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The Amazing Spider-Man is an American computer animated web series based on the Marvel Comics superhero, Spider-Man. The series is created for Disney+ and produced by Marvel Animation. The show centers around Peter Parker uncovering the secrets and mystery behind the presumed deaths of his late parents, Richard and Mary Parker.

Over the course of the series Peter's friends and classmates gain spider powers of their own; Gwen Stacy as Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales as Kid Arachnid, Anya Corazon as Spider-Girl, Eddie Brock as Venom and Cindy Moon as Silk. Together they form a spider-themed team, the Web Warriors while his best friend Harry Osborn becomes Neo Goblin. The Show features the appearances from various well-known Marvel superheroes; including the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Moon Knight, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Elektra and Doctor Strange.

The series' character designs and the art style are based on the early first season promotional artwork for Marvel's Spider-Man (2017) by Patrick Brown.

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Peter Parker was an average high school student living in New York City with a keen scientific mind went on a school field trip to the Oscorp Science Center when he was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider that given amazing spider-like superpowers. After tragically losing his beloved Uncle Ben Parker at the hands of a burglar, Peter then decided to uses both his powers and talents for good by becoming a superhero, the Amazing Spider-Man to honor the legacy of his Uncle Ben with his famous motto and mantra he lives by, "With great power, there must also come great responsibility".

Season 1

The show begins with Peter being enrolled at Horizon Academy, a futuristic high school owned by it's headmaster, Max Modell. While being Harassed and teased by Flash Thompson and his popular posse, Peter is close with his classmates and friends Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn and Miles Morales. While Spider-Man continuously stopping petty crimes, he unknowingly gains the attention of the Kingpin, the feared rumored crime lord who organizes and oversees crimes throughout New York City. Spider-Man will face various supervillains the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Shocker & Clash, Rhino, Electro, Scorpion, Vulture, Sandman, the Lizard, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Carnage, Stunner, Vermin, Mr. Negative and many more.

Meanwhile, Peter embarks on a mission to uncover the mystery of genetic spiders origins at Oscorp and finding what really happened to his parents, Mary and Richard Parker who supposedly died in plane crash 12 years ago and goes into contact with the Gentleman, Gustav Fiers

Season 2

After his battle with the Green Goblin



  • Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Robbie Daymond): The main protagonist of the series.
    A 16-yr old high school student that was gets bitten by a experimental enhanced spider on a school field trip at Oscorp Labs a year ago. While reeling from the effects of the spider bite, Peter discovered he had developed amazing spider-like superhuman abilities. While examining his new powers, with the resources from his house, Peter created a costume and goes to a wrestling venue, using the stage name "the Spider" to test his powers in a steel cage match to win prize money. After the match, a thief robbed the manager who cheated Peter from his prize money so he let the man run passed him and escaped in the elevator, nodding it wasn't his problem. Peter then returned home and saw police cars outside the house. He rushed inside to see what's going on, he sees Captain Stacey with aunt May crying on the couch. Stacy informed him that a burglar broke into the house demanding money and the keys to his uncle's car. Ben tried to stop him off guard but the burglar was armed. Infuriated, Peter then suits up to find the burglar at an abandoned warehouse at the docks surrounded by the police. Peter then captured and unmasked him, only to discover in horror that it was the same crook from the venue. He left the man tied in webbing and was founded by the police. To honor the memory of his late uncle Ben, Peter sets out to use his powers for good to help those in need, wearing a new refined skin-tight body suit, designed a pair of web shooters and taking up the superhero alias to protect the innocent of NYC, the amazing "Spider-Man. Peter works as a freelance photographer at the Daily Bugle for his boss, J. Jonah Jameson and an internship at the ESU lab with Dr. Curt Connors, alongside his friends, Gwen and Debra. Several months his superhero career, Peter has become an experienced and masterful crime fighter. Spider-Man's prominent trait is his sense of humor, he gained more confidence in himself and more talkative while making jokes in during dangerous situations. And is known to taunt, distract, insult and agitate his adversaries, or just to have fun. Peter Parker has a lean yet muscular and well defined build standing over 5'7" in height. He has brown eyes and brown hair. His spider suit's primary colors being red and blue, with a black silhouette of a spider on the chest area and a large red spider on the back. The red section has a black pattern that resembles that of a spider web, with the center of the web being on the mask between the eyes and on top of the nose. The expressive eye lenses on the mask are white with a bold black outline around them. His wrists, where his web shooters reside underneath and shoe welts are blue.
  • Mary Jane Watson (Ali Hillis): Spider-Man's main love interest, neighbor and Anna Watson's niece.
    A young 16-yr old high school student and Peter's classmate at Horizon Academy. Mary Jane was on the field trip to Oscorp Labs. She is a skilled actor and has a passion for the theatre, and pursues her dream throughout the series. She is also talented with martial arts for as she said 'Self defense classes are a must for a single girl'. Mary Jane has a slender and feminine build with lime green eyes and wavy Scarlet red hair that reaches her mid-back.
  • Harry Osborn/New Goblin (A.J. LoCascio): The childhood best friend of Peter Parker, MJ and Gwen Stacy and the son of Norman Osborn.
    Harry had always a strained relationship with his father, who had expected high expectations for his son but was often too busy to be there for him and constantly lives in his father's shadow. Never the less, Harry's mother Emily had always been there for her son whenever he's lonely. He has a strong friendship with Peter Parker. Harry has auburn hair and olive eyes
  • Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider (Ashley Johnson): Peter and Harry's best friend and daughter of Police Capt. George Stacy.
    Gwen is a science whiz at Horizon Academy and a skilled drummer. Gwen has turquoise eyes and long blond hair w/h face framing bangs and tips dyed in pink. Gwen's Ghost-Spider costume is a hooded form-fitting black bodysuit leaving the torso, cowl and arms white. The eyes on the mask are white with a bold pink outline. The interior of the hood, biceps and under arms is neon pink with cyan web patterns and the shoe welts are also cyan.
  • Miles Morales/Kid Arachnid (Nadji Jeter): Miles is a 15-year old student at Horizon Academy and becomes another Peter's closets friends in Season 2. His parents are Rio Morales, who is a nurse and his father is Jefferson Davis, who is a police officer. Miles eventually gets bitten by a different genetically enhanced spider dubbed "Electrolis Arachnatis" and gives him spider powers but with bio-electrical traits, he can discharges a powerful red electrical Venom Blast, capable of paralyzing most foes with a mere touch. and the ability to camouflage himself to the surroundings. Miles wears his traditional Ultimate Spider-Man suit.
  • Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl (Melanie Minichino): A 16-year old Latina student of Horizon Academy and becomes another Peter's closets friends.
  • Venom/Eddie Brock (Brett Dalton): Eddie Brock is a journalist and rival photographer of Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle.
    After revealing that he used faked photographs of Spider-Man robbing a bank, until he was fired from the Bugle by Jameson. Disgraced and humiliated by his actions, Eddie Brock became resentful and expressed his hatred both toward Spider-Man & Peter Parker for ruining his career, reputation and getting kicked out of ESU. Overwhelmed by shame and humiliation, Eddie goes to the Lady of Saints Church to pray for vengeance on Spider-Man for ruining his life. After the black symbiote was rejected by Spider-Man, weakened the sounds of the church bell, it stumbles upon a curious Eddie Brock in the tower and sensed his hatred and animosity for Spider-Man and Peter Parker. The symbiote then subsequently latches and bonds with him to revealed him Spider-Man's duel identity. The union of Brock and the symbiote resulted in the creation of a monstrous, bulky-framed creature resembling black-suited Spider-Man, but with a frightening fang-filled elongated mouth and a long prehensile tongue. And thus, the symbiote super-brute Venom was born. Venom fought Spider-Man few times . The symbiote increases Brock to superhuman levels with strengths and abilities that are stronger Spider-Man's but can produce and shoot symbiote webbing from his wrists stronger than Spidey's web fluid for web swinging and it makes him undetectable to his spider sense. Venom can also uses his own symbiotic tendrils to ensnare objects and for combat.
  • Cindy Moon/Silk (Vyvan Pham): A 16-yr old Korean-American student at Horizon Academy who later becomes another friend of Spider-Man.
    It's revealed that Cindy was bitten by the same spider that gifterPeter Parker his powers. As her powers manifested, Cindy's parents were approached by a man named Ezekiel Sims, who offered to train their daughter in her newfound gifts. Though he helped her for a time, Ezekiel eventually locked Cindy away in a bunker to "protect" her from those who would use her gift for evil. Cindy spent a decade in this bunker before she was founded and freed by Spider-Man. After she was freed, Peter revealed is secret identity to her. This event changed her life, leading to her becoming the superheroine known as Silk with training from Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid and Ghost Spider and it would begin her quest to find her missing parents, who disappeared during her time in the bunker. Cindy also became an intern for volunteer work at F.E.A.S.T. thanks to the recommendation of her friends Peter Parker and Gwen. She has the same superhuman spider abilities as Peter but can shoot organic webbing through her under wrists and fingertips. Her spider costume is a formfitting blurple bodysuit with a white torso, a red spider web design across the chest, with a red 'S' symbol at the center, and an indigo half mask covering her mouth, red gloves (only her thumb, index and middle fingers), and the tip of her shoes are white.
  • Teresa Parker (Stephanie Panisello): Teresa is the long lost younger sister of Peter Parker and the daughter of Richard and Mary Parker.
    When she was born, her parents left in the care of the foster home then years they were killed by thugs at a super market when she was 12. Nick Fury took her in and got her into the CIA for a brief time for Teresa to get information on her birth parents and the whereabouts of her brother, Peter.
  • Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman (Richard Doyle): The central antagonist of the series.
    An mysterious assailant who knows Peter's secret identity and has a history about his late parents Richard and Mary Parker. He keeps to the shadows in the background overseeing Spider-Man's activities. Gustav is an old associate of Hydra. In this series, The Gentleman is involved in the creations of various supervillains such as: he who caused the accident that turned Max Dillon into Electro, sent the enhanced Super Soldier Serum to Angelina Brancale that led her to become Stunner and provided Roger Goshaw the Multi-Man armor.

Recurring/Supporting Characters

  • Aunt May (Minnie Driver): Peter's loving aunt and the widowed wife of Benjamin Parker.
    May has been taking good care of Peter with her husband Ben after Richard and Mary left their son in their care as his legal guardians. She is as young and flexible as her MCU counterpart, and capable with self defense in her mid 50s. She is also eccentric as her Ultimate counterpart is, much to may's shock and Peter's embarrassment.
  • Uncle Ben (Neil Flynn): Peter Parker's deceased lovable Uncle and beloved husband of May Parker.
    When Richard and Mary left their son in his and May's care, Ben did everything he could to make Peter turn out alright and has encourage him into the pursuit of science. One fateful night, Ben tried to stop a burglar who broke into their house demanding money and the keys to his car but he was fatally shot by the burglar. After his death and funeral, Peter then decides to his powers responsibly and become a superhero to honor his memory by the lesson he taught him: "With great power, comes great responsibility". Ben once told his nephew that his father knew that his son would do great things and he'd be proud of the man he's become today. Ben is shown on flashbacks such as during Peter's dilemmas.
  • Richard Parker (Neal McDonough): The father of Peter Parker and Ben Parker's younger brother.
    Richard id a brilliant scientist working at Oscorp in bio engineering studies for Bio Species Genetics. During his employment at Oscorp, Richard Parker had been work on a research project that involved with genetically enhanced spiders that could be used to create a vaccine for illness and diseases. However, Norman had plans to weaponize Richard's research and create biological weapons and sell them to powerful organizations like Hydra. After Richard discovered Norman's intentions, he terminated the project and left Oscorp later became a SHIELD agent after being recruited by Col. Nick Fury and joined SHIELD's research division. Richard resumed on his research in secret and soon met a beautiful agent, Mary Fitzpatrick. Over the couple of months of going on missions, two fell madly in love with each other and eventually they became married and had a son they named Peter. Richard has brown hair and brown eyes much like his son.
  • Mary Parker (Tisha Terrasini Banker): The loving mother of Peter Parker and Richard's beloved wife.
    Mary was decorated SHIELD agent before meeting her husband-to be. They have been on multiple missions and situations past years of working together. Mary grew interested in Richard's research to help people. When Mary was pregnant, She and Richard took leave of absence from SHIELD and gave birth to their baby boy, Peter and later a daughter, Teresa. Mary Parker is a highly skilled and experienced field agent trained in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat tactics, espionage, firearms and has great athleticism. Mary has long reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. She usual wears her SHIELD jumpsuit.
  • Max Modell (Christopher Swindle): The headmaster of Horizon Academy and a mentor to Peter, Gwen, Miles, Anya and Cindy.
    Peter knew Max back when he was a kid at Horizon Science Camp.
  • Flash Thompson (Jack DeSena): Flash is a jock at Horizon Academy who often bullies Peter Parker and his friends along with Kenny, and Jason.
    Flash is the quarterback of the Horizon Academy football team, the Horizon Crash-Drives. He's also a huge fan of Spider-Man.
  • Liz Allan (Tia Texada): A cheerleader at Horizon Academy and ex-girlfriend of Flash Thompson.
    She became Harry Osborn's eventually girlfriend. . She wars an outfit similar to her Spider-Man 2017 film counterpart.
  • Sha Shan Nguyen (Rino Hoshiro): A student at Horizon Academy and Flash's new girlfriend.
  • Randy Robertson (Khary Payton): A High school jock member of the Horizon Academy Football team and Robbie Robertson's son.
  • Kenny "King Kong" McFarlan (Matt L. Jones): A Horizon Academy school jock who is Flash's obese yet strong best friend.
    Kenny is also a member of the Midtown Football team with Flash, Randy and Jason.
  • Glory Grant (Dana Davis): A student and a cheerleader at Horizon Academy who is Randy's girlfriend.
  • Sally Avril (Holly Fields): A cheerleader at Horizon and Liz' friend.
  • Jason Ionello (A.J. Buckley): A Horizon Academy jock and One of Flash's friends with a slender build.
  • Brian "Tiny" McKeever (Jeff Bennett): A Horizon Academy jock and a member of the football team.
  • Angela Golden/Golddigger (Lacey Chabert): The well-bread daughter of wealthy businessman Matthew Gilden and the a love interest to Spider-Man.
    Angela is a well enrolls to Horizon Academy has become a very popular student. Angela serves the rival to Mary-Jane for the affection for Peter Parker. Angela is very beautiful and attractive young woman with an athletic build, amber eyes and flowing platinum blonde hair reach down to her lower back, toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts, long legs, and pick lipstick. She wears a black forming fitting bodysuit merged with tights, which leaves her shoulders and arms bare while wearing long sleeve metallic gold Bolero Shrug top.
  • Jenny Carson (Beth Tapper):
  • Seymour O'Reilly (James Arnold Taylor):
  • Robert Farrell/Rocket Racer (Bryton James)
  • Captain George Stacey (Jon Schneider): Gwen's father and Captain of the NYPD.
    George believes Spider-Man is a true hero to the city, albeit working outside the law, defending him when he is seen as otherwise, saving his daughter from time to time. Even when Spider-Man was being framed, George always give him the benefit of the doubt, justifying his actions and often requests his help. Captain Stacey acts as a foil to the opposition of J. Jonah Jameson. George knew Richard Parker from college and He and his wife Helen were present at Richard ad Mary's wedding ceremony.
  • Helen Stacy (Nancy Sullivan): The wife of George Stacy and Gwen's mother.
  • Rio Morales (Jacqueline Pinol): Mile Morales's noble Hispanic eccentric mother.
    Rio is also a hospital nurse, and teacher.
  • Lieutenant Jefferson Davis (Phil Morris): Mile's father who is a respected police officer of the NYPD.
    Jeff is also seen as a good friend to George Stacy.
  • Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (Audrey Wasilewski): Black Cat is an infamous vigilante/professional thief who is a secondary love interest of Spider-Man.
  • Daily Bugle Staff
    • J. Jonah Jameson (J. K. Simmons): The Editor-in-chief/Publisher of the Daily Bugle.
      He notoriously slanders and gives low opinions about Spider-Man for being a masked menace to the city. Jameson is stereotypical newspaper editor who is gruff, impatient, cynical, arrogant, pompous and stubborn to work with. Despite this, deep down Jameson is good man who cares for everyone who works for him and an honest ethical journalist that is dedicated to the truth.
    • Joseph "Robbie" Robertson (Gary Anthony Williams): The newspaper editor at the Daily Bugle.
      As JJ's right hand man, Robbie often opposes Jameson's opinions on Spider-Man, seeing him as a hero. He is the father Randy Robertson.
    • Betty Brant (Rachel Kimsey) JJ's personal secretary at the Daily Bugle.
    • Ned Leeds (Eric Bauza): A reporter
    • Frederick Foswell/Patch (Keith Silverstien): An undercover reporter for the Daily Bugle who takes the identity Patch. He likes to do undercover work with Ben Urich in the criminal-underworld
    • Whitney Chang (Sumalee Montano): An investigative reporter
    • Benjamin Urich (Brian Stepanek): An investigative journalist at the Daily Bugle
      . Ben is described to be somewhat of a crackpot conspiracist to his co-workers and JJ. He has a well detailed conspiracy walls at his apartment, one in particular is tied to Richard and Mary Parker's apparent decease from their plane crash, Hydra gaining income and resources from Oscorp through Wilson Fisk.
    • Amber Douglas (Jessica DiCicco): A young freelance photographer and classmate of Peter Parker at Midtown High.
      Amber later becomes Eddie Brock's immanent replacement when she took the job. Amber has long strawberry hair and olive eyes
  • John Jameson/Man-Wolf (TBA): An astronaut for NASA and the son of Jonah Jameson.
  • NYPD
    • Jean DeWolff ():
    • Stanley Carter ():
    • Yuri Watanabe (Tara Platt):
  • Curt Connors/The Lizard (Dee Bradley Baker): A brilliant scientist and biologist at Empire State University.
    Conner's lost his right arm during the war as an army surgeon for the U.S. Military and has been using a prophetic mechanical arm. Dr. Connors devoted his life to creating a serum that can regenerate lost limbs, using his research on cell regeneration and study of herpetology and reptiles, he created an experimental mutagen using Lizard DNA. After himself as a test subject for the formula, successfully grown a new right arm. But the experiment further mutated Connors, transforming him into an anthropomorphic monstrous reptile known as, The Lizard. Connors is middle age man with olive eyes and black hair. As the Lizard, he possesses primitive intellect with superhuman strength, agility, speed, stamina, regenerative healing factor, and highly resistant durability to conventional injury from his thick scaly hide. He can scale on to walls and ceilings with adhesive elements of a gecko. Lizard's mouth is filled with rows of sharp teeth and claws and a long 6.5 foot prehensile tail capable at whipping speeds in excesses 70 mph. His head is that of a raptor/dinosaur. .
  • Martha Connors (Salli Saffioti): Curt's wife who likes to occasionally helps her husband with his work around the lab.
    Martha has short strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Nathan Connors/Lizard-Teen (Jesse Inocalla): An original character introduced to the series.
    Nathan is the eldest son of Curt and Martha Connors. Nate often helps father around the lab while studying at ESU and he is very protective of his little brother Billy.
  • Billy Connors (Tara Strong): Curtis and Martha's youngest son.
  • Debra Whitman (Zehra Fazal): A college student who works at the ESU Labs for Dr. Conners as his lab assistant.
  • Farley Stillwell (Jeff Bennett): A biologist and an a colleague of Curt Connors. He was involved in the experiment that transformed Mac Gargan into the Scorpion.
  • Emily Osborn (Danielle Bisutti): The wife of Norman who is a environmental attorney and loving mother to her son Harry.
  • Bernard Houseman (Corey Burton): Norman's personal butler in service to the Osborn family.
  • Ashley Kafka (Catherine Taber): A young psychologist that works at the Ravencroft Institute and the love interest of Venom.
    As Eddie's psychiatrist, Dr. Kafka started therapy sessions for him when he was taken into Ravencroft and determined to help him go through his trouble. Originally, she didn't believe him and tried to convince him that Venom was just a psychological delusion he brought up from the stress and frustration of losing his job and Spider-Man's assumed persecution of him. Ashley tells him that hatred and revenge are not the answer and can't always blame Spider-Man for his own actions of late. When she found out the symbiote was real, she acted to try to stop Eddie Brock from becoming a monster and instead uses his powers to help others. Ashley is a beautiful young woman with brown eyes and short black hair. Her physical appearance resembles her Spectacular Spider-Man iteration.
  • Silver Sable (Jennifer Hale): An international mercenary from the European country of Symkaria.
    Silver Sable is the field leader of the Wild Pack and the owner of Sable International. Sable has been trained to the peak of near-superhuman perfection in areas of strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and stamina. She is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, a lethal marksman, swordsman, and a great athlete and acrobat. She is a natural-born leader and an accomplished intelligent strategist and tactician, capable on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of her targets.. Silver Sable is a tall attractive and curvaceous woman with flowing platinum silver hair that reaches her mid-back and violet eyes. Sable dons a white sleeveless jacket while wearing a very form-fitting silvery white and gray bodysuit which leaves her shoulders, and light grey arm sleeves that go past the elbows to the biceps. The suit, coat and arm sleeves are made of synthetic stretch fabric lined with protective Kevlar, that provides protection from gunfire, energy and physical attacks. Her suit is based on the Ultimate version, having both her shoulders and upper torso bare to reveal much of her cleavage.
  • Wild Pack: A Sable international strike team led by Silver Sable and occasionally accompany her. Battlestar, Powell, Chen, Crippler and Paladin serve as commanders. Agents wear black jumpsuits underneath sleek white/silver hi-tech body armor. They have advanced equipment and energy based weaponry. Their vehicles are helicopters, armed APCs and jetpacks
    • Battlestar/Lemar Hoskins (Ike Ahmadi): Battlestar is second in command of Wild Pack.
    • Douglas Powell (Matthew Mercer): Douglas was a professionally trained western mercenary for-hire with a thick southern accent and pleasure in wearing a cowboy hat in and out of uniform.
    • Amelia "Amy" Chen (Kelly Hu): A former assassin from Vietnam who is Wild Pack's combat specialist.
    • Carl Striklan/Crippler (Xander Mobus): Wild Pack's brute force who is a former wanted fugitive.
    • Paladin/Paul Dennis (Adam Baldwin):
    • Sable Agents (various voices):
  • Madame Web (Susanne Blakeslee): A powerful clairvoyant and psychic mutant who watches over Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid, Ghost-Spider, Venom and Silk for the destiny that lies ahead of them.
  • Ezekiel: A mysterious assailant with spider powers who is an envoy to his ally Madame Web.


The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division is a secret US military law-enforcement agency led by Nick Fury and operates from the Helicarrier.

  • Colonel Nick Fury (Marc Graue): Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Nick is also an acquaintance of Richard and Mary Parker. An American war veteran of the Cold War. Nick was hoping to use Richard Parker's research in hopes of resurrecting the Super Soldier Serum but Richard refused to let Fury uses his discoveries for warfare.
  • Maria Hill (Margaret Easley): Nick's second-in-command and technical officer of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as old friend of Mary Parker. Maria is Chinese-American descent. She wears a S.H.I.E.L.D. jumpsuit and a bandolier, and has short black hair in a buzz cut style.
  • Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg): An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a mentor to Spider-Man.

The Avengers

A world-renowned team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes founded by Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Wasp.

  • Iron Man/Tony Stark (Mick Wingert): Founder/Co-Leader of the Avengers.
    Tony is a benefactor, billionaire playboy & CEO of Stark Industries who utilizing advanced suits of armor of his own design with build-in repulsor weaponry. His personal armor is based on the MUA3 incarnation.
  • Captain America/Steve Rogers (Roger C. Smith): Founder/Co-Leader of the Avengers.
    A patriotic super soldier from WWII who was chemically enhanced to the peak of human physicality by an experimental, formula the Super Soldier Serum. Rogers was then trained in all forms of hand-to-hand combat techniques and martial arts and was given a shield made from Vibranium meshed with Adamantium. Captain America was a great valuable asset with the Allies through the War against Hydra. After his last confrontation with the Red Skull, he and Rogers were then both frozen in suspended animation and reawakened many decades later in the modern world.
  • Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Kim Raver): Founder/Co-Leader of the Avengers.
    An Air Force veteran whose DNA was altered by an alien race known as the Kree, that turned her into a Superhuman/Kree hybrid with energy and photon based powers.
  • Thor (Travis Willingham): Founder and the Asgardian God of Thunder.
    Thor hails from the realm of Asgard and is the son of the All-Father, Odin. Wielding his mystical hammer Mjølnir, Thor can fly, manipulate and summon basic elements of storms at his will.
  • Hulk (Fred Tatasciore): Founder and the muscle of the Avengers.
    A once respected brilliant scientist in the field gamma rays, Bruce Banner that was caught in an explosion of gamma radiation after saving Rick Jones and transforms Dr. Banner into gamma powerhouse brute through anger, the Incredible Hulk.
    • Bruce Banner (Kevin Shinick)
  • Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Laura Bailey): Founder and highly trained spy and special S.H.I.E.L.D. field agent.
    Natasha wears a very formfitting black-&-grey bodysuit with a tiny gold capsules attached wound the waist with a red widow symbol in the center, and silver ones on the sides of her shoulders. Her slim sting gauntlets are sleeked gold while her hands are bare. The suit features a breakup on her upper chest with a mesh material section to highlight her visible cleavage.
  • Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Troy Baker): Founder and a master marksman.
    Hawkeye is a skilled sharpshooting archer with near perfect accuracy, keen eyesight, targeting and with both exceptional reflexes and endurance.
  • Scott Lang/Ant/Giant-Man (Grant George): Founder and a size altering superhero.
    Scott was a scientist-in-training who worked with fellow respected scientist Hank Pym, who was the previous Ant-Man. Hank retired from hero work, and passed both his mantle and Pym Particle research to Scott Lang.
  • Hope van Dyne/Wasp (Kari Wahlgren): Founder and girlfriend of Scott Lang. Hope is the only daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, who was Wasp.
  • Falcon/Sam Wilson (Zeno Robinson):
    • Redwing: Falcon's faithful pet and companion whose been overseeing Spider-Man's activities .
  • Black Panther/T'Challa (James C. Mathis III): The king of the African nation of Wakanda and the current Black Panther.
  • Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maxinoff (Kate Higgins):
  • Vision (David Kaye):
  • Tigra/Greer Nelson (Ashley Eckstein): A teenage superheroine and junior Avenger.
  • Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel (Kathreen Khavari) A teenage Muslim-American and Inhuman who is the youngest of the Avengers.
  • War Machine/James Rhodes (T.J. Storm): Rhodey is the childhood best friend of Tony Stark and a military officer of US Armed Forces. He is Iron Man's partner as War Machine with his own advanced combat armor created by Tony armed with heavy advanced built in-weaponry and overwhelming arsenal.
  • Songbird/Melissa Gold (): A former supervillain turned hero.
    Songbird has hazel green eyes and white flowing hair with fuchsia streaks

Fantastic Four

A family/Superhero team of adventurers who gained four individual superpowers after being exposed to a Cosmic Ray storm on a space mission through the Van Allen belt. Their uniforms are combination of their modern, ultimate and classic with a blue/black color scheme

  • Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards (Wally Wingert): Leader and father-figure of the team and a scientific genius.
    After the exposure to the cosmic rays, Reed's body has become elastic and can bend, stretch, twist and reshape his body in incredible lengths at will.
  • Invisible Woman/Susan Storm (Lara Gilchrist): Reed's girlfriend and the older sister of Johnny storm.
    After Susan was exposed to the cosmic rays, she can
  • Human Torch/Johnny Storm (Christopher Jacot): Susan's impetuous younger brother and the joker of the Four.
    After behind exposed to the cosmic storm, Johnny has pyrokinetic powers and can engulf himself in flames
  • The Thing/Ben Grimm (Dave Boat): A colleague and friend of Reed and the muscle of the Fantastic Four.


  • Wolverine/James Howlett (Steven Blum): Wolverine, nicknamed Logan is the de facto field leader of the X-Men.
    Many years ago, Logan was kidnapped and experiment on by a mysterious organization Weapon X, experimented on him by wiping his memories and reinforced his entire skeletal structure with Adamantium. Years after he escaped, Logan was accepted Charles Xavier's offer and joined the X-Men.
  • Professor X (Jim Ward): Professor Charles Xavier is a powerful telepath that is the founder/leader of the X-Men and headmaster of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.
  • Cyclops/Scott Summers (Matthew Mercer): Cyclops is the second-in-command field leader of the X-Men.
  • Storm/Ororo Munroe (Mara Junot): Storm is third-in-command of the X-Men who has the power to manipulate the weather.
  • Beast/Hank McCoy (Fred Tatasciore):
  • Jean Grey (Jennifer Hale): Jean is a beautiful mutant telepath with telekinetic abilities who has a romantic relationship with her boyfriend of Scott Summers. Her outfit is an amalgam of green phoenix suit and her 90s costume, leaving her hands bare.
  • Rogue/Anna Marie (Courtnee Draper): A southern belle mutant with the ability to absorb the powers and energy of those she touches.
    In this series, She permanently absorbed the superhuman strength, flight, speed and durability of Sharon Ventura, the previous Ms. Marvel and lost her absorption ability by doing so.
  • Gambit/Remy LeBeau (Rick Pasqualone): A Cajun mutant who was a gambler and a professional thief until he had a change of heart and joined the X-Men.
    His powers is to infuse objects with kinetic energy, such as his trademark playing cards
  • Jubilee (Danica McKellar): A youngest of the X-Men
  • Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner (Liam O'Brien):
  • Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde (Danielle Judovits):
    • Lockheed (Dee Bradley Baker):
  • Iceman/Bobby Drake (Jeremy Shada):
  • Colossus/Piotr Rasputin (Stefan Kapičić):
  • Psylocke/Elizabeth Braddock (Janet Montgomery):
  • Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Nolan North):
  • Cloak & Dagger: A mutant duo.
    • Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph):
    • Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt):

Guardians of the Galaxy


  • Spider-Noir/Pater Parker (Nicholas Cage):
  • Peni Parker (Tania Gunadi):
    • SP//dr:
  • Spider-Ham/Peter Porker (John Mulaney):
  • Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara (Dan Gilvezan)
  • Spider-Punk/Hobart Parker (Yuri Lowenthal):
  • Spyder-Knight ()


  • Pepper Potts (Felicia Day): An employee at Stark Industries and Tony's personal secretary.
    Pepper is close friend with Rhodey and Tony, whom has semi-romantic relationship with.
  • Luke Cage (James C. Mathis III): A local hero-for-hire and the protector of Harlem, NYC.
    Wrongly framed for a crime he never committed, Luke willingly volunteered to go through a scientific experiment for an early parole. The treatment endowed him with superhuman strength and enhanced his body tissue, giving him great durability and unbreakable skin. Luke was released and then decided to use his power to help the people of Harlem in need by donning a distinctive attire and launches his career as Hero for Hire with his girlfriend Jessica Jones and later his partner/friend Iron Fist.
  • Iron Fist/Danny Rand (Norman Reedus): A young master K'un L'un martial artist and partner of Luke Cage of Heroes for Hire.
    Danny was orphaned as a child and was raised by the monks of the mythical city K'un L'un who then train young Danny the ways of the mythical chi arts by Master Lei Kung the Thunderer. By his late teens and completing his training, Danny was given the opportunity to gain the power of the Iron fist by defeating the mythical dragon, Shou-Lao the Undying. Danny bested the dragon and touched it's heart when his hands were shone with Quasi-mythical chi force and earned the name "Iron Fist". Danny then soon return to the United States and back to his home in Manhattan where he meets Luke Cage in which became partners and best friends of Heroes for Hire to fight crime.
  • Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter):
  • Daredevil/Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox): The Man without Fear.
    Matthew Murdock, a well-known respectable lawyer by day, and by night, a blind skillful crimefighter at Hell's Kitchen district. His costume is based both his classic and Netflix series incarnation
  • Elektra (Élodie Yung): The world's greatest & lethal ninja assassin for hire and the partner/love interest of Daredevil.
    . Elektra has long black hair and amber eyes. Her costume is based on her Ultimate with the elements of her Netflix series incarnation, .
  • Moon Knight/Marc Spector (Gideon Emery): A nocturnal vigilante known as the Fist of Khonshu.
    Marc Spector was once a soldier for hire when tried to save the life of an archeologist named Dr. Peter Alruane and was left for dead in the freezing deserts of Egypt by his own brother Randall. In near death, Marc was then offered a second chance in life by the Egyptian god of the moon Khonshu in exchanged to be his avatar of justice on Earth. After he accept s it, Marc awakens and finds himself inside a tent where he was nursed back to health by Dr. Alruane's daughter, Marlene. Marc then wraps himself a white silver shroud that covers the statue of Khonshu and then confronts his treacherous brother and defeats him. After he returns to United States with Marlene and the statue, Spector then decided to uses his personal fortune to erase his records of his mercenary life and become both a wealthy millionaire entrepreneur and a crimefighter to battle New York's criminal underworld as the Crescent Crusader, Moon Knight.
  • Marlene Alruane (Mara Wilson):
  • Dr. Strange (Liam O'Brien): The powerful Sorcerer Supreme.
  • DJ Khaled:

Other Characters

  • Bonesaw McGee: An American pro wrestler who Peter as the Spider defeated in steel cage match.
  • Crusher Hogan: Bonesaw's onscreen associate who challenged The Spider after he defeated Bonesaw but to no avail.
  • Julia Jameson: The wife of Jonah Jameson and mother of John Jameson.


Central Antagonists

  • Green Goblin/Norman Osborn (Troy Baker/Mark Deakins): One of the series' main antagonists and archenemy of Spider-Man.
    Norman is the billionaire founder and CEO of Oscorp Industries, businessman, and the father of Harry Osborn. Norman is a ruthless owner of one of the leading chemical and military manufacturing firm based in New York City, which also had research divisions that dealt in other areas. It is unknown whether he had founded the firm or inherited it. One night, Norman Osborn's team of scientists created the OZ formula, an experimental performance enhancer that Oscorp has recently developed and used himself as a test subject. Unfortunately, the formula proved to be unstable and caused Norman to have severe damage to his psyche and created a split personality. The gas then transformed Osborn into an insanely tall slender goblin-like creature as the Green Goblin, one of greatest archenemies of Spider-Man along with Doc Ock and Venom. Norman and Green Goblin have a Jekyll & Hyde relationship that Goblin often speaks to Norman though a mirror or appears to him as a figment of his imagination. The OZ gas has enhanced Goblin's body to superhuman levels beyond natural limits of a human being with strength, agility, relaxes, stamina and endurance. Green Goblin has a high-tech bat shaped Goblin Glider from Oscorp as his personal mode of transportation that has great maneuverability and speed. The glider has a variety of weapons with missile-launchers and a rotating machine gun, and a bag o' tricks, miniature jack-o-lantern themed Pumpkin Bombs and Razor Bats.
  • Dr. Octopus/Otto Octavius (Simon Templeman): One of the series' main antagonists and secondary archenemy of Spider-Man.
    Otto Octavius was once a renowned and respected scientist, inventor, and PH.D in nuclear physics at Oscorp Industries who invented a harness equipped with a set of four 6'5"ft. telescoping, advanced prehensile, cyber-robotic tentacles controlled via neural link transmitter chip. The purpose of the arms is to assist Otto in his work for various facilitated multitasking, handling hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials and conduct dangerous experiments from a safe distance. They're light weighted and are capable of great strength, highly precise quick movement, extend up to 24 ft. in length. Each tentacle, several inches in diameter, terminates in three digit claw-like pincers with an extra set of smaller pincers capable of grabbing objects of various sizes. The arms are constructed out of stainless adamantium, making them highly resistant to heat, damage, radiation and magnetism. Otto can also use the arms for traversing horizontal distances, able to scale up walls and high places. Tow years ago, Otto was conducting a experimental presentation at Oscorp Labs with a prototype fusion-based energy reactor until an horrible accident occurred, the reactor became unstable and Norman had to seal the lab with Otto sill inside. The spiked radiation then caused an explosion that seemingly killed Dr. Octavius. Thought to be deceased, Octavius had survived the ordeal but the radiation had permanently fused the harness to his spinal cord and caused severe irreversible brain damage that turned the respected scientist into an insane criminal and plans to exact revenge on Norman Osborn for abandoning him, proving his genius to the world and became the diabolical and intellectual criminal mastermind, Doctor Octopus, or "Doc Ock" for short. He then turned his attention to Spider-Man later became his formidable adversary. Prior to his criminal career, Otto was a good friends with Richard Parker before he departed from Oscorp. Otto has short dark brown hair and olive eyes and wears a jumpsuit with a dark grey and orange color scheme underneath a brown leather trench coat with the arms sticking out from the back and a pair of red lensed lab goggles. He's the founder and leader of the 1st Sinister 6 and later the Sinister 13.
  • Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin (Bob Joles): One of the series' main antagonists.
    Wilson Fisk is a calculating and feared heavyset crime lord as New York's Kingpin of Crime. In the public image, Wilson is a wealthy and benevolent entrepreneur, respectable philanthropist and CEO of Fisk Industries. He has been running New York for many several years only to noticing Spider-Man has been meddling in his empire. So he enlist the likes of Norman Osborn to create supervillains as a means to keep Spider-Man's attention occupied. Fisk is a very tall and imposing heavyset man whose body mass is only "2% fat", a statement followed by the declared possession of "350 pounds of muscle." His clothes is normal business attire, preferably in a white suit with a lapel purple tie. He has a walking cane with a built-in laser.
    • Hammerhead (John DiMaggio): Kingpin's right hand man and chief flat-topped enforcer whose skull implant is made of pure adamantium.
      His clothes are somewhat like a gangster from the 1920s. He wields a Tommy gun-themed plasma rifle, steel knuckles.
    • The Tinkerer/Phineas Mason (John Hodgman): An inventor under the Kingpin's employ.
  • Vulture/Adrien Toomes (Ross Marquand): A senior scientist/inventor and colleague of Otto Octavius, who was the head of Oscorp's Avionics Division.
    Adrien built himself a black/red vulture-themed flight suit of his own design with a special harness set with robotic wings with razor-sharp blade-like fathers that can attach/detach through energized magnetic means thus used as projectiles from the wing tips, boot-mounted talons and it's unknown power source gives him enhanced strength and longevity. The wings allow Toomes to fly at airborne speeds up to 95 mph. Toomes maybe a-bit quite old in his age, but he's spry. His harness was upgraded with a impact jet engine. His suit is based his MCU version only with some influences on his Spectacular and Insomniac counterparts.
  • Sandman/Flint Baker (Rick D. Wasserman): A common thug who was constantly caught by Spider-Man at ease.
    However, as he was escaping from a prison transport, Flint found his way in a testing facility experimenting on bonding separate materials. Flint, unknowingly, stowed away inside a tank of irradiated sand, bonding itself to his molecular structure. Once awakened from his daze, Flint noticed his new found abilities in morphing himself in many ways imaginable. He now gets away with more crime by sneaking into heavily-guarded areas and steal anything he can get his sandy hands on as the Sandman.
  • Electro/Max Dillon (David Faustino): A high voltage supervillain.
    Max Dillon was a young lazy electrician that worked at Oscorp when one day on the job, Max was repairing a computer terminal inside a restricted laboratory during a thunderstorm when a lighting bolt caused the panel to short circuit that shocked Max with strong electricity to make him missed his footing and fell into a large tank filled with genetically altered bio-electric eels. He then was end up being mauled and electrocuted by them simultaneously while frantically trying to get out of the water. Although he survived the accident, Max's body was imbued with streams of powerful bio-electrokinetic powers from the eels and became the high-voltage villain, Electro. As a living capacitor, Electro can manipulate and generate massive quantities of yellow electricity per minute up and discharge electrical bolts from his hands and fingertips. He can absorb the energy from any external power source to recharge his body's limitless energy reserves. Electro has enhanced strength, stamina, durability, endurance and speed when he's running on power lines, He can also electrically charge his physical attacks. Electro can travel at high speeds by generating a massive electromagnetic field which can enable him to levitate through the air and fly. Electro is the most carefree and laid-back of Spider-Man's foes, as well as arrogant, energetic, impulsive, hyperactive, overconfident, charismatic egotist. He shows a sadistic and destructive side as he tends to harm/and torture other for his own amusement and entertainment. Max Dillon is a tall young adult in his mid 20s with lime green eyes and black hair spiked backwards. After his transformation to Electro, his eyes turned golden and his hair have distinctive star pattern streaks that look like lightning bolts, a nod to his traditional mask from the comics. He dons a black leather jacket w/h torn sleeves while wearing a sleeveless black and dark blue Insulated bodysuit with yellow lightning accents on as a nod to the classic and wrist gauntlets. This version is an amalgam of his Amazing Spider-Man 2, Insomniac and classic counterparts.
  • Rhino/Alex O'Hirn (Fred Tatasciore): A rhino themed juggernaut.
    Alex was a Russian-American mob enforcer who always gets apprehended by Spider-Man during heists, and after hearing about Oscorp wanting to find applicants willing to test experimental battlesuit and work under their rule to defeat Spider-Man, Alex knew if he took this chance he could be the most feared and respected thug in NYC. However, unbeknownst to him, the experimental high-tech rhinoceros-themed combat suit he was testing out involved nanotechnology that permanently grafted to his skin. The armor is now both irremovable and apart of him, having a thick metallic impenetrable hide, immense super-strength and a protective helmet with two razor-sharp metallic horns, Alex becomes he armored brute, Rhino. The suit is highly resistant and impervious to temperatures, explosives and acid solutions, making Rhino an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Despite his large size, Rhino has incredibly heightened superhuman speed, allowing him to run at high velocities. This enables him to destroy any obstacle in his path while charging like a battering ram. Being the all-brawn and no-brains type, Rhino is an impulsive, violent, destructive, gruff and short-tempered criminal that uses his massive size to intimidate others. He also has a violent sense of humor. His suit looks the same to his Insomniac counterpart and his size is 7.5 feet.
  • Scorpion/Mac Gargan (Jason Spisak): A scorpion themed super mercenary.
    Mac Gargan was a small-time petty crook initially hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter Parker is able to obtain incredible pictures of Spider-Man, but to no avail. Jameson then decide to volunteer Gargan as a test subject for an "illegal" bankrolled experiment by Dr. Farley Stillwell that would turn Gargan into a superhuman. using the DNA of the Scorpion, which was the natural predator of the spider. Stillwell then placed Gargan in a high-tech scorpion-themed battle suit equipped with a cybernetically-controlled, seven-foot prehensile tail that is armed with a high-powered plasma laser, an acid sprayer and a retractable bladed stinger that injects toxins. Altered with Scorpion DNA, Mac gained super strength, speed, endurance and agility to super human levels that would prove him to be a match for the web-slinger. However the experiment had fused the suit to Gargan's body, making it irremovable and has made him unstable, more aggressive. The suit is primarily dark green with a black under-skin, with lime optic lenses has clawed fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. Scorpion is a sadistic, suave, merciful and sociopathic criminal that harbors a vengeful grudge on Jameson for the experiment that turned him into a freak with his unremovable scorpion suit for life. Gargan realized that he traded his humanity for power and continued to act as a mercenary for the highest bidder. His scorpion suit is identical to his Insomniac incarnation.
  • Mysterio/Quinten Beck (Daran Norris): A former magician and special effects designer and the most skilled of all. His dreams of becoming a great actor were poorly received, but he realized that his expertise in illusions and special effects could make him an effective super criminal. Quentin had created a suit that helped him create illusions such as duplicating himself and disappearing, powered by the Myst, a special mist created with stolen hard light hologram technology from Oscorp. Wearing a clouded spherical helmet, complete with a purple cloaked cape, Quinten had become the self-proclaimed "Master of Illusions", Mysterio.
  • Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff (Eric Visbit): Sergei is well-known big game hunter from Russian nobility who enjoyed the pursuits life of a socialite and lead the thrill of the hunt growing up in Africa.
    Over the years he is aided by his children; Alyosha and Ana Kravinoff; their family pet lion, Guyatkin and the shaman, Calypso. While on a safari hunt in the jungle, Kraven was given an elixir from a local shaman, which increased his strength, reflexes and stamina to peak human perfection and proclaimed himself as Kraven the Hunter. . Kraven later traveled to NYC with his family to hunt his ultimate prey, Spider-Man to prove that he's the greatest hunter in the world. After countless defeats at the hands of Spider-Man, Kraven needed more power to be more of a match for Spider-Man's prowess. He was approached by Vermin who offered Sergei a mutagen that transforms him into a black-maned were-lion with the elements of cheetah and leopard DNA. After his mutation, Sergei immediately embraces his new wild side. Kraven had olive brown eyes and black hair, mustache and goatee and wears a lion-themed vest. He has an array of weapons and advance equipment he uses on his hunts includes his signature spear, a plasma-shotgun, two laser-pistols, a machete, a longbow and arrows, a boomerang, bolas, smoke-grenades, laser netting and a hunting dagger. In his mutant form, he gains the appearance of a humanoid lion with a black mane and tail tip, light golden fur with dark brown stripes on his cheeks and shoulders while muzzle, torso and paws are paler golden with black hair tuft on his chin. He now has a black nose and his eyes remain olive with slit black pupils. He has large paw-like hands with black retractable sharp claws.
  • Alyosha "Grim" Kravinoff (Matthew Mercer): Alyosha is the son of Sergei Kravinoff.
    This version is amalgam of Vladimir and Alyosha Kravinoff with the visual elements of the Grim Hunter.
  • Anastasia "Ana" Kravinoff (Morgan Laure): Ana is the daughter of Sergei Kravinoff and younger sister of Alyosha.
  • Calypso (Pearl Thusi): An African shaman and the lover of Alyosha Kravinoff.
    She met Grim and his family when her village was threatened by local warlord who tried to kill her and her people. Grim saved Calypso's life and fought against the warlord for his dishonorable actions. After he was dealt with, Calypso offered to come with Grim, Anya and Sergei.
  • Alistair Smythe (Nolan North): A prodigy in advanced robotics and the son of Spencer Smythe.
  • Vermin/Edward Whelan (Phil LaMarr): Dr. Edward Whelan was shady geneticist and remarkable scientist at Oscorp when he injected himself with a mutagen contained with Rat DNA for testing with him as a test subject. A certifiable mad scientist who can mentally control rodents. Vermin is the second supervillain Spider-Man ever faced. This version of Vermin is more rodent and rat-like than in the comics; he has a rat tail.
  • Nattie/Mendel Stromm (Danny Jacobs): A former Oscorp scientist and colleague of Edward Whelan who spliced his own DNA with genes of a red-bellied piranha. . Nattie resembles a humanoid pirahna-like fishman with red eyes, darkish blue scaled skin w/h silver-flecked scales and red underbelly.
  • Hobgoblin/Jason Macendale (Robin Atkin Downes): A former shield agent whose methods and tactics proved too brutal and extreme for Nick Fury his superiors to tolerate. Now without a job, Jason sought for employment and a way to gain money in other ways of business, he then became a mercenary-for-hire for those who would pay for his talents and services. Jason gained a great interest of the Green Goblin's recent battles with Spider-Man. He soon managed to find one of the Goblin's many hideout, this including most of his arsenal, OZ formula notes. By reading Osborn's notes and comparing it with how the Goblin acted in action, Macendale notices a glaring fail in the OZ Formula, the side-effect that was insanity. After few hours of modifying and re-calibrating the formula, Jason had removed the insanity-inducing side effects. However the new formula has given him a goblin-like appearance with enhanced strength and abilities and then gained a Oscorp glider and the rest of Green Goblin's gear and weapons cache , Macendale took on the moniker, the Hobgoblin.
  • Shocker/Herman Schultz (Ryan Alosio): A former gang boss and burglar under the employ of the Kingpin.
    Herman soon acquired himself both a protective semi-armored bodysuit and a pair of hi-tech Vibro-Shock gauntlets from a Stark Industries delivery truck. The gauntlets releases energized punches, shock waves and high-compressed energized air blasts.
  • Clash/Clayton Cole (Roger Craig Smith): Clayton is a former high school and Herman's fellow protégé with specialization in the field sonic technology and is responsible for the destruction of Midtown High School.
    Clayton Cole's pursuit of sonics was inspired by his idol supervillain, Klaw and build cutting edge Sonic generator as a science fair project with various components from Stark and Oscorp. He presented his project at Midtown High gymnasium, he activated but it went haywire as it released high volume ambient sound that was affecting the structural integrity of the school. Everyone was evacuated by Law-enforcement and the Avengers but the generator continued to damage the building and leveled it to the ground. Clayton was immediately expelled by the faculty and was kicked out by his parents for his irresponsibility and has been living on the streets. A month later in the slums of Hell's kitchen in a homeless, Clayton had met Herman Schultz who was on a heist which Cole assisted. For his aid, Herman took Clayton with him to be part of his gang as his protégé and finds his technological talents valuable.
  • Stunner/Angelina Brancale (Heather Doerksen): A Canadian college student who became an Amazonian powerhouse.
    Angelina used be a college student at Empire State University After being fed up with by her peers, who bullied and treated her like an outcast, she dropped out of ESU then faded to obscurity, never to be seen in public again. After few years of spending long-term solitary in her apartment, Angelina received an anonymous phone call from an unknown assailant (Mr. Fiers) who offered her a opportunity to have a fresh start and bankrolled her for an experimental procedure. After arriving to the address; an hidden laboratory. She was then used as a volunteer test subject for an improved super soldier serum which Mr. Fiers somehow obtained. She was then placed in a capsule chamber and injected with the enhanced serum and dosed with large amounts of Vita Radiation. Angelina became the woman she's always meant to be, she emerged as a 6'8" ft. slender well-muscled feminine amazon with a slim waist, buxom breasts, ripped broad shoulders, toned midriff, tight toned abs, strong muscular toned arms, biceps and long legs, Angelina became the villainous Stunner. She has dark brown eyes and long straight blonde hair which reaches down to her waist. The serum has given Stunner enhanced superhuman strength, agility, athletic reflexes, speed, endurance, invulnerability and able to leap long distances. She is strong enough to lift 30 tons. Despite her great durability, she is vulnerable to high concentrated energy attacks. Angelina was once a shy and timid individual whom lacked confidence was treated like an outcast. When Angelina transformed into Stunner, she has gained newfound self-confidence and carefree. But she later became sadistic, arrogant, vindictive, egotistical, sadistic, tease-happy, merciless and ruthless. Angelina's costume is different but similar to her comic incarnation, she wears a red/grey skin tight suit, leaving her shoulders bare and highlighting her décolletage and cleavage. She wears black/red gauntlets, leaving her hands bare and black knee-high boots.
  • Molten Man/Mark Raxton (David Lodge): A former executive/publicist of Oscorp Industries who was thought to be deceased after tragic accident within a caldera volcano.
    While wearing his fire-proof suit, Raxton was doused with radioactive waste during an unexpected volcanic eruption and was covered in burning drops of lava that soon melted through his suit, burning his body. Instead of killing him, the radiation waste interacted with the lava and turned Mark Raxton into a large towering golem whose body is now composed of magma and molten rock. Realizing of what he has become with the great powers he has given, Raxton planned his revenge on Norman Osborn as the walking volcano himself, Molten Man.
  • Carnage/Cletus Kasady (Scott Cleverdon): A mentally insane and deranged psychopath who was apprehended by George Stacy and was imprisoned for twelve consecutive life sentences of rehabilitation at Ravencroft.
    When Eddie Brock became his cellmate, the symbiote returned to bond with him and Venom make a quick escape, unknowingly leaving an offspring behind. After witnessing this, Cletus was thrilled with joy and wanted the power Eddie possesses, he noticed the small piece of the symbiote and as he picked it up, it bonded though the cut on his arm and transformed Kasady into the Ultimate Insanity, Carnage. Carnage's bond with Cletus is stronger than the Venom symbiote and Eddie and is far more violent, powerful and deadly. Besides having the same powers as Venom and sharp claws, Carnage can create use his symbiote in the form of solid weapons such as darts, spears, axes, knives, and tendrils.
  • Hydro-Man/Morris Bench (Crispin Freeman): Morris Bench was accidentally knocked overboard by one of his fellow crewmen of the Navy while a powerful experimental generator was being lowered to the ocean floor for testing. Exposed to the energy conversion process of the generator while being bombarded with volcanic gases, Bench's cellular structure was altered. When he was rescued from the depths, his body began exuding great quantities of a watery substance, and soon after discovering his powers, Hydro-Man set out to find those he held responsible for his condition.
  • Coldheart/Kateri Deseronto (Laura Post): A highly skilled mercenary-for-hire, assassin and experienced swordswoman wielding Cryonic Blades, two swords that are comprised of cryogenic technology. Coldheart has blue eyes and long black hair.
  • Raptor/Damon Ryder (Keith Ferguson): A wanted criminal mercenary and the ex-fiancé of Silver Sable. Damon

The Sinister Six/Seven

A team composed of six of Spider-Man's formidable villains that was founded and organized by Doc Ock and the King Pin with the sole purpose of destroying Spider-Man. The group was soon followed by it's successor, led by Alistair Smyth. The following successor of the two groups became the Sinister 7, led by the Green Goblin.

Original lineup Second lineup Sinister 7 lineup
  • Doctor Octopus (Founder/Leader)
  • Vulture
  • Electro
  • Sandman
  • Mysterio
  • Rhino
  • Alistair Smythe (Leader)
  • Scorpion
  • Crossbones
  • Vermin (Double agent)
  • Agent Orange
  • Hydro-Man
  • Green Goblin (Leader)
  • Hobgoblin (Second-in-command)
  • Shocker
  • Clash
  • Molten Man
  • Man-Wolf (unwillingly)
  • Taskmaster

The Sinister XIII

The group successor of the Sinister 6 and 7. The group is comprised of 13 different villains of Spider-Man. The team is organized by Doctor Octopus and employed by the Kingpin. It was initially to be named the Sinister 9, however it was extended to 13 when Frightful Four members Raptor, Whirlwind, Pretty Persuasions and Agent Orange joined up.

Original lineup
  • Doctor Octopus (Leader)
  • Vulture (Second-in-command)
  • Electro
  • Kraven the Hunter
  • Rhino
  • Scorpion
  • Mysterio
  • Stunner
  • Coldheart
  • Raptor (Third-in-Command)
  • Whirlwind
  • Pretty Persuasions
  • Agent Orange

Crime Lords & Mob Bosses

  • The Maggia: A international crime syndicate made of influential families based in New York City led by Silvermane.
    • Silvermane/Silvio Manfredi (Richard McGonagle): An notorious yet-elderly crime-boss and the prominent leader of the Maggia crime families. Silvermane wears a hi-tech battle suit which keeps condition stable. Silvermane has a well-known rivalry with the Kingpin for the control of Manhattan
    • Count Nefaria (Peter Woodward): Head of the Nefaria family.
    • Lady Lotus (Gwendoline Yeo): Head of the Lotus family who's a beautiful-yet devious businesswoman from Japanese descent and is well-trained in martial arts and self-defense. Unaware to the other Maggia families, Lotus is secretly a mutant telepath.
    • Jake Conover/Rose (Jim Pirri): Head of the Rose family who was a fromer reporter working the Daily Bugle before he unfairly fired by J. Jonah Jameson and laid off by Robert Robertson.
    • Don Fortunato (André Sogliuzzo):
    • John Mclver (Phil LaMarr):
  • Mister Negative/Martin Li (Matthew Yang King): To the public eye, Martin Li is a benevolent philanthropist and the esteemed and kind founder of the homeless shelter F.E.A.S.T.. In secret, Li's darker side, Mister Negative is a ruthless and sinister crime boss and the leader of the Inner Demons. When empowered with darkforce, Martin can alter his entire body at will to have the appearance of a photographic negative based on his namesake.
    • Inner Demons: A gang of Chinese immigrants that quickly became corrupted henchmen for Mr. Negative based mainly in NYC Chinatown. They wear elaborated Chinese demon masks and normal black/white business attire. With Mr. Negative corrupted touch, they have been imbued with negative energy with minimum strength.
  • Matthew Gilden/Goldbug (Marc Worden): Matthew Gilden is one of the wealthiest businessmen in NYC and the esteemed head of the Gilden Financial Group. Unaware to the public, he is secretly a rival crime lord to Kingpin, the Maggia, and Mr. Negative under the alias, Goldbug. Goldbug is extremely obsessed with three things in his life; gold, power and his only daughter Angela Golden whose also unaware of her father's criminal identity. Gilden has pale blonde hair and pale blue eyes.


A paramilitary-terrorist organization founded by the Red Skull during WWII to the present day originally as a sub-science division of the Nazis. Red Skull separated it from the German forces as it's own entity, using advanced technology for Hydra's dedication for world domination.

  • The Red Skull/Johann Schmidt (Liam O'Brien): Leader of HYDRA and the archenemy of Captain America. During WWII, Johann was injected with the imperfect version of the Super Soldier Serum, becoming the first and only Super Soldier of HYDRA. The imperfected serum increased his strength, but it also disfigured his head and face, and he became known as the Red Skull. Upon reading Richard's research on cross species genetics in creating biological weapons in favor of Hydra: an army of super soldiers enhanced with Animal DNA.
  • Madame Hydra/Ophelia Sarkissian (Sachie Alessio): Second-in-command of HYDRA, one of Red Skull's field lieutenants and a member of the Hydra High Council.
  • Baron Wolfgang von Strucker (Robin Atkin Downes) Third-in-command of HYDRA, a Nazi war criminal and member of the Hydra High council. Strucker lost his right hand and half his forearm during WW II and has replaced it with the Satan Claw, a cybernetic and prosthetic arm that absorbs the youth of anyone he touch on contact to maintain his age, strength and health. Strucker is often accompanied by his children who are both mutants and Hydra agents as well, Andrea and Andreas Strucker
  • Fenris (Anna Graves and Brett Dalton): Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, the twin children of Baron Strucker who are mutants.
  • Arnim Zola (Mark Hamill): HYDRA's Chief scientist and member of the Hydra High Council. Arnim was a Nazi biochemist that uploaded his mind and consciousness into an advanced robotic body with a view screen built on the torso to display his face.
  • Grim Reaper/Eric Williams (Troy Baker): A dangerous and lethal agent of HYDRA. He's outfitted with a cybernetic arm which can turn into a power razor sharp scythe.
  • Crossbones/Brock Rumlow (J.B. Blanc): A Hydra mercenary and field commander trained in guerrilla warfare.
  • Crimson Widow/Yelena Belova (Julie Nathanson): A Hydra agent
  • Karl Fiers (N/A): The deceased elder brother of Gustave Fiers and a skilled and lethal assassin for Hydra. Karl tried to assassinate Richard & Mary Parker as they were meet Nick Fury at a disclosed location via plane. Karl met his fate when the plane crashed in the Haleakalā mountains.
  • Hydra Agents: The foot soldiers of HYDRA.
  • Hydra Dreadnaughts: Robots built around Stark technology by HYDRA and serve as the bulk for their forces.
  • Predator X (Fred Tatasciore): A savage beast created by the Mutants Response Division as biological weapon design to destroy mutants as the ultimate mutant hunter. However, Predator X was proven uncontrollable and it couldn't differentiate between foe and ally, after it destroyed the MRD it fled into the wilderness. Predator X was later founded by Hydra and was experimented on by Arnim Zola with genetic improvements.


  • M.O.D.O.K. (Wally Wingert): A Mental Organism Designed Only for Kaos and the leader of Advanced Idea Mechanics.
  • Andrew Forson (Chris Edgerly): The Scientist Supreme of A.I.M. and MODOK's humble servant.
  • Superia/Deidre Wentworth
  • Terrence Hoffman
  • A.I.M. Scientists/Agents:

Recurring villains

  • Spencer Smythe (Stephan Stanton):
    • Spider-Slayers:
  • Agent Orange/Roger Goshaw (Eric Ladin): A mercenary who wears a large prototype hi-tech armor stolen from Stark Industries. Three years ago, Tony Stark designed the Multi-Man Armor for construction purposes, allowing one worker to work out of twenty men. Congress canceled it's plan due to costing 20 billon dollars per suit. Somehow the Gentleman obtained the prototype from one of storage facilities own by Stark Industries and brought to Fisk Industries where Alistair Smythe modified the Armor for combat by increasing it's durability and adding various weapons. The Gentleman, Mr. Fiers later recruited mercenary named Roger Goshaw and outfitted him with the advanced Multi-Purpose Armor to attack Oscorp research facilities as a means to gain Spider-Man's attention. Tom then adopted the alias Agent Orange, based on the Armor's color.
  • Scorcher/Steven Hudak (Michael Jai White): A research scientist and biochemist from Alchemax who created an insulated battlesuit equiped with flame throwing equipment.
  • Commanda/Catherine D'Antan (Fryda Wolff): An international French jewel thief with a heart-filled infatuation for Spider-Man. Bored with her idle luxurious life, Lady Catherine became the costumed super thief, Commanda. After successfully pillaging France as a super criminal, She then travels to America in NYC to face new challenges. following her defeat, Catherine escaped the authorities and developed a lustful immediately attracted to Spider-Man and is now determined to have him for herself. Commanda is a smart, wealthy and a very attractive woman who is an expert seductress that solely relies uses her looks and feminine whiles to take advantage throw her oppressors off-balance. Catherine has a voluptuous yet athletic build, long blonde hair which reaches down to her mid-back, ice blue eyes, toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts, long legs, and wears pale red lipstick. She wears a violet tiara with a centered purple gem that controls an array of robotic drones at her mental commands. Commanda also wears a unique royal orange adjustable armored bodysuit with a purple cape w/h an orange interior. She wears purple hi-tech bracelets that shoots energy beams to stun Spider-Man, rendering him unconscious. Commanda can reshape and alter the appearance of her suit to more revealing outfits at will with the gemstone, leaving her shoulders bare revealing her breasts and cleavage. The stone augments Commanda to have superhuman strength, reflexes and invulnerability.
  • Pretty Persuasions/Heidi Franklin (Holly Franklin): Heidi was a strip dancer that was taken by GeneTech to be experimented upon and was given enhanced strength, agility and durability. Pretty Persuasions can create tangible psionic energy weapons, usually bondage themed weapons like whips. She can psionically enhance her natural beauty and allure to seduce men. However Spider-Man is immune to her seductive charms. Heidi later escapes GeneTech and pursues in her new life as a sexy independent supervillain. Despite her beauty, Pretty Persuasions is a violent and semi-sociopathic woman who enjoys using her powers cause pain to others and getting everything she desires. Pretty Persuasions later forms an one-time partnership with Stunner and then formed the Frightful Four with Raptor, Whirlwind and Juggernaut. Heidi has pale skinned, long black hair and dark blue eyes with violet eyeshadow and wears pinkish red lipstick. She wears a black choker around her neck, black leather strapless-style top, v high cut bottom briefs, thigh-high black boots, leather straps on each arm, all highlighted in purple.
  • Screwball
  • Iguana (): An albino Iguana housed in Curt Conner's lab when it crawled out and drank a small portion of Conner's Lizard formula.
  • Doctor Doom/Victor von Doom (Maurice LaMarche): Victor von Doom is the supreme ruler of the small country of Latveria and the arch-foe of the Fantastic Four. Victor was also on the space mission that gave Reed, Susan, Johnny and Ben their powers. However the cosmic storms had altered Victor's physiology and
  • Batroc the Leaper (Gavin Creel): A common enemy of Captain America who is a master of Savate, the French form of kick-boxing. He was defeated by Spider-Man, Captain America and Kid Arachnid.
  • M'Baku the Man-Ape (Kevin M. Richardson): A fearsome warrior of the Jabari White Gorilla tribe from Wakanda and the hated enemy of the Black Panther. M'Baku gained his great strength from devouring the flesh of a rare/sacred white gorilla. With Kraven and Klaw's unseen assistance, M'Baku defeated and killed king T'Chaka, the previous Black Panther and took over Wakanda. His rule was short-lived when T'Challa, the new Black Panther liberated Wakanda with the help of the Avengers. M'Baku then fled from Wakanda out of cowardice and escaped to the Unite States in hiding. He resurfaces and realigns with Kraven and his family again with stealing the Vibranium shipments. After making a retreat from Black Panther and the Web Warriors, both M'Baku and Kraven were approached by Vermin and given them mutagenic serums that them both into mutant animal hybrids. Man Ape is tall muscular African male wearing parts of a white gorilla. In his mutant form, he has the appearance of a monstrous humanoid gorilla with white fur, black skin and yellow eyes.
  • Typhoid Mary (Tara Strong):
  • Whirlwind/David Cannon (Patrick Seitz):
  • Taskmaster/Tony Masters (Charles Halford): A former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned high priced super-mercenary with photographic reflexes to mimic the movements and fighting styles of anyone he observes in mere seconds. He injected himself with a Nazi modified version per Soldier Serum that was confiscated by SHIELD. Taskmaster is a highly trained professional fighter in all forms of combat, firearms and weaponry. Taskmaster's suit has the elements of both his classic and movie costume while his helmet is based on his Udon version.
  • Klaw/Ulysses Klaue (): A Belgian smuggler based in Africa with a significant expertise in amplified Sonics and is a well-known enemy of Black Panther. His left forearm was severed at some point in his life and has replaced it with a cybernetic prosthetic that converts into a Sonic disruptor cannon powered by Vibranium. Klaw and Kraven assisted M'Baku's match against King T'Chaka to claim the throne. In return, Man-Ape had given Klaw access to Wakanda's Vibranium supply and deposits. His cannon can emit powerful intense high-volume sonic waves and concussive sounds. Klaw happens to be Clayton Cole's inspiration in the pursuit and study of Sonics.
  • Grizzly/Maxwell Markham (John DiMaggio): A professional wrestler whose brutal tactics caused J. Jonah Jameson to write a scathing editorial calling for an investigation by the wrestling commission. As consequence, Max's license was revoked and expelled from the wrestling community. 5 years later, he obtained a bear themed exo-skeleton from an anonymous source that augmented his strength. Vermin later mutated him into a large anthropomorphic grizzly bear. After his mutagenic transformation, Markham becomes more Grizzly than ever before. His mutation is similar to the Theodor Winchester incarnation for he is mutated into humanoid brown bear.

Wrecking Crew

A group of super criminals and enemies of Thor.

  • Wrecker (John DiMaggio): The Leader of the group.
  • Thunderball (Ike Ahmadi): The brains and thinker of the group
  • Piledriver (Crispin Freeman): The fighter and brawler of the group
  • Bulldozer (Josh Petersdorf): The muscle of the group.


New York City

  • Horizon Academy:
    Faculty: Max Modell (headmaster), Sajani Jeffrey, Jürgen Muntz, Bella Fishbach, Reed Richards
    Students: Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, Miles Morales, Anya Corazon,, Flash Thompson, Liz Allen, Randy Robertson, Sally Avril, Glory Grant, Kenny "King" Kong, Jason Ionello, Sean "Tiny" McKeever, Cindy Moon, Angela Golden, Seymour O'Reilly, Jenny Carson, Ralphie Hicks, Hector Cervantez, C.J. Vogel, Polly McKenna, Montana Gold, Louie Minnelli, Stanley Stackmeyer, Amelia Hopkins, Maya Rider, Joey Gastone, Sha Shan, Moose Mansfield, Jennifer Hardesty, Robert Farrell, Howard Kavanagh and Courtney Ross.
  • The Daily Bugle:
  • Oscorp Tower: A tall corporate building in Midtown and the headquarters of Oscorp Industries.
  • Empire State University
  • NYPD HQ:
  • F.E.A.S.T.: Food, Emergency, Aid, Shelter and Training is a charity shelter and soup kitchen for both the poor and the homeless operated by Martin Li in Chinatown. It is a place for employment for May Parker and volunteer work for Peter, Miles, Gwen, Anya, MJ, Cindy and later, Harry, Kitty Pryde and Bobby Blake.
    • Employees: May Parker
  • Ryker's Isle Prison:
  • The Raft: A highly advanced super-maximum security prison on an artificial island next to Ryker's. It specially designed for imprisoning superpowered criminals.
  • Avengers Tower: A large skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan that serves main base for the Avengers and the headquarters of Stark Industries
    • Chimera-Carrier: The Avengers new secondary mobile HQ. It is a used old-fashioned Helicarrier which was previously owned by SHIELD. Tony Stark salvaged it and made some advanced modifications on it's design and is powered by an industrial sized arc-reactor.
  • Baxter Building
  • Luke Cage's Apartment
  • The Bar with No-Name: An underground
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier:
  • Queens
    • Aunt May's House:

Other Locations

  • X-Mansion
  • Tangaroa Island


Origin Mini series

  • Spider-Man: A new Beginning, Part 1
  • Spider-Man: A new Beginning, Part 2
  • Spider-Man: A new Beginning, Part 3

Season 1(26): New Beginnings

  1. New Horizons, Part 1:
  2. New Horizons, Part 2:
  3. Of Mice and Vermin
  4. Scorpion's Sting
  5. Wings of Vengeance
  6. Unbreakable Hide
  7. The Cat's Meow
  8. 8-armed and Dangerous:
  9. A Lizard's Tale
  10. Illusions of Grandeur
  11. Spider Slayers
  12. The Black Suit, Part 1:
  13. The Black Suit, Part 2:
  14. The Black Suit, Part 3:
  15. Stunner:
  16. The Ultimate Spider
  17. Nattie's Frenzy
  18. Shocking Vibes:
  19. Changing Sands
  20. Six Against One, Part 1:
  21. Six Against One, Part 2:
  22. Oh Captain My Captain:
  23. Kingpin's Gambit
  24. The Darkness Uniting
  25. Rise of the Green Goblin, Part 1
  26. Rise of the Green Goblin, Part 2

Season 2(16): Web Warriors Rising

  1. The Man in the Shadows:
  2. Glitters of Gold:
  3. Scorched:
  4. Commanda-in-Chief:
  5. Ghost-Spider:
  6. Hunted:
  7. Venom Returns:
  8. Chaos in-Carnage
  9. H-Goblin Amongst Us
  10. Hydro-Tide
  11. In SHIELD we Trust
  12. ??
  13. Horns or Stingers
  14. ??
  15. ??
  16. Lethal Protector:

Season 3 (26): Team Up Saga

  1. A-Day, Part 1:
  2. A-Day, Part 2:
  3. Spider-Man's Fantastic Adventure:
  4. Web-Warriors Di-Sabled:
  5. The Spiders, The Hunters and the Panther: Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid and Ghost-Spider team up with the Black Panther to track down Kraven the Hunter, Alyosha and Ana who have shipment of stolen Vibranium with their associate, M'Baku the Man-Ape. Unaware to our heroes, Kraven and Man-Ape are about to got through mutagenic changes by their new allies, Vermin and Nattie.
  6. Deadly Skies
  7. Clashing Sonics
  8. Spider-Gwen & Black Widow Undercover:
  9. Smythe's Revenge
  10. Demolition Days:
  11. Cold-Blooded
  12. Enter: Agent-O1:
  13. Fisk's Dragon
  14. Smythe's Slayer Six (Part 1)
  15. Slayer Six Silked (Part 2)

Season 4(26): Mutants and Gang Wars

  1. F.E.A.S.T. or Demons:
  2. Scarring Partners
  3. The Raft
  4. X-Mansion Under Siege
  5. Whirlwinds of Change
  6. Goblin Battle Royal
  7. Cold-Hearted
  8. Kraven's Gauntlet
  9. Gold & Silver:
  10. Doc Ock's Voyage
  11. Cry Wolf
  12. City at War

Season 5(26)

  1. Split Decisions

Season 6(30)


Animation services are provided by CGCG and House of Cool.



  • In this series, Spider-Man's parents, Richard and Mary survived their plan crash and supposedly faked their deaths. The two have been in hiding for years from Hydra and it will the first time that Peter Parker will be interacting with his mother and father in person.
  • Instead of using virtual reality technology, Stunner gets her powers from an enhanced form of the Super Soldier Serum.
  • The other wrestlers at venue made cameo appearances were Bronx Mangler, Fatal Finnegan, Halcon D'Oro, Cowgirl Lowry, Dawn Vavavoom, and Magilla Sandy.