The Barney Kid-songs Super-de-duper Super-show is a crossover with Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, Scooter squirrel, Etta Kette, Riff, Professor Tinkerputt, Hooting Annie the owl, and other characters


Season 1, episode 01. Singing with Dinosaurs:

Season 1, episode 02. Animals from all over the world-featuring the kookaburra song

Season 1, episode 03. BJ's silly sing-along

Season 1, episode 04. I'd like to teach the world to sing

Season 1, episode 05. A Barney Christmas sing-along

Season 1, episode 06. Bopping with the Barney gang

Season 1, episode 07. When you grow up

Season 1, episode 08. Our Animal Friends

Season 1, episode 09. Barney's wide world of sports

Season 1, episode 10. Baby Bop's circus

Season 1, episode 11. Barney's cars, planes, trucks, and trains

Season 1, episode 12-Sing for America

Season 2, episode 1-Camp Wanna-run-around

Season 2, episode 2-A City sing-along

Season 2, episode 3-I can do it, pretend

Season 2, episode 4-Hooting Annie owl's favorite songs

Season 2, episode 5-Geraldo's favorite songs

Season 2, episode 6-Showtime, everybody

Season 2, episode 7-Wild dinosaur and animal songs

Season 2, episode 8-I can do it-dance and sing

Season 2, episode 9-Mother Goose's favorites

Season 2, episode 10-Geraldo's adventures in Biggle-land: BJ's birthday surprise

Season 2, episode 11-Geraldo's adventure in Biggle-land: Meet Geraldo and his new friends

and more titles are on their way, Teriffic


Barney, a purple Tyrannosaur

BJ-a yellow Protoceratops

Baby Bop-a young green Triceratops

Hooting Annie-a owl with a Western-accent voice

Riff-a orange hadrosaur

BB King jaybird-a blues-singing jaybird who talks [and sings] like BB King

Ette Kette-a purple staling

Scooter Mc-nutty, a crazy gray squirrel

Professor Tinkerput

King Cole

Booker T bookworm, a bookworm

Mother Goose and her goose named Clarence

Gerlado elf, a nasty-turn-nice Gargamel-like elf who used to try hunting Biggles for zoos, as food, or money-making attractions...until he learned to be a nice wizard

Mr. Honey bear

Pop Wheely

Billy, Ruby, and Freckles-the Biggle troupe

and more are a-coming soon.....

guest stars

Dill the crocodile, a talking and singing crocodile

The Dino-tones-once unnamed in Dinosaurs: a fun-filled adventure back in time, until Barney met them after helping them out of a rockslide. Rex shouts "are you ready to rock?" Then, Paras, Dippy, and Cera answer "yeah!!!" at the beginning of Mesozoic Mind [extended and modified version]

Denver the last dinosaur

and more are a-coming soon......

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