Opening Credits (US Version)

Universal intro 1990-1997

Warner Bros Family Entertainment Logo
Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Presents
A Steven Spielberg and Baer Animation Company Presentation
"The Adventures of Family Dog and Gizmo"
Voice Talents
Joseph Mazzello
Thora Birch
Frederick Coffin
Sarah Jessica Parker
Patrick Dempsey
Courteney Cox

Glenn Close
Patrick Stewart
Hynden Walch
Gleen Shadix
and Nick Nolte

Original Music Composed and Conducted by
Danny Elfman
James Horner

Songs: Music and Lyrics
Norman Gimbel
Tim Rice and David Zippel

All the Music Themes of
Amazing Stories short film Family Dog and Joe Dante's Gremlins by
Danny Elfman
John Williams
Jerry Goldsmith

Based on a Characters of
Amazing Stories short film Family Dog and Gremlins by
Tim Burton
Brad Bird
Chris Columbus

Story by
Sherri Stoner and Paul Dini

Film screenplay by
Joe Ranft
Jim Cox
Rachel Koretsky
Steven Whitestone
Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson

Executive Producers
Jane M. Baer: co-executive producer: The Baer Animation Co. (as Jane M. Baer)
Thad Weinlein, Steven Spielberg and Bonnie Arnold

Produced By
Tim Burton
Denise Di Novi
Frank Marshall
Kathleen Kennedy

Directed by
Kevin Lima
Phil Nibbelink
Simon Wells
Ralph Eggleston
Stephen J. Anderson

animation production by
The Dale L. Baer Animation Company

Closing Credits

Featuring Voices of

Joseph Mazzello ... Billy Binsford
Howie Mandel ... Gizmo
Frank Welker voice effects of Family Dog / Furball / Pack of Wolves / Pack of K9 Terrors /
Blu / Two Dachshunds / Howie
Mary Kay Bergman voice effects of Katie / Holly / Goldilocks / Rocky / Hansel
Thora Birch ... Julia Joneson
Alisan Porter ... Buffy Binsford
Nick Nolte ... Gunter
Glenn Close ... Gerte LeStrange
Patrick Stewart ... Brain Gremlin
Frederick Coffin ... Skip Binsford
Sarah Jessica Parker ... Bev Binsford
Glenn Shadix ... Martin Mahoney
Hynden Walch ... Trish Mahoney
Zach Galligan ... William Peltzer
Phoebe Cates ... Kate Beringer
Danny Mann voice effects of Angel
Patrick Dempsey ... Mr. Joneson
Courteney Cox ... Mrs. Joneson
Scott Menville ... Kronka
Nathan Lane ... Al
John Kassir ... Stripe
Greg Burson ... Police Officer
Tony Jay, Ron Perlman, Phil Nibbelink, Bill Fagerbakke, Scott Menville, Rob Paulsen, Aaron Lustig, Martin Mull, Bob Bergen ... Gremlin Gangsters
Kirk R. Thatcher, Frank Welker, Will Ryan, Rob Paulsen, Aaron Lustig, Bob Bergen ... Most of the Gremlins
June Foray ... Greta Gremlin


Storyboard Supervisor
Tuck Tucker
Phil Nibbelink
Erik Wiese

Storyboard Lead
Bob Graves

Storyboard Artists
Sean Charmatz
Ted Seko

Additional Storyboard Artists
Miguel Domingo Cachuela

Lead Storyboard Artist
Larry Latham
Warren Greenwood

Storyboard Punch-Up
Hank Tucker

Storyboard Revisionists
Rich Chidlaw
Alan Smart

Storyboard Assistants
Michael Gendi
Kent Osborne

Story Consultant
Kent Osborne


Kevin Daley .... negative cutter
Clare deChenu .... assistant picture editor
Michelle Fandetti .... post-production associate
Nick Fletcher .... lead editor
Bradley Goodman .... post-production coordinator
Andrew MacRitchie .... assistant picture editor
Michael Stanwick .... color timer
Marcus Taylor .... assistant picture editor
Lesja Zajac .... assistant picture editor
Michael Fallavollita .... assistant editor

Visual Effects

Scott Santoro .... special effects supervisor
Glenn Chaika .... effects animator
Mark Dindal .... effects animator
Mark Myer .... effects animator
Miguel Domingo Cachuela .... special effects supervisor
John Emerson .... airbrush artist
Patricia Peraza .... effects animator
Laurent Ben-Mimoun .... airbrush artist
Jon Brooks .... effects animator
Michaela Budde .... effects inbetweener


Marco Cinello .... layout artist
James Beihold .... layout background
Darrell Rooney .... layout background
Brendan Houghton .... layout artist
Tom Humber .... layout artist
Armen Melkonian .... layout artist
Panagiotis Rappas .... layout artist
Mark Marren .... layout supervisor


Baer Animation .... Additional Camera Services
Claudia Aaron .... assistant animator
Georges Abolin .... additional animator
Karin Adams .... paint mixer
David Allonby .... animation checker
Terrey Hamada .... assistant animator
Brendan Amphlett .... painter
Phil Anderson .... assistant animator
Nondus Banning-Boddy .... mark-up
Janice Eason .... trace and paint team leader
Sean Eckett .... background artist
Annie Elvin .... color model designer
Harry Elvin .... xerox
Eric Goldberg .... character animator
Dale Baer .... second unit director: The Baer Animation Company (as Dale L. Baer) / supervising animator (as Dale L. Baer)
Jane Baer .... additional animation services: The Baer Animation Company
James Baxter .... character character supervisor: James Baxter Animation
David Cutler .... character designer
David Block .... animator
Chuck Gammage .... animator
Jim Coleman .... background
Gary Eggleston .... layout
Ed Gombert .... animator
Mark Henn .... animator
Jay Jackson .... supervising animator
Tia W. Kratter .... background artist
Michael Peraza Jr .... layout
Sylvia Roemer .... layout
Brian Sebern .... background artist
Kathleen Swain .... background artist
Donald Towns .... background artist (as Donald A. Towns)
Ruben A. Aquino .... inbetween artist
Tommy Ardolino .... inbetween artist
Chris Buck .... supervising animator
Rob Stevenhagen .... supervising animator
Kristof Serrand .... supervising animator
Susan I. Criag .... assistant animator
Ray Harris .... assistant animator
Ron Husband .... animator
Gavin Emerson .... inbetween artist
Declan English .... painter
Corona Esterhazy .... trace and paint supervisor
Stuart Evans .... inbetween artist
Sarah Fletcher .... color modeler
Alison Flintham .... color modeler
Jeffrey Lynch .... assistant animator
Stephane Franck .... assistant animator
Miguel Fuertes .... additional animator
Tommy Galligan .... trace and paint deputy team leader
Jody Gannon .... assistant animator
Raul Garcia .... animator
Julie Gleeson .... tracer
Darek Gogol .... background artist
Susan Goldberg .... inbetween artist
Darren Goodacre .... inbetween artist
Sandy Gordon .... xerox supervisor
Max Graenitz .... assistant animator
Peter Hynes .... tracer
Clark Irving .... assistant animator
Frances Jacob .... checking supervisor
E. Jane Gotts .... trace and paint supervisor: overseas
Daniel Jeannette .... animator
Sandra Kemp .... painter
Gerrard Kenny .... assistant animator
Lawrence Keogh .... inbetween artist
Kelly "Adam" Asbury .... inbetween artist
Sarah Keogh .... inbetween artist
Cathy Kiss .... assistant animator
Harald Kraut .... scene planner
Piet Kroon .... animator
Veronique Langdon .... inbetween artist
Sophie Law .... assistant animator
Alex Lawrence .... inbetween artist
Russell Calabrese .... additional animator
John Lin .... assistant animator
Roger Lougher .... inbetween artist
Greg Manwaring .... animator
Jorgen Klubein .... character designer


Post Production Supervisor
Stephen Barker

executive in charge of production: American Film Technologies
Joe Mazzuca

Bonne Radford .... production executive: Amblin

production manager
Hal Waite


Danny Elfman .... "Amazing Stories": "Family Dog" theme by
Tom Boyd .... oboe soloist
Jim Henrikson .... music editor
Jo Ann Kane .... music copyist
Greig McRitchie .... orchestrator
Steve Bartek .... orchestrator
Shawn Murphy .... music recordist
John Neufeld .... orchestrator
Steven L. Smith .... music preparation
James Thatcher .... musician: french horn


"Pet Dog and Mogwai are Friends"
Written by James Horner and Norman Gimbel
Performed by Sheena Easton
Soundtrack Available on RCA Victor

"Pet Dog and Mogwai are Friends"
Written by David Zippel and Tim Rice
Produced by James Horner
Performed by Danny Cooksey

"We Sacrifice"
Written by Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek
Performed by Glenn Close and Patrick Stewart and Chorus

"I Hate Pets"
Written by Mark Watters and Tim Rice
Performed by Nick Nolte, Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Connelly

"Bow to Your New Leader/We Sacrifice (reprise)"
Written by Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek
Performed by Glenn Close and Patrick Stewart and Chorus

"True Love"
Written by David Zippel and Tim Rice
Performed by Danny Cooksey and Tara Strong

music performed by
London Symphony Orchestra, The (LSO)
Musicians of the A.F.M. Local 47

Post Production

Martin Cohen .... post-production supervisor
Cynthia Henrich-Woodbyrne .... production manager

The Staff of Amblimation of Studio Leadership

The Baer Animation Company
The Baer Animation Service
Lightbox Animation

The Filmmakers Would Like To Thank

David E. Vogel and Alexander V. King

Soundtrack On MCA Records / Geffen Records

Additional Thanks to

Marshall Efron, Mercedes McCambridge, Stan Freberg,
Annie Potts, Stanley Ralph Ross, Brooke Ashley & Brad Bird
Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories (1985 - 1987)

Original Soundtrack Available on RCA Records & Tapes

Animation Produced by
Amblimation Studios, London, England
Walt Disney Animation U.K. Limited

Color Processed by Rank Laboratories


No. 31774

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Family Dog and Gizmo Copyright © 1992 Amblin Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This motion picture
© 1992 Amblin Entertainment, The Baer Animation Company, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures.

Story and Screenplay
© 1992 Amblin Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures, Inc.

Original Score
© 1992 MCA Records, LLC.

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