the Alexandra movie is the musical movie of 2019 (universal pictures and 1492 pictures)


The series take place after just dance Wii U Alexandra was lost at my room but later he escaped from the room and find my idea back


  • Alexandra a main chracter
  • Wisdom a nice girl who kidnaps by yin yang monster
  • prince cola a father of Alexandra
  • oliver a boy who get kicked by yin yang monster
  • yin yang monster a monster turn out be Chinese
  • helena hot evilnette a villianess has black lava power
  • mt.wisdom a magic trapper
  • leon a master never steals my power

release date

may 13 2019


  1. Mother'sforce by yin yang monster
  2. I'll never steal my power by leon
  3. im lost by Alexandra
  4. my flim's death by background characters
  5. my love by Justin Bieber (16th part of the last movie)
  6. The time of cola by Alexandra
  7. mother's force reprise by ying yang monster
  8. yes baby yes by heleana
  9. toy chest by Alexandra
  10. song 2 by blur (end credits)
  11. Bad by David Guetta(fourth part of end credits)



trailer voices

1-Gigi Rowe

2-Lucy Liu

international-Craig Wright

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