The Adventures of The Face Paint Gamer Girl is an American animated series developed by Lynne Naylor and Maddie Prowell.


  • Age-Gap Romance: Abigail Johnson is 13, a year younger than Maddie, her girlfriend.
  • Braces of Orthodontic Overkill: Caleb Nites and Anna Doll both wear them.
    • The only differences is Caleb is CG-animated while Anna is in the usual animation.
  • Crossover: Since this is a gamer show, expect them.
    • Plus, Flytrap'd.
  • Cry Cute: Maddie, Anna, Jayden and Abigail
  • Deep-Immersion Gaming: During gaming segments in the show, they are actually recorded by the actual in-game footage (with Maddie's help/permission and some editing).
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Dr. Twilight is this.
  • Gamer Chick: Maddie herself.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Due to it being a TV-PG show, expect moments of these:
    • [reserved for Green]
  • Gross-Out Show: At times. Since this is Girly SpongeBob, expect moments like these.
    • In No Sweat, Girlfriend!, Cody Dorsal enters to a garbage can in an attempt to hide, but he ends up farting hard, making the garbage can fly and slam to a house that turns out to be Abigail's.
    • [reserved for Green]
  • In the Hood: Maddie wears her beloved hoodie and Jayden also wears a hooded jacket. They put their hood up when they are sad, crying or upset.
  • [Reserved for Green]
  • Nausea Fuel: In Food Nightmare, Maddie throws up while taken home.
  • Take That!: [Have Fortnite and/or its fanboys be roasted? If you want to.]
  • The Rival: Finn Dorsal and his brother


  • God Does Not Own the World: Prior to May 25th, 2020. it was originally slightly averted since Maddie herself had owned the rights to her characters that appeared also in the video, even herself. However, Nickelodeon does owned the rights to the cartoon itself and the characters created exclusively for that show.
    • However, when Dr. Twilight and Anna Doll were promoted to the YouTube videos, Maddie would now completely own the rights to them instead of Nick, but the channel will still have the rights to use them for the show. That was short-lived as Nickelodeon ended up gaining the rights to the old characters.
    • However, since Nickelodeon owns the rights to the Maddie Prowell characters as well, it is no longer slightly adverted, as the creator now uses her new own characters.
      • Despite this, it is shown that Prowell herself still owns the rights to the San Ohichigan name, meaning the setting would have to be renamed for the Nickelodeon take.


  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Jayden is the most popular character, due to [reserved for CN]
    • Dr. Twilight is considered the second popular character, due to his appearance.
    • Finn became a very popular character, due to a meme of him dancing with the song ([Caramelldansen, Numa Numa, or TBD]) being made.
  • Friendly Fandom:
    • Fans of Combo Panda does have a rather healthy relationship with the show similar to the YouTube series and vice versa.
    • Flytrap: Savior of All fans has an extremely healthy relationship with the show's fans.
    • Fans of The Tales of the Paintders has shown to like the show and vice-versa, therefore getting along very well.
    • Fans of the show has a rather healthy relationship with SpongeBob SquarePants
    • [Ideas?]
    • [Animal Crossing, since Tom Nook was in one episode]
  • Memeic Mutation:
    • A scene where Cody's fart made the garbage can fly up has become a meme.
    • [Finn]
  • [reserved for Green]
  • X meets Y: Combo Panda meets The Tales of the Paintders meets SpongeBob

Tear Jerker


  • Finn's fails are considered funny to people.

Nightmare Fuel

  • A scene in Food Nightmare where foods become monsterous during Maddie's nightmare can frighten some viewers.
  • The Roachouses' appearances can scare some viewers.


  • the Swampy Monster is considered cute to viewers.
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