty and the Mechanical Animal\Rusty's Spaceship
  • Rusty's Space Bit\Rusty and the Sneezing Fish
  • Rusty's Water Works\Rusty's Rubbish Race
  • Rusty in Liam Land\Rusty the Vaccum Kid
  • Rusty and the Captain Scoops\Rusty the Creature Catcher
  • Rusty Learns to Skate\Rusty's Rustic Adventure
  • Rusty's Bota-Fort\Rusty's Bull-Dozer
  • Rusty Gets Stuck: Part 1
  • Rusty Gets Stuck: Part 2
  • Rusty Feels Peachy\Rusty's Running Car
  • Rusty's Alien Invasion\Rusty's Yard-Cade Game
  • Rusty's Pet Project\Rusty's Mysterious Mystery

Season 3

  • Rusty's Spooky Adventure\Rusty Loses the Bits
  • Rusty's Dancing Suit\Rusty Bee Good
  • Robo Rusty\Rusty's Kittybot
  • Rusty's Plant Perdicament\Rusty's Beach Day Delay
  • TBA \ TBA 
  • TBA \ TBA
  • TBA \ TBA
  • TBA \ TBA
  • TBA \ TBA
  • TBA \ TBA
  • TBA 
  • Rusty's Mobile Rivet Lab: Part 1
  • Rusty's Mobile Rivet Lab: Part 2

Season 4

  • Ruby's Comet Adventure\Rusty's Messy Mishap

Productions: Nickelodeon Productions

   * Nickelodeon Productions (Season 1-2)

   * Nickelodeon: Balloons (Season 2-4)

Special Effects

  • HCH Producoes, Premise Entertainment, Yowza Animation
  • 3D stereo conversion: Legend3D

Movie Clip

  • Opening Scene
  • Bobby hill is swimming snorkeling 
  • The bottom of the ocean 
  • Swimming under the sea  (Ending Scene)


  • Director: Mark Dindal
  • Co-Director: Eric Darnell
  • Production Designer: David James
  • Character Designer: Craig Kellman
  • Art Director: Tony Siruno
  • Casting Director: Christi Soper
  • Head of Story: Rob Koo


  • Directed by: Mark Dindal
  • Co-Directed by: Eric Danell
  • Produced by: Kristine Belson
  • Screenplay by: Michael Colton
  • Written by: Thomas Lennon
  • Starring: Trevor Morgan , Louis C.K., Jack McGraw, Francesca Capaldi, Novie Edwards, Kevin Hart, Bonnie Hunt, Caleel Harris, Jim Belushi, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Kyle MacLachlan
  • Narrated by: Trevor Morgan 
  • Music by: Hans Zimmer
  • Edited by: Kent Beyda
  • Production company: DreamWorks Animation, Pacific Data Images
  • Distributed by: Universal Pictures
  • Released date: April 30, 2019
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English



  • DreamWorks Animation presents
  • a PDI/DreamWorks production
  • Bobby hill goes swimming underwater 


  • Directed by: Mark Dindal
  • Produced by: Kristine Belson, p.g.a.
  • Executive Producers: Eric Darnell, Tiffany Ward
  • Screenplay by: Michael Colton, Additional Screenplay Material by: Michael McCullers
  • Written by: Thomas Lennon
  • Based on king of the hill by: Gertrude Elliot
  • Music by: Hans Zimmer
  • Trevor Morgan , Novie Edwards, T. J. Miller, Jack McGraw, Francesca Capaldi, Chris Rock, Caleel Harris, Bonnie Hunt, Jim Belushi, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Steve Carell, with Amy Poehler, and Kyle MacLachlan
  • Editor: Kent Beyda, a.c.e
  • Head of Story: Rob Koo
  • Production Designer: David James
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Karl Edward Herbst
  • Head of Character Animation: Rex Grignon
  • Head of Layout: Nol Le Meyer
  • Art Directors: Andy Blaik, Tony Siruno
  • Associate Producer: Holly Edwards
  • Production Manager: Milind D. Shinde

Artistic Supervisor

  • Animation: Teju Aloysius, Mark Donald, Jason Ryan, David Torres, Robyne Powell

Artistic Supervision

  • Head of Lighting: Laura Grieve
  • Lighting: Aaron Smith, Milton E. Rodriguez-Rios, Ken Ball, Igor Lodeiro, Ronman YiuYan Ng

Artistic Supervision

  • Character Technical Direction: Sandy Kao
  • Modeling: Tony K. Williams
  • Surfacing: Aaron Cat Florez

Artistic Supervision

  • Effects: Scott Peterson
  • Character Effects: Muralitharan
  • Crowds: Kevin Vassey
  • Technical Direction: Shawn Lewis

Artistic Supervision

  • Final Layout: David Murphy, Brian E. Newlin
  • Matt Painting: Pete Billington
  • Stereography: Phil Captain 3D McNally
  • Visual Consultant: Guillermo Navarro, A.S.C.
  • Sound Designer: Michael Babcock, Re-Recording Mixers: Will Files, Gary Summers
  • Casting by: Christi Soper
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