New Hero- BatYosi!!

Everybody knows the Dark Knight. But in 2014, the writers of DC Comics will begin again. Along with removing the New 52 from continuity, they will create a comic series that chronicles a new retelling of Batman's beginning to go along with the other, present day Batman stories.


Year One

Issue #1: The Return After a 15-year long travel around the globe, billionare Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham to use his money and resources to save his city from crime and corruption. Villains: Carmine Falcone
Issue #2: Fear The Knight While investigating shipments of a drug known as Apex, the Bat-Man encounters an deadly crime boss known as the Chemical King. Villains: Chemical King
Issue #3: Curiosity Kills When Wayne Manor is broken into and it's valuables are stolen, the Bat-Man becomes determinated to track down the thief responsible: The Cat. Villains: The Cat
Issue #4: Ace The Bat-Man faces his greatest challenge yet when he must battle the seemingly immortal Red Hood. Villains: The Red Hood Gang
Issue #5: Matches Can the Bat-Man save several members of the Fire Brigade from a fiery death without killing the arsonist holding them hostage? Villains: Matches Malone
Issue #6: Enigma The Bat-Man must work with a Police Detective named Edward Nashton when Lt. Gordon disappears and Commissioner Loeb is found murdered. Villains: Enigma
Issue #7: Angel Of Death 

Gotham City's Christmas is anything but merry when Victor Zsasz escapes from Arkham and an insane scientist known as Doctor Death lets loose a lethal virus. Villains: Doctor Death, Victor Zsasz

Year Two

Issue #1: Smile Everyone and everything Bat-Man cares about is in danger when the madman Joker makes his mark on Gotham. Villains: The Joker
Issue #2: Circus Act Still recovering from the Joker's rampage, Bruce Wayne visits the circus only to witness a great tragedy. Villains: Tony Zucco
Issue #3: Curtain Call On Bat-Man and Robin's first case as a team, they must solve a series of murders centering around the disgruntled actor named Basil Karlo. Villains: Basil Karlo
Issue #4: Corruption Bat-Man prepares himself for his ultimate test: Defeating Oswald Cobblepot and freeing Gotham from his influence once and for all. Villains - The Penguin, Electrocutioner
Issue #5: Face Your Fears Bat-Man and Robin must face their greatest fears when they investigate a strange chemical known as FearTox and a killer known only as Scarecrow. Villains: Scarecrow
Issue #6: Batgirl Rises After a Masquerade Ball is attacked by the Killer Moth, young Barbara Gordon is inspired to become the masked crimefighter Batgirl. Villains: Killer Moth
Issue #7: Sharpshooter After several assassination attempts on Attorney Harvey Dent are prevented by Bat-Man, he and Robin must find out who is hiring the assassins and why. Villains: Deadshot, Sal Maroni
Issue #8: Broken Bat-Man manages to capture Sal Maroni, a high ranking member of Gotham's crime syndicates. But when Harvey Dent chooses to prosecute Maroni, Gotham City is changed forever. Villains: Sal Maroni
Issue #9: Scarred Bat-Man and Robin must capture a wounded and scarred Harvey Dent, enlisting the help of Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl, and even Catwoman to find him before the newly minted Two-Face can carry out his plans for revenge. Villains: Two-Face, Carmine Falcone

Year Three

Issue #1: Riddle Me This Edward Nashton begins his plan to destroy everyone who wronged him, using the alias "Riddler." Villains: The Riddler
Issue #2: Wonderland Bruce's fiancee Julie is kidnapped by a disturbed Psychopath called the Mad Hatter. BatMan and Robin must rescue her before it is too late. Villains: Mad Hatter
Issue #3: Toxin As BatMan investigates the murder of scientist Jason Woodrue, an ecoterrorist called Poison Ivy begins a crusade to destroy Gotham. And her first target: Bruce Wayne. Villains: Poison Ivy, Jason Woodrue.
Issue #4: Take Your Bow When archaeologist Matt Hagen disappears while searching for a strange chemical in a cavern underneath Gotham, the BatMan finds a terrifying new threat to Gotham City's safety. Villains: Clayface
Issue #5: Coldhearted WayneCorp is attacked by a former employee named Victor Fries who was transformed  into a coldhearted monster bent on killing Bruce Wayne. Villains: Mr. Freeze
Issue #6: The Dark Knight Triumphant Batman, Robin, and Batgirl to prepare for the upcoming three-sided war between the Mob, led by Black Mask and Penguin, the Police, and an army of Gotham's costumed villains. And if they want the forces of good to win, Batman might have to sacrifice his ideals and break his one rule - He must kill the Joker. Will he do the unthinkable to save his city? Villains: The Joker, The Riddler, Black Mask, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Clayface, Doctor Death, Victor Zsasz, Deadshot, Electrocutioner, The Penguin
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