The Amazing Brawl of Gumball is a spin-off game of
Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. It is expected to come out summer 2016. It will be made for the Wii U, 3DS, PS3, PS Vita, XBOX 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Original Characters Third Party Characters Guest Characters
Gumball Finn Mario(Wii U/3DS)
Darwin Jake Donkey Kong(Wii U/3DS)
Anais Ice King Link(Wii U/3DS)
Nicole Marceline Samus(Wii U/3DS)
Richard Flame Princess Yoshi(Wii U/3DS)
Penny The Lich Kirby(Wii U/3DS)
Mr. Fitzgerald Fiona Fox(Wii U/3DS)
Tobias Cake Pikachu(Wii U/3DS)
Rachel Ice Queen Toro(PS3/PS Vita)
Ocho Marshall Lee Parapapa(PS3/PS Vita)
Clayton Mordecai Sora(PS3/PS Vita)
Anton Rigby Riku(PS3/PS Vita)
Egg Heads Benson Sackboy(PS3/PS Vita)
Jamie Skips Nathan Drake(PS3/PS Vita)
Bobert Pops Cole MacGrath(PS3/PS Vita)
Carrie Muscle Man Evil Cole MacGrath(PS3/PS Vita)
Bananna Joe High Five Ghost Dante(XBOX 360)
Idaho Thomas Banjo&Kazooie(XBOX 360)
Sal Gary Cloud(XBOX 360)
Jealousy Death Sephiroth(XBOX 360)
Gi Gumball Techmo Zack(XBOX 360)
Evil Darwin Garret Bobby Fergunson Jr. Snake(XBOX 360)
Young Nicole Negative Rigby Grey Fox(XBOX 360)
Young Richard Darthon Raiden(XBOX360)
Young Sal Young Mordecai Mega Man(All Versions)
Spiderman Venom Scorpion (All Versions)
Darknerous Young Rigby Ezio Auditore(All Versions)
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The Robber - The Amazing World Of Gumball
Bane Enemy to Bats MAD Cartoon Network

Bane Enemy to Bats MAD Cartoon Network

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The Uncharted World of Gumball
The Amazing Spider-Man
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Lagarto (The Amazing Spider-Man)
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