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The Art of Massacre is a 2019 horror comedy directed by Eli Craig


Evan started out as bright and full of hope, but years of working at a soul-crushing office and being insulted by his boss has convinced him life will never get better. At his lowest point Evan meets beautiful artist Emma, and the two immediately hit it off. Things gets even better when Evan discovers that his new coworker is none other than Emma, causing their relationship to blossom. However as things get going Emma reveals her true side: deeply controlling. Desperate to get out of the relationship Evan begins to fall for someone else but discovers there's just one catch: Emma is a blood lusting psychopath who will stop at nothing at nothing to get rid of anyone who poses a threat to her and Evan. As the bodies pile up Evan must stand up to Emma and end her rampage.


Calum Worthy as Evan

Eden Sher as Emma

Pete Davidson as Tim

Rob Huebel as Oliver

Harvey Guillen as Roger


  • Love hurts.