The Adventures of the Doge is a 2017 Russain-Japanese-American traditionally animated film based on the Internet meme "Doge", directed by Hiroshi Harada, produced by Orlando Carradi, Liesa Hicks, and Michael Afton, and starring Jane Alexander, Francis Pardelihan, and Gregory Snegoff, it is produced by Melnitsa Animation Studio, White Fox, Electric Films, and Mondo TV and is distributed by Electric Films Distributing in the USA, Bazelevs Distribution in Russia, and Toho in Japan, the film is narrated by Tommy Waseau.




  • Jane Alexander as Doge Katrina
  • Francis Pardelihan as Doge Juan
  • Gregory Snegoff as Doge Harvey
  • Vladamir Mashkov as Doge Johnson
  • James Earl Jones as Doge King John
  • Sean Patrick Lovett as Jake the Mouse
  • Eva Longoria as Doge Maria
  • Keith Scott as Doge Jose
  • Nick Alexander as Doge Les
  • Tommy Waseau as The Narrator
  • Charlie Sheen as Doge Papa
  • Wayne Brady as Doge Keith
  • Hillary Duff as Doge Wilma
  • WIP

Critical Response

The Adventures of the Doge was universally panned by critics. Reviews criticized the film's poor voice acting, bad dialogue, horrible jokes, and bizzare story. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 17% based on 279 reviews. The site's critical consensus says "With it's wooden voice acting and constant swearing, The Adventures of the Doge might entertain fans of the meme, but fails to impress most people".

One reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 5 stars out of 5 saying "This film is pretty darn cool, and is the best animated film I've ever watched".

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