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The Akio Garcia-Akahoshi Movie: Wrestled in California is an upcoming American computer-animated action-adventure comedy-drama Cartoon Network movie produced by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures that will be released on the summer of TBA in theaters and later on Cartoon Network.


Akio Garcia-Akahoshi


The plot begins where everyone at Sakai High School rushes out in excitement for their summer break, the main characters are joyful for their break. Kabuki and Sebastian threw water at Axel and the bullies running away and laughing hysterically for their best moment in high school. Outside of the school, Gena challenges Kabuki to Fairview Middle School of Annie's fencing game. They arrived and meet up with the rest of the family, they go inside the school's gym. The fencing coach wishes everyone good luck, Annie's family cheers on her. Hector defeats the rest of the opponents and challenges Annie, she finally defeats Hector and everyone cheered for Annie being the champion.

The family went to Kanzuki Mall for Annie's celebration and get some sushi to eat, someone yells for help of a monster attack at Konbini-13 and Kabuki tends to stop the danger lonely. Kabuki heads in the store and faces the monster, but it turns out to be a prank from the young teenagers. They threw balloons filled with tomato juice at Kabuki and laughs at him with everyone else, sending Kabuki into an infuriating state by his clenched fists. In his room, Kabuki complains to Edna how much he dealt with embarrassment. TBA

At the cruise ship, TBA.

Bryce Norwood, a teenage gamer and fan of WWE, is at the museum and looks at the artifacts. TBA


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • John Cena as Himself
  • Nikki Bella as Herself
  • Brie Bella (in a picture and mentioned) as Herself
  • Birdie Bella (in a picture and mentioned) as Herself
  • The Miz as Himself
  • Triple H (no voice) as Himself
  • Randy Orton as Himself
  • Isaac Kragten as Bryce "Lunarsable" Norwood
  • Ne-Yo as Vance
  • Ludacris as Luda-Crash

Rated PG

Some scenes that are not suitable for children under.

  • TBA


After the song "Can U Do This" in the ending of the movie, the credits will put the Kabuki Ramirez-Akiyama movie in an extended version.


  • The film's CGI animated style is like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as an anime-influenced movie.
  • This is TBA's second movie project after Mega Celestial Maia The Movie.
  • TBA