The Adventures to Destiny is an American-animated comedy-adventure fantasy movie released in Netflix.


A strange figure, known as Jealously, who was out of a place called the Dark world, uses her Mystic magic to put the world under her control, now Kooky must stop her and save the day.



  • Thomas Sanders - Himself/Roman/Virgil/Patton/Logan
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Kooky (dog sounds) - A blue dog who loves adventures and is filled with joy and is really a kooky dog.
    • Rebecca Parham voices as Kathie, Kooky's human form. It was revealed that she can turn into a human and loves animals despite her being a dog.
  • Mark Fischbach - the Mystic God - an ancient god who has Mystic powers and kept the ultimate source in order to



  • Malinda Kathleen Reese - Jealousy - A evil figure who was once a heroic emotion until she was banished from the Holy Land of Emotions for her sadistic plans to
  • Allison Janney - Missy The Cat - Kooky's rival who is trying to make Kooky's life a total mess. Unlike Kooky, she can talk and can't turn into a human.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda - Dr. Mad - A cruel and heartless man who tries to capture Kooky for his personal things.
  • Seán McLoughlin - Bob - A villainous and heinous man who attempts to steal the golden heart of love.


The Adventures to Destiny/Transcript

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  • This is Kooky's first appearance.
  • Based on a YouTube video, TBD
  • This is Missy's first appearance.
  • This is the second

Prequel and Sequel Spin-offs


  • Untitled Kooky's Past Spin-off
  • Untitled


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