The Big Comfy Couch is an TV animated series that is based on the 1992 educational children show, The Big Comfy Couch. The TV show is set to premiere on Nick Jr. in July 2016.


Loonette and her doll Molly and the rest of the gang is back, but this time in a fully-animated TV show, it is a remake version of the 1992 classic children show, and the show will teach kids all about friendship and how to solve their problems.


  • Alyson Court as Loonette The Clown
  • Grindl Kuchirka as Granny Garbanzo
  • Fred Stinson as Major Bedhead
  • Taborah Johnson as Auntie Macassar


  • Bob Stutt (Molly, and Fuzzy)
  • Robert Mills (Wuzzy)
  • Fred Stinson (Andy)
  • Jani Lauzon (Jim)
  • Jackie Harris (Eileen)
  • Bob Stutt (Snicklefritz)
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