The All-New Reilly Toons Show is an American animated series created by Julian Reilly. It features the Reilly Toons characters starring in new made-for-TV shorts, serving as a reboot to The Reilly Toons Show. The series is produced by Sony Cartoon Studios. It was released on January 7, 2020.

The show consists of three new made-for-TV shorts in each episode, followed by a theatrical Reilly Toons short. Sometimes, the show would consist of a half-hour that would last for a whole skit.


About the Show

Ike and Squeaky, acompanned by Maisy Magpie, Hokey Tiger, Pokey Crane and Claude Dragon, are the hosts of the show, normally introducing to the viewers the segments presented in the episodes in a late night talk show-style format. Every episode is split into three new made-for TV shorts starring a different variety of Reilly Toons characters, such as Ike and Squeaky, Anthony and HaroldThe Red FoxChucky Fox, The Acres KidsSweety WoodpeckerMatthew Dog and Euguine Cat and Hokey Tiger and Pokey Crane, Wakky Yak, Officer Hound, The Kangaroos, The Goat Brothers, Baby Puppy and Louie Cat, Super Cat and Power Dog, Hungry Buzzard and the Mice Siblings, Burger Makers, Cool Grizzly, Link the CheetahSoldier Cat, The Robber Mice, Basket Dragons, AAAHH!!! Wild Animals, The Good Luck Crickets and Funny Fairy Tales, as well as new ones such as The Rabbit Siblings, Foxo and Caty, Mr. Owlind, Professor Deer's Stories, Crazy Penguin and Wolfbot. Also, some episodes usually ends with a bonus short who would be a theatrical short film.


The show goes through two different formats: The three new made-for-TV short format, followed by a theatrical Reilly Toons short, and the traditional 22 half-hour episode format that lasted a whole skit with no bonus theatrical short included whatsoever at the end of the episode.








The show's animation has been outsourced to Rough Draft Korea (for the most part) and in a few episodes, Saerom Animation. Also, it was made by hand-drawn animation software, Pencil 2D.



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  • The show's format is based on the failed Nickelodeon pilot, Terrytoons Presents: Curbside, as well as The Terrytoons Show.
  • The opening segments of the series are similar to Hanna-Barbera's The Quick Draw McGraw Show.
  • Nickelodeon's The Loud House creator Chris Savino joined the show after get a job in Sony Cartoon Studios after being fired from Nickelodeon, which one of the six new segments, The Rabbit Siblings, is inspired by The Loud House. Also, its title card says "Co-created by Chris Savino".


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