The Aristocats: The Series
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Written by {{{Row 3 info}}}
Starring Tara Strong replacing Liz English

Nika Futterman replacing Dean Clark

Cree Summer replacing Gary Dubin

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Release date 2021
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Country United States
Language English

The Aristocats: The Series is a new 2021 upcoming Disney TV show, from the 1970 movie, the making of Walt Disney Animation Studios, and the first-ever Aristocats TV show. The show will be starring the adorable kittens Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse, the main characters as they go on many more adventures in Paris making new friends with other kittens their ages. They're known to be called The Aristokittens.

The show will possibly happen sometimes in 2021, but there's no exact release date yet. It's also known to be a hand-drawn animated series and will take place after the 1970 movie where they had their previous adventures on the French countryside, now they're planning to have more adventures in Paris like going to the circus, going on camping trips, visiting the Effiel Tower and Notre Dame, train trips, going to the farm visiting Napoleon and Lafayette, and for the very first time, they officially go to kitten school.


The kittens are at their mansion with Madame Adelaide Bonifamille, their mama Duchess, and their new stepfather Thomas O' Malley along with his friends Scat Cat and the Alley Cats, but they want to go out into the city of Paris exploring better experiences of their adventures. Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse make new friends with other kittens named Marcy, Blake, and Tommy, they're the same ages living in Paris too. The kittens ask their new friends if they would love to go with them exploring and after their walks, the kittens show their new kitten friends where they live, they show them their mansion and they comment that it's the biggest house they live in. They ask their mama Duchess if they can bring their friends inside wanting to show them around. Marie shows Marcy the piano Berlioz plays while she sings, Berlioz follows along showing Blake the piano he plays music like Scales and Arpeggios they sang before, and Toulouse shows Tommy his painting station where he paints all kinds of masterpieces. It's getting late, so it's time for the kittens' kitten friends to go home and hope to get together tomorrow as the next day. The next morning, the kittens wake up getting ready to go outside and play with their new friends again but Duchess stops them from going out because it's too early, so they got no choice except wait until the afternoon but they're so bored from waiting. Duchess tells them to go into Madame's piano room to go play some piano in Marie and Berlioz's music lesson and some painting in Toulouse's painting lesson while waiting to pass the time.


  • Marie: Marie is the only white female kitten in the family, she's known to be Berlioz and Toulouse's sister. She's white wearing a pink ribbon showing from behind her, and a little pink ribbon in her hair sticking up on her head. She loves singing but sometimes tattletales on her brothers. She has a new kitten friend named Marcy.
  • Berlioz: Berlioz is a dark grey male kitten and is known to be Marie and Toulouse's brother. He's grey wearing a red ribbon that sometimes comes apart or untied and that's all he wears. He loves playing piano and always wants to get on revenge on Marie back at everything during their fights. He has a new kitten friend named Blake.
  • Toulouse: Toulouse is an orange kitten and is known to be Marie and Berlioz's brother. He's orange wearing a blue ribbon and like Berlioz that's all he wears. He loves painting and always wants to be a tough alley cat like Thomas O'Malley. He shares the same side as Berlioz wanting to get back at Marie during the fights. He has a new kitten friend named Tommy.


  • Tara Strong (replacing Liz English) as Marie (the only female kitten that loves singing and is Berlioz and Toulouse's sister)
  • Nika Futterman (replacing Dean Clark) as Berlioz (a male kitten that loves playing piano and is Marie and Toulouse's brother)
  • Cree Summer (replacing Gary Dubin) as Toulouse (a male kitten that loves painting and is Marie and Berlioz's brother)
  • TBA as Marcy (Marie's new kitten friend)
  • TBA as Blake (Berlioz's new kitten friend)
  • TBA as Tommy (Toulouse's new kitten friend)
  • TBA as Duchess (replacing Eva Gabor)
  • John Goodman as Thomas O' Malley (replacing Phil Harris)
  • TBA as Madame Adelaide Bonifamille
  • TBA as Napoleon
  • TBA as Lafayette
  • TBA as Frou Frou
  • TBA as Roquefort
  • TBA as Georges Hautcourt
  • TBA as Amelia Gabble
  • TBA as Abigail Gabble
  • TBA as Uncle Waldo
  • TBA as Scat Cat
  • TBA as Uncle Antoine


  • Scales and Arpeggios
  • Everybody Wants To Be A Kitten (Everybody Wants To Be A Cat)


Season 1

  • Pilot Episode
  • Marie
  • Berlioz
  • Toulouse
  • The Kittens' New Friends
  • The Kittens Get Into Mischief
  • A Day of Yard Work
  • The Kittens Go to the Circus
  • Marie's Makeover
  • Berlioz's Accident
  • Toulouse's Stinky Cheese
  • The Kittens' First Day of School
  • Berlioz's Bad Breath
  • Uncle Antoine
  • Toulouse's Bad Day
  • Meteor Shower
  • The Kittens' First Camping Trip
  • Marie's Opera
  • The Kittens' Argument
  • A Trip to the Farm
  • Rainy Day In Paris
  • The Kittens' Sad Day
  • Marcy's Decision
  • Blake's Ribbon
  • Tommy's First Horse Back Ride
  • Train Trip
  • Family Vacation
  • The Kittens' Trip to the Dump
  • A Day At The Beach
  • Returning to the French Countryside
  • The Kittens' First Ice Skating Lesson
  • It's A Catastrophe
  • I Cat Do It
  • Cowgirl Marie, Cowboy Berlioz, Cowboy Toulouse
  • Mansion Party
  • Ice Fishing

Season 2

  • Movie Night
  • Marie's Scary Nightmare
  • Berlioz's Present
  • Toulouse's Bad Habit
  • French Countryside Party
  • Mansion Allergies
  • The Kittens' Fashion Party
  • Stinky Berlioz
  • New Butler In Town
  • Houseboat Ride
  • Off To School
  • The Kittens' Carriage Ride
  • Down To The Alley
  • The Kittens' Nursery Rhymes Songs
  • Spelling Test
  • The Kittens' Halloween
  • Paris Parade
  • The Kittens' Christmas
  • Fancy Hotel
  • School Fight
  • Snowman Contest
  • Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse Meet Tod and Copper
  • Summer Time
  • The Kittens' Very Hot Summer
  • Skunk Incident
  • Ghost in the House
  • The Kittens' First Sleepover
  • Madame's Grocery Shopping
  • Kite Flying
  • Burglar Break In
  • Milkman Returns
  • The Kittens At The Mini Putt Golf Course
  • Sad Movies
  • Duchess and Thomas's Night Out
  • Amelia and Abigail's Welcome
  • Outside in the Fresh Air
  • The Kittens' School Play
  • Show and Tell
  • Scat Cat's New Carriage
  • Madame, Duchess, and Thomas's Road Trip Vacation
  • The Kittens Miss Their Mama
  • The Kittens' New Babysitter
  • Berlioz's Big Stink Burp
  • Toulouse's Big Mess
  • Marie's Puppet Show
  • Forgive One and Other
  • Brother and Sister Disagreement
  • Helpful To Others
  • The Kittens' Big Paris Race
  • The Kittens' New Visitor
  • Diaper Change
  • River Raft Hotel
  • Tattletale Marie
  • Mansion Fumigation
  • The Kittens' First School Trip

Season 3

  • The Aristocats and the Missing Necklace
  • The Kittens' Christmas Pageant
  • The Kittens' Karaoke Night
  • Garden Planting
  • A Trip to the Grocery Store
  • The Kittens' Goodbye Friends
  • Madame's Bowling League
  • The Kittens' Valentine's Day Card
  • Friends Reunion
  • Berry Picking
  • Boat Ride Out At Sea
  • Springtime in Paris
  • Mansion Demolition
  • The Kittens' Skiing Vacation
  • The Kittens Go to the Carnival
  • Cotton Candy
  • Dinner at Marcy, Blake, and Tommy's House
  • Lighthouse Hotel
  • London Vacation
  • The Kittens' Octopus Incident
  • The Aristocats and the New Carriage
  • The Kittens' First Swimming Lesson
  • Berry Patch
  • Sushi Time
  • The 3 Little Kittens
  • Toxic Swamp
  • Berlioz's Loose Tooth
  • Marie's Bird Bath
  • Toulouse's Nature Walk
  • Easter Kitten
  • Counting Stars
  • Escalator Stair Case
  • The Kittens Get Stuck in the Elevator
  • Missing Piano


  • This is the first The Aristocats TV show taking place after the 1970 movie.
  • This is the first TV show featuring Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse's new kitten friends Marcy, Blake, and Tommy.
  • Edgar is absent from this show because he's vanished from Paris to Timbuktu forever.
  • Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse will be going on new adventures in Paris and new places they've never been to before.
  • This is the first TV show the kittens go the school.


Marie: Time for our music lesson, come on Berlioz!

Berlioz: Relax sister I'm coming!

Toulouse: What picture should I paint next?

Berlioz: You'll figure something out Toulouse!

Toulouse: Oh that's helpful Berlioz! I'll just decide myself!

Berlioz: You do that!

Marie: Berlioz! Toulouse! Stop fighting and let's just focus on our lessons!

Berlioz: You're not the boss Marie! What are you going to do about it?

Marie: I'm telling Mama!

Berlioz: Tattletale!

Toulouse: Yeah! What he said!

Marie: Oh look who's talking! You're trying to test a lady on starting a fight aren't you? Well guess again! They still finish them!

Berlioz: Oh really missy!

Toulouse: I told you! You're not a lady and you never will be! You still think you should be first? Well you thought wrong?

Berlioz: You'll never be a lady because all you are is a sister!

Marie: Take that back!

Berlioz: Or else what? Just name it!

Toulouse: Yeah! Make us!

Berlioz: You tell her Toulouse!

Marie: MAMA!

Duchess: Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse I have told you stop that! This is getting silly!

Berlioz: She started it.

Duchess: I don't care who started it Berlioz, that will be enough! You 3 need to learn how to settle down and get along!

All 3 kittens: Yes Mama!

Duchess: Now apologize to each other.

Marie: Sorry Berlioz, you too Toulouse!

Berlioz: Sorry Marie, and Toulouse!

Toulouse! Sorry Marie, you as well Berlioz!

Duchess: That's more like it! Now Marie and Berlioz, hop over to the piano now for your music lesson, and Toulouse, to your painting lesson.

All: Yes Mama!

Marie: I'm ready Maestro!

Berlioz: Stop calling me that!

Toulouse: Quiet! I'm trying to paint!

Berlioz: Shut up Toulouse! We're practicing our piano!

Marie: STOP!

Duchess: KITTENS! That's quite enough!

All: Yes Mama.


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