Set one year after Batman Beyond (the 2017 film), Bruce Wayne now refuses to let anyone else take up the mantle of Batman, due to the dangers it holds, and he meets with Ra's Al Ghul, who heals him in the Lazarus Pit. However, during this, the Batman becomes listed as an enemy of the state, as Terry McGuiness's actions as Batman that killed Derrek Powers have come to national attention, and Superman is deployed by the government to defeat Batman. As Batman is healed, Superman attacks him, but Batman defeats him, due to his usage of advanced technology and Fear Toxin, which makes Superman hallucinate. During this, Ra's Al Ghul kills Superman by drowning him in the Lazarus Pit, and Batman goes on the run, as he is blamed for it. The Wayne Manor is burned down, and Bruce finds himself hiding in Metropolis streets, where thousands await his arrest. Drowning his pain in alcohol, Bruce drunkenly kills a young boy's parents while dressed in the Batman suit, then tells the kid to be his Robin, and he kidnaps the kid. Finally, while trying to make the kid his Robin, he tells him to "fly away" as the police approach, and he throws the kid off the building, breaking his neck, in slow motion. As the police arrive to arrest Batman, he says that he never meant to hurt anybody, and he steps back, falling to his death.


-Joel Schumaker