The Banana Splits Adventures is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network Studios, the series stars animated versions of the band group The Banana Splits.





  • Fleegle (voiced by Jim Cummings) - A greenish-brown dog wearing a large red bow tie, black buttons, orange chucks, and his tongue is always sticking out, giving him a lisp. He plays a guitar and sings. His acts in the main show include leading a club meeting, and collecting an envelope from an uncooperative mailbox.
  • Bingo (voiced by Tom Kenny) - A orange gorilla wearing white glasses, a yellow vest, and always has a toothy grin. He plays drums and sings.
  • Drooper (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - A lion wearing yellowish-orange glasses, spats on his feet, and speaks with a Southern drawl in the style of Michael Nesmith. He plays a bass guitar and sings. His acts include trying to empty a trash bin that would automatically spew its contents, and answering mails from fictional fans.
  • Snorky - A mute elephant wearing pink glasses and a green vest, he communicates through honking.



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