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The Baby Is Coming!
Written By Mike Termator

Galen T Chu

Steve Oedekerk

Directed By Mike Termator
Release Date September 23 2018
Previous Episode The Manny Twilight Sparkle Power Hour
Next Episode Busted / Geotopia Training Video

 " The Baby Is Coming!!!" Is The 11th Episode Of Ice Age: The Series And Is Released In September 23 2018


Peaches, Shira And Brooke Are Pregnant. Peaches Gives Birth To Two Baby Mammoths, She Names The Boy Steve And The Girl Jessie, Brooke Also Gives Birth To Two Baby Sloths, She Names The Boy Sid Jr And The Girl Alexzandrea, And Shira Gives Birth To A Cub And Its A Boy , She Names Him Little Diego. But Anti Geotopia Kidnaps Little Diego And Sid Jr! So The Herd Needs To Save The Kids!


Act 1

The Herd Is Eating Breakfast When Peaches, Shira, And Brooke Are Eating Most Food. Sid Does Not Know Why Their Eating A lot Of Food, So The Herd Decides To Scan Them, The Scanner Says: Peaches, Shira, And Brooke Is Pregnant. The Herd Is Excited, Manny Is Also Excited To Be A Uncle. Julian And Sid Faint. Buck Finds A TV Video (That Says: How To Take Care Of And Prepare For Your Newborn Baby) He Shows The Video (Buck Is In The Video). 20 Minutes Later (It Shown Due To The Video Being Long), It Ends With: And That's How To Take Care Of And Prepare For Your Newborn Baby. But The Video (Due To It Made In 1927) Shakes, Then It Explodes Causing A Mushroom Cloud, KABOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!

The Next Day. Manny Is Sleeping, But Was Startled By A Air Horn. Peaches Tells That Their Baby Shower Is Happening This Afternoon At 2:40. Later At The Baby Shower, EveryOne Comes To The Baby Shower.

To Be Continued...... There Is More To Come


  • Ray Romano As Manny
  • John Leguizamo As Sid
  • Denis Leary As Diego
  • Queen Lafliah As Ellie
  • Seann William Scott As Crash
  • Josh Peck As Eddie
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Gertie
  • Keke Palmer As Peaches
  • Adam DeVine As Julian
  • Jessie J As Brooke
  • Jennifer Lopez As Shira
  • Chris Wedge As Scrat


  • Collin Dean As Anti Manny
  • Jace Norman As Anti Sid
  • Carlos Saldnana As Anti Diego
  • Karen Disher As Scratte

More Coming Soon


  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (And The Loud House) - In The Scene Manny Was Sledding With Ellie But Crashed (To Hear The News That Peaches Is Going Into Labour) Resembles The Scene Where Charlie Brown And Lincoln Crashes The Sled (Except On A Charlie Brown Christmas And The Loud House No One Is Having A Baby)
  • The Fairly Oddparents- Anti Geotopia Resembles Anti Fairy World Which Was Found On The First Episode Of Ice Age: The Series
  • The Loud House- There Was A Crash Appearing When Manny Crashes The Sled Is Similar To Snow Bored Scene Where Lincoln Crashes The Sled



Ice Age The Series S1E11, The Baby Is Coming/ TranScript

Ice Age The Series S1E11 The Baby Is Coming/ Nick Sneak Peak TranScript

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