This is the transcript for the Beginning it is only halfway complete at this point so it might stop


Brendan (Voiceover):My Name is Brendan Miller And I live in Forest Creek USA. I’m 12 years old and I am in the Seventh Grade. Today my school decided to take the entire school to the Science Corp Lab Downtown. It was a bad idea I’ll explain why.

A Bus was shown for a few seconds as It zoomed in to reveal a boy with brown hair and green eyes with three other kids

Derek:Bren are you excited for the trip.

Brendan:No. I have this gut feeling that this won’t be a good trip Derek.

Elliot:Of course you got it. Everyone knows Middle School Field Trips And 16th birthdays are always doomed.

Brendan (Voiceover):Elliot was right about that as everything changed.

A Bam was heard as the 4 kids looked behind them A boy with blond hair and light blue eyes was holding a kid with brown hair And gray eyes

Elliot:Not Smash!

Brendan (Voiceover):That’s Smash Bailey the school bully. A Great way to describe him is a Big Bumbling Idiot.

Smash (punching a kid):Give me your lunch money Nerd!

Derek:Smash is still harrasing nerds everywhere. (Hides under Seat)

Katlynn:More like all the nerds in Forest Creek.

Brendan was shown with a angry expression on his face

Brendan:I will give Smash a little piece of my mind.

Elliot:No. Brendan he wil probably beat you up!

Brendan:I don’t care I’ll do it.


Brendan:Smash! You’re such a Idiot!

Smash:Who called me a Idiot was that you Nerd!

Boy:No. it wasn’t me.

The bus came to a complete stop asthey arrived at the lab

Brendan (Voiceover):Luckilly We Arrived.

Ms Harlow:Class we habe arrived Ready to hop of the bus.

The Children on the Bus got off the bus. But Brendan appeared to look love in his eyes at a girl with black hair and Sea blue eyes

Elliot:Falling For Brittney again

Brendan:No! I don’t have a crush on her!


Scientist:This is the tank holding a entirely new substance we found we don’t know what it does or if it affects Humans or not.

Derek:Woah. this is Pretty Cool

Katlynn:Yeah Right. How is that Interesting.

People around them started gasping as the tank holding the Substance began to shake and smoke like something was activated.

Ellliot:Umm Guys. That Tank is surely smoking or wha?

Everyone:Not Funny Elliot!

The Tank suddenly imploded causing the goo to hit the 4 kids like a target.

Elliot:Eww. This is more disgusting than my Step-Dads Socks.

Brendan:We know your step-dad is a slob!

While Brendan said that something was happening the Goo absorbed into thei bodies. But for Brendan something else was also going on.

A blue Object hidden from view was shown glowing and shimmering as the Goo entered.Two Guys entered the room shocked.

Guy 1:It has activated because of the Goo.

Guy2:Yeah. Hopefully it’s not gonna do much.

Guy 1:I will make sure we tell everyone!

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