The All-4-One Magic Boys are a group of boys with magical powers who reign from a dimension called "The D-Side". They are, no doubt, the male counterparts of the All-Star Magic Girls. They were sent by Roberto Futurelli to drain the All-Star Magic Girls of their power, but kept failing to do so. However, during the fourth season of the series, they have a change of heart and sometimes help the girls on missions.

Members of The All-4-One Magic Boys


Arthur is the counterpart of Anna. He is the fearless leader of the group and the first member of the group to be introduced in the show. He ends up developing a romantic interest in Anna, and so he develops a rivalry with Cody for Anna's affection. He is very loyal and sometimes very cold.


Nathan is the counterpart of Merida. He loves writing and has a rather strange interest in odd facts.


Jamie is the counterpart of Kennedy. He enjoys being positive towards his friends and peers.


Damion is the counterpart of Fiona. He is straightforward and is shown to have a strong sense of justice.


George is the counterpart of Geraldine.


Chris is the counterpart of Juliana.


Ryan is the counterpart of Robyn. He is very outgoing and athletic.


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